Fusion GPS Operator Glenn Simpson Refuses To Testify to Congress – Chairman Goodlatte Issues Subpoena…

Fusion GPS is a political research firm and network of political operatives who sell their mercenary services to anyone willing to pay.  Fusion has resources inside and outside government and the capability to exploit FBI and NSA databases containing information about U.S. citizens.  Fusion then uses a secondary network of media outlets who they pay to write articles shaped for their purposes. Fusion GPS is operated by Glenn Simpson.

In April 2016 Hillary Clinton hired Fusion GPS to target her presidential campaign opponent, Donald Trump.

Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson then assigned Russian expert and CIA research analyst Nellie Ohr to the Trump project.  At the time Nellie Ohr’s husband, Bruce Ohr, was the #4 ranking official inside the DOJ National Security Division.  Simultaneous to Nellie Ohr’s assignment, Fusion GPS also sub-contracted with Christopher Steele for additional material and internal collaboration with Mrs. Ohr.

Glenn Simpson, Nellie and Bruce Ohr then worked with Christopher Steele on the “Steele Dossier” and the promotion of the content therein to media and FBI allies.  The FBI then closed the loop by exploiting the information within “the Dossier” to gain a Title-1 FISA surveillance warrant on the Trump campaign.  All of this activity is now a matter of public record; none of it is disputed.

This network of activity has gained a great deal of sunlight over the past nine months as witnesses have given testimony to congress, and documents have been released showing how it all came together.

With these new revelations in hand, and with all of the supportive documentation now released, Joint House Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte wants to question Fusion-GPS founder Glenn Simpson about his role in “Spygate”, the corrupt exploitation of the FISA court and the larger “Crossfire Hurricane” FBI counterintelligence operation, headed by fired FBI agent Peter Strzok.

Through his attorneys Glenn Simpson is now refusing to testify about his involvement in all of the operations against candidate, president-elect, and President Donald Trump.

In a rather revealing letter [SEE HERE] Mr. Simpson is refusing to accept that he played a role in the operation(s), and instead is placing the blame for the abuse of the U.S. intelligence apparatus upon the Australian government:


Yes, you read that correctly; Mr. Glenn Simpson is saying he and Christopher Steele didn’t start the spy operations, it was the Australians’ fault.

Apparently Chairman Goodlatte is having nothing to do with this ridiculous denial, and has now issued a subpoena for Mr. Simpson to appear and answer for his involvement.


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217 Responses to Fusion GPS Operator Glenn Simpson Refuses To Testify to Congress – Chairman Goodlatte Issues Subpoena…

  1. New Nonna to Be, Again!!! 🤗 says:

    Well looky here. Seems someone’s afraid of what might come out of his mouth to cook his, or someone he’s afraid of’s, goose.

    Where are all the Dems looking for Justice?? O right, how foolish of me.


  2. That is easily the most idiotic lawyer letter I’ve ever read.

    Will be good to see these clowns’ balls bake.


    • YL Calif says:

      Glenn Simpson (sworn testimony Nov. 2017) states that he was hired to manage an exceptional situation.
      MR. SIMPSON: Well, this was a very unusual situation, because right
      around the time that the work started, it became public that the FBI suspected the
      Russians of hacking the DNC. And so there was sort of an extraordinary
      coincidence. It wasn’t really a coincidence but, you know, our own interest in
      Russia coincided with a lot otpublic disclosures that there was something going
      on with Russia.
      And so what was originally envisioned as an original — as just a sort of a
      survey, a first cut of what might be — whether there might be something interesting
      about Donald Trump and Russia quickly became more of an effort to help my
      client manage a, you know, exceptional situation and understand what the heck
      was going on. ” (pg 66) https://docs.house.gov/meetings/IG/IG00/20180118/106796/HMTG-115-IG00-20180118-SD002.pdf


  3. jameswlee2014 says:

    I wonder if Obama thinks people in Australia speak Australian?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Prolly.

    I’m certain Obama thought that people who followed him spoke Obamian.


  5. Leucotheahints says:

    If he comes with such impeccable credentials, (as claimed in the letter) he of course should be so willing to enlighten us deplorables.


  6. Fools Gold says:

    Most excellent Goodlatte! 🍻


  7. TwoLaine says:

    Subpoena Australia too. American citizens have a right to know their complete role in subverting our U.S. Elections.

    I also want to know what The Kenyan promised them in return. Is his why The Kenyan agreed we would take their criminal undesirables (alleged refugees/asylees) off their hands at the final hour of his illegitimate Presidency?


  8. TwoLaine says:

    I think that Maxine Waters should be subpoenaed to tell us all about the fantastic database The Kenyan has.


  9. elloyd_tunt says:

    I don’t think accusing the Australians is correct; I believe that ‘The One-Armed Man’ of ‘The Fugitive’ movie is guilty of everything, including spiking the punch-bowls at the ten ‘rape parties’ Judge Kavanaugh has been accused of orchestrating and attending. The One-Armed Man did it all!


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