Sunday Talks: Lindsey Graham Discusses Kavanaugh Nomination…

Senate Judiciary Committee member Lindsey Graham walks through the events of the past several days and outlines his hopes for how the senate confirmation process will progress.

Senator Graham is optimistic the FBI report will leverage Flake, Collins and Murkowski to support the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh against their expressed opposition.  West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin doesn’t have to do anything as long as the republicans are the opposition. This type of protection agreement is the UniParty way; it works in both directions.

Graham is making the same bet as President Trump; likely it was Graham who convinced POTUS into the FBI/VOTE delay.  Hopefully, they are correct; I’m not convinced.  We’ll see… maybe, in a few weeks… possibly, hopefully, sooner; if we get lucky. The UniParty goal is to keep pushing until the gravity of the mid-term election gains an unbreakable grip on Kavanaugh.


Part 2 of the interview below:


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230 Responses to Sunday Talks: Lindsey Graham Discusses Kavanaugh Nomination…

  1. Joshuatree says:

    I disagree! Did anyone see the USA Today article the other day suggesting Brett is a pedophile??? Every comment board blew up in their faces whether conservative or liberal. If the vote drags on past mid-terms, Kav is in bc more and more people see past this farce!

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    • rsanchez1990 says:

      The Dems are only dragging because they think they can win. If the vote drags past mid-terms, when the Dems will inevitably lose the Senate to a GOP supermajority, they will stop dragging the day after the elections.

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  2. Chris M says:

    I don’t know that Brett Kavanaugh was the favorite judge of conservatives on PDJT’s short list. In fact, many of us were disappointed that Amy Coney Barrett wasn’t picked. At the time, conventional wisdom was that she would be nominated to replace a seat vacated by a woman, and with the upcoming midterm, Kavanaugh would cruise through the confirmation process.

    Looking back, I wonder if some from the Uniparty sang a sirens song in PDJT’s ear, promising a swift confirmation. Although not on the original list, once his name was added the Uniparty had plenty of time to plan their subversion. It did not start in July, 2018. It started long before then, September 7 is when the rest of us learned of it, and we have been playing catch-up ever since.

    Although I had stronger convictions about some other judges on the short list, after the disgusting coordinated attack on Judge Kavanaugh, I find myself fully behind him. If the Uniparty and the Democrats in particular want to make his confirmation a midterm issue, then go for it. Republicans will turn in droves out if the SCOTUS is on the ballot. It happened in 2016, and if necessary, will happen again in 2018, and 2020.

    PDJT would never have won states like Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, etc had the seat held by the departed Antonin Scalia been filled. Enough Never-Trumpers swallowed whatever pride they thought they had and voted for President Trump. It still scares me to realize that if she had gotten elected, we may well be on the verge of her third SCOTUS nominee, as RBG probably would have hung it up instead of hanging on.

    Although I wasn’t terribly excited about his nomination, I’m in his corner now, ready to fight back. Hurry up, early voting, get here! I can’t wait to vote some of these scum out of office!

    (BTW, thanks Sundance for all that you do, I appreciate it sincerely!)

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    • Chris M says:

      “turn out in droves” i mean

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    • Lois buxton says:

      From Australia I watched both testimonies and found my self a) a little tearful as to the unsubstantiated attack on Judge Kavanaugh and b) a general uneasiness in Dr Ford’s demeanor, particularly her teenage voice. It has taken me some days to connect: some years ago whilst away at a guesthouse one of the scheduled evening entertainments featured a hypnotist and I couldn’t believe the change in the people who put up their hands indicating they were “under”. After being instructed to go back to a certain period of their lives, some to distant past generations, their voices changed to suit the period. These weren’t plants as I had walked and played various games with them as fellow guests and of course I can’t really vouch for their authenticity, if they were actors they would have won oscars. Watching Dr Ford I couldn’t shake this similar sensation off it was quite eerie.

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    • magoo622 says:

      Ultimately it would not have mattered who was nominated unless they came from the 9th circuit. There still would have been an orchestrated effort to derail the nomination. And wait until Ginsburg retires. That will be more of a fiasco. The democrats do one thing really well, being persistent in their cause; something the Repubs need to learn and fast. I think in this case…..reading the tea leaves…..the Dems may have over reached. Its like OCare in 2009 all over again


  3. HerbyGal says:

    Jeff Flake got booed by a bunch of liberals with that Coons creature! Wouldn’t you think he’d be a hero to the left?

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  4. waltherppk says:

    Beata Lux

    Let dust in dust and silence lay
    For there the heaven is but who am I
    How shall I sing that majesty
    Which angels so admire in ecstasy

    O Lux beata trinita (English translation) O blessed three-fold Light
    Fulget crucis mysterium The mystery of the cross shines out
    Lucis creator optime Wonderful creator of the Light
    Aeterna Lux caelestia Everlasting heavenly Light

    I shall on earth be dark and cold
    Black skies surrounding me with fears untold
    But there’s a sea without a shore
    A sun without a sphere eternally

    Beata-beata……..Lux Blessed, blessed…….Light

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  5. davidsstones says:

    Men who vote, think through this battle. Remember, courts decide based on precedents. Will you not vote because you’re unsure of Kavanaugh? Want your vote to honor Ms. Ford?
    You’re mistaken. Democrat’s will use your abstinence to dishonor men and promote abortion.

    Feinstein said it in the hearing Thursday: “This is about Row vs Wade ”
    Take it to the streets, call your friends, this is not about Ms. Ford.

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    • waltherppk says:

      Luciferian reign and power in this world is being brought to an end by those who serve God.

      The hammer is being brought down on evil fools whose hubris and mocking of God
      will end….. if necessary with their being slain. If such corrupt and deceitful fools had any instinct for survival and any situational awareness whatever they would be trembling and on their knees, but minions of hell are what they are and have to learn the hard way ….

      as they BURN.


    • 196ski says:

      This was never about Ms. Ford, she is just a pawn to be used and discarded. The Democrats fake concern for her sickens me.

      To them:
      The ends justify the means.


  6. jsteele9 says:

    I liked this sundance quote the best although all are insightful:

    “We The People need to end this decade-long fight strategy where we engage amid shadows and deceivers. Their preferred ground rules for this are based on Machiavellian political scheme, lies and fraud.”

    I think the quote above describes, in part, the so called “bi-partisanship” relationships (ie bipartisan Lyndsey) and “reaching across the aisle” in private or “in the shadows” between Dem and GOP members, especially secret talks between the Speaker and the Minority leader and so on. This is how and when the people (and Trump) are sold out by the Uni-Party’s “political schemes.” I know there is a separation between the Exec and Congress but the majority party’s important issues were decided by an election and the policies presented by the candidates and the President like Building a Wall etc. Unlike most politicians, Trump is trying to honor his promises but that is obviously not what every elected GOP rep has been doing “in the shadows.”

    The people should be kept well informed about any agreements regarding the people’s business. No more back room deals or secrets. Full transparency.

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  7. BS Carazy says:

    Follow the Money!


  8. RJ says:

    I’m usually optimistic, but I don’t think Kavanaugh will be confirmed. It’s really a travesty. The dog killer Flake really shafted the supporters of MAGA.


  9. Not2worryluv says:

    Interesting spin the MSM can put on a poll. MSN had one of their headlines read “4 out of 10 believe Ford’s accusations”…..doesn’t that then mean perhaps 6 out of 10 didn’t?

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  10. f.fernandez says:

    We are the majority and we need to act like it. Trump has made inroads with black/hispanic support and that TERRIFIES the Left. Without their stronghold on those two groups they’ll be lucky to win back any branch of the Govt for several years.


  11. Fools Gold says:

    Lindsey is a bi-partisan guy in his own words. . In other words he will work with socialist committees to drag the vote on the constitutionalist judge until after the midterms. Anybody who thinks he’s a patriot has their wires crossed…just look at the results in America since he’s been a senator…


  12. How can Graham defend Rosenstein when we all know he is neck deep in the silent coup. Graham did well in the Kavanaugh hearing but I still don’t trust him. I will always view him as a Rino never-Trumper

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  13. EJ says:

    Reading between the lines here, I get the sense that Sundance believes Graham is playing the part of the double agent with his allegiance to the Uniparty. This take would explain his theatrics during the hearing. Would also explain any support for a delay. Very plausible possibility.

    However, I am not convinced. I think Brett is the GOPe darling and hence the reason President Trump nominated him. The President probably (rightfully) anticipated that any nomination this year would be fought tooth and nail in response to the Garland situation. I think Trump picked someone that the GOPe would go to war over. I think this is a sincere left v. right battle and Flake is a sincere idiot.


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