Wow – Border Patrol Officer Shares Scale of International Influx into U.S. Southern Border…

Straight from the epicenter of the issue, the U.S. Border Patrol outlines a single day of captured illegal aliens from countries other than Central America and Mexico.

Just yesterday alone over 113 illegal entry apprehensions from Pakistan, India, China, Ecuador, Romania, Nicaragua and more. This CBP data is just from one border state in one day. WATCH:

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153 Responses to Wow – Border Patrol Officer Shares Scale of International Influx into U.S. Southern Border…

  1. Sgt Stryker says:

    Mr President;
    Build the damn “barrier” and institute eVerify immediately.
    Money is not the issue; but I sure would like my tax money spent on American citizens.
    Thank for listening,

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    • Franklin says:

      Issue Executive Orders making E-Verify mandatory and prohibiting birthright citizenship for babies born to tourist..

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      • coolmamie says:

        I do not take anyone seriously on the topic of stopping illegal immigration unless they support mandatory E-Verify.

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        • tdaly14 says:

          We have E-Verify in SC and it works most of the time, if employers use it. Legit businesses use it. We still have illegals here though. Not as many as other states.

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          • Dutchman says:

            Business licences, actually licences which entitle business to be able to collect sales tax, as well as not pay sales tax on products purchaded BY businesses, as well as Contractor licences, beautician livences and others are issues by the STATE.

            Recognising this, one of the ‘carve outs’ in FEDERAL immigration laws preeminence over State authority, is with regard to BUSINESS licences.

            You want e-verify? WORK for it. Legally, there is no reason a State couldn’t pass a bill, requiring all businesses operating in the State to use e-verify on all their employees, with penalties of fines for first offence, leading to loss of business licence for multiple offences.

            So, in your state, GET BUSY! And, encounter the resistance, from CoC, business interests, etc. Or, you could just sit back and expect tje Federal government to do what you can’t.

            Confront your LOCAL Republican party, head on and purge the nevertrumpers BEFORE 2020, using this issue!


            • Lindenlee says:

              Maybe we could take another shot at it in FL, now that we don’t have that whore Adam Putnam in there, getting other legislative Big Ag-owned whores to defeat it. Desantis might do something.


        • Milo says:

          Also, chain migration. One item not mentioned in the article is that the 113 illegals are here and, due to catch and release, they are probably here for good. Catch and throw back needs to be initiated. Executive Order could do it.

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          • angellestaria6674 says:

            It can and it should…but, but, but…

            As I posted somewhere yesterday about an issue…

            There will be some court somewhere here in good, ole USA, or on the Moon, or Mars, somewhere…that somebody will use to sue Trump’s EO and prevent it. or at least stagnate the process.

            This is why it is almost as important to get as many conservative judges seated in the lower courts. It’s true, if the SCOTUS ends up being mostly conservative and becomes a court where conservative causes can be won, the lower courts still eat up a lot of precious time before cases even get to SCOTUS.

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        • angellestaria6674 says:

          I just finished answering a reply to one of my comments elsewhere. They put mentioned several planks for Trump and the party to run on in 2020. He listed 3 and left the 4th open for the reader of his comment to fill in.

          I filled in e-verify.

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          • VoteAllIncumbantsOut says:

            Couldn’t help but chuckle when Ted took his hand out of his pocket to shake that gentlemans hand only to get dissed, 😁

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            • zorrorides says:

              TY Angelle. Folks this is the post I made earlier. Angelle recommended eVerify for plank number 4. Seems to me eVerify for lawful employment can be modified to confirm eligibility for welfare benefits and voting.

              Now VSG Trump and KellyAnne haven’t written to confirm, but this is our plan to win 2020: POTUS and his base will agree on a platform of a few planks; House and Senate candidates have the option to support this platform. The President will support the primary candidate who’s for the people’s platform.

              Some of the planks are: 1, Complete The WALL Immediately; 2, No Amnesty Ever; 3, Prosecute and End All Election Fraud; 4, …Your Plank Here.
              We can support the primaries ourselves, without the RNC. Here’s the theme song, “2020”.

              I can see clearly now, the Dimms are gone
              I see all the RINOs knocked out of our way
              Gone are the fake lies that had me blind
              It’s gonna be a bright, bright, bright sun-shiny day

              “I can See Clearly Now” written and performed by Johnny Nash. Jimmy Cliff has sung it too.

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              • Readers can scroll down from your comment and listen to the song if they want. I posted it after re-posting your comment from last night’s discussion over here to this thread.

                Just loved your adaptation of that song’s words! Kudos!

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          • angellestaria6674 says:

            To zorrorides:

            Yeah, it was your great comment over on the other thread!

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          • angellestaria6674 says:

            Actually, I made e-verify plank #3b and defunding PP plank #4.

            I am posting zorrorides comment here.

            “Angelle, Trump and KellyAnne haven’t written to confirm, but this is our plan to win 2020: VSG POTUS and his base will agree on a platform of a few planks; House and Senate candidates have the option to support this platform. The President will support the primary candidate who’s for the people’s platform.

            Some of the planks are: 1, Complete The WALL immediately; 2, No Amnesty Ever; 3, Prosecute and End All Election Fraud; 4, …Your Plank Here. We can support the primaries ourselves, without the RNC. Here’s the theme song, “2020”.

            I can see clearly now, the Dimms are gone
            I see all the RINOs knocked out of our way
            Gone are the fake lies that had me blind
            It’s gonna be a bright, bright, bright sun-shiny day

            The lines he was adapting from the song I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW were his reaction to the video I posted in another comment in that that thread. Had a little fun with that on that thread.

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    • chooseamerica says:

      Remove every single illegal from all entitlement programs and off the backs of the American taxpayer. That should get about 90% of them out of here. Then, institute these other good ideas. Most of us have seen enough of this scam to last us ten lifetimes!

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  2. amwick says:

    Why am I not surprised?.. TY President Trump.
    I hope people will listen…
    I pray people will listen.

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  3. REX says:

    But, but, CNN told me that there’s no border crisis.

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  4. Lucille says:

    Mexican Police Find Tunnel Used to Smuggle Drugs and Migrants Into US
    BY ZACHARY STIEBER – January 10, 2019

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    • andyocoregon says:

      Throw a large box of rattlesnakes down there and pretend it hasn’t been discovered yet. Then sit back and watch the fun.

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    • Sloth1963 says:

      See? Walls won’t work! But ground penetrating radar plus a wall might.

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    • Cathy M. says:

      Speaking of cross-border tunnels- Pilosi seems to think that CBP is not currently equipped to handle it smuggling via tunnels. CBP appears to be purty durn good it locating these tunnels but could certainly use extra $s& manpower to locate such tunnels.

      Cross border tunnels are nothing new & have been used for drug & human trafficking for years.

      CBP Officers & ICE/HSI have Special Agents whose primary job is to search for cross border tunnels & are apparently pretty durn good at discovering them.

      “More than 168 tunnel attempts have been identified since the first cross-border tunnel was documented in Arizona on May 17, 1990. Tunnel discoveries have increased nationwide in recent years: 16 were discovered in fiscal year 2008; 27 more were found in fiscal year 2009; 13 were uncovered in fiscal year 2010; 18 in fiscal year 2011; 16 in fiscal year 2012; and seven tunnels were found in fiscal year 2013.”

      “Through May of 2014, 107 tunnels have been discovered in the Tucson Sector and 102 of them were in Nogales. Nogales is the most active illegal tunneling area in the U.S.”

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  5. James Street says:

    Every year, thousands of people are smuggled across the US Mexico border for profit.
    This border is controlled by the Mexican cartels.

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  6. joeknuckles says:

    Build the wall and catapult Jim Acosta over it and into Mexico.

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  7. starfcker says:

    That border patrol guy is a star. I like seeing John Cornyn and Ted Cruz there, too. The wall is going to happen

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  8. alliwantissometruth says:

    Hey, it’s real simple…

    If you WANT terrorists, job thieves, welfare leeches, gang bangers and other assorted criminal miscreants crossing the border illegally every day, then there is no crisis

    So of course what’s happening on the border isn’t a crisis to democrats, because it’s exactly what they want. It’s their plan. Demographic replacement, needy third world peasants, etc.


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  9. 335blues says:

    Build the wall!

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  10. imkittymyers says:

    The GoFundMe account has raised $20,012,218 by 334,080 people in 24 days.

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  11. Notice President Trump restated “Pakistan” right after the officer listed all those other countries?

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  12. RobInPA says:


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  13. Lion2017 says:

    It is beyond dispicable that the politicians have left this border open for decades. POTUS put them all to shame today. It is common sense, for many reasons, to have a wall. Thank you President Trump!!

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    • FrankieZee says:

      You are so right. Both parties have been bust destroying this country. You have to imagine that there is a lot of $ at stake here as well, and those greedy unpatriotic politicians had their hands in it.

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    • mopar2016 says:

      And we need a real wall, not the metal slats that are easy to cut.

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      • GB Bari says:

        Looks great! Steel-reinforced concrete with a 150 year life expectancy.

        Lets do all 2,000 miles, not just 700!

        (Don’t tell me the Rio Grand River is a sufficient “barrier”. Where do people think the nickname “wetback” came from?)

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    • Dutchman says:

      And to all the people that have been commenting;
      “POTUS should use the bully pulpit more”, he must read CTH, and is taking your advice! /s

      He IS using the bully pulpit, but I think he may have had this all mapped out, for some time.

      He is HAMMERING the Dems, and have put the Repubs in a heck of a bind, if they defect from him, and show their true colors.

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  14. Mike says:

    A DEMOCRAT congressman from Minnesota said on FOX today he got 66 calls for the wall and 5 against, so he said the president has support.

    You can bet the libs will pay their stooges to make calls. WE MUST CONTINUE TO CALL OUR SENATE AND CONGRESS!

    This is winnable. If the repubs hold with the president the dems will fold.

    I call and tell them a mere 5 billion will end the nonsense. Compared to what the gov spends that’s peanuts. When the federal workers(democrats base) miss their pay checks they will scream at Pelosi.

    I will miss no sleep knowing the FBI doesn’t get paid this week.

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  15. Craig W. Gordon says:

    Notice the raciss brown CBP officer (sarc) telling us the truth? Also, notice how the officer stated how the dynamics are changing per the types of invaders? He says the shift has increased from more mid eastern countries.

    You will never hear this repeated incessantly on fake news!

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  16. Squirrel Doc says:

    Build the wall. Build the wall. Build the wall………………………….

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  17. kinthenorthwest says:

    Damn look at all the nations known for Terriorism trying to sneak in.

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  18. JohnCarlson says:

    Clearly, this is all manufactured. Just like Pearl Harbor, 9/11 and the Holocaust. Nothing to see my fellow democrats and other zombies, all just made up by the Bad Orange Man who breaks tables in half when he doesn’t get his way.

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  19. Sloth1963 says:

    Nope! No crisis. Carry on. Business as usual.

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  20. agentcommonsense says:

    Keep singing that song Cher

    Keep singing that song Cher. It’s a great melody even if you delete your tweet under pressure. President Trump indeed is “PLAYING IT RIIGHT” and the Obama Dims are “PLAYING RIGHT IN2 HIS HANDS” . Beep, beep, suckers.

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  21. moonpup says:

    pull the trigger issue the order, do it get it done. we actually love hearing the left bitch and cry mr

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  22. Phil aka Felipe says:

    After POTUS listening to this Border Patrol agent tell him the total numbers of illegal border crossers from Middle Eastern countries, i.e., terrorist havens, that were apprehended just yesterday, I bet that wall gets built, pronto, with or without Congressional approval.

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  23. wyntre says:

    Amazing narrative by the BP Officer.

    90% of the traffic occurs where there is NO fencing.

    Just 6% occurs where there IS fencing.


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  24. kinthenorthwest says:

    Acosta is such a ……………………
    CNN’s Jim Acosta mocked for accidentally proving that border walls work

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  25. Right to reply says:

    Build it wide
    Build it tall
    No surrender
    Build the wall!

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    • Franklin says:

      The wall is not the be all and end all of the problem. The US needs a comprehensive border security plan. Please look at GoogleEarth and understand the terrain. There are areas where a wall is not practical. The barrier does not need to be precisely on the border. The barrier could be errected along existing highways which parallel the order. Where there are sites along the border a barrier and inspection station could be erected out city of the city.

      We also need to work with Mexico to install a barrier on their side of the border. Again look at GoogleEarth. There is a large strip of land in Mexico adjacent to the Rio Grande from El Peso to the Gulf that could have a barrier erected.

      Fix the US Immigration Laws!
      End dual passports!
      Make E-Verify mandatory !
      End birthright citizenship for babies born to tourist!

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  26. Sloth1963 says:

    Just because we’ve been enduring this crisis for over 40 years doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fixed or ignored for another 40.

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  27. bluebongo says:

    I flew surveillance missions on the border when Obama ordered the military to support CBP almost 10 years ago. I watched hundreds of illegals sit on the Mexico side of the border and wait for CBP to capture one group so they could cross. It went on every single day or night we flew. When the weather was bad they practically stormed the border because they knew most air assets were ineffective and their odds were much much better. If a CBP patrol happened to be able to act on a group crossing they would run back to Mexico and wait a few minutes until they moved on. The spotters sitting on the hills and mountains with radios would contact the coyotes anytime a border asset moved near….including aircraft. They have all the advantages, a safe space to launch from, wait, or return to if needed, time, spotters, and most importantly superior numbers. I’ve seen this occur along vast stretches of the border, day after day after day. We never saw the numbers of illegals that are crossing now. If CBP says they captured 60,000 last month then easily 600,000 came through. I’ve watched our border and seen their advantage. It is completely possible.

    The only way to slow this invasion is with a physical barrier.

    It truly has reached a crisis, we are losing our country.

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    • FrankieZee says:

      Think about this. If we do not get a wall, in 10 years the DIMMS will control everything. California is gone already, Texas is not far off, then Arizona, New Mexico, and Florida. If Trump is defeated on the wall, the rise in Illegals coming in will be unimaginable. Of course, that is the DIMMS plan all along.

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    • sickconservative says:

      Dem reply you lie, they can’t afford to shut down the border politically.
      Now our President is making it for some uncomfortable to not support it.

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    • Craig W. Gordon says:

      ^^^ If you believe what Bluebongo says, then write your Senators and Rep.
      It takes less than 5 minutes to send a message to all 3. Your message should say ‘Build the Wall’. Its that simple.

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  28. 335blues says:

    I really have to give a BIG shoutout to the border patrol agent who was explaining the situation to President Trump. That man was awesome!!! Give him a raise.
    In other news, Jim Acosta makes a complete and total ASS of himself describing

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  29. Ms B says:

    Brietbart has an article just out on Democrats caving on the wall. I do not trust them one iotta!!!!

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    • Robert Smith says:

      CTH posters recently have tended to dark visions of doom. Look, if President Trump wasn’t here fighting for us we’d already be permanently screwed. With him we have a fighting chance to beat back the illegal alien horde for at least while Trump helms the country.

      No matter what news stories say, I believe the Democrats are sweating bullets. They need government. It is what enables them to control our lives. Without even a small part of it operational their arguments for the central importance of government in our lives is exposed as a fraud.

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  30. NJF says:

    Oh my polo

    POTUS retweet

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  31. Sharon says:

    I still think tedcruz looks stupid. His effort with a beard is as cute as it can be, but he will certainly never have to worry about projecting toxic masculinity.

    When enforcement of laws becomes legal again, the problem will evaporate. Lawlessness is not a good thing.

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    • Dee Paul Deje says:

      I thought he was mocking Paul Ryan.

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    • Pokey says:

      At least he is behaving like an ally. Trump needs all the support he can get among the members of the damned Senate.


      • Sharon says:

        That’s true. However, these goofballs have so often demonstrated that they are only interested in holding on to power and have become very, very good at licking their finger and sticking it up to see which way the wind is coming from- – so I sorta don’t trust him for a minute.

        Even if his behavior is a lie, I guess it’s a useful one.


  32. Maybe a need to clean my ears, but I heard 133 captured, not 113, from other countries.

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    • TwoLaine says:

      You are correct, and that was just in one day, and out of just 450 apprehended in one sector in that one day.

      I want to know what the apprehension stats are. How many do they catch vs those who make it through scot-free. 1 out of 4 illegal crossings, 1 out of 5, 6, 7, 8, 9… Multiply your 133 and 450 by that number, and you have your estimated daily crossings in this sector.

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      • Y’all Know What Time It Is says:

        Divide 133 by 450 to find what percent get apprehended by the border patrol. Generally they catch one third (33%)

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        • TwoLaine says:

          No. What I want to know is how many do they miss? They caught 450.

          Do they only catch 1 out of 4 illegal crossers, or higher? Last I heard it could be 1 out of 9!

          Example: IF they catch 1 out of 4 illegal crossers, that means 1,800 (450 x 4) crossed the border in their sector in a day, but only 450 were captured. Of that 1,800, approximately 532 would be OTMs (133 x 4).

          The 133 is the amount out of 450 captured who are OTMs (Other Than Mexican/Panamanian).


  33. litenmaus says:

    Remember in Oct 2018, when the first ‘recognized’ caravan was heading this way and President Trump stated that “The assault on our country at our Southern Border, including the Criminal elements and drugs pouring in, is far more important to me, as President, than Trade or the USMCA. Hopefully Mexico will stop this onslaught at their Northern Border,” ? Remember how President Trump shut down the border?

    The media narrative is that it is a certainty that PDJT is going to have to declare a National emergency because he won’t bow to Chuck & Nancy. The narrative is building, the media harpies are becoming more shrill. Vincente Fox and Jorge Ramos are again on the airwaves. The forces have regrouped, the Globalists want the President to declare an emergency because IMO they are feeling emboldened and believe they can stymie the Presidential declaration with a court order. What if President Trump returns from Texas and just up and closes the southern border?

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    • Dutchman says:

      What part of Fake News, Lieing Media don’t we understand?
      I like Kellys take on it; WHY let Congress off the hook, which is what declaring a N.E. would do?

      ,Let Congress, and the Uniparty, which have created this mess, OWN it.

      Just as he does in Trade, and international relations, he is cutting through B.S., and making the powers that control things own the consequences.

      This is not JUST about schuck and jive nancy, this is VERY MUCH about McConnell. If he countenances Graham negotiating some B.S. compromise, he and Graham are TOAST.

      Leave DACA out of it, let the courts rule.
      Frankly, I don’t give a WHIT about people who came here 20 years ago, because of a National disaster or War, that is long over.

      To me, the TPP people are like visa overstays, thet should go home, or be deported. In effect, by giving them refugee status, we were extending them a visa, on humanitarian grounds.

      To stay, after the crises in their home country is resolved, is taking unfair advantage of our compassion.

      Graham is trying to work TPP and DACA into the deal, and he should shut up.

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  34. sundance says:

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  35. Sundance, I thought he said 133 not 113 which is bad enough. Am I hearing him wrong?

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  36. Emuuuu says:

    Congratulations Ted Cruz. The amazing new Ted Cruz bobble-head doll will soon be on the shelves in a store near you. Sheeeesh

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  37. Truthfilter says:

    Of course the MSM won’t cover this but the folks who are searching for truth will find it. Our problem-as a nation-may very well be that not enough people want or need to know the truth.

    One thing is for certain: Truth is stronger and more powerful than man’s attempts to bury, hide, or kill it. This has been proven throughout history. Our Savior proved it with His very life.

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  38. Rudy says:

    I have a nagging, increasing bad feeling that we are going to be engaged in a civil war this time next year. A shooting war.
    Anyone else?

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    • emet says:

      Well on one side is Pelosi, antifa, aclu, michael moore, james comey, cher, Gov Newsom, Bet Middler. On the other side is everybody with a gun, all of law enforcement except FBI, all of the military. Wonder what the outcome will be?

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      • Rudy says:

        Yeah, and how many terror cells, and the UN? That’s what gives me nightmares. I think the democrats are perfectly capable of inviting them in. There are most likely many enemy cells here already, our infrastructure is very vulnerable and there are many who would join them. Because, you know, the fascist Trump and us hillbillies have to be stopped, or something.
        Things are just getting too nasty.

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  39. Invisigoth says:

    No president has ever been so committed to defending our borders. Great interview, and good to see both Texan senators there, as well.


  40. GSparrow says:

    This is the time for all that have wanted to see a wall/barrier built to unite and focus most of their supportive attention on this battle. Never has it been fought with such conviction.

    I’ve been impressed by Carlson’s opening monologues (haven’t seen today’s yet) but yesterday he dropped the border battle and dared Trump to pursue another important issue while the cannon balls are still landing on the border battlefield. Threatening Trump with losing the 2020 election because he allegedly allows out of control censorship from Big Tech is an important subject but try winning one big battle at a time. Where is Congress’ culpability on these issues. Will Coulter also open another battlefront or criticize more than support as well at this crucial time?


  41. thedoc00 says:

    The MSM response to this visit was interesting here in Texas. The local stations carried the network reporter visits to border towns, where allot of the inhabitants said, they don’t have many problems. Of course they omit that illegals don’t stick around just long enough to drink a bottle of water and leave their trash before moving on to the big city for employment, criminal activity or free social welfare. They also omit that those apprehended are shipped directly to the sanctuary cities.

    Notice they did not talk to agents nor ranchers who are on the front lines.

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  42. Dee Paul Deje says:

    Did Ted Cruz bring Teddy Bears and soccer balls?


  43. Julia Adams says:

    Here’s an awesome idea to tell your liberal relatives and friends about a way to end the border wall government shutdown standoff:

    Why don’t we lease the land snd build the wall on the Mexican side of the border and call it foreign aid.

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    • Franklin says:

      As I said above look at GoogleEarth. There is a strip of land in Mexico between the Rio Grande River and a drainage canal. The strip runs from El Paso to the Gulf. Fence both sides of the border.


  44. Dee Paul Deje says:



  45. Paul Vincent Zecchino says:

    By the last year of the GW Bush presidency, all manner of criminals, warriors and weapons were coming over the border, according to clients who worked for the agencies, the ‘good guys’, not the FBI or CIA.

    Smugllers’ level of sophistication was such that thy would coordinate with one another via a wide spectrum of radio frequencies including UHF military aeronautical freqs. Where’d they get that capability? The bad guys would buy UHF military aircraft transceivers at the San Diego Naval Base surplus sales, and they were in business.

    Every drug and terror nationality was then swarming the border, presumably still here committing crimes, hatching schemes.

    The sentiment then was that if Bush didn’t do something about this, ‘we’re going down.’

    The sources who conveyed this are friends whom I met as clients during the Reagan Era, and with whom I’ve become friendly over the years. I’ve every reason to believe them and no reason to question their statements.

    Everyone from Russian operatives to mid-eastern terrorists to Latin American dope runners, human traffickers, sex slaves, you name it was coming over including an impressive assortment of weapons which made Fast ‘n’ Furious seem insignifigant by comparison.

    Either they stop this invasion now or the country is finished, by design, thanks to the demonrats and the kiddie-rapers at the UN.

    If the President stands firm, good. If he in any way compromises, his presidency will be over as will shortly be the nation.

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  46. Kevin Jullion says:

    Where can I find the stats on apprehensions by country by day for each state? And if these stats are not published online and updated regularly why aren’t they?


  47. C says:

    What is utterly striking about today and all of his interactions…is the bold faced media blackout that is now surrounding them, even from the ‘conservative’ angles. There is a complete and utter blackout worse than I’ve seen and I’ve been granularly following the feeds and cycles for two years now.

    The line when the border agent declares “where we have wall, 90% of traffic is stopped” should have been the shot heard round the world.

    It felt more of a warning to me when he called out the press today and said “80% of you are coordinating with the opposition party”. He’s going to unleash hell in the next coming weeks and I think it’s just getting started.

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    • WSB says:

      Well, it was rather amusing that Acosta decided to go down to the border, and while burning in the sun, hosted a selfie in front of a BORDER WALL and said there was no crisis there.

      Dimwit…of COURSE there was no crisis there. There was a WALL there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I NOMINATE Acosta for the first annual Acosted Award. Meme away.

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  48. JoD says:

    As long as the southern border remains an open gateway for unknown travelers from Pakistan, India, China, Romania and on and on, we have no need for American troops stationed all over the world to “keep us safe.”

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  49. Firefly says:

    These Saul Alinsky tactics need to be more effectively fought. Basically it’s like kids who stick their fingers in their ears screaming la La la refusing to even listen. One of the main reasons I voted for PTrump is that he can unleash hell if need be. Maybe PTrump should video all negotiations on tv for all to see- especially when falsely accused of pounding his fists. PTrump is an out of the box thinker – be fun to see what he does next.

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    • WSB says:

      Firefly, I believe that President Trump and the internet patriots like Sundance are responsible for the Alinsky tactics beginning to wane.

      First, many now know about Alinsky, and second, the fighters have found out, a la Sundance, that there are more of us than there are of them. And we no longer need to be afraid of the little man behind the curtain.

      NOW, we just need strategy and tactics.


  50. WSB says:

    Laura Ingraham is hosting a border hospital doctor, Dr. Manny Virrael? Who basically said there is a TP30 law, where Medicaid pays for all of the birth care if it is paid back (so many give birth, grab the US Birth certificate and leave without paying) and then the CHIPS program pays for everything else while the birth mother is in the US.

    I have paid over $150K for my own health insurance since 2004, have had 14 checkups and no longer have any insurance because I simply could not afford it last year. $750 per month no matter where I looked except the NY exchange…not! The deductible would have caused a heart attack.

    And my Federal taxes are going to an illegal squatter anchor baby mother.

    Almost ready for the hot civil war.

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