James Comey Files Motion to Avoid Congressional Testimony….

Former FBI Director James Comey filed a motion today to avoid a congressional subpoena requiring testimony on December 5th to a joint House committee. James Comey is attempting to limit his legal risk exposure by controlling the venue for testimony.

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In an open or public hearing classified information cannot be discussed. The primary issues surrounding his involvement in the 2015, 2016, 2017 intelligence operation against President Trump known as “spygate” surround classified information. Additionally, the structure of a 40 member open hearing limits the usefulness of that venue.

The ever conniving Comey understands how to manipulate the structure to his benefit and is attempting to avoid a closed and more purposeful hearing.  (full pdf below)  If Comey can drag things out to the next, Dem-controlled, congressional session, he’s home free.




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181 Responses to James Comey Files Motion to Avoid Congressional Testimony….

  1. Here in Louisiana you learn that when you drain a swamp, a lot of creatures will fight back and you never know what you’ll find on the bottom.

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  2. Jerry Miller says:

    We had a giant pussy cuck as our FBI Director. Girlie men are definitely a by-product of progressive education. Comfy should be his name.


  3. chojun says:

    Does anyone have any information off-hand or at their fingertips about whether Rosenstein or Whitaker is currently running the Mueller investigation?

    I have some libs citing “unnamed Gov’t sources” (eye-roll) in a MSNBC article saying that Rosenstein is still in charge of Mueller. I deal in facts and would like something hard to present. I know that Joe DiGenova has indicated that Rosenstein is in his office playing candy crush.


  4. RJ says:

    What a waste of time, but more importantly–taxpayers’ dollars. Name one big shot who has come before a court–been convicted, sentenced and rests inside a jail.

    Hillary started this mess with her pals and look where we are today…nowhere! Meanwhile Obama’s foundation is raking in millions!

    What a bunch of evil clowns who reside in Washington, DC!

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  5. noswamp says:

    Inmates are running the jail. Warden is in meetings. Trump needs to do something. Mueller hurting the President on his trip? I doubt that. But its still a timed distraction. Trump: DO SOMETHING PLEASE.

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    • Bluto Ruffian says:

      Everything that has happened since it became clear that Donald Trump won the Presidency is / was designed to hamstring PDJT from exposing the illegitimacy / corruption of the Obama Administration. The latest muck in the Muller ‘probe’ is Jerome Corsi. Why Corsi? Remember the billboard splash “Where’s The Birth Certificate”? Trump leveraged this to actually get Obama to provide a ‘copy’ of his Hawaiian BC and it was a big TV news event… Well Muller wanted Corsi to say (lie) that he was the vector for the Wikileaks release of the DNC emails that sank HRC and that he notified the Trump campaign about the eminent release. Why would Muller want this narrative? Easy… it would break the vector that Seth Rich was the provider of the DNC dump to Julian Assange. Kim Dot Com was literally jumping up and down and waving his arms (all 386 lbs of him) to get the ‘investigation’ to listen how it went down. Nobody wanted to listen…
      BTW – heard anything about the progress of Seth Rich murder investigation? How about the Awan Family / Brothers investigations… Another voice now popping up is retired Gen Stanley McChrystal who dosen’t like how Trump is getting along SOOO WELL with the military… Last guy to write anything about the Gen, Michael Hastings, wound up cooked in his car after hitting a tree at high speed AFTER the entire drive-train was ejected 80 yards BEFORE the tree hit. It was learned that Hastings was going “off the radar” and was going to visit his friend, Tom Clancy (yes, the famous novelist we all love)… Soon after, Clancy died of a sudden heart failure similar to Andrew Breitbart and, no death certificate was ever made available… Another actor that got bashed up, Joseph Arpaio. Best Sheriff ever! Sued into oblivion by the Obama Admin but, pardoned by Trump, lost his bid to continue as Sheriff of Maricopa County, AZ. All these players has / had good evidence that Obama was a fake and that over 80% of the government was complicit in the scam! On the night of her loss, why would HRC say ” If this BASTARD gets elected, WE ALL hang from nooses”. Let that statement sink in.
      By winning the presidency, Trump is in the only person that has access to ALL THE FORBIDDEN MATERIEL that Obama (by his FIRST executive order) tried to hide from ever being exposed. This wasn’t supposed to happen. That is why the RABID PANIC of the left (and Flakes in the GOPe) are driving a lance at PDJT.
      Over 80% complicit in the SCAM…
      Is it possible to run a government on 20% of its capacity? Yeah. Its called downsizing.

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      • East Indian says:

        well said


      • John Whitworth says:

        All true…..I would say 20 percent of America is as awake as you are my self educated friend. But of that 20 percent 10 percent wont say anything..or are blackmailed…or are bought off and have no soul….Not sure 10 percent can carry the flag to victory..man this is an uphill battle to save America.

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      • James Carpenter says:

        Downsizing? Raw numbers or focused pruning?
        Either way, no matter how good the idea… where’s the path? Midterms didn’t demonstrate any mechanism. Destruction often steers itself on pure momentum tweaked here and there by corruption, ignorance and apathy.
        Revolutions often “downsize” an establishment (until they have time to bloat themselves). But revolutions depend on the attitude and belief of having more to gain than lose.
        Today’s Americans know things aren’t be played according to Hoyle.
        But too many still feel they have more to lose than gain by acting out.


    • James Carpenter says:

      Comey’s legal team”?
      What about his “firing squad”?


  6. Doug says:

    Whitaker needs to put a box around muller. Review his work to date and set a narrow scope right NOW, otherwise, he’ll just keep fishing.

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  7. Troublemaker10 says:

    Comey may be safe from the House, but he isn’t safe from the Senate is he?

    Why isn’t he already in jail for leaking and lying?

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  8. Ray Runge says:

    Please remember. Congressional hearings are smoke and no fire. All Hat and no cattle.

    Democrats run the House in 2019. Comey and congressional testimony will never happen. We must all preserve the difference in our mind between what is real and what is Kabuki theater.

    In a congressional setting, James Comey is in his element. Kabuki Theater and various Bovine Excrement.


  9. Bluto says:

    Here’s an idea. Comey testifies behind closed doors to the Senate. Then, after he finishes, he can call a press conference and be as transparent with the public as he wants.


  10. LibertyONE says:

    COMMIEY….you can’t handle the TRUTH, you POS!


  11. TNGal says:

    I feel as if I am losing my mind. This is all the most absurd circus of all time. When can someone in PDJT’s administration get this under control? It seems that this week that our side (Rush, Sean, Laura, etc.) has turned a corner in its realization that all things Comey and Mueller are total jokes. What has happened? Is it Corsi and Stone? Or do they think things are winding up for Mueller?


  12. Truthfilter says:

    Comey: “I can’t answer that in this setting.”
    “I’m sorry. That’s classified.”
    “I don’t want to jeopardize sources and methods. Sorry.”
    “I don’t recall. I’ll have to check and get back to you.”
    “I’m sorry-I believe that’s part of an ongoing investigation.”

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  13. noswamp says:

    Trump needs to de-classify for starters. Americans are tired of the kabuki theater, and watching the criminals dance the Patomic two- step in DC. They need to be indicted. Mueller needs to be squeezed by Whitaker or fired. And the weak knee’d advisers, with the exception of S. Miller and Guliani, are not helping, When people start getting indicted, the “lower” Deep State within the various agencies will “rot on the vine”. Republicans need to go on offensive.. Sometimes I think that they are in the tank as well for Dems. Just look at Ryan and Flake. Terrible.

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  14. Rynn69 says:

    Dear Mr. Comey,

    You find it a breeze to tweet your self-righteous lies and bask in you self-aggrandizement when nothing is on the line, but you are a coward and soulless liar when it comes to testimony under oath. This only means one thing: You. Are. A. Guilty. Man.


  15. Ruckus Tom says:

    The current republican lead house and senate are sure, ARE SURE!, to send a strongly worded letter calling Comey a mean’ole, stinky.

    That’ll all change in about 5 weeks when Comey will be given a red carpet, a 3 white horse chariot and golden crown when he testifies about anything. Good luck republicans. YOU BLEW IT !!!


  16. Brant says:

    Democrats never quit. Republicans never start.

    I’m hoping the house loss has gotten rid of some worthless chaff (although it seems some good ones were stolen in California). It would be…….nice if Trump could be grooming some good 2020 candidates under the radar while he tweets out bright shiny things. They win and they are beholden to him………here’s hoping.

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  17. Bulldog84 says:

    Now Comey wants to be transparent.

    It wasn’t so long ago that he was hiding a certain investigation from Congressional oversight “because of the sensitivity of the matter????????”

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  18. pjpatriot says:

    Live by leaking, die by leaking. Comey should have all that and more used against him.


  19. Daniel M. Camac says:

    I have a better idea than kicking the can down the road. Let’s kick Comey into a 6 ft. grave after his “suicide by blunt force trama”. It seems to be the hot fad these days.


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