Fusion GPS Contractor Nellie Ohr Invokes Spousal Privilege During Congressional Testimony…

Congressional Testimony Today – [Background] The political opposition research and propaganda delivery firm, Fusion-GPS, hired Nellie Ohr in late 2015 to work on Russia-centric issues due to her expertise and language fluency.  After Hillary Clinton and the DNC hired Fusion-GPS for opposition research and political assistance  Nellie Ohr was part of the “Trump Project” which evolved into the “Steele Dossier.”

Nellie Ohr’s husband Bruce Ohr was the number four official in the DOJ and participated on behalf of Fusion-GPS, the DNC and Hillary Clinton as a back channel of information from his wife Nellie Ohr and her co-contractor Chris Steele into the FBI to support the creation of the Trump investigation.

Simultaneous to these events the FBI Chief Legal Counsel James Baker was meeting with lawyers (M. Sussmann) representing the Clinton Campaign and DNC.  The Clinton lawyers were also providing political opposition research toward the same collective FBI effort against their political opposition, Donald Trump.

A joint congressional committee has been interviewing all of the participants as part of a broad investigation into the political weaponization of the DOJ and FBI during the 2016 presidential election.  In August Bruce Ohr gave testimony to the committee about his contacts with Fusion-GPS and their contractor Christopher Steele.  Mr. Ohr’s testimony conflicted with prior testimony from the founder of Fusion-GPS Glenn Simpson.

Mr. Simpson had previously told the committee he did not have contact with DOJ official Bruce Ohr until after the election (Thanksgiving 2016).  However, Mr. Ohr testified that he met with both Christopher Steele and Glenn Simpson long before the election and remained in close contact throughout the period leading up to the election.

Today Mrs. Nellie Ohr was questioned about her involvement with Fusion-GPS while working as a paid contract agent for the firm.  Additionally she was questioned on: her relationship with the dossier origination; her contacts with Christopher Steele; her role and responsibility within Fusion as it related to the Trump project; and the nature of the communication between herself and the participating players inside and outside of government.

It is being reported that Mrs. Ohr invoked spousal privilege to protect any communication between herself and her husband.

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135 Responses to Fusion GPS Contractor Nellie Ohr Invokes Spousal Privilege During Congressional Testimony…

  1. Slowkid says:

    Oh but of course she did.

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  2. anniefannie says:

    What a shocker!! The Ohr way of pleading the fifth!!

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  3. Chief Spreading Bull and Nellie …the same squaw?

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  4. If she was given immunity could she be forced to testify? I believe she can connect the FBI/DOJ and Fusion thereby proving a conspiracy. Let her go and FRY the rest of them.

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  5. Jay Wizz says:

    Is the claim of spousal privilege valid when the relevant communications happen in the course of both spouse’s employment?

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  6. rumpole2 says:

    As I have said before..

    A Congressional inquiry may well strive to “expose” the outline of all the corruption etc…. albeit VERY slowly, if every concluding at all. It may one day finally produce A REPORT!!

    But it is no substitute for a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION

    The evidence is real, the indictments are fake….

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    • Zippy says:

      If the Dems win the House, the only “investigation” that will continue is the one done by Judicial Watch which has no subpoena or prosecution authority at all. They can only sue for FOIA documents… and yet their actions are the ones responsible for most of the revelations in this scandal, not the actions of an apparently castrated and worthless Congress. This entire worse than Watergate scandal will then simply die away and the Dems will go after PDJT and Kavanaugh in every possible way.

      Even if they don’t win the House, no one is going to be seriously prosecuted and punished. Everything is far too far gone and has been for a long time only to be finally very clearly exposed by the Spygate framing scandal where most of the investigative work revealing it has been done by on-line journalists and amateur investigators. They got sloppy because they were sure Felonia von Pantsuit would win. Since they won’t be punished, they have every incentive to do the same again when needed, but they will not make the same mistakes next time.

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      • rumpole2 says:

        My point is that regarless of who controls the house..up to now and even after the midterms CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS are separate and should have been underway for the past 2 years… if Trump had control of DoJ.. which clearly he does not.
        He COULD gain control now.. better late than never.. and criminal investigations could be started after the midterms.. even if Nancy takes the House (and we all hope that does not happen)

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        • Chip Doctor says:

          Sorry Rumpole2, I don’t care what anyone says, POTUS has more control of DOJ than anyone thinks. Just because we didn’t get the big bomb that we all wanted, it doesn’t mean he isn’t winning. How many times have we questioned him only to be humbled by another huge win? His pattern is that when everyone thinks he is losing, he is winning….bigly I trust him. He knows what he is doing. Two months from now, Treepers will be giddy celebrating how our VSGPOTUS opened up another big can of whup ass on the Dems. Patterns are patterns. Just watch.

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          • rumpole2 says:

            FAITH can be good.

            But facts are facts.

            After 2 years people should be in prison.. and Trump should not be under investigation. Manafort should not be in prison.. his health declining.. in a wheel chair. Gen Flynn should not have his life ruined etc.
            I could go on. You are in DENIAL of reality

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            • rumpole2 says:

              Trump himself at his rally today specifically, but also many other times, has lamented what the DoJ is doing/not doing.
              So don’t take my word for it.. LISTEN TO TRUMP he has stated many times that he does not have control over DoJ and does not approve of what they are doing. He has said he wishes he had not appointed Sessions as AG.
              My how different the past 2 years would have been with an AG. Not Sessions. Not Rosenstein.
              But all is not lost.. write off the past 2 years and start with a new AG… After the midterms.

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      • Suzanne says:

        Extra props for the Felonia Von Pantsuit moniker

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      • Superjew says:

        House investigations NEVER produce indictments!
        Where’s an attorney general when you need one?
        I’m hoping a conservative judge will slip on an activist hat one day and issue a writ of mandamus to sessions ordering him to actually do his damn job.

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  7. Countrywatch says:

    Grand Jury case?


  8. Pedro Morales says:

    I had no idea she is soooo hot……

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  9. distracted2 says:

    I want to see evidence they’re actually married.

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  10. MLeake says:

    Does spousal privilege apply if both spouses are co-conspirators?

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  11. marko says:

    oh goody. Now I can watch a congressman appear on Judge Jeanine and tell me how frustrated he is that he cant get Ohr to talk.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “Now I can watch a congressman appear on Judge Jeanine”

      Yes, I watch her until the “panel” comes on and Dan Bongino has to “debate” Chris NPC.
      Then I go check out the action here on CTH for a little while, sometimes catching the end of her show.

      My real entertainment for the week, with a sprinkling of news, is the Greg Gutfeld show that follows. I miss Joanne Nosuchinsky.


  12. So this former Bush DOJ official agrees with us that there ARE relevant conflict of interest rules that should prevent spouses working with/for one another. DUH!

    Not just common sense. But leftists consider themselves too “sophisticated” and “brilliant” to utilize common sense.

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  13. Gil says:

    Did spousal privilege apply to the Rosenbergs?
    They still were convicted and executed.

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  14. duchess01 says:

    Well…isn’t that convenient – said the Church Lady.

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  15. calbear84 says:

    Who’s that standing next to Nellie?

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  16. rmnewt says:

    Perfect, now they need to followup on Brucy’s disclosure of Nellie’s conflict. If he didn’t dislodge it, then prosecute him for withholding dislosure. If he did and DOJ did nothing about it, prosecute those who did nothing or covered for them. Time for heads to roll.


  17. Problem: Spousal communication doesn’t cover her work FOR Fusion GPS just her conversations with Brucey. So an obstruction of Congress charge should be forthcoming for anytime she didn’t answer questions outside the sanctity of marriage, which is like 90% of her work and conversations with others both inside and outside Fusion GPS.

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  18. Problem: Spousal communication doesn’t cover her work FOR Fusion GPS just her conversations with Brucey. So an obstruction of Congress charge should be forthcoming for anytime she didn’t answer questions outside the sanctity of marriage, which is like 90% of her work and conversations with others both inside and outside Fusion GPS.

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  19. BestBets says:

    I’d go after Bruce Ohr really hard, fire him, threaten to take away his pension/retirement, do whatever it took for Whoa Nellie to have a change of heart. I can’t take any more of this nonsense.

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  20. Dutchman says:

    In other reports, I saw it reported it was a Democrat who said she invoked spousal priviledge.
    To try to suppress R voters? The Senate KNOWS where spousal priviledge is and isnt applicable.
    This unauthorised leak doesnt indicate she used it as blanket priviledge, like the 5th.
    So, it may be that in questions involving her conversations with hubby, she invoked it, but regarding her work, her communications with steele, etc. she may have answered.

    Wouldn’t put too much stock in this ‘report’, just yet.

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  21. Steve Summar says:

    Which one is Nellie…WWG1WGA

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  22. MIKE says:

    Better check the liquor cabinet, who knows how many fifths have been taken lately

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  23. twingirls (@twingirls49) says:

    Maybe it’s my eyes but is that Christine Blasley Ford’s attorney?

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  24. scott467 says:

    “Fusion GPS Contractor Nellie Ohr Invokes Spousal Privilege During Congressional Testimony…”


    I don’t think that was part of the deal that Bruce struck to keep himself and Whoa! Nellie out of the clink…

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  25. UncleGrumpy says:

    This only protects her from answering questions about her husband, not herself. Her husband was questioned separately, and the same goes for him. If an investigator asks the correct questions, nothing can be concealed. Don’t get caught up in the TV drama, the big ugly is here.

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  26. Tiffthis says:

    We all knew that was gonna happen. The only reason bill and Hillary are still married is so they can’t testify against each other. Rumor is Hillary convinced Huma not to divorce Carlos Danger while he’s in prison for that very reason.

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  27. LannyD says:

    But any conversation in which a third party was present is not considered privileged (assuming 3rd party not attorney) so those involving the lunch meeting with Steele etc will not be protected. She could still plead the 5th on those however. Lets see how hard folks fight against her assertion.

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  28. tommylotto2 says:

    CACI 215.Exercise of a Communication Privilege
    [Name of party/witness] has an absolute right not to disclose what [he/she] told [his/her] [doctor/attorney/[other]] in confidence because the lawconsiders this information privileged. Do not consider, for any reason at all, the fact that [name of party/witness] did not disclose what [he/she]told [his/her] [doctor/attorney/[other]]. Do not discuss that fact during your deliberations or let it influence your decision in any way.

    It seems that the incestuous nature of the DC swamp is fully prepared to take advantage of this legal axiom. How much sedition takes place between marital bedsheets. There is hope yet for star crossed lovers Strzok and Page. It is too late for the confidential marital communication privilege, but it is never too late for the marital testimonial privilege.

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  29. chojun says:

    It’s looking more and more now that a 2nd independent special council will be Trump’s wildcard on this if the Republicans were to lose the House and/or Senate.


  30. Monticello says:

    Coyote spousal communication….what a howl!

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  31. Scarlet says:



  32. Non=combative. says:

    “Whoa Nellie”, says Keith Jackson from the grave…..


  33. daughnworks247 says:

    Wake me up when someone goes to jail. Too frustrated to talk about it.

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  34. Zorro says:

    Do Peter Strzok and Lisa Page get Affair Privilege? After all the leftist argument is that it would be “unfair” just to give privilege to people that are in the antiquated institution of marriage.

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  35. franuche says:

    Oh, ok. Guess I can go back to my nap. Someone wake me when something of substance actually happens to these MFers.


  36. yeah, they had all their bases covered. And the fixed it so that Gowdy, the deep state shill, will be privately interviewing Rosenstein, so we know that will go nowhere. He will say he believes Rosenstein that he was just joking, etc….watch.


  37. Did they honeymoon in the Soviet Union like Bernie and the College Bankrupt?

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  38. For Eyes says:

    OK, I will say it out loud.

    After several years of hearings, the truth is they have proven to be pointless. They have only served to create expectations that have proven to be unrealistic among conservatives that something tangible would come of it, only to see expectations dashed.

    No minds have been changed among independents or Dems. It has not swayed a single vote in any noticeable way. It is not even an issue mentioned in these campaigns. Both parties are entirely silent on the topic.

    There is no perp walk by anyone senior, except on the Rep side (Flynn, Manafort). A small handful of lower and middle tier folks are in the chute.

    The DOJ isn’t functioning in the normal sense. It is doing a fine job of protecting perpetrators, but absolutely failing to prosecute cases where there is plenty of evidence in the public domain.

    Stealth Jeff, Q, the IG, Huber and Leverage have all become a massive joke.

    There is no tangible action any of us can take that will make a difference. There is no campaign, no PAC, no organization to support that reasonably promises to make a difference.

    I expect to see responses saying this is unreasonably pessimistic. The truth is, I am just stating facts that are not pretty. Own it. Hope is not a strategy.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “The truth is, I am just stating facts that are not pretty”

      You did a splendid job doing it, too. Thanks for comment.


  39. jacksprat says:

    I briefly researched this and have come to the conclusion that DOJ can label these actions as National Security issues and void spousal privilege.

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  40. DanO64 says:

    DJ Dedication: To the Lovely Nellie from your Bruce.


  41. Chewbarkah says:

    Was anything asked and/or answered about Nellie’s short wave radio use? Or did she say she only used it to communicate with Bruce and therefore won’t answer?


  42. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    ‘It’s Pat!!’


  43. golfmann says:

    It’s not a trial… How does that apply?


  44. Burnt Toast says:

    Spousal Privilege

    Is this a magic cloak that prevents one from being questioned or an excuse from answering?

    So, Nellie, did you and your spouse ever conspire to commit treason?

    Spousal Privilege, SPOUSAL Privilege, SPOUSAL PRIVILEGE!

    Nellie, to invoke spousal privilege to a question which clearly should be denial can only be rationally interpreted as affirmation that it did in fact occur. Now, gain, I ask if you and your spouse conspired to commit treason and to answer in the affirmative invoke spousal privilege.


  45. Concerned says:

    The New FBI/CIA Song



    • Concerned says:

      Need some help wit the rest of the words. (lol)

      They got a ticket to hide
      They got a ticket to hide
      They got a ticket to hide
      But They don’t care

      They said that living with us
      Is bringing them down, yeah
      For they would never be free
      When we were around

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  46. Concerned says:

    Breaking News That’s Not Breaking News – more, you would want a small group to keep it hidden. Four people behind closed doors. Both sides protecting Rosenstein!

    Lou Dobbs Tonight 10/19/2018 – Breaking News Oct 19, 2018
    Start At:27.40

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    • beach lover says:

      This segment with Matt Gaetz should be shown far and wide between now and the RR testimony. Pressure should be put on someone to stop this charade before it happens!

      I don’t care if it has been agreed to that only Gowdy and Goodlatte can question him on our side. Agreements are made to be broken, right? They do it all the time! Trump needs to step in behind the scenes, at least, and put a stop to this. Who is advising him? RR?

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  47. j'accuse says:

    I’m curious why she got a HAM radio license. A hobby, or some other reason?

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  48. LibertyONE says:

    This entire debacle is a CLUSTERF*CK . Nothing is accomplished, NO ONE is indicted, nor arrested. It’s one big joke on us!


  49. TigerBear says:

    LOL No surprise. Gotta give em credit…..we’re halfway through Trumps presidency and they are still in control! 😳🙄😄

    No, its not a laughing matter….but its like watching the three stooges actually winning. 🙄


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