New Yorker Publishes Accusation Containing ZERO Evidence to Support, and 100% of Evidence To Refute…

This is beyond bizarre.  Seriously.  Forget the salacious details in the story…. the construct of the story is so stunningly flawed it is jaw-dropping as presented.

The New Yorker runs an article about an accusation made by a woman named Deborah Ramirez (53, pictured right) about a freshman party at Yale, where she claims she was in a drunken stupor and Judge Brett Kavanaugh, then 18, pulled out his penis during a drinking game.

Etc. Etc. Etc….  Really, no need to go further.


Because despite their search, and discussions with “dozens” of potential witnesses…

“The magazine contacted several dozen classmates of Ramirez and Kavanaugh regarding the incident”…

….the New Yorker was unable to find a single witness to corroborate the story being made by the accuser.  None.  Not a single confirming witness to back up the claim.   They write:

…”The New Yorker has not confirmed with other eyewitnesses that Kavanaugh was present at the party.”…

But wait.

It gets better.

The accuser did give the New Yorker six names to support her claim.  Six witnesses Deborah Ramirez stated could substantiate her accusation.  And when the New Yorker interviewed them, ALL SIX said it never happened.

[…] “In a statement, two of those male classmates who Ramirez alleged were involved the incident, the wife of a third male student she said was involved, and three other classmates, Dino Ewing, Louisa Garry, and Dan Murphy, disputed Ramirez’s account of events: “We were the people closest to Brett Kavanaugh during his first year at Yale. He was a roommate to some of us, and we spent a great deal of time with him, including in the dorm where this incident allegedly took place. Some of us were also friends with Debbie Ramirez during and after her time at Yale.”

“We can say with confidence that if the incident Debbie alleges ever occurred, we would have seen or heard about it—and we did not. The behavior she describes would be completely out of character for Brett. In addition, some of us knew Debbie long after Yale, and she never described this incident until Brett’s Supreme Court nomination was pending. Editors from the New Yorker contacted some of us because we are the people who would know the truth, and we told them that we never saw or heard about this.””  (The Article)

Now, stop for a minute and think about this.

A claim is made.

The New Yorker tries to substantiate the claim.

The New Yorker finds ZERO people who can validate the claim.

The six witnesses the accuser says will back up her claim all deny any knowledge of the claim; yet the New Yorker still runs the article.

100% of the evidence discovered by the New Yorker refutes the claim.

Yet they publish it.

Enter the Star Chamber….

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1,132 Responses to New Yorker Publishes Accusation Containing ZERO Evidence to Support, and 100% of Evidence To Refute…

  1. chuckyschmucky says:

    Another crazy-eyed moonbat Leftist.


  2. jamesvsmithjrj says:

    I notice Ms. Ford’s letter of July 30 reported she was vacationing in the mid_Atlantic until Aug. 7. Be interesting to see whether she flew from coast to coast or only developed a fear of flying after the vacation.


    • TMonroe says:

      Yep, goes to credibility.


    • MelH says:

      SHE didn’t ever say she had a fear of flying. Her LAWYERS said that, and they were so dumb they didn’t know any sleuth could prove she owns a home in Hawaii and has flown to many foreign countries and has family on the East coast she flies to at least once a year.


  3. Pat Frederick says:

    for whatever reason these women did not report these incidents years ago, they seem perfectly comfortable now discussing intimate details with the world; therefore, they should HAVE TO file formal police reports now in order to be taken seriously.


  4. Zorro says:

    My fear is that the R’s don’t have anyone as good as Sundance and other citizen investigators to break down the accusations. Please tell me I’m wrong.


  5. rich hahn says:

    So what is the strategy of the Republicans. The Democrat’s strategy is clear. Smear kavanaugh with claims of sexual misconduct and at a minimum, delay his Senate confirmation until after the midterms and hopefully force him to withdraw. Their secondary strategy is to paint Republicans in a corner where anything they say in defense of Kavanaugh will be held against them in the midterms, costing them women voters.

    The only strategy I see Republicans using is the 3 Monkey strategy – See No evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil. This is going to cost them the House, possibly the Senate, and a Conservative Supreme Court. Kavanaugh must be confirmed while the Senate is still in republican hands. Time for the turtle to stick his head out.

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  6. Mike K says:

    Thursday has to end it or millions of GOP voters will say “The Hell with it” and stay home.

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    • bobdog says:

      Seems to me it works in the GOP’s favor. I read that only 25% of women polled consider these allegations against Kavanaugh credible. With the mad rush to judgment from Democrat politicians, the media and the Hollywood Has-Beens, a lot of people are getting pretty fed up with slash and burn partisan politics. When people get mad, they vote.

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      • Mark L. says:

        Your right on the money bobdog! The MSM has zero credibility. OK maybe in the five boroughs and LA it still has readers. Most of America sees this for what it is. Delay…Delay…Delay. Things are different today. People are tied of this BS. Bring up the vote and let the chips fall where they may. Blue Wave, Ha.


        • rich hahn says:

          This is not about all Americans, it is about suburban Republican women who don’t like Trump. The Democrats are trying to get them to either stay home in November or vote Democrat. Watch and listen to the Democrats – their target is suburban white women.

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          • This suburban, conservative woman, who lives in a very liberal Boston suburb, WILL vote Republican in November along with many conservative female friends and relatives. The behavior of the Dems is shameful and we are angry. The Kavanaugh family are the real victims of these baseless accusations. Judge Kavanaugh must be seated on SCOTUS and DiFi censored for extreme abuse of the confirmation process.

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            • mutantbeast says:

              thank you. My American wife of 41 yrs, of Mexican descent, and most of her subarban friends here in Arizona will ALSO be voting for Marsha McSally(not my 1st choice, but not entirely terrible) for the US Senate, and for Paul Goskar for the House. The Ds out here are so commie they make Stalin look tame.


              • MelH says:

                Isn’t Jeb’s wife American of Mexican descent, married 41 years, living or vacationing in Arizona? If you own homes in 2 different States, is there anything to prevent you from voting in both States?


          • Terri says:

            Me and all my fellow soccer moms here in central CA think she is lying through her teeth!


      • Depends on who does the poll – Fox’s latest shows pretty much a 3-way split: believe her, believe Kavanaugh, unsure. This is all just so much BS!


      • rayvandune says:

        Right on. If the Dems come up with one more accuser whose witnesses didn’t witness anything, the FEC May have to cancel the election using a mercy rule like they have in childrens’ sports.


    • Justin Green says:

      Are there really that many GOP voters that aren’t MORE encouraged to go vote? I see this as a transparent ruse and I’m more motivated to get out and vote because of this, even if Kavanaugh isn’t appointed this week.

      And so are other conservatives I’ve spoken with.

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      • missdo2 says:

        Me too!! I live in a red state (Alabama) but feel compelled to travel to a state where the Republican race is tight and volunteer!! These are critical times for the republic!!


  7. ktm300xcwe says:

    So the Democrats are now saying Kavanaugh has a known past of multiple sexual acts of misconduct, rape, assault but NOT ONE of six FBI background checks found ANYTHING?

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  8. Jim Barone says:

    Republicans in the Senate grow a pair. This has to stop. Stop worrying about the mid-terms. In a couple of weeks no one will remember her name just like they forgot Anita Hill. The people who won’t vote Republican have already made up their minds. Nothing you do will change them.

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    • Donald Kotz says:

      Not worried about the Rhinos that have already aligned with the swamp. But rather the energized 63,000,000 strong have got to be mad…get out and vote or forever shut their mouth. If we’re gonna lose, let’s show what we’ve got and lose with a fight. If we resurrect that energy, WE WON’T LOSE!

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      • softunderbelly says:

        I suspect that after ALL that has occurred that number of 63+million has increased by a substantial number. Remember, it was those 63+million that got him elected but at least another hundred million or so have been watching this fiasco. They too will have something to say at election time in just over a month.

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        • T man says:

          I was not a Trump supporter and only voted for him as a vote against Hillary. I didn’t like his ego and his bullying. I also did not trust that the former Democrat had really changed his spots.

          Now I am certainly energized to support him after watching and reading about the attempted coup and to see the glaring dishonesty in the media. I can’t believe anything they report anymore.

          There are a lot more like me out there as well as many never Trumpers that are seeing good results that they can like and respect Trump for.

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  9. LandoftheFreeHomeoftheBrave says:

    I’ve had it!!!

    I think President Trump should — in every single appearance he makes to back candidates for the Mid-Terms — emphasize so much more ALL that is going on to undo a president elected by the people (and to stop the people’s agenda) — and that all of us MUST get out to vote to fight (once again) for America… the America any reasonable and patriotic American loves. We also need to be 100% motivated to get all other clear-headed patriots out to vote as well.

    If all that is going on does not scare true patriots into taking these Mid-Terms stone-cold serious, I don’t know what does. But we need to continually be talking about it!

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    • Louis Genevie says:

      The motivation to vote has to extend to all the good people you know. Make sure they are registered and get to the polls in November…or for early voting.


      • LandoftheFreeHomeoftheBrave says:

        Yes, Amen!

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      • MelH says:

        California probably isn’t the only State that changed the rules about Registering to vote and also managed to unregister many who were registered for years, me included. The deadline to Register here is Monday October 22nd, but do it NOW to account for the mail that sometimes takes way longer than expected in California. The mail today has an account of Democrat candidates making secret deals , with the California Legislature, to vote a certain way in exchange for campaign cash now.


  10. What next…..drugs? I better shut it. Don’t want to give them any ideas.

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  11. FanGirl says:

    We’re trying this in the media? Well, New Yorker has dispelled this latest accusation – NEXT.


    • Louis Genevie says:

      Unfortunately, as the New Yorker knows, most useful Dem idiots only see the headline and will never get to line two which says oh, by the way, everyone says it isn’t true.

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    • lurker2 says:

      The New Yorker dispelled the latest accusation but now the TV news is referring to the article as if it’s supportive of the woman’s claim!

      New Yorker: Kavanaugh accused second time but accusation cannot be corrobrated
      TV news: Kavanaugh accused for second time per report by The New Yorker

      This is as egregious as the FISA warrant application citing media reports based on leaked info as corroboration.

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  12. Todd says:

    When does Kavanaugh get to speak?


  13. Kim Kincaid says:

    Just love the Puerto Rico t-shirt choice too. She should have borrowed ocasia-Cortez’s pantsuit for the photo shoot. Would have looked more believable. Debbie needs some money for some new clothes.

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    • Melanie says:

      This is not about Ethics. This is not about “Me Too!”. This is not about anything but MONEY! Planned Parenthood getting Fetuses for Prophet. As President Trump said “Billions are at stake in our corrupt Swamp”. It may sicken your stomach even more but these women are paid Pro-Abortion Advocates. And they are pawns for PP. Hence the Vulgar demonstrations with Vulgar Signs and Attire. Even their accusations are Vulgar. It’s a rampant Mind Set.
      Someone needs to “Follow The Money”.

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  14. Elle says:

    Hey all of you trolls who are here to talk about how spineless the GOP is and how everyone is DONE! and staying home to protest? I want to thank you. Thank you for keeping everyone so fired up that not only will we see an increased GOP majority, but thank you for all of the down ticket races that Dems will lose from the massive anti-Dem voter turnout you are helping to inspire!

    Have you seen the lines at the Trump rallies? Do you realize how many previously democratic men women and minorities are shocked and disgusted by what is happening. They won’t be voting for the GOP reps. And many won’t even be voting for Trump. They will be voting AGAINST what they are seeing the Dems doing.

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  15. Hans Gruber says:

    So here is the 10,000lb gorilla in the room. Does the Democrat party believe women are really that gullible?

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    • unconqueredone says:

      They believe that if a lie is told often enough in the compliant MSM, people will believe the “where there’s smoke there’s fire” philosophy.

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    • MelH says:

      If you watched any of the women marches………’s pretty obvious generalizing about Democrat women would be easy, for the Democrat party or anyone else. Watch the panels on TV. Before anyone opens their mouth, you can SEE which are Democrats. Once they open their mouths, it’s difficult to imagine any were high school graduates. Their chief strategist and spokesperson is Michael Moore. “Looks aren’t everything”?


      • jello333 says:

        But at least Moore can be entertaining, and sometimes even shows intelligence. And at least at times, the dude has a lot of common sense… like the thing he did in the auditorium a little before the election; he had the mindset of Trump supporters down, and he flat-out predicted what was gonna happen on election day. Very few on either side of the political spectrum can say that. Of course us here in the Treehouse, WE knew what was coming*… but we’re in a different league! 🙂

        (* I still like to show people my Prediction Map I printed out a week before the election, which turned out about 95% accurate. I have relatives who looked at it at Christmas that year, and went “WHOA, how did you know that?” 😉 )

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  16. czarowniczy says:

    This is cultural war and feints, misdirections and false flag operations are part of the battle plan. The Democrats are fighting tooth and nail for their agenda and if they win their revenge they’ll take on us as their opponents will make their attacks on Trump and all of his supporters seem trivial.
    Heaven help us if he gets to nominate a second Justice, you can expect blood in the streets.


    • MelH says:

      Last I heard, there is no rule stating the Supreme Court needs to stop at nine members. i hope The President immediately begins the nomination of the next one. Justice Thomas has said he wants to retire and RGB has her foot on a banana peel.


      • czarowniczy says:

        Let’s see if Thomas is more loyal to the right-leaning court or his personal feelings. Then again, after the midterms we might be in a better position. In the meantime I’m enrolling RBG into the ‘slippery fruit of the month’ club.

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  17. unconqueredone says:

    This is public blackmail and should be treated as such, with those in the media who repeat unsubstantiated charges held liable. Our entire constitutional foundation is under attack here. If the accusation is allowed to equal guilt, then ANYONE can be destroyed at will. Senator Grassley (or any other Senator) is as easy a target as Kavanaugh. Senator Grassley would be wise to give all accusers 24 hours to produce evidence and in person testimony. He ought to publicly let everyone know that in the absence of such he will immediately hold the vote (assuming he has the necessary votes).


  18. jimboct says:

    Regardless of the outcome of the nomination, people need to be sued and sued bigly. Not being a lawyer, how can what the New Yorker wrote not be libel? Zero corroboration, 6 refutations from people claimed to be there and they still run it.

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    • rayvandune says:

      And NPR ran with it this morning. This is character assassination, nothing less. The NYT didn’t go with it because they felt the story had too many “holes”. When you’re being more irresponsible than the Times, you are in deep ethics trouble. Maybe Ronan figured he needs to back off on liberal serial assaulters because his cocktail party calendar is looking a bit empty.

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    • JoAnn Leichliter says:

      Not libel because they print the refutations as well as the accusation. Of course, it still damages Kavanaugh, which is their intent.

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  19. JoAnn Leichliter says:

    This claim has no factual basis that we could find, but it felt so good that we printed it anyway. Tough luck, Kavanaugh.

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  20. Beau Geste says:

    I’m trying to understand the allegation. Is this accurate?
    A self-appointed “good Catholic” college girl, now a senior agent of George Soros, voluntarily attended a drinking party somehow involving a plastic penis, where she voluntarily chugged booze whenever she was asked to do so, until she ended up on the floor stone drunk, ,”foggy and slurring her words”. She was so drunk she can’t remember much, except a plastic penis pushing away a real penis which she didn’t want to touch until she was married. She never filed a complaint, but brings this up decades later. At least some others alleged o be present dispute the story. I think that’s it.

    This is straight out of one of the greatest movies of all time – “ANIMAL HOUSE” from Harvard’s National Lampoon and WU writers, which was released just a few years before this alleged scene. Except “Bluto” Blutarski became a Senator, not a Supreme Court Justice. There needs to be a sequel. I nominate Corey Booker for the role of now-Senator Blutarski, in the Animal House sequel. Dean Wormser has had a sex-change operation and name-change to “Dianne Feinstein”, and is now an aged dotttering Senator with Senator Bluto on the Committee reviewing Senator Bluto’s son for the Supreme Court. Senator Feinstein, formerly Dean Wormer, insists that Bluto’s son., the Supreme Court nominee, be slapped with “double secret probation”. Blluto’s son resists the smear, and commissions a giant “Eat Me” cake with a plastic penis on the top, for the Republican Senators when he testifies to defend himself.
    Anyone else have nominees for roles in this sure-fire winner?)
    (copyrwrite 2018 Beau Geste)

    Does anyone remember the Harvard Lampoon’s “Dacron Highschool Yearbook”. This could be a a section in that masterpiece, also.

    Not my college days….., Don’t send your kids to any ivy league school.


  21. Bill Henslee says:

    This whole thing about Kavanaugh and his accusers gets ““Curiouser and curiouser!”
    ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

    “But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
    “Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
    “How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
    “You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”
    ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


  22. lizzyp says:

    Anyone wondering why Farrow published this? Remember that his significant other is Jon Lovett- formerly of the Obama Administration, currently Pod Save America DemBro, along with Jon Favreau and Tommy Vietor. Mystery solved.


  23. elloyd_tunt says:

    To Senate Majority Leader McConnell and the Republican Senate majority; get on with the confirmation vote, as I doubt the accuser of Judge Kavanaugh will show up for the hearing tomorrow. It would be quite appropriate for her to develop ‘Frigus-Pedibus’, a.k.a. Cold Feet, as the thought of being under oath with a chance to perjure herself looms quite large, and whatever Soros-dollars they have waved under her nose will not spend so well in prison. Get on with this and put an end to the Democrat’s Kabuki Theater!

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