October 24th – 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #643

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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2,003 Responses to October 24th – 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #643

  1. EJ says:

    If it was really a #magabomber, then he/she would have sent the pipe bombs to the Mexican border

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  2. phoenixRising says:

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    • L4grasshopper says:

      Hope it’s real.

      Hard to understand how and why WV would send this tool back to help Schumer.

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      • mimbler says:

        He’s smart enough to sound conservative, and even vote conservative where his vote doesn’t matter.
        Must be enough low info voters who buy that show to keep him in.

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      • don welch says:

        agreed but they did send him there in the first place.


        • Golfbro11 says:

          He won in 2012 during Obama’s presidential election. West Virginia is Trump country now. I will make a bold prediction right now. Morrisey wins by 5 points. Many West VA Democrats are voting Morissey and the polls just don’t pick that up. Liberal Joe has got to Go!

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    • Troublemaker10 says:

      I like Manchin personally, but politically he votes with Cryin’ Chuck almost always.
      Elections have to be about policy, not personality. Kevin McCarthy is right ….it’s come down to America vs Socialism. Vote accordingly.

      It can’t be Manchin.

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  3. BillRiser says:

    Where StatesPolls.com have the House Race today

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  4. lawton says:

    crazy people

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  5. Sylvia Avery says:

    Regarding the caravan… Apparently Sara Carter is down there (as PDJT advised the WH Pool) doing some actual investigative journalism. She said there are a few women, carefully placed at the front of the caravan but she has yet to see any babies. Although she did see a baby stroller, but when she walked up to it she observed it contained luggage. She said there are definitely gang members, some MS13 and some other gangs.

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    • Gil says:

      I saw photos of men flashing gang signs. Only n intentionally misleading “journalist ” would say this is a bunch of helpless sheep.

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    • phoenixRising says:

      Hi Sylvia,
      I say one of Sara’s vids yesterday… apparently she speaks Spanish. She was conversing in Spanish w/ couple members of caravan. I have tried to find English translation of vid…

      A week or so ago I saw women with babies and women w/ toddlers. After that there were reports that about 2,000 had turned back. Perhaps some of these were women with very young children.

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      • Sylvia Avery says:

        I saw Sara a couple weeks ago talking about her mother being a Cuban immigrant so it makes sense that she speaks Spanish. I had no idea of her background. It must have been on Hannity…that is usually where I see her.

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    • BillRiser says:

      Hope she has a Security Detail with her!! Brave Lady. Strange CNN reported no MS13 or gangs involved, now who do we trust.

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      • Sylvia Avery says:

        Sara came up as a foreign correspondent. She has been reporting from dangerous countries and places for a long time so I suppose she knows how to handle herself in these situations, but I thought the same thing–hope she’s got some tough guys with her

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    • Donna in Oregon says:

      Sara Carter has been covering the Mexican Cartels since she worked at the Washington Times. I just watched her on an episode of Gangland: Zetas

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    • oldschool says:

      I really don’t care what the demographics are. THEY ARE ENTERING ILLEGALLY. FULL STOP. PERIOD

      We continue to allow them to set the narrative and then run around investigating, defending and totally lose our focus, and eventually we lose the battle. We never learn. Secure the damn border from all illegal entry.

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    • andyocoregon says:

      Sara also said she found caravan marchers from Cuba and The Congo!

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    • Red Tsunami! says:

      Sylvia, Sara skyped to Hannity night and presented some video and commentary. Coincided with what you posted.

      It was great when PDJT gave a presser yesterday and Jimmy boy [Acosta] was trying to give PDJT a hard time. Asked how does he know there are terrorists in the Invasion march. PDJT of course is not going to divulge his sources. After the third time PDJT replied “why don’t you take your cameraman and go down there and see for yourself.”

      Bet PDJT has people down there and probably knows Sara is there.

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  6. bflyjesusgrl says:


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  7. Maquis says:

    It’s 10/24, do you know where your Squaw is?

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  8. phoenixRising says:

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  9. jello333 says:

    Yesterday I mentioned to my wife about the supposed bomb sent to Soros. She asked why I was saying it in a sarcastic tone, and I told her this would be the new tactic. She didn’t seem to understand. And so when I just woke up an hour ago (yeah, I stayed up REAL late last night), the first thing she did was told me all about the news… “Look, they say there’s a bunch more bombs today.” And before I bothered to check or ask her any names, I was like, “Let me guess. Hillary got one. Obama got one. All the other Trump Haters got one, right?” She looks at me confused… “Yeah, I think so.”

    I haven’t read these comments here yet, but I’m assuming I won’t be the first person saying this: It’s either one of two things… it’s either some crazy person who may, indeed, be a Trump supporter but is too wacked out and stupid to realize that such action DON’T help Trump. Or in my opinion, more likely it’s just the opposite, it’s an ANTI-Trump person pretending to be PRO-Trump… for obvious reasons. Of course I’m hoping it’s the latter. But even if it’s the former (actually a Trump supporter) it’ll be fine as long as we don’t stick up for that person, and Trump and the rest of his administration handle it the right way, which they seem to be doing. Of course we know the MSM will do everything in their power to make this a negative for Trump/us, but so what… nothing new.

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  10. phoenixRising says:

    THREAD –

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  11. Sylvia Avery says:

    Regarding the midterms… Yesterday morning on Fox and Friends I caught an interview with Mia Love, Republican, running for reelection in her Utah congressional district. She came up through the Tea Party but deeply disappointed me by joining the Utah Never Trump contingent.

    Nonetheless, this is war so if I lived in her Congressional District I’d hold my nose and vote for her. But she has been smeared by her Dim opponent, accused of election campaign financing misdeeds. She has been cleared by the FEC of any wrongdoing, so this was essentially like filing a false police report. But her Dim opponent continues to accuse her saying this matter hasn’t been cleared.

    And it gets worse. Supposedly the claim against her was made by some “independent organization” with an altruistic name like “Utahans for Honest Government” or some bland name like that. In reality, the head of the group is deeply involved with her Dim opponent and the group is financed by/tied to the Dim opponent and his campaign.

    Just another example of dirty tricks. Politics is one ugly business and those Dims are truly experts at the dirties of the dirty tricks.

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  12. Mr Spock says:

    Is Florida GOP really this incompetent? DeSantis was expecting a cake walk given that Gillum is a crook and socialist but even that may not make up for DeSantis’ terrible campaign.

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  13. Co says:

    What are the odds that the USPS where able to deliver all those packages on the same day.

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  14. phoenixRising says:

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    • jahealy says:

      I’m in NV and voted yesterday just before noon. It was a regular senior citizens’ convention at the polling location. No way in heck more than 5 – 10% of the people I saw were pulling the levers (touching the screens) for Dems. No way.

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  15. Plain Jane says:

    “Soros Gets Taxpayer Funded Police Body Guards”
    Amtrak is taxpayer supported.

    Amtrak’s response:
    “Amtrak spokeswoman Chelsea Kopta, explained that, ‘Requests for security services are forwarded by the National Communications Center and various other contacts to the Amtrak Police Department’s Dignitary Protection Unit. The Unit evaluates each request on a case-by-case basis to determine the need for Amtrak Police resources, and to determine an appropriate course of action. We’ve found this to be mutually beneficial as we can assure the safety of the individual/group as well as keep the flow of pedestrian traffic moving.’”

    So he’s a dignitary. Oh good. /S

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  16. Bassplayer says:

    Everyone is so quick to jump on the obvious, that this is a false flag by the DNC. But maybe it is not, the return address to Brennan’s package is marked Debbie wasserman shultz….”Awan” much guys? The Iran team of Holder, Brennan, Obama and Clinton getting a message? Khashoggi sacrificed and some people are pissed?

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  17. Howie says:

    DDD Report….my bet is some of these were not mailed. There is a plot afoot with many scheming leftists.

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  18. JX says:

    Hannity just mentioned that three weeks ag ricin was sent to Trump, Mattis and others and there was hardly any coverage. But today CNN was a recipient and it’s wall to wall coverage.

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  19. yy4u says:

    Some desperate October surprises have been launched this month.

    First there was eternal fifteen year old Ph.D. Blasey pointing out that even the most boy scoutingist looking Republican (Brett Kavanaugh) was a secret rapist. Even though we all paid lip service to “she was credible and something must have happened to her” to which I reply Toro Manure…No 15 year old represses memories until she’s 50, for once the GOP refused to go into a defensive crouch.

    So they moved on to Trump’s pulling out of the Paris accord causing Hurricane Micheal to take out Florida. When “we the people” said, don’t think so. Hurricanes have been around a lot longer than even Paris itself, they moved on to the Muslim Brotherhood-Washington Post dead journalist. That was supposed to drive us away from POTUS and the Republicans — Trump being mean about fake news supposedly putting journalists in danger — We went ho hum. Sorry he’s dead but he got dead in another country in another embassy and it’s their business not ours. And besides, nobody in the news media was all that upset when four dead American turned up in Benghazi. In fact, they sided with the administration that abandoned them.

    So then they went on to the invasion force which they call a “caravan” as if they are pilgrims in the Canterbury Tales. We were supposed to open our arms, checkbooks, welfare rolls and hearts to 4K desperate Hondurans and San Salvadorans who only want to come here to turn us into Honduras and San Salvadore,

    If that didn’t work, the biggs were going to crash the stock market and the Fed raise our interest rates.

    Still no blue wave?

    All right then, here it comes. BIG BERTHA. Our beloved Former FLOTUS, president, former CIA chief and dearest CNN received bombs! Yep, B O M B S. Doncha know it had to be Republicans’ doin? Couldn’t be no false flag or nuthin’ like that. Had to be them dastardly Republicans.

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    • Ospreyzone says:

      You’re right over the target, yy4u. It’s going to be impossible to prove and the timing is more than just a little suspicious. There are Trillions at stake. These people probably have 50 or more contingency plans in place to swing the election.

      Doesn’t it seem odd that just when the leftist Dems have their backs against the wall and are about out of ammunition, someone comes along and reloads another magazine for them?

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    • CountryClassVulgarian says:

      Wellllll you know dastardly them dastardly republicans can get….


  20. phoenixRising says:

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    • Joe says:

      I mentioned this several times in the comments section over the last month. I live here in MN and Karin Housley will flip this senate seat for the GOP.

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      • LDave says:

        We Hoosiers are gonna flip Donnelly’s leftist rear end too. He’ll have to settle for “best costume” on Halloween, given the Trump-loving-Republican costume he’s worn for several weeks now.

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    • WSB says:

      “Republican State Sen. Karin Housley is making her battle against Sen. Tina Smith, the Democratic incumbent, into a real horse race, as she trails only 41% to 47%. That marks a swing for Housley since an NBC/Marist poll that concluded October 4 found Smith with 54% of the vote and Housley with 38%. 62% of those planning to vote for Housley felt strongly about their vote; 58% of Smith voters felt that way about their candidate.

      On Sunday, KSTP had planned to host a debate between Housley and Smith but Smith never showed up.”

      Marist Polls suck.


  21. phoenixRising says:

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  22. Not saying I think there’s a connection to the fake bomb shennanigans were watching today, but today is the one year anniversary of the NYT, WaPo et. al. Democrat propaganda arms being FORCED to report that the “dossier” which was presented to the public as actual intelligence was bought and paid for by Team Hillary and the DNC.

    A year ago today, thanks to Devin Nunes, the preposterous Russian collusion narrative began to implode….and we’ve learnt A LOT more since then. . . . . with MUCH MORE TO COME.

    Nice work everybody!


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  23. phoenixRising says:

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  24. patrickhenrycensored says:

    Who could make seven bombs that don’t go off?
    Who could get them to their destination at the same time?
    Who on the list of recipients doesn’t fit………………………………….?

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  25. henry says:


    The alleged bombs mailed to Obama, Hillary, Soros and others on the radical political fringe have already garnered more media coverage than the time that a Bernie supporter opened fire on Republicans at a charity baseball practice.

    And that’s sad, but not surprising.

    Acts of left-wing political terror, whether it’s the Southern Poverty Law Center inspired shooter at the Family Research Council or the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise, the numerous acts of vandalism, harassment and even physical attacks, not to the murder of 4 police officers in Dallas by a Black Lives Matter supporter, rarely carry any political consequences for the movements behind them.

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  26. andyocoregon says:

    What a coincidence that this morning one of the DirecTV channels played the 1994 movie Blown Away with Jeff Bridges and Tommy Lee Jones.

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  27. Beverly says:

    “Cui bono?” the ancient Romans would say — “Whose good?” Who benefits from the bomb scare? why the Leftwingers, of course. I’ll lay you dollar bills to donuts that it’s another leftwing hate crime hoax. If not, a moronic rando from our side of the fence just handed the Demoncrats an easy score.

    But we’ve seen so many of these, and if this were a real bombing attempt, at least one of these would’ve gone off.

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  28. duchess01 says:

    Silicon Valley Is Spending Millions Of Dollars To Elect Democrats
    October 24, 2018


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  29. andyocoregon says:

    Lots of good MAGA news articles at this website….


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  30. Howie says:

    Fake News CNN evacuates over FAKE firecracker.

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  31. FL_GUY says:

    Let me tell you my level of concern for the people who received the PR Stunt FAKE bombs. It is even less than my concern for the alleged death of the FAKE JOURNALIST Saudi, Alawad allied spook. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the most concerned, my concern rating is MINUS 100 TRILLION TRILLION. Still probably too much, LOL.

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  32. No Surprise with that plan!

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  33. Mr Spock says:

    Meanwhile the Dow is now negative for 2018 and down nearly 10% from its all-time high three weeks ago.

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  34. budmc says:

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  35. Trish in Southern Illinois says:

    Just got home from taking my dad for his pre-dr. Appt Blood work, in Carbondale, Illinois.

    On The way home, we cruised over to the Southern Illinois Airport where TRUMP rally will be held on Saturday, so i could reconn the place. (airport is actually a mile or so north of Carbondale & about 7-10mi east of Murphysboro- has always been known as Carbondale airport. SIU-southern Illinois university, has a flight school there as well).

    I wanted to plan ahead of time, just where we will be parking…not alot within the airport. 2 huge corn fields on either side of one lane/one way road into the airport. This road circles around (drove right next to hanger 6)& exits out another one lane road, with corn fields on either side.

    Most of fields are harvested & cut shorter than usual. One was being harvested as we cruised through. I hope they are going to tamp down the fields with heavy equipment, it’s supposed to rain on friday (1/2″ on the weather horoscope, I mean forecast) I’m thinking it’ll be muddy!

    They’ve been redoing the main road in front of the entrances over the last few months….i dont see parking happening along there….1/4 of a car- wide shoulders, with sharp drop off on either sides. I saw electrical workers working on new power poles along this road too.

    Back to the corn fields, Hanger 6 is about 2-2 1/2 football fields away. I saw no porta potties (yet?). I did see 1×2 or 2×2 stakes in the middle field with string connecting them…possible the maze of lines, we will be in, before SS check?

    As we drove through, school was in session. Students watching a dark grey, possibly DC-5 that had landed on one of the runways.

    Last night, I bought two $6.00 portable folding chairs for the wait, snacks & nicotine gum lol.

    And that, is my reconnaissance ground report for the Saturday TRUMP MAGA rally. Hope it somehow helps outta town & outta state Treepers planning to attend.

    Look for me, I’m the one with 2 full-sleeve tattoos, 2 nosebridge piercings, one lower lip piercing & wearing a medium blue TRUMP/PENCE t-shirt….Ya can’t miss me 😄

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      Great recon report and preparation! Very smart!

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      • jello333 says:

        We made the trip down there last year to see the eclipse… and despite the drive home being a nightmare, it was WELL worth it. So we’d gladly go again, for the rally… but since we no longer have a working car, and I’d have to rent one, and especially since by all reports there’s no guarantee you’ll actually get in, even getting there way early… nope, I doubt we’ll try it. 😦

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    • sunnydaze says:


      Anything else you can do to make yourself stand out, Trish?!

      Love this post- you have a great time and will definitely be “on the lookout” for you.


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  37. fred5678 says:

    Caravan asylum claims: — if domestic violence in Honduras qualifies a spouse to enter USA, then can an American abused spouse just walk into Canada?

    BTW — if 12,000 people are walking from their home countries all the way to the USA, are they admitting that their home countries are certified s___holes??

    Just askin’.

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    • phoenixRising says:

      If POTUS closes the border…
      I think that means NO ONE goes out of US and NO ONE comes in.
      All traffic in and out is halted. Commercial trucks are halted….
      Etc. ETC.

      te entiendo ? USA is CLOSED until further notice. Signed, President Trump

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  38. Don’t when he was confronted!
    But it’s funny!

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  39. zephyrbreeze says:

    16 year olds are (unlawfully) getting ballots in the mail in Utah, due to new motor-voter law.

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  40. I remember when had lefty protestors at Trump rallies and some were overheard bragging about tactics and one was called “birddogging “ – have a woman protester walk near a Trump male supporter going into rally and fall down screaming that he hit her and sidekicks would run over and tend her and shout that guy hit her , create a false scene . They got caught in NC I believe where woman targeted a legally blind man holding on to his wife’s hand for guidance , but he had to go through a police report before hoax uncoversd. Are the “ bombs “ any different? , especially with list of “all star “ recipients , that frankly who would waste the postage on . Another case of Dem /lefty sympathizer “over -egging” the omelette perhaps.

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    • don welch says:

      one problem may be that the ‘investigators’ were pre-picked to play the big ugly out.

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    • iswhatitis says:

      nycjoe (@billthevoter) says: “I remember when had lefty protestors at Trump rallies and some were overheard bragging about tactics and one was called “birddogging “ – have a woman protester walk near a Trump male supporter going into rally and fall down screaming that he hit her and sidekicks would run over and tend her and shout that guy hit her , create a false scene.”


      Birdogging they call it?

      Sounds exactly like what Michelle Fields did (with Ben Shapiro) – an act of birdogging. I didn’t know it had a name.

      Due to that episode, I still can’t pay Shapiro any mind. As far as I know he’s not addressed his role in that fiasco – but, until he does, he’s persona non grata to me.


  41. andyocoregon says:

    How could a package be sent through the USPS to the wrong address, then returned to sender, arrive clear across the country on the same day all the other packages were received?

    “A suspicious package sent to the Florida office of Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was intended for former Attorney General Eric Holder but had the wrong address, two law enforcement sources said. It was returned to the Democratic congresswoman because that was the return label on the package, the sources said, adding that it was the same return address for the packages sent to Obama and Clinton.”


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  42. phoenixRising says:

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    • thedoc00 says:

      Went to polling place in Collin County to early vote. Nice flow of voters moving through the polling place I used. One interesting item struck me as I voted, I did not realize there were so many libertarian vote grabbers on the ballots in Texas. Libertarians have not advertised nor campaigned much, if all. Hope they do not achieve their objective in upsetting the elections.


  43. Where is CNN?


  44. sunnydaze says:

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  45. FanGirl says:

    Hmmm. These ‘clocks’ mailed with flag stamps. These stamps didn’t just happen to be in someone’s drawer – they wanted the flag stamps.


  46. My Q link doesn’t appear to be working, even after I go through the new security rigamarole required by Firefox/Google…..grrrr…..anyone have a good link? Last entry I see is from 10/9. Thanks.


  47. phoenixRising says:

    Don’t mention ‘fake’ bombs delivered to Dims… it’s nonsense… FAKE !!!!

    What about the Dim mobs at the hearings, in the corridors of the Capitol, in
    the office of Senators, trying to beat down the doors of the Supreme Court?

    Some of these whacked out sociopaths are running for office on 11/6
    Some are in office; some have retired…

    FAKE NEWS supports this sociopathic behavior…
    CNN especially… (whose viewership is lower than Nick)

    If more people turned off the Borg, we could actually impact FAKE NEWS (perhaps only a little)
    I don’t understand why anyone watches these idiots… they all live in a bubble, an economic bubble. Yeah nice job they have… would be too bad if their employer went bankrupt…

    (end of rant… for now, anyway)

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    • 1stgoblyn says:

      All those actions were just passionate voters peacefully expressing their concerns about the downward trend PDJT is taking their country. /s


  48. Dutchman says:

    BOTH sides are ‘leaving it ALL ‘on the field’, for this midterm.
    DJT is campaigning harder than most POTUS candidates campaign, for election.
    And, continueing to rack up points, simultaneously getting things done, for American people, WHILE maintaining an unbelievable campaign schedule.

    And on the OTHER SIDE, they are also trying to leave it all on the field.
    Kavanaugh debacle, caravan invasion, and now phoney bomb threats, …

    The choice couldn’t be clearer. I KNOW I’m ‘preaching to the choir, but
    VOTE, NOT because your life depends on it. Their are things far more important than your life,!

    Vote because the liberties of ALL our grandchildren depends on it, as well as the continueation of America.


  49. phoenixRising says:

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  50. treehouseron says:

    Hillary was out of town and wasn’t home, and was nowhere near the bomb in Florida either.

    They said she was fine, said they checked on President Clinton and he was fine, but no word yet on whether his girlfriend made it through unscathed.


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