Sunday Talks: Chairman Devin Nunes Discusses McCabe -vs- Rosenstein on FISA Abuse…

British intelligence, apparently seeking to protect Robert Hannigan, the former Director of GCHQ; and Australian intelligence intelligence seeking to protect Alexander Downer, Foreign Affairs Minister and Ambassador to the U.K; have asked President Trump Trump NOT to release un-redacted FISA documents.

Chairman Devin Nunes discusses the involvement of the U.K and Australia, along with the conflict between DAG Rod Rosenstein and Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe ‘s attempt at a Coup d’état to impeach President Trump.


The latest *claim* (defensive positioning) from the camp of Rod Rosentein, is that the Deputy AG enlisted Robert Mueller because Rosenstein viewed McCabe as intent on abusing his office to take down the president.  This inherent risk is the reason team McCabe leaked the damaging information on Rosenstein to the New York Times.

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199 Responses to Sunday Talks: Chairman Devin Nunes Discusses McCabe -vs- Rosenstein on FISA Abuse…

  1. PAPA not shutting up!
    Impressed by his fighting spirit. His wife surely taught him a lot.
    I doubt he would’ve been entrapped that easily with her on his side back then.
    “After hearing the Australian media, during their interview of my wife @simonamangiante, tell her that “the professor”, Joseph Mifsud, the man who told me about “emails” was connected to the British MI6…i am floored. But not shocked at this point of how complicit the Brits are.”

    • Howie says:

      Dowdy is a Redcoat.

    • Cheri Lawrence says:

      Thanks Seb, I don’t have Twitter but love seeing PapaD getting his voice back!! He is much more hip on the conspiracy machinations than Carter Page!! It is so interesting to see the UK and Aus bad actors exposed as this house of cards continues to fall!!

    • jmclever says:

      Remember, Hillary was supposed to win.If she had, the actions by actors in the UK and Aus would have been view very differently by those respective countries.

      • Newton Love says:

        The Aussies (and many others) bet on the wrong candidate. In fact, they pushed their whole stack of chips onto the wrong bet.

        They all lost BIGLY (Big League) ! ! ! !

        Hopefully they have a few coins in their pockets, or they will have to walk home.

      • murray smith says:

        I hope it all comes out soon, the American, British and Australian people have the right to know whats been done and by who on behalf of who, in their names. At a guess I reckon all 5 eyes lnc the CIA/DOJ/FBI are the “who” who have been in on the “what”. I would place a substantial bet that the Bilderbergers, the EU, multinational corporations, the Chinese, the UN, the entire Globalist cabal who all have much to lose by a resurgent US are the “who for”.

    • SmilinJackAbbott says:

      Here is the interview:

  2. DiU says:

    Just a clarification: Downer was the Foreign Affairs Minister who first authorised payments to the Crooked Clinton Foundation. He was then the High Commissioner to the UK (Ambassador) and just recently his daughter ran for his old seat in Adelaide.

    The Australian press is silent on this and it is simply shameful.

    • Faye says:

      ‘Outsiders’ on Sky with Rohan Dean and Ross Cameron had Papadopolous’ wife’s interview on yesterday Sunday, 23rd.

    • JasonD says:

      Indeed, it is shameful. I am ashamed, as an Aussie. Our former PM Gillard donated much more than Downer to the CF and today (I think she still works there) she has a job with a CF affiliated entity, the Global Partnership for Education – no doubt wanting to “bless more of the world with Clintonesque morals”. These people are evil and will never stop, and some Aussies are “all in commies”

  3. Muthaucker says:

    The scheme team is digging their own grave.

  4. billrla says:

    I just want to make clear that I have never worn a wire. Not even braces.

  5. I don’t understand why POTUS changed his mind on declassification. Not like him at all….

    • Teagan says:

      Littleflower…because he doesn’t need to at this point in time…they are imploding quite nicely on their own.

      • dawg says:

        thank you! What is the deal with everyone? Do they have no sense of strategy, timing or leverage?

        • MaineCoon says:


        • Koot Katmando says:

          Including Nunez? He seemed visable upset that the information is not out there. I call Bull Schiff on walking back the declassification was leverage. Leverage for what exactly? Mueller Stand down?

          • dawg says:

            He didnt seem visibly upset to me and didnt seem any more frustrated than Ive seen him in any other interview.

            Id say leverage on Rosey. Leverage on the Brits/Australia. Leverage over all the conspirators really. The threat of exposing it is what caused McCabe to out Rosey. Our “allies” have now outed themselves.

            You have to play these things out. As soon as this is all declassed, POTUS can fire everyone. But doing that before the midterms would be very risky. But not firing anyone with all this exposed would make POTUS look weak. And talk about hurting morale of the base.

      • Fools Gold says:


      • Jay Wizz says:

        The problem is, they don’t implode until the media says they have imploded.

        And the media isn’t going to do that until there is a smoking gun.

        • Dutchman says:

          Because the media is COMPLICIT, they won’t even aknowledge the soft coup, after the documents are released, unredacted, showing clearly there was a soft coup. They will be Bagdad Bob, right up to the end.

          The American people at large are going to have to see the conspirators, eliciting (confessing) ON CAMERA, what they did and how they did it, in order to truly ‘ get it’.

          THIS is the ONLY way the ‘average, low info voter’ and the many who don’t even bother to vote, and the victims of TDS are going to be edumacated.

          And the only forum for this, is the Congressional hearings, ala Watergate.
          Therefore, criminal cases against the conspirators need to be so airtite, and compelling, that there are no trials, only guilty pleas. And, testimony to Congress is coordinated with the Prosecution. The coupists are given LIMITED immunity, for Congressional testimony, so they can’t claim 5th, but the coordination is so their Congressional testimony (and immunity) doesn’t interfere with their prosecution.
          THIS is what we get with a red tsunami.
          With a blue wave, we get nafa, zip,nothing.
          Except unsuccessful attempt to impeach DJT, probably Kavanaugh and total blockage and gridlock, and pointless investigations of all the administration.
          THAT’S what’s up for grabs, in the midterms, IMHO.

    • Deusvult says:

      Cause the final episode of The Apprentice wouldn’t run on a Monday morning.
      It will air, after a lot of teasers, smack at prime time, which is in this context the midterms.

      He could’ve released a year ago..
      When he releases none of our enemies will be able to respond or mitigate damage.

      You can imagine how people are shifting and scrambling behind the scenes right now handing VSG POTUS a lot of leverage.

      • Newton Love says:

        When the DeepState Cabal commenced their attack on the (R) Party candidate, even before they knew it would be trump, they had their best strategists fashion a plan of attack that they thought would derail any (R).

        Their error was that they were over confident. They were CERTAIN that HRC would win.

        When Trump became the Candidate, they switched all of their sedition assets on bringing him down. Again, heir error was that they were over confident. HRC had it won already.

        When PDJT won and was inaugurated, all they had was resist and launch a Special Counsel. THEY HAD NO Contingency plan should Trump win.

        Again, their arrogance was their downfall. They were sure that their champion Mueller would be able to bring down PDJT.

        That’s not happening. PDJT ORDERING the declassification of the documents will expose all of the cockroaches and rats, and many will be guilty of crimes that require prison. If we were at war, then some would get death.

        The smarty pants dresses of the DeepState Cabal had no plan in place to handle this event. So, every rat and cockroach for themselves. The whole conspiracy to overthrown the US Government and POTUS 45 is falling apart, and the guilty are exposing themselves faster than PDJT can.

        Criminals are always the stupid ones.

    • The Boss says:

      It was an opportunity to publicly smoke out more bad people. And it’s looking like it worked. Especially with our “allies”. They are on notice to put things right or face consequences that will make their heads spin. I would not want to be obama, brennan, clapper, kerry or crooked hillary, to name a few. Putting things right will involve them.

      • These British & Australian “Allies” … whose leaders just PROVED PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE of their complicity … know that they face the same SUCCESSION of SANCTIONS as Russia, Iran and North Korea unless they MAKE THIS RIGHT.

        Better start BEFORE the Mid-Term Elections, or the cost will multiply endlessly.

      • What President Trump can require:
        • Revelations of Obama-Clinton Corruption
        • Bilateral Trade Deals
        • Ally-funded American Military Bases … ending the looting of America to defend them.

    • MaineCoon says:

      It’s ok not to understand all things in life, litleflower.

    • Raven says:

      It’s much better (and smarter) to have the IG handle the declassification because it keeps the process at arms length from POTUS. This also avoids any possible accusation of “interference”.

      Don’t forget that the DOJ hampered and sanitised the IG’s last report and it now seems the DOJ held back some of McCabe’s memos as well.

      The IG has now been directly handed the responsibility he was always supposed to have.
      If somehow, the IG is “got at” again or the release doesn’t match what POTUS has ordered, POTUS will intervene and release the lot.
      This means the IG is also on notice to do the right thing . . if it comes to that.

    • Mark McQueen says:

      Didn’t change his mind. Just changed strategy. Declass is coming.

  6. hoghead says:

    Sock it to ’em! UK/Aus need to learn what the word “ally” means, at least that’s what someone who should know has opined…

  7. mikebrezzze says:

    No wonder Trump treated that Aussie prime minister like a little bitch, Trump knew they were complicit in spying on him!

  8. WSB says:

    So, now the genie of mutual self destruction cannot be put back into the bottle?

  9. ann says:

    Our Justice Department is an unfit custodian for national security.

    • MaineCoon says:

      That is very true and I haven’t seen anyone but you actually state that fact.

      • ann says:

        Maine, Thanks.
        t’s been clear for quite some tims, and I’ve said so releatedly.
        What I’ve come to understand is the complexity of what is required to transfer authority in a way that respects the constitution.
        I’m hoping we have a firewalled parallel entity which is holding down the fort, so to speak.

        At times I worry that we dont.
        However, as this has been so clear to me, with my limited access ,Judicial Watch ,primary source documents etc.,, surely other Americans see this, including those with power .

        Never been drawn to conspiracy theories, just objective fact based thinking .,I’m an ordinary American. That gives me hope.

  10. stablesort says:

    “This inherent risk is the reason team McCabe leaked the damaging information on Rosenstein to the New York Times.”

    With McCabe fired long ago, he still has a ‘team’ working on his behalf within the FBI? Maybe there is a feral security clearance or two that needs to be tracked down and revoked?

  11. The Daily C. drawing from a NYT piece hints it was the Brits. who wanted to protect Steele and his communications with US “Law Enforcement”, yet Steele has not been in the employ of Her Majesties’ intelligence services since 2009. Lots of stuff dribbling out.

  12. Howie says:

    Damn Redcoats. Redcoats and American Traitors. Three if by Government.

  13. perpetuaofcarthage says:

    I forgot: how was Hannigan involved? What is GCHQ? Was he retired in 2016?

  14. SW Richmond says:

    OT: Judge Kavanaugh should start a gofundme to sue Ford and her family right out of existence.

  15. renzi2018 says:

    This went to the top, Obama, via Clapper, Brennan, and likely Rice and Powers, all of whom authored hundreds of referrals for illegal NSA take.

    Although the FBI claims that Papadopoulos’ emails were recovered via a lawfully obtained search warrant, there is no doubt that the information was already in the hands of the U.K. and the U.S. intelligence community. The documents leaked by Edward Snowden in 2013 show definitively that such conversations were intercepted and retained by both the GCHQ and the NSA. Obtaining material for prosecution from intelligence sources that will be allowed into a court proceeding is known as parallel construction.

    “What Ray McGovern and I were thinking is that the whole conspiracy about the Russian narrative was concocted by Brennan and then most likely approved by Obama. This is what I told Pompeo when I was in with him. It requires the NSA, CIA, FBI, DNI, DNC and the DOJ to be coordinating — especially for things like the Steele dossier. The only one place they all come together and can be ordered to coordinate and cooperate is the president — which was Obama. The DOJ doesn’t fall under the DNI or anybody else — only the president,” Binney told The Gateway Pundit. ”

    • dd_sc says:

      Do lot leave Lisa Monaco off your list of Obama’s inner circle that may be in on the coup. Part of Obama’s national security team and former Chief of Staff (?) for Robert Meuller at FBI.

      I’m sure she was on Clinton’s short list to be first female FBI Director.

      • usayes says:

        Pls don’t forget Jarrett – probably directed the whole enchilada

      • renzi2018 says:

        Very astute point. Anyone sitting in on business meetings knows that the quiet one in the corner taking notes is usually the decision-maker. Or the Scribe that is the right hand man to the Executive Decision Maker.

    • Mark McQueen says:

      Obama, Brennan and the CIA were the instigators. CIA inside the FBI? For sure.

      • Mark McQueen says:

        Yeah, I know. Calling out the CIA is like declaring it was Aliens (Conspiracy Theory). Wonder how that attitude came about?

      • renzi2018 says:

        +100. Everyone is wound up about the FBI right now, but the CIA’s dirty fingerprints- or at least Brennans, are all over this. Remember Benghazi, and how DIA considered State The Enemy, and CIA their odd jobs gofers…

      • renzi2018 says:

        That is NOT to take away from the patriots who serve today- I have NO real inside knowledge of what goes on in Langley. But there is a history there- read Bob Baer’s books.

      • renzi2018 says:

        And like any big bureaucracy, there are cliques, factions, opposing sides- often on purpose for debate and competition- I am just suggesting that CIA like FBI, DOJ, IRS and EPA got hopelessly politicized in Obama’s years. Human nature, is the best spin I can put on it- but…
        Speaking as one who swore the Officers Oath to defend against all enemies…
        foreign and domestic…
        IMHO, they lost their way.

    • Leane Kamari says:

      Well, and NOW…the UK and Aussie Governments AND their secret service spying operations(MI6 et al) are cooperating with the Trump administration in order to avoid MAJOR hick ups in their international relationship with the US Government i.e. Trump administration — hu — that must be shocking for the “secret small group” ha,ha,ha

  16. Suzanne says:

    Declassify everything! BURN THEM ALL!

    • When you undertake an operation such as this you ENTER KNOWING THAT IF YOU get caught using the intelligence apparatus of a nation against one of the candidates for president of that nation you are going to be ABSOLUTELEY SCREWED, and may end up losing your life over it… Trump should say… either you punish the people involved internally… OR I WILL OUT THEM.

  17. Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

    These foreign intelligent services are now beholden to our President.
    Leverage. Big Time !!!!

    • WSB says:

      As are the a sitting leaders of Australia and the UK.

    • Nick Hunt says:

      As a deploreable Brit, I dream about Treason May being forced to admit her government’s complicity against its greatest ally.

    • Vince says:

      Something tells me we are going to get good trade deals with Australian and the U.K.

      • Cheri Lawrence says:

        Hahahaha!! Right!!!

      • Raven says:

        Haha . .
        But I think we’ll be OK on the trade front. Don’t know if anyone noticed but there was a list of about 20 countries and their trade balances with the US. Australia was the only one in positive territory which is no doubt why we were exempted from the steel/aluminium tariffs.

        With that said, Downer was a board member of that shady private intelligence company, Hakluyt and also a board member and promoter of the Chinese owned tech. company, Huawei. Huawei has been banned from both Oz and US telcos.

        By the way, the current Australian High Commissioner to the UK since May 2018 is George Brandis and I expect he’s not as duplicitous as Downer.

        But Downer was the first to donate my tax money to the Clinton Foundation.
        This was repeated by former PM, Julia Gillard, and more recently by Julie Bishop, the recently replaced Foreign Minister. As can be seen, these donations come from both sides of politics.

        I just can’t see what we got for our money so I hope someone got a receipt!

  18. Greg1 says:

    Rep. Nunes asked how the Brits and Aussies KNEW about the contents of the FISA documents. Great question, and very telling.

    They knew because they contributed to the schemes against Trump.

    Must have been some interesting phone calls President Trump received from BOTH the Brits and Aussies.

    How did BOTH countries know to call at the same time?

    Because they both contributed to the schemes against Trump.

    Goodness, I hope ALL of this becomes public and irrefutable knowledge. The sooner the better!

    • The Boss says:

      The Brits and Aussies first talked among themselves you can be assured. Then they talked to President Trump as they planned.

    • Bing says:

      Nunes in that clip just told The President (if he does not already know) and everyone else the Brits and the Aussies are not part of the FISA renewal that needs to be declassified. So that means the Brits and Aussies are worried about the Ohr 302’s, and the communications of Obama’s group at DOJ/FBI.

      There is no need to not declassify the FISA renewal immediately. It does not impact the foreigners that tried to help sway the 2016 USA Presidential election. It may have an impact on Mueller or RR and maybe a US citizen, but who gives a crap about US citizens over the needs and wants of foreign governments.

      Watch some half-assed group,including but not limited to that dumb F—k, hack Schiff go after Nunes for leaking classified information.

      • Amy2 says:

        I’m sure Rep. Nunes was on some cold medicine this morning.

      • Leane Kamari says:

        well, maybe the UK gave Trump Team some nice info on Schiff/Deripaska/Warner which he can use when the time comes. Surely the Brits know who on the Dems side is deeply involved – now that would really be a nice October surprise for the Dems – being in bed with the Brits to overturn the outcome of the US election!

    • Sneaky Pete says:

      Around here we were wondering this the other day. SD said that as part of the declassification process, we were required to tell them. In effect, their “calls” to us were in response to our “calls” to them. Is this not true? Devin Nunes certainly doesn’t seem to think so.

      • Amy2 says:

        Nunes said they weren’t in the FISA, plus the president (in his interview with Hannity before the rally) seemed genuinely surprised that the leaders had called him that day.

    • Chewbarkah says:

      “Rep. Nunes asked how the Brits and Aussies KNEW about the contents of the FISA documents.” My guess is that as SOP the DoJ gave the high-ranking counterparts in the British and Australian governments the material that related to their involvement and asked if they objected to its release. IOW, DoJ orchestrated the British and Australian objections.

    • Raven says:

      Well, anyone who’s slept with Ali Watkins has known about it for a year or so . . 😉

  19. Brant says:

    UK doesn’t want Steele mentioned. Maybe Trump could say, “ok, every country, every person, every entity, very publicly and without reservation admit to the false and illegal 2 plus year investigation. Mueller disbands everything. Every news show will cover it. If one refuses, everything is public.”

    • tappin52 says:

      I don’t understand this. Steele’s name and activities are already out there. What is left to keep under wraps? Same for Alexander Downer.

      • dd_sc says:

        That Steel and others were granted access to the GCHQ databases the same way contractors were provided access to NSA databases.

        The pervasive Security State that Snowden was warning about. If GCHQ was allowing queries on Trump, you can bet they were/are spying on Farage and company.

        • JohninMK says:

          As I understand it the strategy is, to get round local privacy laws, that the NSA has eavesdropping access to UK locations whilst GCHQ has similar access in the US. Such data is then interchanged as part of the Five Eyes Agreement.

          They are then able to say, hand on heart, that they did not eavesdrop in country on their own citizens.

          • Dutchman says:

            Think “Blackbriar”, in Bourne movie.
            THAT pretty much explains British involvement in ‘intercepts’.
            And, CIA is prohibited by law from operating on U.S. soil, which explains luring papa and C.Page OUTSIDE the U.S., in order to set them up.

      • tdaly14 says:

        Their names have all been released and discussed many many times. Here, Bongino, Daily Caller, Paul Sperry, Jeff Carlson and others. We already know. Just release it all.

      • RAC says:

        Well for instance it would be good to know if Steele was free lancing or was doing it with official approval. Also GCHQ was there a bunch of renegades breaking the rules or was that oficial, and why did Hannigen the GCHQ boss resign soon as PDJT was inaugerated.

        • JohninMK says:

          We are unlikely to ever know. If you think getting info out of NSA and US IC is tough, GCHQ and MI6 wrote the book and operate in a far less transparent country than the US.

          The Senate and House committees have no equal here in the UK.

        • Amy2 says:

          I wonder if the Brit/Aussies allow people to retain their security clearances.

          • JohninMK says:

            We didn’t used to and I am pretty sure that the clearance in terms of access to information ends the moment the ID card is handed in but adherence to the Official Secrets Act regarding what you know remains in place.

            There is just not the same seamless flitting between Government/military/IC and MIC/think tanks etc here in the UK as there seems to be in the US. Here it is much more how useful are the contacts, rather than what information, you have (information is still classified) that can enhance your marketability.

        • clipe says:

          Long read, but if you search the page for mi6 (MI6) you’ll get hit after hit. No wonder the Brits and Aussies are nervous.

    • SmilinJackAbbott says:

      You believe the ‘because Steele’ spin fed to the NYT, an obvious nonsensical lie. This is a last ditch effort to nix discovery of Mifsud & lord knows what else they were up to at the behest of Brennan.

  20. Angel Martin says:

    Unlike some, I don’t think Rosenstein is a black hat. I do think he is a rule of law guy. But I also think he is too invested in the institutions of the DOJ and FBI, and too eager to protect them and cover up misconduct (although protect and cover up is always “by the book”)

    In this case, if Rosenstein thinks that the FBI under McCabe et al. will do a corrupt investigation of Trump, “protecting the institution” requires getting the investigation out of the FBI so they are not given the opportunity to do a corrupt investigation.

    So RR appoints Mueller.

    Imagine Rosenstein watching the staffing of the Mueller investigation and seeing Lisa Page dropped in there by the FBI – when there was no obvious reason for her to be there (as she admitted in her texts).

    No wonder Mueller and his team was suspicious of her from the start and excluded her (as she admitted in her texts).

    When Mueller had problems with leaks early on, they must have suspected Lisa Page immediately.

    • DanO64 says:


    • Angel- while I very much appreciate your comment, no way in hell can I ever believe Rat Face Rosenstein is a Good Guy who supports our beloved President Trump.

      • usayes says:

        Agree he’s not a white hat. Recall his knee-jerk response to Cte doc requests. He would turn on his own mother. Just another rat in the very crowded cage of corruption.

    • dd_sc says:

      I think Rosenstein was a low level Black Hat. I get the feeling he was the “rubber stamp” person at DOJ people like Brennan and Strzok would go to as a formality to keep their activities flowing through the system. His name crops up on Uranium One and another scandal I can’t recall. Now he’s in up to his neck.

    • Brad Letts says:

      Charitably, RR is a weasel wearing a black hat. Odds are he’ll be indicted or has been and it is sealed. No way in my mind he is a good guy. Yea he cares about the FBI…like so many schmucks (cpmey, mccabe, ohr, strokz,…)…liking the ability to abuse their power, position and act contrary to the Constitution and Laws of the U.S. I do hope thay are all convicted, lose everything material and rot in prison for what they have done again President Trump and our Great Country!

      All IMHO:-)

    • Truthfilter says:

      No matter what RR said or didn’t say, he is/was compromised both then and now because he signed the FISA app, he was involved in Uranium One, and his wife has been a Clinton defense attorney throughout decades of their scandals. He has more conflicts of interest than Sessions ever did and yet Sessions was pressured to recuse himself from all things Clinton while RR continues to run the show.

      I think Sessions/Wray/Rosenstein/DOJ have convinced POTUS that they ARE cleaning up the mess through IG Harowitz and that declassification would damage public support their beloved institutions and may even cause chaos/riots in the streets, in the prisons, in the courts. It could erode the public’s trust in the rule of law to potentially dangerous levels, etc.,etc. These DC elites believe that they are guardians and protectors of the stupid little people. They are telling PDJT that exposing the truth may not be in the best interest of the people—even if it validates or exonerates him. I think RR is acting out of pure self preservation but Sessions may actually fear that the truth is too much for “the people” to handle, that the potential consequences of declassification aren’t worth it. I’m just speculating but I know our president has our best interests at heart and he would consider this kind of advice, no matter what motivates the advisors. At least temporarily. My gut feeling is that those documents —especially McCabe’s yet to be seen memos and texts-are damning beyond what we already suspect. There will likely be talk of the 25th amendment, assassination, entrapment ideas, etc. I think these small group members brainstormed out loud at their meetings. McCabe not only led the discussion, he wrote down every word of what everybody said or suggested. It is Andy McCabe who threatened to take “the whole place down” with him if he was fired or indicted. I hope he makes good on his threat. He hasn’t been indicted yet because Rosey knows he has the goods on him and everyone else.

      RR should be fired. He’s the gatekeeper, the protecter of all of them. He will try to control, alter, spin, and redact the next IG report just like he did with the first one. He needs to go.

      • Amy2 says:

        Agreed. RR is covering for everyone and himself especially. I believe Sessions doesn’t think we can handle it either, but that is not his call to make. We the People make it.

    • Amy2 says:

      Nope. RR:
      1. On the FISA
      2. Slow walking docs
      3. Arrogant in his Congressional testimony
      4. Full reign to Mueller (who has plenty of baggage)
      5. Convinces the president to halt on declassification
      6. Wife/connections
      7. Convenes a SC with his buddy that has no criminal charge

      • Jeff Seesions thinks RR is an honorable man and is to be trusted. What does this say about Jeff Sessions? I’m starting to think Jeff Sessions is more than an adorable little elf. Maybe a mischievous one enjoying dirty tricks.
        Whose idea was RR for Deputy AG? Sessions? Pence?

        • madeline says:

          Sessions is in way over his head. These DOJ and FBI bureaucrats are far to entrenched and evil for him to even be able to comprehend. They have him completely bamboozled.

          • I’m thinking Sessions May be a Southern Christian but his brain cells are not discerning good Vs evil and are allowing evil to flourish in his sight. To the detriment of his President, the DOJ and we the American people. He needs to go sit in a rocking chair in Mobile.

        • gda says:

          Sessions picked RR. PT let him do it without being involved because he still thought Sessions was on his side and not part of the swamp.

          • Really. Thanks!

          • America First says:

            No. Sessions fired him along with all of the zero’s assistant attorney general, and President Trump recommended he be hired back.

            RR is a very rule of law kind of guy. But yeah, he’s made some mistakes, big ones.

          • G. Combs says:

            “Sessions picked RR. PT let him do it….”


            Sessions FIRED Rosie’s Rump. It was President Trump who refused his ‘resignation’

            Actually Sessions kicked out every attorney he could: Jeff Sessions asks dozens of US attorneys appointed by Obama to resign
            “…“The attorney general, Jeff Sessions, has asked for the resignations of 46 US attorneys who were appointed during the prior presidential administration, the justice department said on Friday….

            The dismissal includes Preet Bharara, the top federal prosecutor in Manhattan who had been asked by Trump to stay on in November….

            The president called Dana Boente and Rod Rosenstein tonight to inform them that he has declined to accept their resignation, and they will remain in their current positions,” spokesman Peter Carr said in a statement….”

            It is thought by some President Trump kept the POS on the recommendation of Rinse Pubis

      • JX says:

        That sums it up.

    • In this instance, I believe you are correct. I don’t know of anyone else in government that can handle this corruption at DOJ and FBI except current DOJ and they won’t do it because they themselves are corrupted and conflicted.

      For example, Trump can ask someone to prosecute but no one will do anything. Sessions will run hide and RR is a part of this. None of them will act. It is frustrating to me and I am sure PT.

      Perhaps after the election this fall PT can clean house. Perhaps not. I know he will do it when he is in a position to do it and right now he seems unable to act. We don’t know the facts so I just trust PT to do this when he can.

    • Mark McQueen says:

      Don’t let this battle of “pointing fingers” between McCabe and RR sway you either way. They’re just trying to cut each other’s throat.

  21. ann says:

    General questio: Do we have a firewalled parallel agency that is conducting actual counterintelligence ?
    These emerging details are not unexpected,
    My concern is to know our country actually has an entity/org which is manning the fort, so to speak.
    A body of people who are uncompromised, focused on recapturing national security, who are not jinvested in protecting uniparty, transnational economic and legacy interests.

    I trust POTUS, not dissatisfied with his decisions. Just worried about basics, I guess.

    • Greg Cox says:

      I don’t recall where I heard it, but it’s been said the President is working with Military Intelligence.

      • jbowen82 says:

        There are two sources for this claim:

        1. Q.

        2. Inference from the fact that Admiral Roger’s visited President-elect Trump and the absence of public facts about military intelligence collection being abused in the way that FBI abused its authority.

        Neither of those sources necessarily proves that military intelligence is supporting the President against the miscreant agencies.

      • ann says:

        Thanks Greg.

  22. 335blues says:

    In other words, to hell with informing the American people whose government has suffered a coup attempt with the help of british and australian intelligence operatives.

  23. renzi2018 says:

    Nunes is genuinely upset here, in a way normally associated with DOJ stonewalling.
    He points out the “brits and aussies intel asked me not to do it” excuse doesn’t hold water.
    At this point PDT has undercut Congress GOP seeking answers, deferring to the IG, again.
    Horowitz has no subpoena authority over those out of government and notably underwhelmed on the last one.
    I hope someone close to tbe Trump is reading here, cuz: WTF?

  24. AngelOnejudicial says:

    That’s all fine and dandy, POTUS using declassification to hold over the heads of our welfare dependent backstabbing”allies” and the snakes in government but at a certain point American voters will not be pacified with unknown negotiations or watered down IG reports.

    Drain the swamp Lock Her Up weren’t just slogans they were the demands of the electorate.

  25. magakathryn says:

    Sundance, it’s not the FISA that the UK and Australia are worried about. Devin Nunes said towards the end of his interview, that there is nothing in the FISA about them. Just a guess, but I’d say it has to do with the 302s with Bruce Ohr?

    Again, as far as I can tell no one has seen the 302s and they are about his contacts with Christopher Steele. Do not recall when the 302s were first reported on …. before or after Ohr’s testimony? Remember Glenn Simpson’s testimony, which outed Stefan Halper and him mentioning something about someone getting killed or worried that someone would (I never read his testimony).

    So many webs.

  26. dd_sc says:

    Nations have no permanent friends or allies, they only have permanent interests.

    – Lord Palmerston

    Seems appropriate right about now.

  27. Howard Richman says:

    Rosenstein has promised that IG Horowitz will release a report before the election revealing that there was never any basis for the Mueller investigation. That report will leave out British and Australian complicity in the anti-Trump conspiracy. If the Horowitz report doesn’t come out in time, Trump will release the unredacted documents. Here are Trump’s tweet describing this position on September 21:

    In return, British Prime Minister May told the EU that she will exit Brexit without a trade deal unless she can negotiate a separate trade deal with Trump. Here is her statement about this the same day:

    • Yeah Trump knows all about leverage.
      Imagine they had released it all a year ago. We would’ve been ecstatic!
      But the way Trump handles this creates much more value than the short term gratification of Hilary hanging from a noose.

      Come out it will :masteryoda:

    • JohninMK says:

      Sorry but I don’t read anything in that statement by May that references a trade deal with the US or anyone else come to that.

      On that subject a trade deal with the US is problematic, for example there are strong reservations here regarding hormone loaded beef, chlorine washed chicken and GMO crops. All three are illegal here but are probably regarded as non tariff barriers by the US.

      • Howard Richman says:

        It’s there:

        “In plain English, [what the EU is offering] would mean [that] we couldn’t do the trade deals we want with other countries.”

    • Koot Katmando says:

      IG report before the elections. Not in the Tweet or any statement from PDT I have seen.

      • Howard Richman says:

        That’s how I interpret these words:

        “The Inspector General has been asked to review these documents on an expedited basis. I believe he will move quickly on this (and hopefully other things which he is looking at). In the end I can always declassify if it proves necessary. Speed is very important to me – and everyone!”

  28. Jpcarson says:

    If the IG has ongoing investigations into all this soft coup operation, should he not be the individual to decide what can be unredacted in the documents at this time and what needs to be repressed temporarily? I realize he has no power to indict or bring charges, but he still has important (let’s hope) investigations taking place for future referral. Am I wrong in this assessment. And ultimately, if the President gets pissed at His timeliness, he retained the power to release at his pleasure.

  29. truthbomb says:

    UK/Aus continue to interfere in our internal affairs and affect an upcoming election. With friends like this who needs enemies?

  30. qzy says:

    I’m not familiar with the “Chain O’ Command” at the DOJ/FBI, but I thought Rosenstein was McCabe’s boss? Is there any reason for Rosenstein to humor McCabe with:

    “HAHAHA! What do you want me to do, wear a wire? lol. ROTFLMAO!!!”

    • dd_sc says:

      His boss on paper. His role in the coup may be a different story.

    • Ristvan says:

      Interesting point. Technically, McCabe reports to Wray, head of FBI. Wray reports to Sessions. But Sessions is properly recused on PDJT campaign matters, so for that subject only reports to Rosenstein. Why Wray was not in the alleged McCabe Rosenstein meeting is a mystery—-unless folks are working around chain of command.

      • Angel Martin says:

        “Why Wray was not in the alleged McCabe Rosenstein meeting is a mystery”

        This would have been prior to Wray being appointed. McCabe was acting Dir.

      • bflyjesusgrl says:

        The supposed meeting was 2 weeks after Comey was fired, so at the time McCabe would’ve reported to Rosenstein.

      • GB Bari says:

        I believe even Sundance pointed this out when the initial batch of Strzok-Page texts were released; there was some discussion which implied that they were not sure of Wray’s “loyalty to the coup” (my words). I could be wrong about that but I do recall that Wray was, for a long time, considered a possible white hat and possibly operating with the IG or Huber. Then later, that thinking mostly collapsed when Wray gave that useless speech about needing to implement bias training after the release of the OIG report #2.

  31. Margaret Berger says:

    I don’t think the brits and aussies were just doing a little moonlighting for the dnc. Bet there is a paper trail of discussions on how to take out our elected government. If someone flippantly said, “What do you want me to do, wear a wire?” You can bet others were flippantly saying , “Can we drone him?” Bet there are numberous conversations on how to physically take out our president.

  32. Margaret Berger says:

    It is called treason and an act of war and there are many people shaking in their boots.

  33. Donna in Oregon says:

    I haven’t read any reports where President Trump places sanctions against Australia and Great Britain for interfering in a US election.

    Because that is exactly what they did.

    Why not treat them exactly like Russia?

    Unless of course both interfering countries want to admit that their interference was at the behest of Barry Obama, his lackeys, and the Clinton’s.

    • Carol from OZ says:

      I see a need to clarify thinking hear as it relates to Australia. First MSM here is corrupt. They love and support our left Labor Party and love and support even more the Greens who are even further to the left. In 2012 PM Kevin Rudd (Labor) announced a carbon tax. Conservatives were outraged enough to demonstrate in large numbers (civilly). Leader of the conservative party (Liberals) Tony Abbott opposed this and was elected in a landslide in 2013. Once in office he ‘stopped the boats’ where individuals and families had been flying to Indonesia and Malaysia (clearly with paperwork) and they paying large sums to fishermen to take them to Australia in rickety boats. Many drowned. He also stated Australia would not sign the Paris agreement.
      The media began to produce polls (you know about those) showing Abbott was becoming unpopular. Each subsequent poll had him lower. This provided an excuse for Malcolm Turnbull (or Turdbull as I think of him) to rally enough weak kneed losers in the ranks to back him in doing a Julius Caesar on Abbot in 2015 and Turdbull became PM. He initially applied to join the Labor party. They said sure, but you can never be our leader because you were never in a union!! So he went to the Libs and those idiots took him even though it should have been clear even to Blind Nelly that his goals were to become a PM and introduce left policies. He was big in supporting the NWO. He couldn’t sign on to Paris quickly enough. Downer, never likeable before, so obviously became Turdbull’s man and he was an open Clinton sycophant. It was he who sent millions of Australian taxpayer dollars to The Clinton Foundation. Realising how hated he and they had become, the Liberals finally did the same to Turdbull who is currently licking his wounds in New York with our media carrying reports of how badly he was treated and how we will all be sorry! Turdbull often sneered about President Trump and our MSM lapped it up.
      Whilst Abbott was PM Downer would never have risked this kind of action. But Turdbull made his dislike of President Trump clear though his media allies. Many Australian conservatives like myself love President Trump and only wish he could be cloned. At least the new Liberal PM is of the Abbott mould. He does not have a lot of time to rebuild before the Federal election next year but has made a good start despite the expected rubbishing he is getting in the MSM whose bitterness over the loss of their hero is blatant.
      So just wanting to point out to the Treehouse that it’s not ‘Australia’ but our former NWO PM and his Foreign Minister. Both are gone now. Praise the Lord.
      Best wishes to everyone on every branch here, I lurk every day but haven’t posted in a long time. Carol

      • GB Bari says:

        Carol – Thank you! Awesome summary for those of us not current on politics in Oz. it does clarify things a bit better than we may have understood. I do hope more Treeper review this, despite the intimidating large solid block of text.

        We apparently have some tree branches extending over our northern border and across the Pacific into “down under”. Glad to have allies wherever we can find them.

    • pmdea says:

      Michael Smith here in Australia tried a FOIA request to get info on Downer/Spygate from Australia government – result:-

      Australian Government “will neither confirm nor deny” the existence of documents linking Downer to the Trump/Russia allegations March 2018

  34. terry says:

    Is it too early to start talking Nunes 2024?

    He is my favorite by a mile.

  35. Ivehadit says:

    Someone turned on the juicer. Wonder what’s going to come out…🎃

  36. Mark McQueen says:

    I wondered, months ago, when all these brooding pessimists were going to start turning on Pres. Trump.

  37. CopperTop says:

    Don’t see it being mentioned elsewhere so here goes. This request by Intelligence is because the Queen had to be told and she knows and has known from the time 45 knew. She has long known.

    The Queen, remains the ultimate authority of the military, with officers and personnel swearing allegiance only to the monarch. This is to ensure that Government Officials (including the Prime Minister) can be arrested for committing indictable offences just as any normal citizen, and are therefore not ‘above the law’ unlike the Monarch.

    PDJT has leverage. The Queen is fine with it most likely said …clean your house however you wish you have my full support. Her long reign would have taught her that you don’t plot a coup of a Democratic Nation and idly watch. Especially if she/ you are the Commander in Chief of her key ally. No matter what she thought of 45 as a man. This is was an unthinkable act by her nation and she has limits …but not entirely limited to bring these people before HER military.

    It’s getting good.

  38. Sunrise says:

    “Jane Mayer in her profile of Christopher Steele published in the New Yorker also noted that Hannigan had flown to Washington D.C. to personally brief the then-CIA Director John Brennan on alleged communications between the Trump campaign and Moscow. What is so curious about this briefing “deemed so sensitive it was handled at director-level” is why Hannigan was talking director-to-director to the CIA and not Mike Rogers at the NSA, GCHQ’s Five Eyes intelligence-sharing partner.”

  39. Margaret Berger says:

    During President Trump’s visit to England the Queen was the only royal that treated President Trump with any respect. She couldn’t even get the prince of wales and his get (harry the obummer lover) to behave with any decency. Did she know then Coppertop?

    • CopperTop says:

      She’s known since the day Harry asked to wear a military uniform in the wedding. The coup was known at the time. The military wedding ensured that Obama would not be invited. Recall…the timing of the PDJT tweet SPYGATE was just after the wedding.

      Recall he orchestrated Spygate announcement you could sense it coming for day. It received ZERO notice outside conservative press…he had no idea the ENTIRE world media would ignore the obvious.

      Anyway…Can’t have a successor to the throne and head of the military speaking vows before God in front of an arranger of the coup…Obama was excluded.

      PDJT mum was a British subject. Ignored by all.

      The Queen as head of the military and whom Her Majesty’s Secret Service pledges fealty HAD to be informed. There’s no way around it for the PM.

      Will be amazing when the UK press finally is real eased by the palace to tell the whole story.

  40. ann says:

    Thanks for the advanced tutorials , Treepers.
    before I found this community, I was a basket case, trying to navigate through the machinations.
    Sincerely, you all are teachers and you don’t even know it. 🌻

  41. Margaret Berger says:

    Hummmm I have always thought of the Queen as a meet and greeter.

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