Jumpin’ Ju-Ju Beans, A Coup! – Venezuela Opposition Leader Juan Guaido Declares Himself President…

The Precursor – Yesterday there was a meeting at the White House between FL Senator Rick Scott, FL Governor Ron DeSantis, FL Senator Marco Rubio, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and President Donald Trump.  Florida is home to most of the Venezuela political exiles and opposition groups who oppose Venezuela’s dictator Nicolas Maduro.

Today, Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido declared himself interim president while surrounded by thousands of supporters. At a rally that brought hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans into the east of Caracas, Guaido said Maduro had usurped power and promised to create a transitional government that would help the country escape its hyperinflationary economic collapse.

“I swear to assume all the powers of the presidency to secure an end to the usurpation,” 35-year old Guaido, the head of the opposition-run congress, told an exuberant crowd.

Minutes later, U.S. President Donald Trump recognized Guaido as the legitimate interim president.


Within hours of the support for Juan Guaido being announced by President Trump and Secretary Pompeo,…. Canada, Brazil, Paraguay, Columbia, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Chile and Guatemala followed suit and also voiced their support.

(Via Reuters) […] Guaido’s declaration takes Venezuela into uncharted territory, with the possibility of the opposition now running a parallel government recognized abroad as legitimate but without control over state functions.

In a televised broadcast from the presidential palace, Maduro accused the opposition of seeking to stage a coup with the support of the United States, which he said was seeking to govern Venezuela from Washington.

“We’ve had enough interventionism, here we have dignity, damn it! Here is a people willing to defend this land,” said Maduro, flanked by top Socialist Party leaders, although the defense minister and members of the military high command were absent. (read more)

It’s never a good sign for a dictator when the military isn’t standing next to him/her during the coup.

(Follow AP Updates Here)

Keep in mind that China has invested hundreds of billions into Venezuela in an attempt to prop up the Maduro regime.  Russia has also given Venezuela a lot of financial support.

China currently owns 49% of PDVSA (Venezuela oil production) and receives reimbursement for the continued inbound cash flow via oil exports.  However, Treasury Secretary Mnuchin placed restrictions on that process last year; and said any nation that engages in oil sales may run the risk of economic sanctions from the U.S.  Venezuela and China were both impacted financially.  [Cuba and Russia became the fall back position]

If regime change is successful in Venezuela there’s a likelihood all of the prior investments by China, Russia and Cuba could be worthless instantly.  Geopolitically this couldn’t come at a worse time for China given their economic softening…. then again, the timing here is almost guaranteed to be by design.

Keep watching….

5:10 p.m. – Lawmakers in Russia, which has close relations with Venezuela, are sharply critical of U.S. President Donald Trump’s recognition of an opposition politician who has declared himself the country’s legitimate interim president.

“I think that in this developing situation the United States is trying to carry out an operation to organize the next color revolution in Venezuela,” the deputy chairman of the foreign affairs committee of the upper house of parliament, Andrei Klimov, told state news agency RIA-Novosti. “Color revolution” is a Russian term for the popular uprisings that unseated leaders in Georgia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan.

“I do not think that we can recognize this — it is, in essence, a coup,” another committee member, Vladimir Dzhabrailov, was quoted as saying by the Interfax agency.

Russia is a major political ally of Venezuela, and Russia’s largest oil company, Rosneft, is heavily invested in the South American nation’s oil fields, which produce less crude each month.  (link)

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309 Responses to Jumpin’ Ju-Ju Beans, A Coup! – Venezuela Opposition Leader Juan Guaido Declares Himself President…

  1. sundance says:

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  2. mahsall says:

    Speak Loudly and Carry a Bigger Stick!

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  3. I’m sure a deal can be arranged with Trump as power broker. Don’t you worry none, state pip investors!

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  4. Menotrite says:

    Interesting times we live in. Fun to watch.

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  5. rf121 says:

    Never a dull moment.

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  6. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    Maduro breaks off ties with the US. Venezuela had ties with the US??? I thought the US was the great sulphuric spewing entity.

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  7. Sandra-VA says:

    I believe that Cuba and Iran are also involved in Venezuela… I seem to recall news reports that Iran was providing “police” type support to control the masses.

    Everyone should be alarmed at what is going on south of the border with regard to China. They are increasing their footprint down there exponentially.

    Kudos to President Trump for this brave support of the opposition! Let us hope this (along with the rest of the Countries offering their support) will prevent any further action being necessary (i.e. military intervention)… maybe it will be enough for the Venezuelan people to finally be able to take back their country.

    They will need to arrest Maduro somehow.

    Good luck, people of Venezuela!!!!! You have suffered enough.

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  8. i'm just sayin'.. says:

    Get all Dimm 2020 candidates, Schiffsposure, Stretch Pelosi etc, on record where they stand on Venezuela. We’ll see how “Putin’s Puppets” line up
    Let Freedom Ring!

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  9. TwoLaine says:

    Schlonged again!

    Somewhere I envision Mr. President is eating a big beautiful piece of chocolate cake. 🙂

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  10. DJSnyder says:

    Maduro’s days are numbered now… at least figuratively speaking.

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  11. Annie Ok says:

    I didn’t see Mexico in the list of countries that have joined us in recognizing Juan Guaido. …. I hope we are ready to put our money where our mouth us…

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  12. When do we start sending those poor starving people some food and other badly needed supplies?

    If this isn’t a humanitarian crisis, I don’t know what is.

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  13. sundance says:

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  14. sundance says:

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  15. sundance says:

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  16. sunnydaze says:

    Replies to Trump’s tweets are

    1) the usual toxic Dems spewing insults and

    2) Venezuelans thanking him profusely for his words of support.


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  17. Just in!

    9th circuit court enjoins POTUS from recognizing Juan Guaido as president of Venezuela.

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  18. cja says:

    Looks like Trump just earned a few million more Hispanic votes. 🙂

    If they continue on their resistance, the Democratic Party base will be reduced to little more than social/communist democrats, nasty women and academia.

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  19. Bort says:

    How long until Pelosi declares herself president?

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  20. sundance says:

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  21. Lawrence says:

    “ Guaido’s declaration takes Venezuela into uncharted territory, with the possibility of the opposition now running a parallel government recognized abroad as legitimate but without control over state functions.”

    Reuters version of truth straight from Deep State Talking Points. As if the forces behind Guaido’s coup (Trump et al.) cannot help him get control of state functions. 😂😂😂

    Curtains for Maduro. More Depends for Nancy and Chuck. Don’t think they’re not watching this. They got served by POTUS on at least 3 fronts today.

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  22. albertus magnus says:

    What a great President we have!

    Taking bold, decisive action and backing it up with follow through!

    And love to see Scott supporting PDJT on this.

    Pompeo/Scott in 2024 would be an awesome ticket!

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  23. Elric VIII says:

    Once the Venezuelans themselves deal with Maduro the U.S. will be standing by to help. Economic security is national security. Investment opportunities, anyone?

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    • Voltaire says:

      Iran is watching, not because of their investment in Venezuela, but their citizens taking notes.

      And, for the same reason, so is…….


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    • Sherri Young says:

      I’ve been watching this situation for a little while and reading the statements from the state dept. PDJT has been trying to stand back from anything that would indicate use of military force. In July 2017, he said that he would not take military intervention off the table, but that almost certainly was just talk.

      The points of the protests today are —
      1) try to get Maduro to step down (little chance of that), or
      2) convince the national guard to depose Maduro in accordance with the Venezuelan constitution of 1999.


  24. Guyski says:

    It’s all connected.

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  25. emet says:

    McAfee available for Venezuelan cabinet post, or VP

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  26. Aunt Clara says:

    What’s her name the dimwit with the inexplicable hyphen should talk to Juan Guaido about the joys of Socialism.

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  27. Ken says:

    If this is successful, Obama started it.


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  28. Payday says:

    Speaking of a coup. Bongino really connects the dots on how the Russia hoax started in 2007 against McCain. I disagree with just one conclusion. I don’t think it was because Bush was President that it didn’t go forward, I think it was because Crooked Hillary lost the primary. What’s amazing is the reporter for this story back then was none other than John Solomon. He’s know all this all along! There was no way the DS could ever hide this. I really think something big is going to happen. Hence all the gas lighting we’re seeing day by day.

    Here’s the link…

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  29. I think a lot depends upon the Venezuelan active duty military. If they can be flipped on Maduro he is toast. No other action will be required.

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    • JohninMK says:

      Astute comment. However the military have been well funded by the Maduro government.

      I find it sad that this is another poor country being ripped apart because its elected Government will not accept the orders of the US, in that is it is not a vassal state. Similar situations have occurred in many of the countries between it and Mexico. Some of the worst dictators in the world are in power with the support of the US Basically the US Government couldn’t care less about human rights as long as it gets its cut.

      If Guaido succeeds there will be serious blood letting and all that will change for the average person is that different people will get rich and the poor will get poorer. This will in effect turn the clock back and return the country to the control by the 1% for the benefit of the 1% with lots of ‘commission’ earning opportunities for US carpetbaggers.

      As I have said before, you folks on here are honest and caring but you, as well as us in the UK, are up against and ruled by a power structure operating worldwide that runs on a quite different basis, as many of the other threads here demonstrate. We put the boot in with Brexit and then you did the same with Trump, two years later both of us are still fighting the vested interests, goodness knows how it will turn out.


      • Voltaire says:

        I respect your point, and firm grip of prior history.

        If Trump gets kicked out if office early (one way or another), it will be as you say.

        If, however, Trump stays 8 full years, I believe there is real hope for real change in S. America, something that has festered for WAY to long.

        S. America should have been our brother a long time ago.

        Liked by 1 person

        • JohninMK says:

          I really hope that Trump does get the full eight years and that he is able to effect some change. We will probably get some indication of how far he will be allowed to go by what happens in the next six months or so.

          South and Central America should indeed be your brothers. Its just the way that US power and in particular the CIA has been used there is what sticks in the craw. If the US had deployed the money it has spent on aid, technical assistance and other peaceful help over the past decades instead of the products of the MIC then the World would be singing its praise as the best power there has ever been. In particular look at the shambles now in Iraq and Libya or even Syria post US activities. Money is at least as powerful a weapon as a gun.

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      • Sherri Young says:

        Venezuela used to be a wealthy country until Chavez treated PDVSA like a piggybank for communist interests. He came under the thrall of the Castros.

        Venezuela is a sovereign nation that now is in the grip of a puppet of Cuba. Maduro has gained control of their supreme court too. Before the last election, opposing candidates were disqualified. People did not vote in what they considered to be an illegitimate election.

        Maduro’s answer to shortages has been to force the farmers to sell to the state-owned stores. Between the controls on output and the hyperinflation, the farmers have been going out of business so there is even less agricultural production. Poultry farmers cannot afford feed because it is imported. Agricultural inputs are not readily available for purchase inside the country. Farmers or people who want to try to raise large gardens who purchase supplies and tools outside the country have had their goods confiscated at the border.

        PDJT is not much of an interventionist. He is not acting on his own. The OAS and a dozen or so of Venezuela’s neighboring countries are calling for Maduro to leave. The crisis in Venezuela has been spilling over into other countries and causing issues. Maduro needs to leave and let the people of Venezuela have their country back.


        • JohninMK says:

          I understand your point of view but please factor in the continual destabilising US activities since Chavez was voted in displacing the US supported regime including the comprehensive sanctions regime. This is straight out of the CIA’s well tested and used playbook for the Americas.

          To be honest I just feel sorry for the people of the country, caught up in a powerplay between two ideologies.

          Of course all those counties are supporting the attempted coup, they are all following what the US wants, a proven way of staying in power.


  30. Latina says:

    Trump is a genius. Latin America is becoming right wing.Wait until Democrats find out….

    Marxist and Hollywood will not only pay the wall out of their pockets but they will will volunteer to help with the construction.

    Liked by 6 people

    • sunnydaze says:

      haha. That’s a great image you’re painting there, Latina. Hollywood actors (I’m putting them on a chain gang type of thing) working hard, building the wall.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Paco Loco says:

      Except that Mexico just elected a Socialist, AMLO. In his first days on the job he created a gasoline shortage across much of Mexico by closing PEMEX pipelines to counter theft. Several big states still waiting to get gas deliveries back to normal. An ugly way to start a new term of governance.


      • I think AMLO’s beginning to get the memo today.

        Failure to stop ALL Caravans will be painting a bullseye on himself.


      • Sherri Young says:

        The people of Mexico kicked recognizable corruptocrats out of office.

        The cartels are the main ones who have been tapping into those pipelines. Securing and maintaining the pipelines is war against the cartels. Closing the US/Mexico border is war against the cartels. I am not especially happy to see AMLO sticking with Maduro, but AMLO definitely has his hands full. Too bad that his police and military are not as interested in declaring war against the cartels.


  31. sunnydaze says:

    Venezuelans taking AP to task for calling Maduro “President” in their headline. They’re pointing out he is no longer President.

    Whole world is starting to recognize #FakeNews.

    Liked by 4 people

  32. chzheadproud67 says:

    but, but, but PDJT is putin’s puppet /s……look for MSM to twist themselves into pretzels trying to show how this helps Russia…..

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  33. sundance says:

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  34. Latina says:

    Communism is on life support in Latin America. People are woke.

    Brazil was keeping communism alive. Cuba,Venezuela and others were sucking the blood out of Brazil the 8th largest economy in the world, to stay alive. Now Brazil has declared war against communism and the Marxists are done! Maduro is isolated since Cuba has nothing to offer.

    Next watch Cuba… and other Central America communist countries.

    Cuba has the support of Russia, Iran and China, but not much to offer in return.

    The alliance that kept them all alive is now BROKEN.

    Liked by 3 people

  35. Garrison Hall says:

    In the movie version, first Cuba sends in military forces to help prop up the Maduro government and “Save socialism from Yankee capitalist domination”. The Cubans provide backbone to the Venezuelan military which aids in the arrest of it’s top leadership. Many national guardsmen and police desert posts taking their weapons with them. Russia responds by sending in it’s “little green men” mercenaries to “Protect it’s financial interests and support the legitimate government”. Soon, Iranian and Chinese troops show up claiming to do much the same thing. Columbia moves troops, backed up by armor and artillery to it’s border. A cross-border firefight begins almost immediately. This leads to an artillery exchange between the Columbia military and supposed Venezuelan forces in which civilians and property are killed and damaged. Columbia launches a cross-border combined arms attack aimed at capturing or silencing the Venezuelan artillery only to discover that they’re fighting Cubans and not Venezuelans . . .


  36. Mike in a Truck says:

    Yo, Bernie Sanders your model for America is burnin down.

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  37. Right to reply says:

    Trump needs to let some Venezuelan refugees in. A great symbol to aid those fleeing Socialism!

    Liked by 1 person

  38. sundance says:

    Liked by 5 people

  39. AbeLincoln says:

    Looks like China and Russia cat out of the bag. Wonder what else will come out was them all along?…hmmmm

    Liked by 1 person

  40. Latina says:

    Another blow to Iran, China and Russia. Maduro is a faithful ally.


  41. Screaming eagle says:

    These are the people we need to immigrate to the US. They know first hand what hell life under communism and socialism are. Lets assist a couple of million to cross our border and watch the Democrats and Hollywood scream – BUILD THAT WALL NOW DAMN IT!!


  42. waltherppk says:

    f word language content

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  43. Bob at Wendys says:

    Maybe POTUS had another reason not to go to Davos. You think?

    Liked by 3 people

  44. Voltaire says:

    “Within hours of the support for Juan Guaido being announced by President Trump and Secretary Pompeo,…. Canada, Brazil, Paraguay, Columbia, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Chile and Guatemala followed suit and also voiced their support.”

    This, THIS is the story.
    Before I saw that, I thought it possible there would be war.
    No chance after.

    Liked by 3 people

  45. Merkin Muffy says:

    Isn’t this how we got the Panama Canal?


  46. Latina says:

    Jair M. Bolsonaro

    Verified account

    4h4 hours ago
    Brazil recognizes Mr. Juan Guaidó as President in charge of Venezuela.

    Brazil will politically and economically support the transition process in order for democracy and social peace return to Venezuela.

    Liked by 2 people

  47. Latina says:

    Lenin Moreno



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