Jeff Sessions Resignation…

Here is Attorney General Jeff Sessions letter of resignation as released from the executive:

Some have noted the letter of resignation is undated.  The likely reason is not complex; it was written prior to the official request from the office of the president.  Once requested it was delivered. Given the rift between the AG and the president, Jeff Sessions knew his days were numbered.

So what does this mean?

First, we cannot discuss the firing of the Attorney General without directly dealing with the 800lb gorilla in the room.

There was no “trust the plan” to confront the deep state that involved “trust Sessions.”

There was no multidimensional chess strategy being coordinated between President Trump and the Attorney General, to upend the DC deep state.

That brings us forward to the issues around this “Q phenomena”:

There is no effort to use U.S. Attorney John Huber to confront the deep state apparatus; there are not 60,000 sealed indictments (or whatever number currently being used); there’s not an intention to use military tribunals to round up swaths of people for prosecution; there’s no plan to use Guantanamo Bay to house them; there are not going to be tribunals resulting in mass executions by recently approved firing squads in Utah; U.S. Attorney Huber does not have an army of “500 prosecutors” preparing to drop the hammer on DC…. and finally, NO, President Trump doesn’t go into some mysterious internet chat room to type up coded messages and instructions under the nom de plume “Q”.   All of that is pure unmitigated nonsense, yet thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people, actually believe it.

There is a pending and slightly-possible DOJ case against former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe that U.S. Attorney John Huber may be in charge of.  There may be ancillary subjects, specifically related to McCabe, that may also have legal jeopardy.  That’s it. Nothing more.

No, Jeff Sessions getting fired (requested resignation) today is not part of some grand plot to expose the Deep State; where Sessions role has ended and someone else now takes over.

Anyone who would make such a claim, in general terms, comes from the same small group who need to sell the original “Stealth Jeff”, “Slow Walker”, “Trust the Plan” fan fiction they have been theorizing for the past year.  When the central element of their theory collapses, they either: (A) admit they are wrong; or (B) as in recent examples, reconcile the contradictory events by overlaying another bizarre layer to the theory to continue selling the nonsense, move the goalposts, and make the bizarre theory even more convoluted. Sadly, the latter approach is visible today.

The logical and intellectual reality is that President Trump has wanted to declassify documents requested by congress (House of Representatives) that would show the corrupt activity within the FBI and DOJ surrounding the 2016 election.  DAG Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller do not want those documents released.  There has been a conflict between the differing sets of interests and priorities.  What happens in this lame-duck congressional session around this issue is an unknown.

It appears Mueller has informed Rosenstein that any declassification would be considered interference/obstruction with his investigation.  Rosenstein has communicated that threat to President Trump.

What happens next is politics; however, Democrats take control in January and will exploit any lame-duck executive action as part of their own obstruction investigation – which will likely kick off with their reception of the investigative report from Mueller.   Given the outcome of the midterms, the timing of that report will likely be to wait until Democrats are in charge of the investigative committees.

With the midterm election now over; and with the house going to change hands; Inspector General Michael Horowitz also has a friendly date to deliver his FISA investigation results; after the new congress is in place.  A much more soft landing.

At least, that’s the way it seems.

The next set of political moves will be President Trump’s effort to thwart their plan.



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1,347 Responses to Jeff Sessions Resignation…

  1. PureInHeart says:

    Is Sessions a white hat, a black hat, or just incompetent? I don’t know.

    I was thinking about old spy movies where the agent is given his assignment and told, “you understand, that if you are caught, we will deny knowing anything about you. If you succeed, no one will know your name, but you will have the honor of serving your country and the eternal gratitude of the President (or Queen or whatever).

    I’m not an insider in President Trump’s administration, so I don’t know the truth about Jeff Sessions. But I cannot join in stoning a man who, up until now, had a lifetime of being a white hat. So, I will give Sessions the benefit of the doubt, and withhold throwing my stone.

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    • IKR? Some years ago, I think it was Peter Schweizer did an in-depth investigation of corruption in the Senate and Sessions was the ONLY one would could not be connected to dirty money. The man is lacking in ways, no doubt, but honor is not one of them.

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    • 6x47 says:

      Sessions surely realized he had been hoodwinked by the Black Hats at some point during his tenure at DOJ – probably around the time his Deputy appointed a Special Counsel in blatant violation of the law and every DOJ rule and policy. However, he didn’t seem able to do anything about it.

      But his Chief of Staff is this (reportedly) tough-as-nails Whitaker guy who seems to know EXACTLY what’s going on.

      And, we can’t forget that all this played out as President Trump fought back against the “Russian collusion” narrative that Sessions’ recusal made exponentially stronger vis-à-vis the Mueller Probe. Over a 2-year period with a very steep learning curve for the President, as he learned the ropes of running the Executive Branch and earned political capital with the GOP at large and Congress.

      President Trump today is much stronger politically than he was on Jan. 20, 2017. He now has staunch allies in Congress in leadership positions, where before he was considered suspect with a distinct possibility that he would resign in disgrace.


    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      Jeff Sessions: “O..K…….I’ll recuse”
      Matt Whitaker: “You can take your recusal and stick it where the sun don’t shine”

      Y’see if you got that kind of person……you don’t need to TRUST A PLAN
      THE PLAN is pretty simple: KICK ASS


  2. Bud says:

    New poster, can anybody fill me in on the “Big Ugly” or provide a link.


    • 6x47 says:

      Search the term; lots of posts about it. Basically, “The Big Ugly” is the long-awaited day of reckoning when President Trump finally drops the hammer and purges the swamp of all its corrupt criminals.

      Basically, when Stealth Jeff comes out of Stealth mode and becomes the Avenging Angel.

      A sort of Washington, DC version of Armageddon where PDJT fights the final battle against the Deep State by revealing it and arresting the key players.


  3. completelytrue says:


    So, where are the apologies from the Sessionistas?
    Those of us who accept reality knew what was was.

    Are you going demand refunds for the tickets you bought for the Kabuki theater?

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  4. lydia00 says:

    Sessions cost us 2 years. He obstructed justice with Rosenstein and will get a pass. (They wouldn’t even provide congress with the documents they requested….because Mueller in place to prevent the truth from coming out)

    Sessions is either dirty or very very stupid.

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    • Darklich123 says:

      >Sessions is either dirty or very very stupid.

      He thought he could do it without blood. Boy how wrong was he. History is full of such people. They are almost always wrong.

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    • yy4u says:

      Neither stupid nor dirty; just a nice man out of his league. He grew up in the swamp, he believes in the government, he understands/understood the government was dirty under Obama and thought he could fix it from the inside without a lot of fanfare, i.e. so we wouldn’t know just how corrupt and dirty it was. He didn’t want us losing faith in the FBI, DOJ, CIA etc. Too late for all of us here — we know how crooked and corrupt they all are. But there are A LOT of people out there who get their news and information from the MSM so they are unaware of half the stuff we know. Good people always underestimate the degree of evil in bad people (like Clapper, Holder, Obama, Hillary, Strzok, Page, Comey, Mueller etc). I look at it as a family that has lice. They don’t want the world to know they have lice, so work on getting rid of the lice w/o telling anyone. Comey et al are our lice.

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      • Reloader says:

        Very good examples, those you have named. We still don’t know the extent of evil of some of them. But Mueller is just about the dirtiest, most corrupt and lawless cop America has ever produced. Even I know that and I’m no expert on his past. The others have either probably outdone him … or they have most certainly outdone him.

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        • huecowacko says:

          The key to knowing that Mueller is as dirty as you describe was when the establishment/swamp rats starting extolling his virtues/impeccability.


      • Khadr Trudeau says:

        Your right, he is a southern gentleman. He was one of my favorite Senators. The corruption at the Justice Dept. was just beyond his belief. Chicago / New York style of politics would disgust a person like him. I always though Steven Miller should have gone over there to help him. Miller worked for him at the Senate.


      • sturmudgeon says:

        yy4u.. “Good people always underestimate the degree of evil in bad people” You have just stated one ‘huuuge’ and important TRUTH… which is exactly WHY so much suffering is experienced before people ‘wise up’ !


  5. lawton says:

    Well what has happened is over and we just have to hope the new AG has the integrity to bring people to justice for spygate.

    You can never allow something like that to go unpunished as it targets the actual foundation of our Republic.

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  6. b0yzero says:

    Well, Sundance. You had my respect and attention for well more than 2 years until you bashed the Q movement. It is obvious that you are clueless in this area and would do much better to stay out….but it’s too late. Been a fan of yours for a long time; ;however, this is goodbye. Had you followed Q in real time over this past year, you would not be drawing this line in the sand for your followers. I am out of here with you.

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    • Apollo says:

      This is utterly silly. Q has provided nothing of any real use or value and he was the YUGEST Sessions cheerleader out there. Even if he is not a LARP (and to be clear, I think he is), he is utterly indistinguishable from a LARP because there is no substantive content.

      Sundance, by contrast, provides excellent, detailed research and fine-grained content, along with analysis. Is he always right? No. But when he’s not (as on Jeff Sessions, originally), as far as I’ve seen he admits it, updates his priors, and approaches the next task. That’s admirable!!

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    • OmegaManBlue says:

      Because Q is BS. It’s all based on a lie at the start that Q was some government official with top secret clearance. Hillary was going to be arrested bla bla bla. Then it moved to it was all about “research”. Research is fine but they should do it under their own name and they should stop putting their opinions in their research and acting like they know stuff that is going to happened that they don’t. You guys got to realize you had been had. Time to throw away the Q shirts and move on.

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      • Roger That says:

        It isn’t necessarily BS because you say so. You don’t know enough to be able to call it definitively, in fact, most of us don’t. The operation isn’t finished yet, and probably won’t be for quite a while and just because Hillary hasn’t been arrested yet, you cannot say it won’t happen because you are not in the loop and if you were, you wouldn’t be posting here.

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      • The Raven says:

        Damn…almost as closed minded as a Liberal.

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    • 4sure says:

      Don’t let the door hit you in the azz on the way out. I’m sure SD is heart broken on your leaving. If it were me, I’d make sure you left by banning you.

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    • spren says:

      Don’t let the door hit you on they way out. I’ve also been disgusted by this “Q” mania and cult following. He/she/it has always been so cryptic in its pronouncements it’s ridiculous.

      If Sundance’s pointing out of this nonsense is enough to put you out of your tree, then so be it.

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    • jazzbogie says:

      Q is a research site. We are the researchers. Q posits questions. We try to find the answers. Sometimes Q appears to be a lawyer; other times he/she/it appears to be military intelligence. Maybe Q is all of this and more. Maybe there is an AI component.

      In any case, Sundance, if Q is nothing but a larp or worse, why is it that “Q” was threatened with violating the Hatch Act by six high level Democrats? You have to be a State actor in one of several specific agencies to violate the Hatch Act. A guy in his basement who is not associated with certain government agencies cannot violate the Hatch Act.

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      • noswamp says:

        “Q is a research site.”

        I respect SD greatly and he is right IN PART about Q. Q was not on point in several of his observances.And so what SD mentioned I already knew and discarded, but I still read Q cause I am curious. Just like I stupidly watch CNN once a month for 3 minutes.

        TREEPERS and others will continue reading about Q and even some believing what he says. For example those who belive in Q will simply say that he in not infallible and that he made mistakes as to what SD pointed out about Sessions.

        SD, I appreciate your points though, because you reinforce what I already researched and figured out so thanks SD because some people still have no time to research, so they just believe Q 100 percent, which you should not.

        I mean think about it folks, Sessions was supposedly quietly supporting Trump and engaging in hundreds of grand juries with HUBER taking the lead, yet DC has leaked absolutely ZERO of such occurrences? Nah, I DON’t BELIEVE Q in this aspect.

        I still read him critically though. As does SD! I DO NOT BELIEVE, BUT I READ.

        The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Much of what he writes makes me think. For being on the inside, folks, Q has been wrong a whole lot! I’ll just leave it there!


        • C. Boyd says:

          Sundance is totally correct on this issue. Considering the religious fervor of the believers it took a lot of courage for him to state publicly on his site what many of us have been saying for some time. For that he deserves our praise and recognition that nobody’s predictions always end up being correct.


    • Plowboy says:

      This confuses me also Boyzero, these 180s by Sundance as well as others make my head hurt. I don’t know what to think about it all. Red wave by the Q team, Q is not real by Sundance . I need time, to sort this all out!


  7. YoYo says:

    Thank you for addressing the 800-lb gorilla in the room. Especially that dude, “Stealth Jeff”, who’s been selling fantasies for a long time now. At least with Q, you can tell 70% of what’s posted is faker than CNN right away.

    Stealth Jeff, on the other hand, has been gushing over Sessions’ magical powers as if the Clintons were about to be arrested. LOL.

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  8. Roger That says:

    It’s not that his days were numbered. He has completed his mission. If you don’t know that already, too bad, but perhaps later you’ll find out. IOW stop looking at the superficial window dressing and be savvy about the play behind the play.

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  9. Laramie Evan says:

    The applause Sessions received as he departed is the most troubling aspect of that story. I believe he was incompetent. I believe he was taken in by the careerists at the DOJ. It was easier to not rock the boat than it would have been to clean house. Those clapping were the swamp. They still exist; they still have power; Jeff Sessions did not lift a finger to clean up that mess. This should scare everyone.

    At least he’s gone now. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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    • Khadr Trudeau says:

      @Laramie Evan He was never rubbish. He was a very decent man. He was just in over his head. Your right about the cheering though. Lets hope Trump turns loose a animal who starts firering people. Endless story’s in the media about how horrible he is.

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  10. The Raven says:

    Sorry Sundance…I’m out. I’ve spent months doing open source research and have found many things…including things you’ve been wrong about. You’re wrong about this and will know soon enough.

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    • OmegaManBlue says:

      Good for you. Share whatever “research” you have. The problem is the people behind Q and those profiting off the Q BS.

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      • Most times when they tell you they have “done their own research”, what they normally do is go to the “alphabet letter boy”‘s site and post a clip or photo and say: “see! Right there it is!” Most proofs that I’ve seen are easily debunked and highly questionable. IF you cant’ prove something then it leaves the door wide open to complete speculation and conspiracy. They still have yet to provide evidence against all the times “alphabet letter boy” has failed.


    • Plowboy says:

      Thanks for saying that. Looks like Sundance does not like the Q competition .


  11. Elwood says:

    Sundance, you sound like Alex Jones now.

    You have said many times before, “There are trillions at stake.” I agree, but it is a question of more than merely material wealth.

    We are at war. It is a war unlike any we have experienced in our history.

    Our enemy is capable of and, in fact, has committed unspeakable acts against other human beings, yes, even children. Victory for our enemy will result in the destruction of the laws and institutions which underpin our way of life, our standard of living and even our civilization.

    How do our leaders prosecute such a war against such an enemy and, at the same time, maintain their own humanity? Why is it so hard for you to believe that Qanon would be one participant in such an effort? What needs to occur for you to be convinced?

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  12. 335blues says:

    The questions I would love to have an answer to:
    Did Jeff Sessions decide he would recuse himself from the Trump witchhunt
    BEFORE he accepted the AG position?
    If so, why did he not inform DJT of his decision before accepting?
    If not, why did he not inform DJT of his intention to recuse before actually doing so,
    so that DJT would have the opportunity to choose someone else for AG?

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  13. Rowdyone says:

    If President Trump’s gambit to maintain leverage over Mueller post election by appointing Whitaker becomes untenable I would suggest that he appoint a Presidential Commission to investigate demonstrated corruption at the DOJ/FBI. The Commission would be free from oversight by any branch of government and therefore have only the normal biases any group of people would bring to the table. And they could start with the evidence obtained from the House Intelligence Committee before Schiffty takes charge.

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  14. northernsentinel says:

    I ignored the whole Q thing,
    if someone has something to say just spit it out, not going to waste my time on riddles.
    While at the same time let others do their thing without any criticism from me.

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  15. john edward lorenz says:

    can someone explain how the release of documents, if in doing so establishes the fact that the investigation is falsely based, means obstruction of justice? Exposing illegality isn’t obstruction. We get hosed again

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    • pnj01 says:

      Now that Mueller reports to Whitaker, it will be up to Whitaker to decide whether Mueller can proceed with wacky theories about what constitutes Obstruction of Justice. I don’t know whether Mueller operates differently, but in days gone by, prosecutions brought by Main Justice Special Attorneys (not to be confused with “special counsels”) had to be supported by “prosecutive memoranda” that laid out the theory of the case. If Whitaker doesn’t like the support Mueller offers, he can demand more IN WRITING. Putting Bobby M through his paces IN WRITING could well end this farce.


      • Gary says:

        My only concern is whether Whitaker is up to this task. He’s one guy, from Iowa. Not to hate on Iowa, but it’s full of very nice people. Washington is not full of nice people. Bob Mueller is not a man to be trifled with, nor is weissman. These are smart players w/ a lot of resources who’ve been in the game a long time.


        • Roger duroid says:

          I lived in Iowa 4 years, I can tell you there are some tough Iowans. Hope Whitaker is one. From his gym photos, he doesn’t look like a pushover.


    • Justin Green says:

      I’ve wondered the same thing. In fact, any legal proceedings brought under a violation of the Fourth Amendment should be thrown out before they ever get argued. Nobody should have been punished for anything based on an incorrectly obtained warrant.

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  16. spren says:

    How could the release of documents be construed as obstruction when they are actually providing transparency? And there has been no indications at all that Mueller has even looked into the corruption of the FISA process and many more indications that it was used to hide the corruption.

    And so what if it gets added to the articles of impeachment this next House of crazies draws up? There idiocy will not go anywhere in the Senate, so let them spin in circles and relieve themselves on the floor, like my old Boxers did when they got excited.


  17. Craig W. Gordon says:

    After my last comment here almost 10 months ago, I was banned? I’ve tried posting a ‘test’ a few times a month without success until today!

    My comment 10 months ago was that the ‘Big Ugly’ ain’t gonna happen. I gave Session the benefit of the doubt until the turn of 2018. Listened to all the Sessions defenders even with Trump calling out Sessions sleeping on the job.

    So, I’m wondering why all of the sudden I’m allowed to post again? Was I banned? My feelings aren’t hurt and found it funny I couldn’t post anymore. I have stopped by and read quite often just to gauge things.

    Anyways, glad Sessions is gone. Looking forward to the hildabeast getting locked up! Man, we need some justice back in our country.

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    • TTConductor says:

      Just curious. How do you reconcile “the ‘Big Ugly’ ain’t gonna happen” with “Looking forward to the hildabeast getting locked up”?


    • C. Boyd says:

      I applaud Sundance on the Q statement. It takes a lot to admit that sessions really was pretty ineffective and that some theories ended up being wrong. For that you get my admiration and congratulations. Good job! Disregard all the critics. Truth is more important.


  18. Targysan says:

    NEVER compromise with democrats.

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  19. gregreyalan says:

    Mildly disappointed with the OPEN hostility, and a childish, (or simply emotional) tone,almost like personally affronted……
    Adopted by the commentators. Which I have RARELY seen here.
    While not defending the “validity” of “Q”, I will add, that in my opinion, the Q “movement”,
    Is rather sprawling and complex, and at its center:::::Urges people to question,investigate,and to be VERY skeptical of all political industrial complex……Offerings!
    AND is hard to fairly DEFINE accurately, in a short essay.

    to some DEEP STATE, to some The Cabal, Luciferian influences, or godless MARXISTS.

    In my view; regardless of the chatter, the media “conspiracy theory “ narrative or wild claims by those proporting to represent Q.

    THEY , the “qanons” are MAGA to the MAX!!

    ps…it would be hard to argue that Sessions leaving and Trumps guy coming in, AT THIS TIME,
    Isn’t a good thing…..For a host of reasons, I don’t need to detail to this group.


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    • noswamp says:

      Good Post.
      I sorta did not see the hostility and childishness, but other than that great observations sir.


      • gregreyalan says:

        Upon re-reading I may have been a bit harsh or inaccurate on my critique—-
        I meant to say a vibe, ranging from slightly hostile, to childish “I told you so’s”
        Perhaps I was thinking of the WHOLE Q movement being maybe looked at with too narrow a viewfinder.
        For me the q event where the sign appeared at that rally in Florida, I believe , and the next day UNIFORM negative coverage of Q appears in ALL media, showed A “somethings happening here, what it is, ain’t exactly clear” moment.

        But the main point is
        Q=MAGA……so far.
        WE NEED ALL THE ALLIES we can get.
        and don’t forget, many of those folks have maybe Never followed politics before.

        Lord Trump is in great position to make some great deals, with Congress.
        In my opinion the TRUE measure of MAGA success; along with getting two terms,
        Is bringing our “liberal” brothers and sisters into the fold.
        Who made MAGA republican only?
        NATIONALIST(and no, not nutty, neo- nazi, klan, skinhead, haters, or “white nationalists”)
        Vs GLOBALISTS. Is the struggle.
        FACT is, a large percentage of the country are DEMOCRATS, or Independents, or something other than Republican Party.

        THE UNI-Party is not MAGA
        But Dems Repubs Ind Libertarians, liberals and conservatives, big govt/small govt
        RED or Blue; black or white or green……
        ALL CITIZENS, under the constitution, have a right to their views on all things political.
        the challenge is to get all agree, on solutions or compromise to SOLVE,,,,,,
        America’s problems.

        That’s what I hear; and heard from Mr. Trump.
        LOOK at voter turn out and passion and involvement!
        Citizens, run this country….If they only were to realize it.
        (Like the elephant held by a string….who thinks its a chain )


  20. Plowboy says:

    So if there is no indictments , as has been claimed, then there will be no arrest. And if there will be no arrest of the deep state swamp , then what was and is the purpose of us putting Trump in office?why have the Trump revolution ? No Q 8 chan. Are you saying There is no difference between Obama, Clinton Clapper, Comey and Trump? No one answers for broken laws? Pedo. Gate, Fusion 1 , Treason , Clinton Foundation ? This makes no sense at all.


  21. clyde says:

    Said this before and will say it again.
    Your dealing with the financial/globalist mafia, headed up by the
    biggest banks in the world, good luck with the orange jumpsuits.
    Nothing is going to happen to any of these corrupt bastards.
    I can’t wait till its over to see who has it right.
    I love Trump but he is going to come out of this with nothing or
    slightly damaged but not close to fatal. It will be a “move on nothing to see here”.
    The mafia is sitting down together as we speak having their best cigars and their best scotch,
    they will make sure it goes their way, it always does.


  22. Chewbarkah says:

    Replacement of AG Sessions affords the new AG the opportunity to require Mueller to submit a detailed status report on everything the OSC has going or intends to pursue. This should include all indictments, prosecutions, planned indictments and prosecutions, lines of inquiry, witnesses yet to be interrogated, areas he intends to explore, etc., plus a schedule and budget for completion of the SC’s “mandate” and final report. The AG cannot do his job without knowing all of this. Rosenstein gave Mueller an open ticket, which is contrary to the SC statute. Without “obstructing” the SC’s operations (gasp and clutch pearls), it is time for the new sheriff in town to require definition of an end game. Before the 2020 election.

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  23. California Joe says:

    Whitaker needs to fire Rosenstein or assign him to the Organized Crime section or Civil Rights Division then appoint all experienced prosecutors who are Trump loyalists to the top management of DOJ and FBI. If that doesn’t happen then the next two years will be the same as the last two!


  24. Retired IG says:

    Maybe this will be the last comment on this CTH thread. Being relatively a new person here on this site, I am surprised that not a one has taken this Sundance post in the context of the previous one – up all night, biting tongue over election results, just wanting to take a few days off to go FISHING. But then posting nonetheless.
    Okay. So why does everyone get their bowels in an uproar when Sundance lets herself/himself let it fly – perhaps off the usual message? Uh and DUH. Do you not for a minute consider that Sundance was deeply disappointed by all that JUST HAPPENED WITH THE ELECTION?
    I can’t even imagine all the work done by Sundance (myself, I am not convinced Sundance isn’t the redhead that looks out over the ocean with her red hair blowing. But that’s just me) . Doesn’t really matter.
    What Sundance has written and posted on the CTH website since I have started reading here has changed my HEART, MIND, and SPIRIT about a lot of things I used to take for granted and by rote. I am now able to shield my spirit from people who are so set in their political views and beliefs that they have become bullies with by doing so. By reading this website and forming my own opinions, as well as expressing them to others I have been estranged with (politicallyI I have restored relationships with MANY LOVED ONES in my life. They know I no longer am drinking the toxic KOOL- AID. THANK YOU SUNDANCE. Am going to go and light prayer candles for you on your own website. Love, E

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    • judyw says:

      Retired IG, your post encapsulated Steven Covey’s 5th of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood. It’s a great tool to frame things that make you go hmmm! 🙂


  25. Jacki says:

    I was a die hard Q followed until the day after midterms. I do believe Q is high military and trump is with the Q team but I don’t believe they are on our side anymore.


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