Carter Page Discusses Possibility of His FISA Warrant Being Declassified…

Carter Page is obviously at the center of the fraudulent FISA application submitted by FBI Director James Comey and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates.  The FBI and DOJ constructed the FISA application to gain a Title-1 surveillance warrant on Carter Page; and by extension, the Trump Campaign and all who were in contact with Page.

Within the application the FBI/DOJ specifically stated that Carter Page was an agent of a foreign government and used the Steele Dossier to back-up the majority of their claims. However, Carter Page was never indicted or arrested despite the FBI’s claims of certainty within the sketchy documents; which highlights the fraud upon the court.

President Trump is possibly going to declassify more of the underlying documents which will show how the application was built upon lies and fraud.

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322 Responses to Carter Page Discusses Possibility of His FISA Warrant Being Declassified…

  1. KingBroly says:

    I know Sundance has reservations about the President de-classifying these documents or not, but I don’t think he’d take the DOJ and FBI through this process only to turn his back on it now. He knows a crime was committed, and he knows he can under an Obama written EO in order to do so. If he wasn’t sure he’d de-classify the documents, he’d sit on his hands until he was sure he would. Would the Executive Branch lose some power over this? Absolutely, BUT it needs to be re-done in order to help restore the balance between the three branches of Government.

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  2. Peter Rabbit says:

    Page is sooooo strange that placing a bet on him being a good guy seems high risk. It seems the Russkies pegged him right. Waaaay too much unknown about him. PR


    • He is incredibly naive, no doubt. Having said that, it is a fact that he assisted the FBI in exposing a Russian, who was convicted. No way was he a Russian agent.

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    • DanO64 says:

      The only thing I can do is trust Our VSG. I don’t believe for one second Jeff Sessions is not working to MAGA. The “plan” I follow is my faith.

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    • His interview with the judge was as empty and illusive as all his other interviews have been, including his testimony to Congress. His projected status as big time victim by FOX does not fit with his smiley response–I’ll sue the government for a dollar. He has not been honest about his relationship with Stefan Halper. [Compare the email he twittered from Halper and the one he said he received from a graduate student inviting him to the Cambridge conference after his speech in Moscow.]

      His PHD credentials are suspicious. His relationship with the FBI as an asset–which he is rarely asked about–only begs the question–how deep does his connection to the intelligence community go? His reason for joining the Trump team–a pro Russia stance–conflicts with his support for once presidential candidate and fellow Annapolis grad–hawk of Hawks on Russia–John McCain. In fact it makes his years long friendly business and lecture existence in Russia seem more postured than genuine–more Cheshire Cat–spook–than substance.


    • Sara c says:

      I find it very strange that (to the best of my knowledge) no family, friends or business acquaintances have surfaced with respect to Carter Page


  3. Mayo says:

    One wonders what the President’s message to the Nation will be on the 20th during the Nationwide Emergency Alert System “test.”

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  4. deguello13 says:

    Did she ask Page if he wanted a full disclosure of the FISA warrants and I missed it?


    • WRB says:

      He did not really answer any questions. The only thing I got out of it is he thinks Congressman Schiff (D) lies about him.


      • Anonymous says:


        I know right? He never answers anything and then these announcers just talk around in circles. Schmidt lies about him, but he hasn’t cared to do anything about it for years. He talks bizarrely and says almost next to nothing.
        It’s as if he puts the announcers in a trance and they lose all ability to hear hi. Or ask a question that is of relevance. It’s amazing.


  5. farrier105 says:

    More proof that Carter Page never had a real post with the Trump Campaign which is evidence that the “list of foreign policy advisors” was just a prop to satisfy GOP bigshots and the media.

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  6. farrier105 says:

    Poor George Papadopoulos–His case sets the precedent that being a fake foreign policy advisor is punishable with up to FOURTEEN DAYS in prison.

    Apparently, someone can make this stuff up.


  7. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    Jason Bourne?……yeah right……more like Forrest Gump.


  8. triper57 says:

    Since the application was fraudulent it seems the application is not protected by the law.


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