REPORT: Chinese Huawei CFO Arrest – John Bolton Knew Arrest Imminent, President Trump Did Not?…

If the latest reports are accurate, this is *not* good.  Remember, there are trillions at stake and Wall Street has spent hundreds-of-million on behalf of multinational interests lobbying to keep the current status with China unchanged.

There’s a deep financial motive within this dynamic to stop President Trump from resetting the trade relationship with China. Additionally, Canada is aligned in self-interest with Wall Street and Trump’s adversaries toward the same goal.

Apparently National Security Adviser John Bolton was aware the CFO of Huawei was going to be arrested in Canada.  However, President Trump was kept out of the loop.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton, said in an interview with National Public Radio that he knew in advance about the arrest of a top executive of the Chinese technology giant Huawei Technologies Co Ltd [HWT.UL], according to an NPR reporter on Thursday.

Bolton said he did not know if the president was aware in advance of the arrest of Meng Wanzhou in Canada on Saturday, the day Trump struck a 90-day truce on trade in a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Argentina, NPR reporter Steve Inskeep said in a tweet.

“I knew in advance. That is something we get from the Justice Department,” the tweet quoted Bolton as saying. (read more)

Here’s the alarming (if true) aspect:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump did not know about a U.S. request for the extradition of Huawei’s chief financial officer from Canada before he met with Chinese President Xi Jinping over dinner last weekend, a White House official said on Thursday.

Huawei Technologies Ltd’s CFO Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of the company’s founder, was arrested in Canada on Dec. 1 and faces extradition to the United States. The United States has been looking since at least 2016 into whether Huawei violated U.S. sanctions against Iran. (read more)

So while President Trump was sitting down with Chairman Xi to negotiate the framework of their ongoing trade discussions; Bolton knew a very geopolitical arrest, that would directly impact the relationship, was about to take place…. And he did not inform President Trump?

If true this is concerning because the Deep State would like nothing more than to scuttle any possible trade reset between the U.S. and China; and Canada would be more than willing to assist therein.

Canada benefits from the status quo.  Canada exploits their access to the U.S. market as part of their overall economic model.  Canada brokers Asian manufactured goods through their country, and assembles some parts into finished products therein.  This skirts any countervailing duties imposed on the originating Asian nation by the U.S.  This exploitation has been very lucrative for Canada.

Additionally, the Wall Street multinationals and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have paid U.S. politicians to allow maximum benefit to Chinese manufacturing.   The Big Club is opposed to President Trump; there are trillions at stake.

If Bolton knew of the location of a landmine that could have serious damage to the efforts of Trump’s economic team, and he kept it hidden, he could have intentionally positioned President Trump’s policy toward China for maximum collateral damage.

Not good.

Must watch this closely.

Suspicious cat needs more information.


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  1. fanbeav says:

    Fire Him! I have never trusted this war monger!

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  2. sundance says:

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    • fleporeblog says:

      That loophole that Justin from Canada 🇨🇦 likes so much went by the waste side with the new USMCA. Our President has the Democrats by the damn balls. He will terminate NAFTA. They can either elect to have the USMCA or we return to life before NAFTA. There is a trade agreement in place with Canada 🇨🇦 that would go into effect. It is Mexico 🇲🇽 that would be screwed. We made surpluses on both countries prior to NAFTA.

      As for China 🇨🇳, they are screwed as well. Fine walk away and watch our President literally destroy their economy within a year or so by going all in with tariffs. China 🇨🇳 can’t walk away over this. Their economy hangs in the balance.

      As for Bolton, if it turns out that he hid this from our President, he should be fired immediately. Our President’s actions over the next few days will be very telling.

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      • fleporeblog says:

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        • fleporeblog says:

          If you build it they will come!!!

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          • fleporeblog says:

            We are sitting on a GOLD MINE! Look what just showed up in Texas and New Mexico. We are going to CRUSH Justin from Canada 🇨🇦!

            The federal government has discovered a massive new reserve of oil and natural gas in Texas and New Mexico that it says has the “largest continuous oil and gas resource potential ever assessed.”

            “Christmas came a few weeks early this year,” Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke said of the new reserve, which is believed to have enough energy to fuel the U.S. for nearly seven years.

            “American strength flows from American energy, and as it turns out, we have a lot of American energy,” said Zinke. “Before this assessment came down, I was bullish on oil and gas production in the United States. Now, I know for a fact that American energy dominance is within our grasp as a nation.”

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          • thesavvyinvester says:

            Flep, where in Detroit? An existing plant? Buying GM’s Hantramack plant? Regardless, are you following the dance VW and Ford are engaged in? No info on my end, just what I read, but it looks like VW is interested in MI plant space, possibly underutilized Ford plant. Keep your eye on this, VW could build them small cars (think electric) and they get Mustangs and Trucks to export.

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            • thesavvyinvester says:

              Oops, Hamtramac I think is the proper spelling…

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              • Rex70 says:

                savvy…you were correct the first time: Hamtramck. And I believe the plant that was purchased is the Jefferson North Assembly Plant–which is near the old GM Hamtramck plant, but it is located on the east side of Detroit. From what I understand. Fantastic news either way. Detroit could use a good ol’ post-NAFTA shot in the arm…that once-great but now-poor city needs anything to help it rise from its ashes, especially that working-class, blue collar area of Detroit. Go, Ford! Go, Chrysler!

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            • fleporeblog says:

              Plant that closed in 2012. Not sure of the name.


          • TheLastDemocrat says:

            Will this be a union plant? I hate to say it, but that kind of builds in an automatic self-destruct feature. Like the Democratic Party, altogether, who are trying to figure out how to describe the economy right now as terrible so you will vote in more Octavio-Cortez economists who don’t understand where wealth comes from.

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        • joebkonobi says:

          Flep, A little off topic but I read a disturbing article from Breitbart (Dec 3) titled “USMCA Entrenches Tech Companies Right to Censor”. I hope it is false. Says” Article 19.17 of the trade agreement gives tech companies immunity from any lawsuits arising from actions taken to “restrict material it considers to be harmful or objectionable.” Also says Section 230 has a similarly problematic provision. I will try and put a link below but if that doesn’t work you can google the title of the article and read. Not sure why tech censorship would be included in USMCA. Hopefully it is a non issue.

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      • Jenny R. says:

        Basically this. China needs the trade; Mexico wants that deal — Canada doesn’t have enough clout to say otherwise. If they choose to cause problems then they can go hang.

        Besides, we’re not the ones who did the arresting — we just had an extradition notice IF said person was arresting — it was China’s good buddy Just In who cuffed their national.
        We could always waive the extradition in light of new, better relations and hopes for increasing friendship with China if we should so choose…for concessions of course.

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        • Jenny R. says:

          As for Bolton, well, we’ll see.

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          • WSB says:

            Great observation.

            From the Reuters’ link:

            “Huawei Technologies Ltd’s CFO Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of the company’s founder, was arrested in Canada on Dec. 1 and faces extradition to the United States. The United States has been looking since at least 2016 into whether Huawei violated U.S. sanctions against Iran.”

            So, if ‘we’ have been looking at Huawei and for Wanzhou since 2016, then President Trump has known for awhile about her. PT and Xi have both known. We all know about just how rotten this spy ring is, so the only weird part is Bolton surmizing that PT ‘may’ not have known about the extradition.

            On the one hand, some say this makes PT look weak, but on the other hand, it removes PT from the rank and file already looking for her.

            I am with you, Jenny R. This could just be tip-toeing through the ‘you know what’.

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        • 🍺Gunny66 says:

          Hey, the steel industry is coming back because of the tariffs. All our industries are coming back because of our tariffs on China……
          Canada doesn’t want to play……don’t go thru with the deal…

          Do you realize how our economy would “slow down” if we took the tariffs away?

          They had some industry leaders on Charles Payne today saying the same thing. The tariffs on China are good for our economy….

          China has been screwing us for years.

          What do we need China trade for?……….Well……….Nothing…….

          Screw China……. What are they gonna do?…..make some more islands?

          Bolton……..Irrelevant……….can him…..

          And, if I put my tin foil hat on…….. I would think this was planned to keep the tariffs……

          Bring back Gen Flynn

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          • WSB says:

            I saw that interview today. Mr. Steel Man would NOT back down. He gets it!!!!!

            No, do not worry about strong arming China. Forget about what Bolton said from a public perspective. Investigate the internals; however, PT should double down on this and let Xi know we will rake in any extraditions possible from high powered spooks stealing our stuff.

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          • Jane Smith says:

            Bolton probably thought that it was tit for tat…
            China just held 2 American citizens in a hostage situation:

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          • davidb says:

            China has precious metals we Need. Only other sources are Russia and North Korea…North Korea has lots of them.

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        • Tuduri says:

          Trump should still have been told before hand(meeting Xi) even if we could waive extradition. It’s a loss of face for the president and it may have been a tool he could use against Xi.

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      • walt614 says:

        Plausible Deniabily…

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    • SD,
      Thanks for posting this article.

      One theory is that Huawei is skilled at inserting “back door” capabilities in its 5G capable equipment. This is a big deal and something the USA would want to prevent to prevent cybersecurity breaches. Since cyber security and IP theft are two negotiating issues to be discussed/resolved in the next 90 days of trade negotiations, action agains Huawei for these reasons (as well as potential violation of Iranian sanctions) would make sense:

      Quote from the article above:
      “Most countries, even close U.S. allies such as Canada, Britain and Germany, have not made any moves against Huawei, arguing they have sufficient procedures to test equipment for security. But Australia and New Zealand recently banned Huawei from building 5G networks, and there are indications that other countries including Germany are revisiting the issue.”

      There were other comments in the article about allegations of IP theft from Motorola and Nokia against Huawei. And of course, POTUS “rescued” ZTE (also accused of violating Iran sanctions) from the ban on buying U.S. components

      Suspicious cat indeed….


  3. greg lebro says:

    Time for walls on both borders….

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  4. Suncc49 says:

    If it scuttles the trade deal with China for now we will get the 25% tariffs and next round of them right?

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  5. The Akh says:

    Well well, Trump hits a trade deal and suddenly something transpires that puts all effort into jeopardy.

    At the same time, would anybody trust a Chinese firm making gadgets for the masses? Especially when the data transmitted through those gadgets are so valuable on so many levels?

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    • mr.piddles says:

      “At the same time, would anybody trust a Chinese firm making gadgets for the masses?”

      No, but that was already being addressed. No need for the arrest right now, if ever.

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    • derevenski says:

      They are not just making gadgets for the consumer market; they are a major player in the world-wide 5G cellular infrastructure (core network and base stations) and technology developer along with NEC, Siemens, Ericsson, Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent, ZTE, Qualcomm,
      Samsung, etc. etc. The problem is they cannot be trusted, and their equipment could spy on our networks. Another problem has been their aggressive marketing campaign to gain larger market share in North America and Europe at the expense of other traditional vendors.

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  6. Oldskool says:

    “I knew in advance. That is something we get from the Justice Department,” the tweet quoted Bolton as saying. So, did the acting AG Whitaker know? If so, not good,,,if not, not good. The song remains the same.

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  7. mr.piddles says:

    “Canada would be more than willing to assist therein.”

    This occurred to me as I was watching the waning moments of the stock ticker couple hours ago.

    Lightbulb #1: was this Justin’s Revenge?

    Oh no… that’s too outlandish! Can’t be! That’s crazy talk!

    But wait. This happened days ago, right? And we’re only hearing from the Chinese yesterday and today? Why wouldn’t they have jumped up and down about this on December 1?

    Lightbulb #2: Canada and China staged and/or coordinated this to get back at and/or pressure Team Trump.

    I know… that’s a stretch. Mucho loco. But at the end of the day, this whole arrest episode doesn’t smell right. It just doesn’t. And this Bolton thing that popped up within the past hour seals that particular Ziplock Bag for me. It’s a Ziplock Bag full of unpleasantness.

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  8. jack says:

    Could it be plausible deniability , and they kept the president out of the loop , for the meeting … at the same time “hit squad” (arrest) was taking out one of china’s major companies.

    It sounds like the “GodFather” move when taking out his enemies! Over dinner! 🙂

    I wonder if other moves were done secretely at same time to “smack” china in the fact ( FIGHTING Engle) … vs Lovable Hillybilly American sucker! 🙂

    I don’t know the answer to that. Both angles should be considered.

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    • sundance says:

      It should be Trump’s decision.

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      • jack says:

        yeah, that is why I stated the plausible deniability comment.

        I understand you think Trump didn’t know about it. And I’m not sure about that , and gave a reason why Trump could “act” like he didn’t know about it, at the exact time he was meeting with China over dinner.

        On the other hand, if Trump really didn’t know about it, than Bolton will be “out” right? … because that would be something Trump should know about.

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      • gawntrail says:

        Yep. The responsibility starts and ends with POTUS Trump. Absolutely it his decision. Anybody playing usurper needs to be called on the carpet in a very public way.

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        • chooseamerica says:

          Fellow treepers. Let’s go apply at the White House. Don’t you know that those of us on the Trump Train; without the government baggage resumes, could right this ship in five minutes!

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      • mimbler says:

        I was thinking plausible deniability as to where PDJT was fully informed, but Bolton wasn’t going to confirm nor deny that briefing so PDJT could play out his negotiations as he saw fit.

        Just a possibility,

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      • Doppler says:

        Damn right it should be the President’s decision. The delay from December 1 thru Dec 5 or 6 may be largely due to China needing several days to determine how to react, but surely Huawei knew right away, and the message would’ve spread to the Xi government rapidly. Perhaps they were delayed in their own response, trying to determine if this was a stunningly aggressive message direct from President Trump, or something else.

        Your suspicious cat needs to hear from the President directly on this topic, because otherwise there are too many possibilities.

        Still, from everything I know of John Bolton, my instinct is this is another neocon sharp elbow move to “act, and thereby change reality,” while “you realists” observe reality, and write about it, until the Empire “acts again,” and changes reality again.

        If the latter, it is treason, in my opinion. And if that, the absence of immediate word from the President keeps hope alive that it was a “treason sting.”

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      • jack says:

        There are different chess pieces , each with a special way of moving! Bolton is an enforcer type chess piece, and Mike Pompeo is a “good guy” “smiley faced” tactical chess piece. And then there are Trump’s Military pieces like MadDog, and Economic chess pieces too. Trump needs all these pieces on the board in dealing with China and other Countries.

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      • Doesn’t John Kelly control all communications to the President?


      • Sundance, Occam’s Razor could raise two simple explanations:

        RE: “Bolton said he did not know if the president was aware in advance of the arrest of Meng Wanzhou in Canada on Saturday”
        • Bolton would not know if he relayed the info THROUGH an intermediary (CoS Kelly)

        RE: “President Donald Trump did not know about a U.S. request for the extradition of Huawei’s chief financial officer from Canada before he met with Chinese President Xi Jinping over dinner last weekend, a White House official said on Thursday.”
        • The “White House official” could have been executing another leaker STING.


        • donna kovacevic says:

          Our local news here in Ontario reported this tonight, not much really said except Canadians need to be aware if travelling to China. End of story.


    • Niagara Frontier says:

      It’s a twofer for Deep State. It potentially complicates a deal they don’t want AND it makes their enemy (the President) look out of touch. Both of those remain priorities for them.

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      • Ristvan says:

        in my opinion wrong on both fronts. See reasons posted below. There is important stuff well known in the industry that MSM is not reporting, so you are misinformed.

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  9. Madmax110 says:

    The Walrus has some explaining to do. Don’t trust him for one second.

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    • rf121 says:

      Actually, if DOJ arranged for the arrest then the AAG should have been the one to give the WH a heads up. Maybe he did, maybe he did not. If Bolton knew then I would guess Kelly would have known. Need more answers here.

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  10. fedback says:

    Jake Tapper reported that officials in the WH believed the arrest could be used as leverage against China in the trade negotiations

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    • mr.piddles says:

      Jake Tapper may or may not have accurate information from officials in the WH who themselves may or may not know what’s going on and/or for what purpose. The point is: John Bolton says he’s not really sure whether or not President Trump had prior knowledge of the arrest. THAT’S A PROBLEM! It’s HIS call on what’s leverage and what’s not leverage when it comes to China.

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    • Kalbo says:

      Don’t need Huawei’s Meng as leverage. We don’t need a hostage, for lack of better words.

      This is not how President Trump operates, IMHO. Nor how we should operate when it comes to trade agreements.

      We should not extradite Meng. Nail Huawei for wrong doing at a later date.

      President Trump has tariffs. Focus is trade deal.

      Gotta believe Bolton kept this hidden from President Trump. Time to fire Bolton. He’s a deep state war monger.

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  11. Matt Hay says:

    I don’t trust Bolton, bringing him in was a mistake

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  12. snellvillebob says:

    Meng Wanzhou will claim she is a Democrat, declare a Hillary, and be in Beijing by Sunday, their time

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  13. Ospreyzone says:

    Bolton truly believes that he is running the show. He always has because down deep, he is an arrogant person. I’d describe him as a self-made man who worships his creator.

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  14. fedback says:

    Bolton has a bad habit of saying stupid things publicly, he also did it in the run up to the Singapore summit

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  15. Alex50 says:

    John Bolton is a crazed neocon of the first order. It never made any sense to appoint a man who is diametrically opposed to President Trump’s world view.This should be enough to give him his walking papers . Bolton is a sad angry little man.

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    • glissmeister says:

      Been seriously wary of Bolton since Melania called BS on his hellspawn Bush-era wonkette pal and declared her arrogant ass unfit for service in the Trump WH.

      An arrogant fool so deeply flawed was apparently a-ok with Bolton. What kind of distempered personality lurks behind that funky mustache and the vanity that keeps it there?

      Pray for Trump. Better to have a smaller staff with great talent than a larger staff with marginal talent.

      As Delphi said: “Against stupidity, the Gods themselves are helpless.”

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  16. davidb says:

    I wonder who forced/recommended Bolton to Trump? Bolton, Mattis and Coats all seem to be creatures from the black lagoon. Months or years from now, I believe we will find out they are “sessions light”.

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  17. railer says:

    Trump knew, my friend. He needs some strategic distance with his “good friend” Xi, and this gives it to him. Now he can triangulate and intervene for his good friend, if he’s asked and gets something in return. Then he’ll look into assisting Xi on this, much like he intervened and helped that Chinese telephone company that the US wanted to ban a while back. Trump went out on a limb for Xi, and took a bit of heat here for that. You have to do some of these things, and arresting this gal may be in Xi’s interests too, don’t forget. He’s fighting battles with diehards back home too, and this might move them.

    Canada has no incentive to ruffle China’s feathers and arrest this gal, unless they know the US is with them. Trudeau is dumb but he isn’t stupid. China invests billions in Canada, and could cut them off much like Saudi Arabia did a while back, so they want to be covered on at least one of those sides, Xi or Trump. Since Trump is cutting off the Chinese transshipments through Canada, Trudeau’s government has no incentive to front for China, and does have incentive to ingratiate themselves with Trump.

    I’ll be interested in how Trump handles it when he’s questioned, but he likely put this in motion earlier and then stood back and allowed Bolton to handle the detail and field the call, leaving Trump the option to say he didn’t know that it had occurred. He’ll just have to fudge that he maybe knew earlier about something re this gal, but didn’t hear anything about it on Saturday, which he probably didn’t, hence Bolton providing cover and giving the story to NPR. Not just fake news knows how to manipulate the media, remember.

    But he knew. Trump left dessert with Xi at Mara Lago to go take a call about bombing Syria, then came back to the table and told Xi all about it. I doubt the events were random here. This arrest during their Argentina meeting has parallels, but over dinner this time. Trump knows how to send a message, like a subtle sledgehammer. Always with room to retreat, but always with clear intent, and the other guy knows it. Xi isn’t stupid either.

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    • Some old guy says:

      Inclined to agree that Trump knew. Leverage may, or may not, have been gained, but it appears that it may have changed the game. If so, my concern is that the move may have reduced China’s ability/willingness to move.

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      • railer says:

        If they don’t move, then bad things start happening, this being one of the bad things. Trump has to shake up the mix somehow, witness his abandoning Canada at the table and negotiating solo with Mexico. Nobody including me expected that one, but he did it. It’s what he does. You’d best negotiate with this guy straight up, because he’s liable to go off and screw you over around the corner somehow.

        Plus, US sanctions re North Korea and Iran have to be something more than formalities. Yeah, the Chinese will cheat, but you have to retain the option of using their cheating as leverage, if you can. This does that. It has strategic value in multiple ways, then. I viewed this instantly as a classic Trumpian move. These will always have depth, breadth and residual benefit. Laugh away, but this is 4D chess by a master.

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    • glissmeister says:

      He should have been told but that doesn’t always occur. This wasn’t the only episode like this. There’s enough of a pattern to be of concern. Institutions have problems distributing information. Institutions amply the pathologies which plague their workplace.

      Never rush to attribute to malice that which can also be attributed to stupidity. In either case the latter will most likely be the root cause.


    • 🍺Gunny66 says:


      Nice post. This is exactly what I have been alluding to…….

      Now our President has more manuver room…..Bolton took one for the team….

      Besides as our President does……Bolton was no longer useful….so he now has a reason to let him go…..

      A pawn was sacrificed…….for both countries….

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  18. Conservative Foundations says:

    When I heard this, the flags went up. If we thought the Deep State was bad before, this by far, so far, is the worst.

    Justin from Canada would never cooperate with Trump on an arrest like this. There is just too much Chinese money and business coming into Canada for him to cooperate with POTUS. This “investigation” is being handled out of the Eastern District NY. That answers another question. AND, usually when a company violates sanctions, the company is investigated and then, when it is international, a political call is made as to the action taken. Usually sanction the said company.

    Arresting the daughter, and CFO, of a prominent Party Official is damn near a declaration of war. Of course the Deep State would love this.

    This leads to another and troubling conclusion, without further information, that the Deep State is not going to clean its self out. Its tentacles are everywhere, and where they are not, they have co-opted who they need to. This is a reason why we keep seeing no action.

    This is extremely troubling. The only way out for this country may be a very troubling deep cleaning and I am afraid it will need to be done soon before it is too late.

    I am getting very pessimistic right now.

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  19. MAGAbear says:

    Interesting to see the National Association of Realtors is 2nd on that list. What better way to drive up the cost of housing than to have millions and millions of more people flood the country and cause a massive supply and demand problem?

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    • glissmeister says:

      And where does the American Medical Association get $11 million to “give” to Congress?

      And what does Congress do with the upwards of $220 million donated to its elected officials?

      Don’t forget where most of that money goes. It’s not just for reelection, but it pours into the coffers of the corporate media — like honey it’s poured from donors into the greedy mouths of the swamp and its myriad syndicates feeding therein. The syndicate media is the most voraciously parasitic of them all.

      The more the syndicate media rabble rouse, the more the roused rabble richly reward them with purchases of time, content and advertising.


  20. digleigh says:

    I am no Bolton fan, but could it be possible, that it may have looked like Trump was putting a squeeze on to get some better deal? Like : “You steal our intellectual property , and this will be what happens”, but Bolton did not inform Trump,maybe so the media could not say,”See what games Trump is playing against China???” Otherwise, it is deepstate trying to make a fool of Trump and Bolton could be a part of it?. I am not sure what else it could be…..


  21. tdaly14 says:

    Seems to me our President wouldn’t be against someone being arrested for violating Iranian sanctions, even if he wasn’t told. XI knows how President Trump feels about the leaders of Iran. I think Bolton is fine. Take a chill, it will work out.

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  22. RH says:

    It does not pass the smell test. There is no way DOJ will arrest a top executive of a major foreign company and Trump would not know about it. 100% Trump knew it and approved it.

    Its time to decouple from China. The only people winning with China trade are Wall Street and Globalist. Average Joe loose his job and cash to China and in return get some junk that don’t even work right.

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  23. Greg says:

    I’m not so sure this is dangerous to Trump’s deal with Xi. I see this as more leverage for Trump…much like that other company that got whacked for violating sanctions.

    I also doubt Trump didn’t know about this, but I’m sure he didn’t tell Xi about it.


  24. tdaly14 says:

    Our spooks have been watching this CFO and company for two years, I’m sure President Trump is fine with it.

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  25. Sethspof says:

    Trumps very own Panda mask?


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  26. WeThePeople2016 says:

    I will wait and withhold judgment until we learn further information. I don’t think that we have gotten all of the story yet, IMHO.

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  27. chojun says:

    I think the trade reset depends on, as you say, President Trump acknowledging the Panda mask. But that might involve Trump speaking to the Panda and not the Dragon. The personal relationship between Trump and Xi is a critical component of this.

    I think Trump’s ignorance on the arrest was a deliberate strategy to allow the US to confront the Dragon while allowing it to retain its panda mask.

    Trump gets to now have a phone call with Xi that goes something like this:

    “Hey Mr. Xi, I thought we had a very warm, tremendous discussion at the G20. I just found out that one of your top Tech executives is involved in Iran sanctions violations. I hope we can work this out. I’d hate for this to damage any progress we’ve made on trade.”

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  28. Rock Knutne says:


    I didn’t realize all you guys knew Bolton that well. Almost like you all were acquaintances.

    I have a feeling we’ll find out one way or another, depending on how President Trump responds to this new dilemma.

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  29. Shiggz says:

    Put Bolton back in UN?


    • suejeanne1 says:

      personally, I thought the news this evening that President Trump will be tweeting his announcement tomorrow that Heather Nauert will be appointed UN Ambassador was a signal to Bolton – perhaps he was pushing for someone else to get that


  30. Justice Warrior says:

    Wow! It looks more and more like we will have to militarily take back our country if we are going to do it at all.


  31. nccosmiccurmudgeon says:

    Based on other high profile foreign policy decisions the President has made (like TPP, Paris Climate Accord, Iran Deal), there is usually an announcement/tweet indicating that “the Agreement” is being closely reviewed for action in the near future.

    I think if the President wanted to press “sanctions” on Huawei, he would have announced/tweeted that there was evidence to justify imposing penalties on Huawei and their “principals”. And that he really did not want to but may be “forced” to act.

    This arrest sounds and looks very suspicious. Also interesting that there have been no “tweets” about this from the President.

    Liked by 3 people

  32. Scott says:

    “Bolton said he did not know if the president was aware in advance of the arrest of Meng Wanzhou in Canada on Saturday, …”

    So people are believing that a WH “source”
    ( unidentified source at that)?

    May be we should wait for confirmation. Boltons statement is not proof Trump did not know.


  33. Paco Loco says:

    Huawei is a cellular radio telephone manufacturer that is launching 5G products worldwide. They have good, reliable celltel technology that cellcos around the world are buying. They have uber market share. All of their cellco switches and radios probably have a back door in software to monitor traffic real time.


  34. Zeej says:

    Why trump surrounds himself with neocons I will never understand.


  35. Nigella says:

    Plausible deniability

    Liked by 1 person

  36. Jim Smith says:

    There are many possibilities. Sure, if Bolton is involved in torpedoing the China deal, he’s got to go.
    On the other hand, some of the reports may not be accurate. Also, consider not only the conflict, but also the potential LEVERAGE generated by this arrest. Maybe POTUS did know, and is in on the plan. Just another possibility.
    If POTUS launches Bolton, then the reports are accurate. If he doesn’t? Stay tuned.


  37. DT2020 says:

    I call BS on the reports that Bolton knew and kept it to himself. How many times has the media tried to manufacture wedges between Trump and his officials? Too many to count.

    Liked by 2 people

  38. mazziflol says:

    And the hits just keep coming…


  39. motreehouse says:

    Dec 06, 2018 08:31 PMECONOMY
    Beijing Vows to Immediately Implement Trade Truce Over Energy, Cars and Agriculture Products
    By Leng Cheng

    Liked by 1 person

  40. 1000 Clowns says:

    It’s possible Trump told Xi of the arrest beforehand and each must feign ignorance and surprise.

    Liked by 1 person

  41. Sprawlie says:

    If Canada knew, did China know?


  42. Ristvan says:

    There are facts here well known to those that were senior execs in telecom, that are not in any MSM reports. The context is important.
    1. Huawei started as the ‘official’ Chinese gov answer to Cisco and Nortel in re telecomm networking equipment. Routers, switches, repeater nodes, … A vast, complex, super high tech industry.
    Almost all the Hauwei stuff until recently was copies of just stolen US IPR. Even some of the underlying coding was just stolen. And Hauwei spying back doors are not just rumors, they are proven by networking experts. Hence the western spying concern bans. That is hard fact, not mere trade bias as Hauwei whinges..
    2. The evasion of Iran sanctions (grounds for the CFO arrest warrant outstanding since months) was HBSC suspicious financial activity reporting to US AFTER HBSC got fined $billions for facilitating money laundering and sanctions evasion, and replaced its senior management. So there is (after enforcement) international cooperation. This was not just some rogue new US step.

    So, whether or not Trump ‘knew’ in Argentina (hope he did not, as this level of detail is very nonPresidential), this arrest is perfectly consistent with his stop IPR theft and Iran themes being executed now by those below him.
    Xi will figure all that out real quick. Hauwei is deservedly screwed. They obviously thought they had Chinese ‘immunity’—-wrong thinking under MAGA. And a great timely example.

    Liked by 3 people

  43. California Joe says:

    Wrong! Every time our cabinet level Secretary had a meeting with a public group, gave a speech or attended a seminar a request would go to every field office asking for any relevant information on the “subject” he was meeting with especially investigations, indictments, search warrants or arrests planned or in action that would later be embarrassing to the agency head. There’s no way President Trump didn’t know unless that’s the “party line” for public consumption!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Sharpshorts says:

      That’s the way I see it too…
      Justin suddenly makes the arrest now, hoping to throw a monkey wrench into any negotiations between US & China…disrupt, disrupt, disrupt…
      The NPR reporter sees his chance to throw dirt on Bolton and PDT so Reuters (etc.) runs with it…more disrupt, disrupt, disrupt…

      If Bolton was informed by the DoJ, then who in the administration did not know?
      And we’re to think that PDT was the only one who didn’t know???
      Come on – that’s why fake news is fake news.

      Liked by 1 person

  44. Guyski says:

    More about Canada, then China?

    Nov. 30. USMCA signed.
    Dec. 1. chief financial officer of Huawei arrested
    Dec. 2. President Donald Trump announced that he would begin the 6-month withdrawal process for NAFTA, saying that Congress needed to ratify the USMCA or revert to pre-NAFTA trading rules.

    Liked by 1 person

  45. ForGodandCountry says:

    “When strong, appear weak.”

    POTUS knew, he just wants others to think he didn’t know. This is Trump beating the Chinese at their own Dragon/Panda-face game. Moreover, there is no way for the Chinese to know if POTUS actually knew or not, so how Xi now reacts to this situation tells PDJT even more about China’s intentions. Plus, PDJT is now in a position to do the Chinese a favor to save some all-important “face”.

    Bolton is just a pawn and said what he was told to say. He is far too experienced to have made a gaff like this one unintentionally, and he is most def. a MAGA supporter.

    Liked by 2 people

    • formerdem says:

      “said what he was told to say” – my experience is that people who represent their countries in any big way do not tell flat out lies. their subordinates may… they may hold their tongues when they should speak… but big shots do not tell deliberate lies. It is the end of their role if caught, and there are too many ways to get caught. I know Susan Rice did, but that was to take the fall for those bigger than she. Being the liar is a low-down-on-the-totem-pole position. I don’t think Bolton would want to be that person. And certainly !!!! not Trump. Lies are told but not by big shots who want to stay that way. Is my limited experience.


    • 🍺Gunny66 says:



  46. Jane Smith says:

    Bolton probably thought that it was tit for tat.
    China just held 2 Americans in a hostage situation…


    • Sprawlie says:

      Jane, TY for highlighting this!

      Lots going on with this China deal.


      • Jane Smith says:

        These Americans are still hostages.
        They are from my state, Massachusetts.
        He is a sophomore student in DC at Georgetown University.
        She works at the consulting firm McKinsey & Company in New York.
        So, if two Americans from Massachusetts who go to school in DC and work in NY and who have Chinese heritage can just be held captive in China as bait to draw in their corrupt father, where does that leave the rest of us?


  47. Christine says:


    Former Australian Ambassador to UK, Alexander Downer (he of the George Papadopoulos saga), as well as being mates with ex-MI6 Christopher Steele (muh Russia dossier fame), was also on the Board of Huawei from 2011 to 2014, stepping down to become Ambassador to UK.

    Liked by 2 people

  48. kltk1 says:

    I hope this serves notice to POTUS that the Neo-con/Bush faction of the Republican party is NOT going to serve him well. I also hope he gets this message before appointing the new AG we’re hearing about from the H.W. Bush years.


    • Christine says:

      Yes, Judge Napolitano on Fox just said his sources tell him that Bush 41’s AG will have a much smoother ride than Acting AG Whittaker (and another name thrown around) if nominated as the new AG. That concerns me!

      Liked by 2 people

      • Sprawlie says:

        I think President Trump knew about this and other legal actions against Chinese companies that are coming down the pipe. He is the one who called Xi and got the ball rolling for this dinner meeting to happen. Until that point it was still very uncertain if the Chinese would come to the table. Remember ZTE and how that kicked off preliminary discussions at the start of the year? The President called up Xi and let him know why it would be in the Chinese interest to negotiate sooner rather than later.

        ZTE case refresher:

        “I’d rather not get into the specifics of law enforcement matters. But we’ve had enormous concerns for years about the – in this country – about the practice of Chinese firms to use stolen American intellectual property, to engage in forced technology transfers, and to be used as arms of the Chinese governments objectives in terms of information technology in particular. So not respecting this particular arrest, but Huawei is one company we’ve been concerned about. There are others as well. I think this is going to be a major subject of the negotiations that President Trump and President Xi Jinping agreed to in Buenos Aires.” -Bolton

        From partial transcript of Bolton Interview being discussed:


      • 🍺Gunny66 says:

        Yeah….we should listen to Judge Nap…..right……

        Liked by 2 people

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