Rosenstein Backs Out of Classified Questioning – Goodlatte and Gowdy Cancel Hearing…

Oh how the Rosenstein worm turns. In late breaking developments tonight, on the eve of Rosenstein’s agreement to testify in a closed-door, heavily controlled, classified setting… Everything gets cancelled:

“The Committees are unable to ask all questions of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein within the time allotted for tomorrow’s transcribed interview, therefore, the interview will be postponed. Mr. Rosenstein has indicated his willingness to testify before the Judiciary and Oversight Committees in the coming weeks in either a transcribed interview or a public setting. We appreciate his willingness to appear and will announce further details once it has been rescheduled.” (link)

Suspicious cat’s suspicions of Rosenstein seemingly validated. Here’s what an objective review of events seems to show.

There are voices sympathetic to a premise, a theory of sorts, that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller in an effort to remove the corrupt influence of Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe in 2017.   According to the theory – Rosenstein’s modus operandi was to facilitate a genuine review of the Russian collusion/conspiracy questions through the appointment of Mueller.

However, in order for that theory to be correct – once Rosenstein discovered the fraudulent basis for the origination of the Mueller probe; meaning once he realized there was an actual FBI and DOJ scheme to construct a soft-coup; he would necessarily have needed to stop defending the false premise which built the foundation for the inquiry.

He didn’t.

He advanced it.

He defends it, even today.

Despite mountains of evidence showcasing the politicized and weaponized use of the FBI and DOJ to attack the office of the President, evidence that came out after the Mueller probe was launched, Rosenstein took no action to highlight the fraud and fold-up the inquiry.

Not only did Rosenstein take no action to confront the fraud; he has gone to extreme lengths to continue validating the Mueller probe a full year after clear evidence surfaced.  Even as late as last Friday, Rosenstein filed a ridiculous indictment against an innocuous Russian person claiming she used Facebook and Twitter in a “conspiracy to defraud the United States.”

An honest review of conduct outlines that all of Rosenstein’s actions are self-serving.  He is attempting to protect his own interests, and if that means protecting a false Mueller investigation – then so be it.  That is exactly what he has been doing.

That behavior, highlighted by several instances – including his request to President Trump to continue hiding the information behind the declassification of documents requested by congress, highlights that DAG Rod Rosenstein is attempting damage control regardless of downstream consequences.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein controlled the James Wolfe indictment (and eventual plea).  DAG Rosenstein controlled the Natalie Mayflower Sours-Edwards Treasury leak indictment.  DAG Rosenstein wrote the recent Op-Ed defending the Mueller investigation.  DAG Rosenstein, together with Mueller, framed the indictment against the Concord group.  DAG Rosenstein controls the indictment against Ms. Elena Alekseevna Khusyaynova.  These are all Rosenstein constructs.  These are all Rosenstein behaviors.

These are not the behaviors of a man who is trying to rid the DOJ of internal corruption.

These are the behaviors of a man intent on protecting the swamp, and by extension his own participation in corrupt swamp activity.

Yes, Suspicious Cat remains suspicious; and rightly so.

President Trump and President Trump’s supporters have two slightly different sets of priorities when it comes to the DOJ and FBI. From President Trump’s perspective the thorn in his administration has been Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  The declassification agreement between Rosenstein and Trump negates any concern about Mueller.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein created the special counsel under fraudulent pretense.  That origination material (Ohr 302’s, FISA pages, origination EC, and Page/Strzok messages) is now a risk to the Deputy AG.

DAG Rosenstein does not want his involvement in the fraud to be exposed; hence his request to block/stall/delay the declassification directive. However, at any time President Trump can declassify all the documents and outline the fraudulent basis that originated the special counsel. This is essentially President Trump’s leverage.

The Robert Mueller investigation is the priority for removal for President Trump in order to continue the MAGA agenda.  For well over a year Mueller has been the cloud over the administration and has been the primary focus of most media antagonism therein.

For the Office of the President, the Mueller probe is the immediate thorn.  Ergo leverage over the DAG toward the removal of that thorn is a priority.  Exposing the previous and current DOJ and FBI corruption is of less importance to President Trump.

However, from the perspective of President Trump supporters, especially those who have done deep research into the former and ongoing abuse, the aggregate DOJ and FBI corruption is the priority; and exposing the soft-coup is the ultimate goal.

See the difference?  (continue reading)

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431 Responses to Rosenstein Backs Out of Classified Questioning – Goodlatte and Gowdy Cancel Hearing…

  1. jengancworld says:

    If we lose the house does this stuff stop? Does Rosenstein get a pass?

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    • jengancworld says:

      By stuff I mean investigations.

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      • SwampRatTerrier says:


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      • mopar2016 says:

        If we lose the House we get more investigations, and they never end.
        Rosenstein appears to be untouchable.
        In the real world the perps don’t get to set the rules and decide weather to show up or not.
        Rosy doesn’t want to talk about signing off on a FISA request with make believe evidence.

        Rosy’s job is to delay delay delay, otherwise we may eventually end up talking about Uranium that Mueller and others signed off on for Russia Russia Russia.

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      • Suzanne says:

        Yep… can you really imagine the satanocrats investigating corruption when not only do they benefit from it, they’re all in on it as well… See Mark Warner

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    • Bill Henslee says:

      Of course. That’s what all the slow-walking of documents and witnesses has been about/ In the inimitable words of the chief FBI co-conspirator, Peter Strzok, “We can’t afford to let that happen.”

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      • Uncle Max says:

        Yep. All of DC is playing for the midterms. They’ve been playing for the midterms since about August of 2017 when they had to deal with the text messages scandal between Struook and Page. ( I still don’t think they had a affair … b/c we’ve seen ZERO evidence that one was taking place )

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        • Truth seeker says:

          I agree about the affair. I believe that was the excuse given as to why they were having private, hidden conversations. Yes an affair sounds bad, but it sure sounds a lot better than, “we were plotting a coup”.

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          • fabrabbit says:

            I will bet their spouses believed it. Pretty hard to tell your spouse I’m not having an affair after it’s been in the press. Hope their home life is hell.


        • tellthetruth2016 says:

          This IS personal for our President …… Look at what they have tried and continue to do to him , his family, friends and staff …… Add in his beloved Country and the American people … He is the most patient person I’ve ever seen in my lifetime and there will be Hell to pay for what all these people have done .. This I truly believe ….

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        • dallasdan says:

          It could change tomorrow, but the deep state in the persons of Mueller and RR have been successful in “running the clock” for about 16 months while maintaining a cloud over the President.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      We aren’t losing the House! Their grand plan is literally falling apart right I front of their eyes. Every single day that passes, the data gets worse and worse for the Democrats, MSM, Comey, Rosenstein, Brennan, BHO, HRC etc. There is absolutely nothing they can do to combat it.

      Checkout the thread below with actual data from 10+ states. It is absolutely mortifying for them. Their nightmare will not end on November 6th. It will be supercharged!

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    • olderwiser21 says:

      We are not going to lose the House. Fageddaboutit!!

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  2. Jake says:

    It all comes down to this, either you Trust Trump or you don’t.

    I trust POTUS Trump.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      100%! This has always been about LEVERAGE. Our President has it over Rosenstein and by default Mueller.

      I have my suspicions that John Solomon has every single article written well in advance based on what the White Hats give him and tell him to write about. He decided to drop this MOAB this evening. George Papadopoloulus will be speaking to the Goodlatte Comittee.

      Sean Hannity had canceled earlier in the day and now has him back on this evening.

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      • fleporeblog says:

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      • SwampRatTerrier says:

        fleporeblog, I agree with you.

        President Trump is known for planning at least two ways to win on everything.

        Probably what most people don’t go ahead and think out is that President Trump undoubtedly games everything out just about every way it could go so he has multiple ways to win.

        Besides when you’ve dealt with human nature, and even aberrant human nature as long as President Trump – and dealt with it in the most “competitive” aberrant environment known to capitalism (New York City), he recognizes the “characters” and their most predictable actions.

        Just think of all the NPC in the Mob MSM……. How predictable they are!!!!!

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        • fleporeblog says:

          Great 👍 point! The man has an IQ of a genius. It comes natural to him and he has been able to fine tune it over the past 50 years.

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        • The enemedia mob are ALL borg. Controlled by psychopathic intelligence… which has its own element of being “artificial” for sure.

          Can’t wait to see the foundation of evil yanked out from under them.

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        • TarsTarkas says:

          Trump sets goals. And makes plans to achieve those goals. And moreover has the mental agility to improvise on the fly when one or more paths to achieving goals is blocked. That is his genius. Trump doesn’t do 64D chess. Chess (or any other board game) doesn’t work in ‘live’ environments, because people, organizations, and movements all have constantly fluctuating abilities, powers, and knowledge, unlike chess pieces who have fixed values and capabilities. That’s why chess grandmasters aren’t put in charge of armies. It’s been tried. They failed. Miserably.

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        • WSB says:

          SRT, you are so correct about PT’s flawless planning. As a developer/ hotel owner, you will always get that property built if you are full in. It may look a bit different or be a slightly different size, or something else…but if you are game on, you will complete the project.

          Within schedule and under budget.

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  3. juniper55 says:

    Well well. Rosenstein backs out.

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  4. Old School says:

    How convenient that there is this massive invasion looming on our southern border to take all of the news spotlights off of what is happening here….

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  5. feralcatsblog says:

    Having Rod Rosenstein as de facto Attorney General is like having Julius Rosenberg as Secretary of Defense.

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  6. jmclever says:

    Sometimes…ok, I admit it’s quite often…I just wish Suspicious Cat would claw the appropriate somebody’s eyes out!

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  7. JX says:

    The two goals are one and the same. Declass it all. Rosenstein, et al, can be boiled in oil

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  8. L4grasshopper says:


    Release the Kraken, President Trump.


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  9. Bullseye says:

    Will not testify unless Repubs win house and senate not before

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  10. feralcatsblog says:

    It should be understood that Jeff Sessions is the author and inventor of Rosenstein’s power and hence also author and inventor of Mueller and his power and has allowed them the vehicle and appliances for the commission of their crimes, including a continuing attempted coup, against the American Republic and therefor the whole responsibility should be placed where it of right belongs: upon Jeff Sessions, the worst criminal of the whole sorry lot.

    Jeff Sessions should resign today and journey to the North Pole to spend the rest of his days as one Santa Clauses elves. Maybe he could get that right and in some small way make up for some of the damage he has unleashed on America.

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  11. WeThePeople2016 says:

    I predicted this would happen the minute I heard he was supposedly going to meet with Goodlatte and Gowdy. It is interesting that Goodlatte and Gowdy cancel the Hearing.

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  12. The Boss says:

    Well well. The two GOPe chairmen who are cashing out their positions at the end of this Congress seem to want to push this off until after the mid terms. Do they want to prevent giving the ranking members an opportunity to leak information before the midterms, are they lazy, or are they all useless? I’m leaning towards useless. Bigly.

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    • missilemom says:

      Without Judicial Watch we would have these GOP lightweights who cannot get to the finish line, as the block out enablers. Rod Rosenstein is not stupid; he was not used; he is a player. He is fighting for his public life and getting help from Paul Ryan, Goodlatte and phony Gowdy. I am disgusted with the process. I don’t know what is going to happen in the mid-terms. Voted early in Dallas with a bunch of Beto zeros in Dallas. The time is now to declassify and lay out the facts. The media won’t report it; but we will.

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  13. Seattlewonder says:

    I’m tired of this cat and mouse game. Either do something or just chalk it up to everyone having wasted two+ years theorizing what happened and who’s going to pay.

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  14. For this President Trump supporter, the entire mechanism of weaponized everything “government related”, including all bureaucracies that destroy real and natural born American patriot lives is definitely the ultimate goal.

    Specifically, the exposure of the soft-coup, the end of the constant corruption, the end of the attacks on our lives, and the *#&%#)(*#@ reparations needed to help lives destroyed to rebuild.

    WE, have been hit with the man-made hurricanes of weaponized government over and over, especially those of us that have been vocal on the internet and involved in constitutionally based political actions for most of our adult lives.

    The “goverment” big enough to give their human chaos robots “free existence” and “bennies” for all criminal aliens takes what they can from us to do so, and take everything when they feel like it… just to show us who’s boss. I would expect that we all know that this corruption and destruction isn’t limited to just the dept of injustice and feral bureau of insurrection.

    It can be found all the way from the feral reserve and back to the swamp.

    Enough already. The endless distractions are leaving us forgotten, for now.

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  15. JasonD says:

    So there you go. Sundance is saying that POTUS controls RR via leverage, and that POTUS just wants Mueller gone, so now POTUS is allied with the corrupt elements of the DOJ in order to get out from under Mueller.

    So now POTUS has become corrupt in order to protect his own self interest over and above that of the American people, whom he has sworn an oath to serve. POTUS, who controls RR, is now aiding and abetting the corrupt elements of the DOJ from being exposed via constitutional oversight.


    The sting offers a completely different interpretation of events, and the fat lady ain’t sung yet.

    I am comfortable on my perch on the small branch

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    • feralcatsblog says:

      I hope that branch is not too small as you have company.

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    • rf121 says:

      More like a twig than a branch.

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    • Brad Letts says:

      Once Mueller is neutered, shortly after mid-terms, president Trump will start dropping MOABs.

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      • Jay Wizz says:

        “after the mid-terms…” is doomed to failure. Mueller is preparing two reports and the party that takes the House determines which one gets released. It’s incredibly risky to base any plan on R’s retaining the house. I was predicting a year and a half ago that this is exactly where we would be.

        The time to do all this was right after the Nunes Memo, 8 months ago. That was all Trump needed for declassification, because the declassification would have proven Nunes correct.

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        • Kaco says:

          I agree. Carrying this on has not been good for the country and only delays the massive red pill the rest of America needs, if they’re not beyond the point of no return. But the press seems confident enough to have kept up the brainwashing. I know I’m just sick over it because if justice is not served, it will happen again and probably even smoother than this one where no one can find the truth. No justice, no clean out, no perp walks, no nation. I can’t get over what has happened to Flynn and Manafort, I read Manafort is now in a wheelchair.


          • Jay Wizz says:

            Well, I have to say I’m not a giant Manafort fan. I’ll just say it; the guy is a sleazeball.

            But that most certainly doesn’t excuse what was done to him.

            As far as the wheelchair goes, all I could think of when I read that was Ted Kennedy in a neck brace while his attorneys explain how Ms Kopechne died.


        • Sayit2016 says:

          Well then… We will just have to win on both counts keep the house and the Senate and add to those numbers

          Get busy calling your friends to vote.

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    • covfefe999 says:

      Jason, did you factor in that we want Trump to remain President? Because that’s #1 important to me. I don’t want him doing anything to compromise his presidency and allow Mueller to charge him with something or allow the House to impeach him. I’m going to be patient. Things will get better. Vote straight R.

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    • DanO64 says:

      Not a thing has changed. The Storm is coming. Cat 10 on the Trump scale.

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    • sundance says:

      @JasonD, that comment is silly.

      Trump having leverage over Rosenstein, to eliminate the threat that is Mueller, does not equal Trump joining Rosenstein/Mueller.

      You might be sitting on a small branch, but you are making MASSIVE intellectually dishonest leaps to stay there.

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      • JasonD says:

        Sorry, Sundance, your leverage theory, is just that, a theory, as is the sting. The problem with the leverage theory is that the logic inexorably flows to what I said. Making deals with corrupt entities for personal reasons over and above the constitutional duties is corrupt.

        You can spin this any way you want, but choosing personal benefits over constitutional duties is corrupt, by definition.

        The sting does not rest on corruption, leverage as outlined by you, does.


        • Newhere says:

          It’s not even just a theory — it’s a theory built on self-contradiction. Those who’ve seen the unredacted FISA application believe it would immediately invalidate the Mueller investigation and Mueller would be forced to end it. If that’s true, Trump doesn’t need leverage, and threatening redaction instead of doing it merely draws things out needlessly. If Trump is using redaction as leverage, it’s for something else.

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          • Jay Wizz says:

            I agree with you there. If the unredacted FISA app hurts PDJT in any way, it would have been leaked the moment Ms Watkins got her pants back on and fixed her hair.

            The reason that absolutely nothing has been leaked about it that hurts PDJT, even slightly, means that the FISA app is entirely fraudulent.

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        • Donzo says:

          Washington won by not losing, meaning he had to pick his battles when possible because he never had the manpower to do otherwise. Trump is also lacking in allegiances at present. But day by day he grows stronger as th e country unites behind him. The election will be a game changer.

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    • billrla says:

      JasonD: It is unclear to me what you are saying, here.


    • Dude… how’s that athlete’s tongue working out for ya?



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    • TarsTarkas says:

      I don’t interpret it that way. I see it that POTUS is willing to tolerate corrupt elements who are not actively trying to overthrow him in order to oust corrupt elements who ARE trying to overthrow him. Once the coup bites the dust, he will try to ease his allies of convenience out of as painlessly as possible in order to keep pushing MAGA and KAGA. He’s not as interested in seeing justice as in getting things done. He’s from New York. Sometimes there are no good people available to get things done, just bad people and worse people. Self-interest is a big big motivator, and Rosenstein certainly has it.

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    • NC Patriot says:

      Sorry Jason——-The Mueller investigation affects POTUS and his ability to function freely. In this the AMERICAN PEOPLE are secondary in their “need to know”

      POTUS has not become corrupt and I don’t think Sundance implied that. Before he can fully function FOR the people Mueller needs to be off his back. That is job 1. Corruption exposure to us is job 2 ——things will come in that order.

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      • stablesort says:

        Don’t think that way; the only reason to have a government is to provide a benefit to the citizens that empower that government. The citizens must know what the government is doing if they are to correctly empower that government. Telling the citizens to “Trust Me” is wholly inadequate.

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    • Avi says:

      Yes, Virginia that Big Ugly is coming!

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    • Ray Runge says:

      You key stroke as someone with a personal animus to promote a personal scenario versus a searcher for truth in the Treehouse.

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    • Sayit2016 says:

      Oy…that is not what he said…

      Damnit where is Sylvia, I need to borrow the shovel…

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    • lydia00 says:

      Thats the problem with institutional corruption. You don’t send in Sunday School teachers to root it out. One must play the middle to both ends. It’s a dirty business.

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    • Jesse T Mims says:

      @ JasonD… Re: “So now POTUS has become corrupt in order to protect his own self interest over and above that of the American people, whom he has sworn an oath to serve. POTUS, who controls RR, is now aiding and abetting the corrupt elements of the DOJ from being exposed via constitutional oversight.”

      I get the impression that you STARTED OUT looking for a reason to vilify our esteemed president; however, Trump’s control of Rosenstein for leverage makes him no more corrupt than you would be if a venomous snake bit you and you were treated with an antivenom made from the venom of the same kind of snake that bit you!

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    • Matrony says:

      Reports that say that something hasn’t happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don’t know we don’t know. And if one looks throughout the history of our country and other free countries, it is the latter category that tend to be the difficult ones.
      ~Donald Rumsfeld DoD Briefing, 12 FEB 2002~

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    • dallasdan says:

      SD has been slowly and steadily recognizing a dimmer future the more his research expands and his intuitive skills sharpen. He is calling the situation as he sees it.


  16. feralcatsblog says:

    Just as Midis turned everything he touched to gold, Rosenstein turns everything he touches to … … … third world level corruption.

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  17. This is unbelievable….totally ridiculous. How corrupt can you be.

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  18. Bad news, but not surprising. IF we win retain Senate control but lose the House, an argument can be made that the Senate Judiciary committee could resume investigations in the new Congress. I doubt, given the desire to continue confirming judges, that this would be a priority in lame duck session.

    If we retain the House majority then Rosey will likely be compelled to testify. If I were Nunes, I would be quite unhappy–he has spent a ton of political capital on this issue without the satisfaction of his findings being made public. Those that care, esp. those that have spent time and intelligence researching this (like SD), have figured out most of the details. But still….

    Spidey-sense makes me wonder if there is a lot more underway with U.K and Australia that convinced POTUS NOT to declassify. From a political standpoint, the results of declassification prior to mid-terms is uncertain, and the rally blitz and caravan, not to mention Kavanaugh and various unforced errors of the Dems (i.e., mobs) have worked “bigly” in Republican favor.

    It stinks, but that’s politics. Not a field for anyone that is abstemious. And yes, it does allow swamp creatures to continue roaming the halls of bureaucratic and political power….sigh.

    I do trust POTUS, my admiration for him and his achievements continues to grow. That said, I trust Almighty God even more and I will be praying for His Will to be done in this conundrum.

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  19. There’s a lot riding on the midterms. Everybody is in “hold mode”. Why make a move now that may very well be negated by the lay of the land post midterm? Not saying it’s right, but that seems to be the way it is all over.

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    • MaineCoon says:

      I would agree. Don’t have any more big unexpected stuff that the fake news can turn on POTUS. Let him rind ethe rallies up to Nov 6 and of course he’ll have the caravan. That’ll stir up lots of problems. RR can wait and possibly put out some fires against PDJT.

      Then he can announce who he is nominating for AG without even firing JS. I’d let him sit in that position when the background check for the no inee takes place (2 mos) then in January when confirmation comes if JS hasn’t resigned fire him. Would not give him a second thought.


      • MaineCoon says:

        ‘Ride out’ … what’s with WP?


      • Jay Wizz says:

        I cannot not understand why JS didn’t resign instead of recuse himself.

        He’s not a bad guy. He’s just in completely over his head and doesn’t even realize it. That is always a recipe for disaster.


        • lydia00 says:

          I think it’s worse than that. I think he is a subconscious swamp dweller who fancies himself a courtly gentleman and got his feelings hurt by Trump early on. I see him as a small man from the old senate clubhouse. I don’t subscribe great characteristics or intentions to these people who have long crafted certain public personas. They are often more insulated and more shallow than most think. The difference with Trump is he lived who he is outloud. It’s no secret he is a game player.

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        • MaineCoon says:

          He should have reaigned back then or discussed recusal with POTUS at time of nomination. Underhanded not to have done that. Very disappointing.

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          • MelH says:

            I still think he is called the Silent Assassin, or is it the Silent Executioner , because that’s what he is. He plays by the same playbook as the President, The Art of War (Gen. Sun Tzu); “make your enemies think you are weak”; “stealth is your best weapon.”


  20. Jay Wizz says:


    Trump could just declassify, expose all the corruption, go on a firing spree, and watch R’s go on to a sweeping midterm victory.

    But hey, lets get some leverage over a DAG instead.

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    • Ray Runge says:

      Your vision makes sense to me. Buy a Yuge fan and let the stuff challenge the fan, but the fan wins.


    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      You don’t know your fellow (R)s very well.

      Your Rs. Who voted for Bill. Who are personally against abortion but are OK with a Women’s right to choose.

      Your (R)s who were happy when congress sent Obama 67 bills to end Obamacare – and when Trump said ‘send me on a them,’ nary a peep was heard.

      Your (R)s who want Ted Cruz to be president, even though he is not eligible. And played a major role in TPA vote. Whose wife works for Goldman Sachs.

      Your (R)s who are right now begging all other (R)s not to sit this one out, as they have done for many a mid-term.

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  21. Curt says:

    I am really curious as to WHY President Trump has cozied up to this duplicitous POS???


    • covfefe999 says:

      Cozy? That’s not how I interpret it at all. Trump has leverage over Rosenstein. Trump needs Rosenstein to end the Mueller investigation.

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    • Sayit2016 says:

      For crying out loud just stop. You don’t trust Trump first admit that, if you think that Trump is cozying up to that then you don’t know Trump at all.

      Apparently you have never heard of keep-your-friends-close-and-your-enemies-closer.

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    • Donzo says:

      As SD often points out – consider the timeline. The election is driving the decisions and actions.Bets are being placed. It isn’t about Trump having a new playground buddy. It’s supposedly about leverage to get RR guarding his flank until Nov. 6 or so it is said. But what if RR is playing Trump? What if Mueller releases a damaging report in an October surprise? There are no 60 day rules that can’t be broken like everything else that is broken.Leverage can come back to bite the hand that feeds it. I hope our VSG doesn’t have to declass before Repubs cross the finish line in 2 weeks.


  22. teeheeman says:

    OK, so now when is the BIG UGLY going to happen? Or has that also fallen by the wayside? Q-sters are welcome to weigh in. Inquiring minds want to know……. In the meantime we have freakin’ elections to win!! #JobsNotMobs #WalkAway

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  23. mtk says:

    …”on the eve of Rosenstein’s agreement to testify in a closed-door, heavily controlled, classified setting… Everything gets cancelled:..”

    Does that mean, RR was given the Hillary treatment. All questions pre-asked in writing. To which, his reply was I could not possibly answer these questions in a single sitting.


  24. TreeClimber says:

    So as I understand it, POTUS removed Mueller’s/et al.’s fangs, but RR won’t get rid of them because if he does, there’s no longer any reason for PTrump to not declassify. It’s less like removing the sword of Damocles and more like moving the king’s chair – the sword is still there.

    Or am I missing something?

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  25. Suzanne says:

    I hope I’m still around to see those nooses The Hag was talking about.
    Dissolve the FBI, the DOJ, and while you’re at it Mr President, the corrupt-from-day-one CIA and start over. Fish rot from the head down and I would be willing to bet 90% of the people in all 3 agencies are just as corrupt as the ones who have already been exposed as such.

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  26. Iamcat says:

    Agreed Sundance.


  27. Mrs P says:

    Midterms lost to Dems then Declas threat is needed for leverage against impeachment.
    Midterms won then Declas may still be withheld for leverage in negotiations.

    Liked by 4 people

  28. This SD analysis of what is going on makes more sense than anything else I have heard. However, there are some things I cannot explain, and have found no explanation:

    1) Why RR would risk it all by acting corruptly against the president’s interests.

    (My guess is he is arrogant and full of himself and got really pissed when he was drawn in and got blamed and criticized for firing Comey. But I am really at a loss and have heard nothing that helps me understand this odd behavior. You would think he would want to further his career and be on the winning side.)

    2) Why Sessions has refused to see corruption in the FBI and DOJ.

    (He could at least express outrage! But nothing. Just silence and seeming indifference at the damage he has caused.)

    If it were me; that is, if I were in Sessions position during all of this, I would have resigned immediately and gone back to my senate job. But no, he abandons his duty to the president and gives away his senate seat. I don’t see it. I could never behave that way.

    Liked by 1 person

    • TarsTarkas says:

      1. He’s a bureaucrat who made decisions based on which horse he thought was going to win. That’s why he started the Mueller fraud, because he got blamed for getting another corrupt hot-and-cold bureaucrat (Comey) fired, and figured Mueller would make quick work of DJT, which would result in him being rewarded or at least not demoted/fired. Now that it’s turned out otherwise and DJT has all the leverage, all Rosenstein can do is try to hang on and hope for the best (personally).
      2. IMO Sessions found out how bad the corruption was in the DOJ and FBI, didn’t want to completely destroy both by exposing it (which would probably result in get-out-of-jail-free cards for mucho convicts), and has instead worked on things that he felt he could handle. Trimming toenails on a gangrenetic limb instead of performing drastic surgery.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Jay Wizz says:

      Sessions doesn’t do the internet. He doesnt watch TV.

      His perception of what is happening I think comes completely from the usual newspapers, and whatever his aides whisper in his ear.

      He’s out of touch. He doesn’t even know what he doesn’t know.

      But I do know he is honorable. Why he hasn’t RESIGNED instead of RECUSING himself, leaves me dumbfounded. Standing on antiquated principles looks great in the history books as they describe how you honorably lost the war.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I agree, and this is why I have no explanation for his behavior. He does give the impression that he doesn’t know what the problems at DOJ and FBI are all about or even that they exist.

        Yes, he does seem out of touch. After he leaves office (probably in January) perhaps he will give us a better idea of his thinking.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      1) Perhaps he thought PDJT would be successfully ousted.

      2) Some people are set in their ways and are in denial. Denial is not just something that afflicts drunkards and sorcerers (aka drug abusers).


  29. milktrader says:

    I’m on board with the leverage theory as it relates to President Trump. What I don’t understand is how this actually plays out in a non-62D-dimensional way, which is the only way it CAN play out.

    I’m admittedly a student to how this leverage business works. Keeping an open mind, suppressing my inner skeptical self for the time being.

    I’m smart enough to understand when something is going on that I don’t understand, versus being subjected to a deceptive ploy of hand-waving explanations.

    Why not just fire his ass? (asks my naive player self).

    Is there something to be gained with a quote “leverage” play on opponents vs the unmitigated elimination of them from the playing field?

    My skeptical face becomes and “hmmm” face … what are you doing here?

    First I know he’s not a stupid, dumb-dumb. Or a baby (as he puts it).

    I remember when he sold is East Coast routes to US Airways. He left behind Bloomberg terminals at LGA. These are $1500/month subscriptions at the time, and there were at least four of them available.

    I’m watching his new friend quote “Rod” on loose footing. No question RR is a smart guy, but maybe not as clever as he thinks he is. It feels like he is making up shit as he goes along, which is clearly not the same thing as a calculated strategist.

    RR is a black hat. A pathetic one in many ways and I have an emerging pity for his state. Attributes of him being quote “squirming” are quite appropriate. It’s almost sad to watch his fake grin as he marches to a certain trap.

    Bottom line. I’ve seen Trump over the years and I really want to see how this latest episode of Deep State Survivor plays out.

    p.s. for popcorn eaters out there, enjoy. I’m a paleo eater so it’s all yours!

    Liked by 2 people

    • covfefe999 says:

      Trump can’t fire Rosenstein until Mueller is finished. Mueller is slow-walking the investigation but needs to wrap up. Trump might be able to urge Rosenstein to urge Mueller to finish before the end of the year. Once Mueller is done, Trump is free to fire Rosenstein and Sessions.

      Liked by 2 people

      • milktrader says:

        Disagree. Trump can do whatever he wants.

        He chooses not do things or do things.

        He is not a baby.

        He has his reasons. And that’s the puzzle I’m trying to comprehend.

        Liked by 3 people

        • lydia00 says:

          He’s not a baby? He has an entire swamp in the Executive Branch to navigate. That has to be considered. Even Bolton is fed up on immigration. It’s no coincidence that Pelosi announced when they win they will “negotiate with subpoenas”. There is a time frame after the election and when those elected take office. My bet is that is Trumps leverage— either way.

          Liked by 1 person

        • Julia Adams says:

          With regard to your closing sentence: Doesn’t it feel as though you are missing a few pieces preventing you from completing the puzzle?

          Given all the evidence that exists, all the refusals on the part of his DOJ to cooperate, I cannot for the life of me understand why Trump is holding back, why he is waiting and what he is waitng for? What possibly could be his alternative strategy?


    • You should convert your “emerging pity” into cold anger and cunning imo.

      Pity my @$$. I want my life back from the rosenstain’s and their international puppet masters.

      Liked by 2 people

  30. rayvandune says:

    As I read it, Goodlatte and Gowdy backed out at the last minute, not Rosenstein. How does that jive with the implication of the title that Rosenstein backed out again? I did not think the time allotted was adequate from the beginning, but the Chairmen should have made that point up front.

    Liked by 2 people

  31. Paqul Killinger says:

    My thinking is RR will become a “Star Witness” once Mueller’s shop is shut down and blow the entire Dem cabal sky high, but not because he wants to.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. dave casper says:

    In the last days lawlessness shall abound It’s everywhere now it truly is.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The “last days” could have been any days in history for lawlessness truly ALWAYS abounds… this sh!t isn’t new.

      For the last 105 years it has been rampant and Americans simply didn’t pay the right attention to what was being foisted upon them, which was pure unadulterated EVIL.

      Liked by 1 person

  33. ann says:

    Uranium One. Where is Mr. Campbell?
    We are still waiting.

    Americans are deprived of timpartial, proactive, effective counterintelligence and serious protection from multiple networks comprised of domestic exploiters and transnational predators .

    Until high status individuals are convicted of the well documented intell violations, I have no fact basis for faith in any institution charged to protect and defend our nation’s security.

    If we want the Big Agenda, big wigs must come to terms with their personal degree of liability exposure and punishment.
    A few convictions a salutary wake up call to reality. I grow weary of the coy GOPe Foot draggers, and Resist Collectivist sandbox forum.
    Who knows, Congress’s bench warmers might be inspired to govern responsibly.

    What do we have to lose?

    The gains:
    Immigration reform
    Trustworthy elections
    border control,
    Freedom from subversive intrusion by transnational orgs. ex. Open society,

    Quit the pussy footing
    Activate a parallel fire walled agency and get to going.
    Said my piece. Obvouslŷ not a lawyer. But I understand the spirit of justice well enough!
    And it ain’t happening.

    Liked by 2 people

    • “Americans are deprived of timpartial, proactive, effective counterintelligence and serious protection from multiple networks comprised of domestic exploiters and transnational predators .”

      Right. Because the “agencies” we were told would protect us from those things in essence only brought us those things. Kind of like “them” telling Americans that the feral reserve would be “the one & only thing that can stabilize the American economy” while it was planning on bringing us the “great” depression.

      Because trillions are always at stake. Our trillions… nearly 3 trillion a year that “they” take from us.

      Liked by 1 person

      • ann says:

        I’m unqualified to form a coherent opinion on this topic, HumanCon.

        However, I hazily link what you refer to with abandoning the gold standard.


  34. trapper says:

    So, Mueller would want to continue his investigations indefinitely, operating as an unaccountable prosecutor looking into anything that interests him out of the mountain of information that was turned over to him that resulted from the Carter Page wiretaps, the Carter Page two-hop warrant, NSA data mining, improper to, from, and about searches dating back at least to 2015, together with whatever other information he may have access to that we don’t even know about yet. Pull up some emails from someone who talked to someone who talked to Carter Page in 2015 and see what he can make of them. “Hmmmmmm. Who shall we investigate today? I know, let’s mess with Don Jr.’s wife.” Or something like it. And he can do it forever because he knows Rosey won’t fire him because he knows what Rosey did.

    Mueller doesn’t want this to end. He wants it to never end. It’s a sordid little peep show.

    And Rosenstein is caught in the middle. An out of control special counsel he can’t control, can’t fire, and who won’t stop, and an increasingly frustrated President who Rosey KNOWS knows all about what went on and Rosey’s part in it.

    Every way he turns leads to prosecution. If Hillary had won he would have been home free. His only even little sliver of hope is for the Dems to retake the house and keep Trump so busy with investigations and false accusations that Rosey gets lost in the noise and can stall and tread water until 2020 hoping for a Dem president. Stall is all he’s got. At least it’s all he can think of. Put off the inevitable as long as possible and hope for a miracle to save him. What he doesn’t understand is that after the midterm election, win lose or draw, he’s going to be eaten alive. There is no way out for him. Tick tock.

    Liked by 1 person

    • “So, Mueller would want to continue his investigations indefinitely, operating as an unaccountable prosecutor looking into anything that interests him”

      Yes. But will he get to do it? Perhaps this is the leverage Trump has on RR which is to force Mueller to wrap it up.

      And then Trump will go to the next stage, whatever that may be. But he has got to get rid of Mueller first and then go to the next stage as SD has pointed out. I agree with SD on this one. A great insight, I believe.


      • trapper says:

        Exactly. But Rosey’s caught in the middle, and it’s in his interest to stall. and that includes allowing Mueller to stall. Rook takes bishop, knight takes rook, and Francisco fires Mueller.


  35. emet says:

    There are undoubtedly a number of Federal prisoners who were set up by the DOJ/FBI cabal. I would not be surprised if they harbor extreme anger and a desire for revenge against Rosenstein, Comey, Mueller, and others involved in rigged investigations and bogus prosecutions.

    Liked by 1 person

  36. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Tend to actually prefer that the New York & Maryland democrats Nadler & Cummings be kept out of the loop on this matter at this time. And if that means congressmen Goodluck & HowdyDoody can’t run their interrogation tomorrow no big deal. The question of Rosenstein’s allegiance to the President and the Constitution versus the coup plotters and witch hunters has been at a slow boil for months now. The congressional grandstanders can wait a few more weeks.


    Liked by 2 people

    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “Tend to actually prefer that the New York & Maryland democrats Nadler & Cummings be kept out of the loop on this matter at this time.”

      That is one way to look at it positively.

      Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

      Liked by 1 person

  37. MVW says:

    2 weeks to the midterms, then we can see where we are. Until then there will be no action and no new information to upset anyone’s (Party’s) game plan.

    Trump said he plans to clean up the DOJ, FBI mess.

    I have voted, so that is done, and did not have to crawl over broken glass to do it.

    Liked by 2 people

  38. redgrains says:

    Sure Rosenstein is filthy dirty but Gowdy and Goodlatte’s are doing Kabuki Theatre to assure the dirt stays hidden.

    IMO Gowdy and Goodlatte have been so duplicitous that they are as guilty as Rosenstein.


  39. hard masada says:

    OH Rodney, Rodney did you see the new Project Veritas Video that just dropped? No well it looks like you can be in real dodo here, ya thinkin the blue wave will lift that skinny arse of yours out of the water (hot)? Maybe ya needs to see this and rethink the whole cooperating thing over.


  40. Doug says:

    Very interesting video out today reporting on a Politico article.
    The Deep State used these outlets to get their “collusion” delusion narrative out to the public..
    Now they are front running the upcoming NOTHING BURGER.



  41. j'accuse says:

    Sundance is right about Rosenstein — he’s no hero secretly working behind the scenes to restore justice. He appointed Mueller when neither the law or the facts permitted it. It was a corrupt act, and Mueller is likewise corrupt for taking the job with his obvious conflicts. Every day the Mueller investigation continues is ongoing corruption, not to mention a waste of taxpayer money in his pointless pursuit of Roger Stone. I don’t know what motivates Rosenstein, but like most people who commit crimes and violate oaths of office, he has likely rationalized his conduct. Either Trump was so crazy he had to be removed or that he needed Mueller to take the investigation away from McCabe, as Sundance convincingly argues.

    Rosenstein probably hopes this will all fade in the rear view mirror and when he resigns, he’ll take his rightful place in the private sector, cashing in as a lobbyist or high priced lawyer. Maybe he’s right but we can only hope that justice will prevail. McCabe doesn’t seem to friendly so when he gets charged with lying he may have secrets to tell. At this point I don’t really care. Rosenstein, and all his colleagues know full and well that he is a corrupt actor in a scheme to undermine a US president.

    Liked by 1 person

  42. graphiclucidity says:

    Goodlatte & Gowdy –
    ”We don’t have enough time to ask all questions, so we won’t ask any questions at all.”

    Uh huh.

    In other words –
    Rosenstein is worried about leaks and G&G know they can’t stop leaks.

    Liked by 3 people

  43. milktrader says:

    Further commentary on the value of holding leverage against your opponents vs eliminating them from the playing field.

    Leverage is a commodity.

    If you cash it in you no longer have it.

    If you remove RR, you will have to start all over again with creating leverage with the next opponent – wasted energy on obtaining something you currently own.

    This has been expressed through the ages with phrases such as quote “keep your friends close but your enemies closer”.

    It’s nothing new, but it is something that is not readily comprehended. Why? Because most of us act from emotion. If not totally (reactively) then at least in part with delayed revenge. He can suppress his contempt for his enemies, while the rest of us are in a state for immediate termination of the threat.

    Imagine being bitten by a fire ant. A single one.

    You: quote “freak” and begin undulating in unpredictable ways possibly tripping over a rock and face-planting into an adjacent fire ant hill, furthering your misery in a pathetic way.

    Him: endure the short-term suffering and get a lay of the land. You see adjacent hills and begin formulating plans on destroying the entire colony.

    I’m beginning to believe that Trump has a very small ego, ergo his quote “fake” persona of being a bodacious billionaire.

    Only a small ego can resist the urge to take a small gain without forethought of the larger battle.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Whether in actuality his ego is small, medium, or YUGE it is fed with healthy, calculated cunning and WINNING.

      In my study of President Trump and his actions I see him as the Troll of All Trolls, patient and methodical but best of all the best student of individual human nature, and a lightning-fast study at that…

      I feel confident that many of his moves that even some here deem to be “big mistakes” (these genii should be in government, eh? lol) are simply calculated usage of certain people more often than not.

      President Trump is actually fighting the war that “some” of us, for the most part, are micro-analyzing & misunderstanding while “critiquing” his performance.

      Remember, he’s on the inside, we aren’t.

      Thank goodness… and the Natural Creator.

      Liked by 5 people

  44. billrla says:

    I remember when Congress was something of consequence. I think it was 1787.

    Liked by 1 person

  45. Andy Miller says:

    Trump is not this stupid. There is something much deeper going on. There has to be otherwise Rosenstein would be gone by now because of the story of his offer to wear a wire with Trump so they could use Article 25 to remove POTUS. Trump would have won the political firestorm that would accompany the firing of Rosentstein, absolutely he would have won. So why has Rosenstein been offered a longer leash? Think about Obama’s behavior today. He spoke like a panicked child. He is scared shitless if the Republicans win the midterms he will be exposed. He’s the big prize. If he goes down, Jarrett goes down, Hillary goes down, the Swamp/Deep State goes down never to return. My guess is their are some congressional folk in House and the Senate who will go down as well: Waters, Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, Wasserman-Schultz, Blumenthal, Warner and more than a few more. I think this is why the interview changed from a impenetrable scif to a public setting or where there will be transcripts. In a scif congress could ask him anything, in a public setting he can’t answer questions about an ongoing investigation or classified info. I think they have something a lot bigger and deeper and they just haven’t talked about it. And I think its coming, but only after its all done and they have everything. I think the meeting Rosenstein had with Trump Rosy basically told him what was going on. I think Rosy told Trump no matter what happened in the elections he would finish the job of rooting out corruption in the FBI/DOJ/CI. Only time will tell, but if it wasn’t this big then Trump would have fired Rosenstein already.

    Liked by 1 person

  46. Firefly says:

    Both parties are up to their eyeballs in corruption. They all want this to just go away. The IG reports will conclude no big crime- just mistakes that training can remedy.


  47. Matt Transit says:

    Someone alot smarter and more informed than me on this site said some time ago it’s time to disband the FBI.
    Forgive me for not remembering who it was.
    They pointed out how there are so many fed agencies, including but not limited to, the US Marshalls Service, that are as capable, (if not more so), that can assume the LEGITIMATE responsibilities of what the FBI was first chartered to do.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      That is not me. It is Christ working through me.

      Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

      Galatians 2:20 I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.

      Liked by 1 person

  48. John says:

    IG Report = mistakes were made, will try harder to not be corrupt in the future. Pinky swear.


  49. LafnH20 says:

    The President has asked one thing of US.


    You may question him.
    You may disagree with him.
    You may DOUBT him.
    You may do as you please.
    This is America.

    We VOTED for him.
    We Placed our futures in His capable hands.
    Guided by God Almighty…

    Let him be President.

    Do what he asked of you…

    VOTE Straight Republican…

    Come what may…

    There will be no do overs…

    Go ahead and question..
    By all means…

    That said…

    VOTING is the ONLY thing that matters NOW!!!



    Liked by 6 people

  50. Brian Baker says:

    “Once Rosenstein discovered the fraudulent basis for the origination of the Mueller probe; meaning once he realized there was an actual FBI and DOJ scheme to construct a soft-coup; he would necessarily have needed to stop defending the false premise which built the foundation for the inquiry. He didn’t. He advanced it.”

    So basically Rosenstein got out in front of his skis. And now he’s going to crash. Reminiscent of the Wide World of Sports ski jumper who felt the agony of defeat.

    Liked by 1 person

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