Whoopsie – Must Listen: Michigan Reporter Calls Senate Candidate John James Voicemail, Accidentally Didn’t Hang Up….

As much as this is hilarious to hear, there is also a serious aspect. Republican candidate John James is in a close race in Michigan with incumbent Senator Debbie Stabenow.

A reporter named Brenda Battel from the Huron Daily Tribune calls Michigan Senate Candidate John James to schedule an interview. She leaves a voicemail with the details of her request, then…. accidentally didn’t hang up the phone correctly; so the recording continues to pick up her comments.

What you hear next, after Ms. Battel thinks she has hung up, is the personification of media bias. Listen:


UPDATE: Mrs. Battel is fired by the newspaper.


“I have listened to the voicemail left by Brenda Battel to Mr. James’ campaign, and find no reason to defend this behavior,” said Kate Hessling, editor of the Huron Daily Tribune. “Brenda Battel’s employment has been immediately terminated.

“The Huron Daily Tribune sincerely apologizes to Mr. James and to the public. These statements do not represent the views of the Tribune as a whole, nor do they reflect the actions of a responsible journalist.”

(read link)

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282 Responses to Whoopsie – Must Listen: Michigan Reporter Calls Senate Candidate John James Voicemail, Accidentally Didn’t Hang Up….

  1. MAGAbear says:

    Just love when the mask comes off of the left, intentionally or not. This is how they talk behind closed doors, everything else is just an act. Go John James!!!

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    • Cooper45 says:

      O’Keefe’s Project Veritas wasn’t needed this time to expose a lefty’s real thoughts.

      Kudos to Kate Hessling, editor of the Huron Daily Tribune for standing up for some basic standards of fairness and decency for her newspaper. That’s rare today on the left.

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    • gerkenstein says:

      CNN will hire her.

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    • richq11 says:

      I was waiting for a “N” bomb!

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    • hellinahandbasket says:

      Yes, this is what the lefty does. Especially female lefties. All sweetly speak, soft voices, higher pitch than normal, quietly, delicately trying to convince you they are meek, innocent pussy cats. Then when no one’s looking, or inside the home with their husbands, children, pets, they ride roughshod over everyone, kicking chairs out of the way, demanding and pounding fists. I have a rule – when ANY female speaks in a soft, delicate voice, I pay extra attention to their actions, because more often than not, those acts are in direct opposition to what, and most importantly HOW they speak – they are bullies.
      …. I’m a female, and these lefty/feminists do this to each other constantly, and try to do it to me, all the damn time. The key is to stand your ground, and stare them down, eye contact pulls the mask right off of these bullies.

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      • Roy Baty says:

        You mean the baby voice that Blasey Ford used at the Kavanaugh hearing?

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        • skeinster says:

          Nailed it! I was like, “Debbie, is that you?”
          Tbh, I sound like a smarter LuAnn Platter irl, but at least I don’t sound like my dog just died.

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        • hellinahandbasket says:

          @Roy Baty . . . Yes, the Blasey Ford voice is a great example – except she went full-blown 10-yr old girl, which in retrospect was pretty damn creepy!


      • Your Tour Guide says:


        We must have the same wiring. Most of these utter tyrants
        also tend to speak in a halting manner. Know the voice
        well that you are talking about. Tons of them have lots of
        education, and manage to wheedle their way in positions
        of power. They seem to congregate in human resources
        offices. Years ago, rented in an upscale singles complex
        (when that was still legal). The rental agents were all
        20s attractive, same short, straight brown hair. All packed
        the voice. Every single one was manipulative, underhanded.
        Knew some guys that had asked them out. All later regretted
        it. The co tenants in my building referred to them as
        “The ICBs”. It stood for InterChangeable Bitches”.

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    • Not Ideal says:

      This take must be preserved forever. It’s Exhibit A.

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    • InAz says:

      President Trump said that the politicians and other “elites” laugh at average Americans behind closed doors. That includes media propagandists.

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      • New Nonna to Be, Again!!! 🤗 says:

        Watch jerry slimefeld’s Coffee With Comedians in Cars or something like that on Net flix. Just watch and listen whenever there is any interaction w the public. ‘They’ put up w us mere mortals. ‘They’ don’t care one whit for us hard working schlubs. All we are to them is a way to earn a (huge) paycheck and ‘public adoration’.

        The Hollywood elite suck and I can do without any of them. I don’t need them to be entertained, brainwashed into accepting their portray of sick writers’ points of view, or be their schlameil.

        I so gave no use for any of them. Our President wasn’t lying. He knows them and witnessed their true ugly selves many times at many functions.

        He makes them all feel inferior because they are. They are utterly inferior to him, who’s class they are trying to be in and fail miserably in their attempt, and to hard working Deplorable Americans, who they look down on and are not worthy to wipe our shoes.



    • dginga says:

      Since she is clearly too stupid to know how to use a telephone properly, I’m sure she will not be a great loss to that newspaper.

      Of course, I’m kind of stunned that there even is such a newspaper, since there are only around 35,000 people in the entire county. Not a great circulation.

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    • Susan Bolle says:

      Voted for him and so did my entire family.

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  2. rjcylon says:

    So basically, just a typical Monday for a MSM “journalist”.

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  3. wolfmoon1776 says:

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  4. rjcylon says:

    Wow, that was fast! Reporter fired for not hanging up the phone before expressing the consensus view of 99.99% of staffers at said newspaper.

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  5. kea says:

    goodbye so long auf wiedersehen farewell

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  6. Kent says:

    Well,.Michiganders…are you Michigancans or michigancant’s?

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    • mr.piddles says:

      Michigan is Chippewa for “land of many votes”.

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      • Kent says:

        ain’t neither….but you had me for a second there and then google came to the rescue…I actually thought it was land of many lakes or some such…long way from SE TX…that said..I did spend the winter of nineteen and eighty eight running loads of a specific cryogenic liquid on the north side…Chicago to maine and then Chicago to seattle/Portland and then to ogden or slc and back to seattle….then to Chicago to maine and the pattern repeated itself…endlessly…

        Paid for the truck, though…..but it did suck…

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      • Gil Stonebarger says:

        funniest thing I’ve read in awhile


  7. Totally Domestic says:

    God has put a confusion on our enemies. No doubt about it!

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  8. Cheri Lawrence says:

    So wierd all these lefty screwballs being exposed at every single turn. I swear God is revealing all the dark hearts! Something is happening here folks and I think we are seeing a paradigm shift to total transparency and integrity. It’s that boomerang effect, can not hide lies and deceit anymore. The ugliness has never been so visibly apparent. Thankfully!! MAGA on!!

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    • Flova says:

      You are right. And this woman’s comment has fear oozing all over it. Love it. Thank you and praise to the Lord.

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    • MGBSE says:


      RAT crazy has been on full display 24/7 since “she lost”…but Trump’s REFUSAL to cave to the FAKE NEWS media lackeys (like a RINO hoping to be liked) fighting back against their lies EVERY time they lie….HAS DRIVEN THEM INSANE…their rage and fury over their failure to intimidate Trump has exposed their liberal bias and they do not care that the whole world sees they are blatantly trying to destroy him…their intense HATRED for President Trump guarantees these lying RATS can never return to their pretend world of impartiality.

      So buckle up Patriots….because the entire RAT world – financed by George Soros – will make these past two years of CRAZY seem measured, compared to what’s coming…the REAL Democrat World…DANGEROUS, EVIL & INSANE…will be unleashed tomorrow…..win or lose.


  9. Earl & Pearl Tourist says:

    Watch the paper for subscriptions cancellations, they are going to go through the roof👍👍

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  10. Folks, The Democrat-Led MSM BIAS towards Republicans is STRIKING.
    ~It doesn’t matter if you are Red, Yellow, Black, White, Male or Female you are SCUM in their Sight.~

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  11. D says:

    As funny as this is I feel bad for the lady for getting fired. She has bills to pay, maybe even mouths to feed at home. But it’s nobody’s fault but hers. That’s for sure.

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    • MAGAbear says:

      If it helps you sleep better tonight, she’ll be getting unemployment compensation and likely other taxpayer paid goodies until some other leftist rag hires her.


    • While I admire your empathy and your observation that humans often make choices harmful to others- and sometimes by being deceived, actions have consequences.

      Her whiny, fake, then vulgar and ultimately violent behavior does not sound like a “one off” but rather seems to indicate a pattern of hardness of heart. I’ll bet shes a miserable old bat who leaves many people injured and harmed in her wake.

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      • anniefannie says:

        Is it just me or did she sound a little Christine Blasey Fordish in the original request and then normal when she revealed her inner self? She can’t be the FACE of the media but she surely is the SOUNd of the media! And they wonder why President Trump calls them FAKE NEWS! So hope a class act like John James makes her cry tonight!!

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    • zorg2 says:

      Don’t waste your sympathy.

      CNN / MSNBC / etc. has already snapped her up, and Soros et al. is fattening up a GoFundMe in her honor!

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    • Michael Warden says:

      Are you kidding? This woman is just the sort of ‘reporter’ the bigger players in the bias MSM are looking for. This will end up being a positive career move for this hag.


    • dginga says:

      At her age, if the best job she can get is the newspaper of record in Bad Axe, MI (pop. 3,500) she’ll have a hard time going any further down the ladder. Maybe a job as Michael Moore’s personal secretary?


  12. Joemama says:

    What about the 2nd reporter? The male who said it would s**k if James won. Why didn’t he get fired also? What a couple of unprofessional POSes. It is your frigging job to not be biased. Journalistic integrity my @$$!

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  13. bertdilbert says:

    I am hoping John James wins it tomorrow. That would top off the evening!

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  14. Cooper45 says:

    IMO, John James is as perfect a candidate as an electorate could hope for.

    He’s a handsome fellow (always helps in politics) as well as having an affable personality, a thoughtful and intelligent mind, a convincing display of sincerity and honesty and a proven record of fighting for his country to name just a few positive attributes I see in him.

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  15. Double speak BS Alert!

    “I have listened to the voicemail left by Brenda Battel to Mr. James’ campaign, and find no reason to defend this behavior,” said Kate Hessling, editor of the Huron Daily Tribune. “Brenda Battel’s employment has been immediately terminated.

    Actually she’s saying:

    “I can find no excuse that someone would swallow to cover up our bias. And BTW John James sucks”

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  16. James Street says:

    Then there’s Hillary’s statement 8 days before the midterms.
    Democrats are evil.

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  17. Genie says:

    So now her Wednesday is free to use the doughnut shop wifi and start a Go Fund Me account.

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      She’ll be at Starbucks manically pounding on her laptop spreading anti-Trump hysteria with her fellow democrat journalists out there on the lunatic fringe.


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  18. AJ says:

    I’m not sure why people get mad about this stuff. ??

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  19. Ausonius says:

    She will be hired immediately by the Detroit “Free” Press BECAUSE she is biased! 😉

    Michigan mystifies me: the union-Democrat cakewalk ran the state into the ground, and the DEM corruption in Detroit is mountainous, and yet the DEMs keep getting elected and re-elected for D.C.. Only in recent years with the Republican governor and state legislature – and with the Trump economy of the last two years – has Michigan turned around, and yet people are still voting DEM for anything in D.C.?

    Especially for the Senate, for a non-entity like Debbie Stabenow???

    I will be REALLY mystified if John James, the perfect candidate with the perfect name, fails to win today.

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    • Roger Smith says:

      The lower part of the state is most populated by union people. The States obsession with a single industry leaves it at the mercy of the single mindedness of the factory crowd. You travel north and you’ll rarely see signs for dems. Unfortunately, things are starting to rot in the Upper Peninsula, now that the military, (Kincheloe and K.I. Sawyer AFB) is gone and the propaganda spread by the university up there is starting to spread.

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  20. James Brown says:

    Did they fire all the rest of their employees who have the same evil bias, but just didn’t get caught? If not the paper remains biased. She’ll probably get a job at CNN now.

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  21. Roger Smith says:

    Per the norm of the lib/leftist/socialist gang, the twits twitter to which her name was linked…poof!….gone. That would have been an enlightening read.

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  22. Michael Jones says:

    I’m guessing she had no idea how bad election day was REALLY going to be. LMAO.

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  23. Art says:

    She got fired for admitting that John James might win and others heard it.

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  24. When did Brenda Battel drop the axe from her last name?

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  25. Teresa Leathers Cox says:

    One down, a trillion to go!

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  26. chuckyschmucky says:

    Sadly, she wasn’t fired for being corrupt and biased like the rest of her colleagues — merely for being dumb enough to be caught saying privately what the rest of them say publicly every day.

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  27. chuckyschmucky says:

    Why won’t racist Regressives from the Party of Slavery vote for the black guy? Clearly it’s because they’re bigots.

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  28. Sharpshorts says:

    Perhaps we should require warning stickers…they sure work well on cigarette packs /sarc

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  29. mjloehrer says:

    Translation of Karma: “Ha-Ha F*ck you”

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  30. Christie says:

    Well thank God the newspaper did the right thing, she was fired…YES!!!

    Mr. James may the Lord.grant you victory today!!

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  31. EJ says:

    Honest question – but why is this lady being fired? It’s embarrassing but it’s her opinion.

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    • Lactantius says:

      I’m with you on this. Reporters have a responsibility to “who, what, where, when, how” and usually to “why.” “Why” is fact based and if the facts are available, it is part of reporting. Unfortunately, journalism has become opinion punditry replete with nuanced word choice and glaring omissions.

      A reporter may be a rabid liberal who has the task of interviewing someone who is against everything the reporter believes in. That does not mean that the reporter can not accurately report the interview.

      This gal’s message was totally professional. Her “oops” stuff recorded her opinion and she is welcome to it. Her strong opinion gives no evidence of what her interview product would have been. We can never know that. She didn’t, for instance, say she was going to sand bag the guy or otherwise indicate that she would not be professional in her reporting.

      Because “journalism” is all but dead, there is more than ample reason to expect that this emotionally partisan reporter would produce nothing less than bigoted crap. But that is not evidence. We all need to be “fair and balanced” in dealing with our partisan differences. Conservatives have been bullied into biting their tongues by political correctness, labeling and being shouted down. But that does not mean that a “true believer” in the other camp is so biased and slanted that the truth is not in them.


    • Truthfilter says:

      Why not practice the same rules for professionalism as the rest of us who work in other fields? School teachers have personal opinions, too, but local districts prohibit the expression of such in the classroom (and sometimes even in the teacher’s lounge). When at work, your political ideology should be left at home -especially if you command a position of influence over large numbers of people. These kinds of accidental “reveals” erode trust and they wouldn’t happen if we didnt carry our personal and political agendas to work with us and share them. The public trust doesn’t matter anymore to journalists, politicians, or other influential people. Ms. Battel obviously wears her bias to work like a name badge. She should never have made those comments while at work.

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  32. Doppler says:

    Fired for recording herself showing her bias. It’s a big job market out there – I predict she’ll do better in the long term changing jobs and career paths before her newspaper folds in a couple years.

    Why does she hate James? Why do Dems endorse violence? Because, as Rush said, President Trump is taking us back to the constitutional MAGA direction, not the global socialism direction. I predict: 1) red wave, 2) China cuts a deal, reigniting explosive economic growth, more nations become comfortable in their own unique cultural skins, stop apologizing for not being global elites, maybe also China shares Hillary’s intelligence lapses and their consequences, 3) Mueller Report and/or Huber indictments nail the DS conspirators, 4) MSM loses readership “bigly”, 5) border security improves.

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  33. Kevin says:

    I hope that if John James wins that Trump congratulates him on Twitter saying something like ‘I knew that Michigan could see what a future star John James is. He didn’t need a rally to carry him to victory. John had it all the time’.

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  34. Robert Williams says:

    Wow, I don’t want to cast aspersions about her IQ but she sure didn’t sound like a Nobel laureate.
    I live it when a Leftist is so stupid that they “Veritas” themselves.

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  35. J.P. Travis says:

    She sounds weird, like she’s either dumb as a rock or high as a kite. Explains a lot of what I see from journalists nowadays. They must be scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to hiring.

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  36. Neural says:

    She was fired for getting caught. Not because of her opinions.

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  37. What a stupid Terrible moron lib woman,

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