Number Five – Jr. Senator Kamala Harris Announces Presidential Bid…

Appearing on Good Morning America, the first term junior senator from California, Kamala Harris, announced her intention to run for President of the United States in 2020. (video here)

“I am running for president of the United States,” she said. “And I’m very excited about it.” 

I’m sure she is.

Due to her cognitive incapacity to contrast reality against the manufactured media nonsense, Senator Harris will almost certainly be the left-wing media’s initial favorite. However, as noted within the Kavanaugh nomination hearings, Harris will push any media narrative regardless of how false and ridiculous it appears. She will most certainly do a big embarrassing stupid thing which will eliminate her from the race.

The 54-year-old senator has no original thoughts; has spent no time actually thinking about deeper policy issues; has zero substantive accomplishments within her background; and relies upon a wide circle of influence and branding agents to tell her which direction is best to achieve political gains.  In short, she is a purposeful/useful idiot within a uniparty wing so structurally Machievellian she will be an easy mark to set-up by the machine.

As the AP notes: “[Harris] abandoned the formality of launching an exploratory committee, instead going all in on a presidential bid.” “She plans a formal campaign launch in Oakland on Jan. 27. The campaign will be based in Baltimore, with a second office in Oakland.”

Knowing it’s likely the ♦UniParty DNC is following a similar ♦UniParty RNC strategy, we  can start to put the personal characteristics and political traits together and contrast them against 2016.  Here’s the way it looks so far:

  • Senator Ted Cruz was to 2016…. as Senator Elizabeth Warren is to 2020
  • ♦Governor Jeb Bush was to 2016 as….
  • Senator Marco Rubio was to 2016 as….
  • Governor John Kasich was to 2016 as….
  • Senator Lindsey Graham was to 2016 as….
  • Governor Mike Huckabee was to 2016 as….
  • Senator Rand Paul was to 2016…. as Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is to 2020
  • Dr. Ben Carson was to 2016 as…
  • Governor Chris Christie was to 2016 as…
  • Governor Scott Walker was to 2016 as…
  • Senator Rick Santorum was to 2016…. as Senator Sherrod Brown is to 2020
  • Governor George Pataki was to 2016 as….
  • Governor Rick Perry was to 2016…. as Senator Kamala Harris is to 2020
  • Governor Bobby Jindal was to 2016…. as Julian Castro is to 2020
  • Carly Fiorina was to 2016 as….
  • Governor Jim Gilmore was to 2016 as Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is to 2020

Once we get a few more names on the DNC side, we can start to have fun with the celebrity squares graphics.

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508 Responses to Number Five – Jr. Senator Kamala Harris Announces Presidential Bid…

  1. namberak says:

    She didn’t learn Obama Lesson 1: don’t scare flyover country. She’ll get rolled right out of the gate.

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    • Jedi9 says:

      Not to mention her dubious past with a guy named Brown who by all indications used her female parts to advance her career!

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      • KBB says:

        Anyone who votes for Willie Brown’s receptacle for POTUS better be prepared to agree with every single thing said and done, or else the charge of rrrraaaacccciiiiiiisssss will be slapped on them. We learned that from experience with obama. I’m not ready for that again yet, if ever.


        • Jedi9 says:

          You also can’t be afraid to speak the truth either, so screw the racists who scream racism!

          Anyway, I seriously doubt that she is even eligible to be POTUS according to the Constitution.None of here parents are natural born citizens. Of course I could be wrong about this and misreading her CV, but if true, she can be challenged, and Conservatives better be prepared to go to war and stop being the timid creatures that they have been in the past!

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          • KBB says:

            I completely agree with your comments, and I have read that Harris is not an NBC. Anyhooo, we do need to make a big stink if she’s not an NBC and not give her the pass that obama was given. But you know, post-obama, it will be nearly impossible to get anyone with power (congress, sec of state, etc.) to confront anyone who’s not an NBC who runs for POTUS or VPOTUS. Because if they do step up, it will most certainly bring the issue with obama into the discussion. And politicians know that is the kiss of death to many, if not all, in congress of their political careers for being complicit.


  2. pocaMAGAjunta says:

    America elected a metrosexual Kenyan communist.

    Hillary stole the Democrat nomination from a more popular and publicly more communist disheveled drooling old man.

    Now please define “legitimate Democrat candidate”.

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    • Texian says:

      I grew up in a “JFK Southern Democrat” family.. A Patriarch in our family was in State Democrat Politics..

      An example of a current “legitimate State Democrat” in a traditional “Southern Democrat Party” sense would be Louie Gohmert..

      [He would fit right in a ‘JFK Southern Democrat Party’.. And I’m not necessarily saying I’m a big fan of his or not.. He just reminds me of the democrat State politicians back then.. As a boy I tagged along with Patriarch as much as my parents would let me.. I got to meet ‘interesting’ people.. They thought I was just a kid, which I was.. But I was aware (Patriarch knew this too..). Most of the time I would have to leave the room once ‘business talk’ got started.. We were inseparable though..].

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      • pocaMAGAjunta says:

        Sounds like you had a good life’s education through you relationship with Patriarch.

        To me, it’s sad that the honor and respect for the American people, shown by JFK, and later by the Blue Dog Democrats, would not survive under the Democrat leadership.


        • Texian says:

          Yes sir, I am very grateful I was blessed with great and proper familial leaders.. And other great and proper leaders in school and young adult life..

          ‘Patriarch’ was my primary fundamental figurehead of influence as a boy. We spent much time and had many personal talks together. He took the time to listen, to understand, valued my intuitivity and grand concerns, and wired me right early on in my childhood development.. His word and wisdom were golden..


    • Hun Driver Widow says:

      Do a search on Kamela Harris and Corruption. Note all the stories.

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  3. Satchmo says:

    It will be interesting to see how much Ms Kushner donates to Ms Harris’ campaign this time.
    I believe last time it was a measly $5,000, but that was only for a state AG run, surely she can do better for a presidential run.


    • Peoria Jones says:

      That’s pretty harsh. I’m not disputing your claim, but would like to see the proof.

      Hopefully, Javanka have grown politically in the past couple years and will maintain administration loyalty. It was disheartening that DJT’s own family couldn’t even vote for him in the Primary.


  4. BarneyRubble says:

    Kamala slept her way into politics. She was the 30 year old mistress of married San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, who was 30 years her senior. During their affair the mayor appointed Kamala to several municipal bureaucratic positions which gave her a ramp up into higher state level appointments and finally into a rigged senate race, where she ran against no one. Kamala needs to be relentlessly called out as a whore. This will expose her immoral character. She, much like bathhouse Obama, is a poster child of leftist infiltration through sexual favors. It is quite likely that late in life she took on a fake marriage to a homosexual businessman for appearances.

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  5. Matthew LeBlanc says:

    This one at the helm concerns me

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  6. flatlandgoober says:

    Ask Willie Brown what Kamala Harris is willing to do to get elected. Good thing she’s getting an early start this time.

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  7. montanamel says:

    All of this, re: Dem in 2020, may point at exactly WHY our Donald has withheld the unredacted doc’s from the public as yet… Let this KH and all the others rush up to the trough and start drinking the koolaid by the keg….put forth all their foils in the battle….WHAMM… here comes all the dirt on the Dem’s as a party in power…maybe even some we don’t know about…something special for specific players… We’re all along for the ride…might as well sit back and relax…we’ll see the plot unfold as HE decides to unfold the cloth from our eyes. Check-6

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    • KBB says:

      I agree with your thinking. Whatever it is, Trump’s timing on issues so far is brilliant. He stands back and let’s the Dems reveal themselves. “When your enemy is committing suicide, do not interrupt him.” The primary running up to the 2020 election is going to be popcorn worthy.

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  8. Artist says:

    she blew her way into politics…
    she makes me sick.

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  9. Bendix says:

    Gillibrand has her campaign headquarters in Troy, NY to pretend she’s down with the working folks, but the real reason is because if she had it in Albany her deep roots in the Albany machine would be noticed.
    The historic old cities of Albany, Schenectady, and Troy have all suffered horrible decline all the time she’s been in office.
    Why would anyone want to elect someone who couldn’t even keep her hometown in decent shape?

    As for Harris, she’s an anchor baby, and anchor babies are not eligible.
    The reasons she’s running anyway are probably that Californians think going around all our laws and our very Constitution are a trifling thing; they love bending the election laws, breaking the election rules, and stealing elections any way they can; and it will be seen by her moronic supporters as a “bold power move” because the eligibility rules against foreigners are rayciss anyway.
    Whatever anyone thinks of Barack Obama’s eligibility, he is not an anchor baby.
    BTW, Ann Coulter is probably the foremost expert on this topic, and she does not subscribe to the Birther theory.

    I can’t see Andrew Cuomo, who has wanted to be president for a very long time, but who once again stepped aside for Hillary, letting Kirsten just waltz in on a Women platform and take it from him.

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  10. MustangBlues says:

    K. Harris is not an American black;
    she is the offspring of a Jamaican black and a Tamil Indian female, father left at 7 years old, mother raised her in Tamil culture, graduated from high school in Canada.

    Got a law degree in California and cushy political favors from CA black politicos.

    Plans to ride the train obama rode to the top, adding the vagina card to her skill set.

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  11. jane harris says:

    As a Californian…third generation…I completely agree with this analysis of Kamala Harris..
    She is the typical “ political animal “…

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  12. Carrie says:

    This is the best Kamala Harris article I’ve read in a while. It has a list of 10 controversial things she has done- including begin a strong advocate of civil asset forfeiture even BEFORE criminal charges have been filed….

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  13. NJF says:

    Nasty woman 2.0

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    For whores like this, it’s not about a legit shot at winning. It’s about garnering still more attention but more importantly, MONEY. Once the money is donated into a campaign, the whore can funnel to friends and buy favors.

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    • MrG says:

      Winner-winner-chicken dinner. I was about to say (or is it type) that candidates running for office (any political office?) of the President get to keep all funds accumulated in the election campaign-win or lose.

      In any event, I find myself dearth of any words to describe how I feel about Kamala Harris. The “b” word doesn’t do it. The whore thing doesn’t do it. The “idiot” thing doesn’t do it. All of those combined doesn’t come close to doing it.

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    • Could be Meghan Markle’s sister – looks, personality and character.

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  15. BSR says:

    *Jeb Bush was to 2016 as Hillary Clinton is to 2020

    Where’s my prize?

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  16. Patriot1783 says:

    Just run the first 10 minutes of the Kavanaugh hearings. Follow up with Harris “sleeping arrangements” which directly led to her obtaining a senate position.
    Case closed, Next.

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  17. Caius Lowell says:

    I heard Kamala’s Kalifornia korruption was legendary…


  18. carole says:

    Who ARE all these people?


  19. MIKE says:

    I believe it will take a bi-party P-VP presidential ticket to generate any excitement on the left.
    For instance, a Massachusetts coalition ticket of mittens romley and fauxcahontas warren.
    Their odds of defeating the President? About
    47% of 1/1024, I reckon

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  20. jeans2nd says:

    Who took the over/under of 1 hour on how soon Harris would be eaten by her own?

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  21. louche9 says:

    I’d already forgotten about Julian Castro.

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  22. Fox Radio “News” announced today that Kamala had announced her candidacy and then mentioned the other Dems who had thrown their hats in the ring, except they conspicuously failed to mention Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.

    IMO, main stream media is poised to ignore, marginalize and malign the only semi-rationale democrat running. Gabbard is a vet who has called out the military complex neocons over their commitment to perpetual war. TG would never win b/c she’s not well known enough but some of her positions would bolster PDJT and, therefore, MSM has to downplay.

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  23. Like Beto before her, she will open up the cash registers and ring, ring, ring! She couldn’t care less for debating, speaking, voting, etc. For her, running for something is a way to get rich quick.

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  24. simicharmed says:

    As far as I’m concerned, any current Federal Politician (Law-Maker), is unable to properly represent the citizens in their districts while also campaigning to be POTUS.. Moreover, seems to be a major conflict of interest (National Interest and Security), too – each is involved in Legislation and other National Matters which requires the signature of the person they are campaigning to replace…

    The hatred we’ve all witnessed is troubling too x10 – Hatred in these particular matters is clearly a conflict of interest as well as dangerous to the Republic.

    This “accepted” practice should not be allowed nor legal. Any Senator or House Representative should be required to Resign if they chose to Run-for-President (or Publicly accept a new Job)…

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  25. Not sure if smash mouth Kamela “on her back” Harris is anything like Perry. Although motives appear similar. All about money and position.


  26. Bruce_Dern's_Finger says:

    Seems that this website favors those commenters relating to Harris’ physical attributes, her politics, and her unsavory social skills over those commenters that attempt to cite technical specifications as to her Constitutional eligibility for the possible fear of commenters being branded as despicable ‘birthers’ or the unthinkable that this site could be branded as another ‘birther’ site. Sure messes up my mind of what I thought was my interpretation of the First Amendment.


    • olderwiser21 says:

      Bruce – I think there have been quite a few posts regarding Kamala’s constitutional eligibility, including my own, and I have not seen the pushback you describe. I am not worried about being called a “birther”. I just want the truth. Carry on!


  27. DSP2 says:

    Kamala Harris IS NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN!!!! Both her parents were NOT in the USA for the mandatory five years to be naturalized before Kamala was BORN.!!!!!!

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    • amwick says:

      So, the problem is, Prof. Jacobson, from Legal Insurrection(a blog I follow) opined that that limiting the definition of natural born to include the citizenship of a persons parents was speculation etc… Other legal scholars are more restrictive. Both parents should have been citizens. At this point I think the experts are split about 50 50 and I don’t like that. This is a very important issue and it is ignored for the most part. People right here at CTH see it differently. I personally agree with you.. but that really doesn’t matter.


  28. Beigun says:

    Karmala’s Waterloo:

    Ghost Ship fire in Oakland. Dozens die in a fire, living in an unregulated warehouse, with disco upstairs. One block from the Firestation. No inspections. Oakland’s Fire Chief ran away and then resigned. Where was Cali’s Attorney General during her hometown fire?

    Burn, baby, burn!

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  29. apfelcobbler says:

    I think Sundance is right. She’ll be the one they tack on once the “lightbringer: is divined. She’s actually running for Vice President.

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  30. PATMAC says:

    HEY Kamala, Hillary called, she wants her annoying laugh back!

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  31. Comrade Mope says:

    Couple more join the fray and we can get the HollyWeird Squares going.
    “Oh, sorry. X gets the square.”


  32. Melski says:

    Kamala reminds me of Stormy Daniels except Stormy got paid for what she did while Kamala got promotions. She reached her Peter Principal a long time ago.

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  33. RedWave 2020 says:

    Probably the biggest joke on the Dem side barring maybe Castro. I predict she’ll be the most obnoxious sounding one at the debates. Probably exists to make Biden or Beta seem likable when presented in contrast to her. I think if either Biden or Beta don’t run she may be the nominee. Remember the more unhinged someone sounds in the democratic primary the better their odd’s. Exhibit A: 2016 primaries. Honestly, for the dem’s their whole process is a joke whoever the DNC/CNN/Media likes the most will be coronated.
    From what it appears CNN seems to like Beta, Biden and Kamala the most so that’ll probably be their top 3.
    Hopefully, Biden and Beta decide not to run so Kamala and Tulsi can go after one another and the dimm’s alienate their own base.

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  34. ATheoK says:

    Senator Elizabeth Warren was to 2016 as Kamala Harris is to 2020

    One halfwit to another halfwit.

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  35. teeheeman says:

    Here you go Sundance on your roster:

    Scott Walker was to 2016 as…….John Hickenlooper is to 2020 (Gov of purple state Colorado; bonus points for having a silly name)

    I know and very much like Scott Walker – when this purple state icon (Walker) became the Republican front-runner in early spring 2015 I almost swallowed my bazooka gum as I said to myself “no way”…..he then got “Trumpled” in a New York minute by PDJT and was smart enough to pull out quickly (Walker is a very smart guy)

    Scott is now out of work because he ran a totally uninspiring campaign for a third term as WI governor in 2018. Truly a sad deal that didn’t need to happen.

    Walker will be heard from again but there will be some fluttering firecracker like him on the Dem governors side in 2019. Bottom line a bunch of milk-toast nobodies, far less attractive than Walker was in 2015 (he never made it to 2020!).


  36. Annie says:

    They are taking her apart over on the DM UK posts..delicious….

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  37. Let’s hope she further divides the Democrat party.

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  38. RCAS says:

    Here’s how Kamala made it into CA politics, to ruin our lives – “poontronage” –


  39. linda4298 says: ELECTION2020
    Sen. Kamala Harris Joins 2020 Presidential Race As Expected
    Written by Wayne Dupree · 15 hours ago


    Everyone knew Sen. Kamala Harris is an opportunist. Ask former California Governor Willie Brown.
    Harris was laying sights on running for the Oval Office once she was elected to the U.S. Senate a few years ago. She was known in a few circles as Barack Obama’s apparent heir. Even I worried about her entry into the POTUS ring because she has something other candidates didn’t have. She’s she is even more vocal in her communism than Obama was- makes her the perfect Democrat candidate from her side. Her California roots and skin color will push her immediately toward the front of the group and any backlash will be met with racist innuendos and undertones.

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    • RedWave 2020 says:

      The last sentence is basically a repeat of 2016.
      Remember when the MSM was ttrying to push the HRC women card. “You don’t want to vote for her because she’s a woman”. Add on black as well to the last sentence and you have the 2020 talking point in the media right there.
      This’ll probably be stale enough by the generals though. I imagine even the non Kamala harris supporting democrats will be tired of hearing this soon enough.

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  40. TNGal says:

    K Harris was the first person to interrupt Charles Grassley during the Kavanaugh hearing. Who wants to hear her whiny voice for 4 years? Also, is sleeping your way to the top the way American women really want to succeed?


  41. citizen817 says:

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  42. Anyone but Biden, imho that is his biggest threat.

    This is pure guess and first person came to mind: Governor Jeb Bush was to 2016 as… Jerry Brown in 2020.

    Very darkhorse threat would be former Starbucks CEO Schultz. Would be bigger threat than Biden IMHO. please hope he doesn’t run.


    • steph_gray says:

      Remember that Jeb! was the anointed of the splitters – they were all run to split FOR him. He was not one himself – he was supposed to be the beneficiary, then sacrifice to Hilliary.

      I don’t think Jerry Brown fits that profile.

      Biden or Michelle might.

      Interesting difference in 2020. The Uniparty wanted the R to lose in 2016; Jeb! was meant to.

      But they do NOT want the DemonRat winner of the 2020 splitter strategy to lose!

      VSGPDJT has interrupted their game bigly.


  43. Mike diamond says:

    Pray often that this radical lady will never be President ! It has nothing to do with race,it’s her radical ideas!

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  44. Donelson Local says:

    George Pataki, wow, forgot all about him.


  45. Gerald S says:

    I’m waiting for Maxine to announce (Lol)


  46. spoogels says:

    The NYT even says shes not a good candidate–ethical issues

    Most troubling, Ms. Harris fought tooth and nail to uphold wrongful convictions that had been secured through official misconduct that included evidence tampering, false testimony and the suppression of crucial information by prosecutors.

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  47. spoogels says:

    Progressives begin 2020 dissection of Kamala Harris.

    Kamala Harris, liberal hero? Hardly.


  48. wodiej says:

    Are they having a contest on who is the least qualified?


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