President Trump MEGA-MAGA Rally in Houston Texas – 7:00pm Livestream

In a highly anticipated massive MAGA rally, tonight President Trump is in Houston, Texas, supporting Senator Ted Cruz. Approximately 100,000 people registered to attend the rally and the crowd is simply Texas; BIGLY. This is sure to be one of the biggest events of the midterm election.

The venue is the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas, and the anticipated start time is approximately 7:00pm with multiple simultaneous events and speakers ongoing.

UPDATE: Video Added

RSBN Livestream LinkFox News Livestream LinkAlternate Livestream Link.


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1,090 Responses to President Trump MEGA-MAGA Rally in Houston Texas – 7:00pm Livestream

  1. big bad mike says:

    They could have filled the Astrodome – Is the Astrodome still there? If not, then they would have filled the New Stadium.

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  2. JoD says:

    “Like I always say…EVERBODY LOVES president Trump, they just don’t know it, yet.”
    Mike Lindell…My Pillow.

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  3. Phil Free says:


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  4. kea says:

    Lets do this!!!! MAGA!!!! I Need to see pics of the people outside.

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  5. Enoughisenough says:

    This rally is about more than Ted Cruz. I personally know a few people who made the long journey to attend. This rally represents patriots from several cities and states, who appreciate the opportunity to express their support of the MAGA agenda. Please hold these rallies until the mid-terms, and showcase how popular POTUS’ policies ( and the candidates that support them) are.

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  6. The Demon Slick says:

    I’m assuming it’s 7 EST?
    This is the interwebz after all. We are everywhere.

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  7. getfitnow says:

    Way to go Texas!!

    FTA – A number that started off as hundreds has now swelled to thousands of President Trump supporters waiting outside the Toyota Center to see the president at his “Make America Great Again” rally later today. (Photos) Doors won´t open until 3:30 p.m., but some people have been lined up since Sunday. One man told Eyewitness News he rode in on his motorcycle to Houston from Colorado and has been waiting in line since noon Sunday. Even though the supporters have tickets, they say they don´t want to take any chances.

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  8. kea says:

    MAGA wave!!!

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  9. People are riled up! Wild and great people!

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  10. Minnie says:

    We ❤️ You, Mr. President!!!!

    We are watching 😊

    MAGA Onward 🙏🏼🇺🇸🙏🏼

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  11. FL_GUY says:

    You are looking at the Red Tsunami outcome of the 2018 Mid-Terms RIGHT NOW! Enjoy!!!!!!

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  12. NYGuy54 says:

    My old home town! My son was born there. Still have a few friends that live in Houston. Go get ’em Pres Trump.

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  13. Minnie says:

    Thanks for the links, Sundance.

    I convinced my 85 y/o Mom (staunch POTUS supporter) to stick with RSBN via utoob.

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  14. Ausonius says:

    The Blue Drip? Has Bernie or Shrillary or Beto or or Mad Uncle Joe Biden or MAOBama or Miss Googly-Eyes of New York ever sparked a crowd of 100,000 + ?

    I saw an article about Texas possibly going blue or purple some weeks ago….I wonder how accurate it might be! 🙂

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  15. Minnie says:

    No matter what kind of day it has been, good, bad or just plain lousy (and today has been a doozy!) our prospects for a MAGAnificent evening are off the charts when we settle in with our fine fellow Deplorables to listen and watch OUR President speak directly to We The People!!


    Thank you, God! 🙏🏼

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  16. Red Tsunami! says:

    Abbott turns the mic on the crowd and crowd goes wild.

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  17. daughnworks247 says:

    Abbott is such a terrific Governor. Great anthem, too.

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  18. Red Tsunami! says:

    “TX economy is larger than Russia. That makes me [Abbott] more powerful than Putin”

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  19. Pam says:

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  20. kea says:

    Wow RSBN over 31,000 + watching!!!

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  21. daughnworks247 says:

    “All the gold from California can’t buy Beto a Senate seat in the Lone Star State!” – Gov Abbott.

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  22. NYGuy54 says:

    Gov Abbott nailed it. He was great.

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  23. Pam says:

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  24. feralcatsblog says:

    If you take in a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the chief difference between a dog and a Honduran.

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  25. lizzieintexas says:

    My BIL sent hubby a text a bit ago, he is in side!

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  26. Pam says:

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  27. It’s almost filled up! Full house!

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  28. Tl Howard says:

    Just turned off Fox. Reporters on the ground in Mexico talking about how the people in the caravan have blisters, showing women and children, saying that “there’s no evidence of this being planned or that people are being paid” and never mentioning that the initial hordes were all men who said, “We don’t care about laws–we’re crossing the borders and working construction.” Fox’s owners, the Murdochs, are as globalist as those at the Big 3, that’s for sure.

    What the reporters didn’t report is that as the caravan of paid “migrants” led the way, sure, the poor followed. They also don’t talk about the timing of the “march.” This sickens me.

    Potus can’t wait for them to reach our borders. That’s too late. I’d tell Mexico the new trade deal is off, won’t even be put to Congress.

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  29. Pam says:

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  30. Pam says:

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  31. Ken Maritch says:

    Watching RSBN’s outside stream…. those cops seem pretty relaxed considering the number of people there.

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  32. MM says:

    Is anybody else losing sound every few minutes or is it just me???

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  33. wyntre says:

    Not one Cable or broadcast station is covering this!

    C-Span has the Vermont Governor Debate with that freaky he-she.

    C-Span 2 has some obscure Va event.

    Lou’s doing regular show and Maaaatha is doing the same.

    Only way to see this rally is on-line.

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  34. CNN_sucks says:

    PDJT should address this. These globalists should be arrested. They have no right to decide or control the fate of this country. Remember all of these POS lives in a gated community with their illegal aliens slaves in tow. One person, one vote.

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  35. NYGuy54 says:

    Build the freaking wall, Sen Cornyn. Stop with your wordsmithing

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  36. LT>Gov Patrick is on

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  37. searkreb says:

    please clap
    Where’s jeb?

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  38. covfefe999 says:

    The police outside don’t have much to do because WE ARE CIVIL.

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  39. Pam says:

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  40. ParteaGirl says:

    Dan Patrick is revving up the crowd!!!

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  41. Will says:

    Over 38,000 watching right now on the RSBN feed. Wow!

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  42. Pam says:

    Wow the lieutenant gov is giving an awesome speech!

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  43. wheatietoo says:

    I’m so glad they’ve got the big Jumbotron screen for the people outside.

    Sounds like there are more people outside than inside.
    I hope they have a blast out there!

    Hopefully they can tailgate and have food out there.

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  44. feralcatsblog says:

    Beto = Border Enforcement Totally Obliterated.

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  45. Pam says:

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  46. kea says:

    I’m getting goosebumps I must admit.

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