Update 2:00pm: Hurricane Florence – A Tale of Two Sides…

According to the latest 2:00pm advisory from the National Hurricane Center Florence remains a hurricane with 75mph winds as it meanders on the coast slightly southwest of Wilmington North Carolina.  Coastal communities on the Northern (top side) of the storm are dealing with severe coastal erosion and storm surge; those communities on the Southern (or bottom) of the storm fortunately have outflow winds.

Because Florence is essentially on the border of the Carolinas, the North Carolina coast is being hammered with inbound winds, storm surge and coastal erosion. The South Carolina coast has outbound winds and little storm surge.

Maximum sustained winds have decreased to near 75 mph (120 km/h) with higher gusts, mainly over water. Gradual weakening is forecast later today and tonight. Significant weakening is expected over the weekend and into early next week while Florence moves farther inland.

Hurricane-force winds extend outward up to 35 miles (55 km) from the center and tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 170 miles (280 km).  (read more)

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125 Responses to Update 2:00pm: Hurricane Florence – A Tale of Two Sides…

  1. ForGodandCountry says:

    Praise the Lord!

    Storm weakening. Best news possible under the circumstances. Prayers and blessings /for/to all affected!!

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  2. sundance says:

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    • dbobway says:

      I rejected this storm according to history. I have 2 daughters who were in the eye of Florence. The hurricane was easy. We have lived thru 16 hurricanes in that time. This will not be close to the worst. That would be Fran in 96. The slow movement bringing steady rain will create a different conclusion. That makes the people above water miserable, hot and no power. If they have a well, no water.
      This is when, we come from the west and bring generators and water. I’m waiting for the que.

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  3. terryjlongo says:

    Now will WaPo credit Trump for weakening the storm?

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  4. billrla says:

    I suggest a change in the rating system for hurricanes. Ratings should be based on media viewership rather than wind speed. The greater the audience size, the greater the hurricane. Then, we can do-away with actual hurricanes, and all their attendant damage to life and property, and focus on important stuff, such as TV audience demographics and advertising rates.

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    • sundance says:

      This is funny.

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      • MM says:

        Caught lying again!

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      • Snow White says:

        Weather channel is a joke. Soap opera based on weather and hyper weather guesscasters. 😳😳😆😆

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      • Fox has a woman standing outside Myrtle Beach, breathlessly warning about power outages that could last “months” … as rain SPRINKLES on the pond behind her WITHOUT WIND.

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      • alliwantissometruth says:

        Absolute perfect example of the MS Media

        Did you see the one with the 6 or so people & the reporter all sitting on large innertubes, acting as if they need them to survive, & then some dude walks durectly behind them, which shows the water about an inch & a half deep

        “Lying, it’s what we do, & we’re the best at what we do”

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      • Cheri Lawrence says:

        Omg!! These people are such frauds! What is the point? I guess to cause fear or increase viewership? Total manipulation is the only thing these frauds know how to do. Just tell the darn truth, novel concept!! FAKE NEWS!

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      • Elvis Newton says:

        or the one with the guy and the horse’s head jogging by.


      • sunnydaze says:

        Looks like that WC guy has been practising his ” ‘cane dance” for a few days in front of a mirror.

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      • KimmyK says:

        Fake news caught on film.
        Too funny!!
        Thank God it has weakened, prayers for all


      • sedge2z says:

        Video Gamers trick the Weather Station?

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      • That’s some corny acting right there! And if you’ll notice, the wind is blowing from behind him so he’s leaning the wrong way! Lol

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      • Michael Serles says:

        Watch the back ground, and stuff blowing past him, leaves, or what ever it is on the road. Wind blowing from right to left in video. He’s bracing with the wind not against it.


      • boogywstew says:

        If the reporter is near, could be 50 feet away for instance, where there are two buildings between himself and the wind source, with a small distance separating the buildings, the wind could be blowing at 50 mph on the far side and exiting at 90 mph. ( Yes, 90mph! The Koreans did a study grouping apartment buildings models in a wind tunnel and were able to achieve an 80% increase in wind speed between the models.) Think of your garden hose. When there is no nozzle on the end of the hose and you turn the hose on full, the water might shoot 20 feet straight out. When you install a nozzle you can now spray 100 feet. The water pressure is exactly the same at the beginning and the end of the hose, before the nozzle. The nozzle restricts the flow of water and the speed is increased due to the VENTURI EFFECT. You don’t need a hurricane to experience this. Just walking around lower Manhattan you have wind whipping across NY Harbor or the Hudson River and when this wind is squeezed between the buildings it exits at a far higher speed. Young men in cities will often wait on corners to see women’s skirts blow up. I experience this first hand riding motorcycles. I have ridden my bike, a naked Yamaha XS650S, which weighs 450 lbs wet, through open farmland during wind advisories of 50 mph in western NY. i don’t have any problems until there is a cluster of buildings close together and this venturi effect causes the wind to come howling out at a much faster rate and I have to gird myself to keep from dumping. The reporter might be faking it or he, like many here, may not be aware of this. I see that reporter is blaming the wet grass but my opinion is that he has no idea that this phenomenon even exists. He probably is embarrassed at his own “clumsiness”. [Venturi Effect: In a situation with constant mechanical energy, the velocity of a fluid (liquid or gaseous) passing through a constricted passageway will increase and it’s static pressure will decrease.] If you google “venturi effect between buildings” you’ll have an avalanche of interesting articles. Venturi Effect is what makes a carburetor carb as all old time mechanics should know!


    • prenanny says:

      Give them a rating of ZERO DOLLARS and cut the cable.

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    • sedge2z says:

      meanwhile on Wrightsvile Beach street: Sharks!


  5. fleporeblog says:

    The difference between a Republican and a Snow Flake that wants to take advantage of mother nature to conserve water!

    One thing they share in common is that they shouldn’t take this Hurricane for granted.

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  6. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “Significant weakening is expected over the weekend and into early next week while Florence moves farther inland.”

    “Significant weakening” means decrease in wind speed. However, those living in the mountainous regions of Appalachia would be wise to plan for the potential for catastrophic flooding. In 1972, the remnants of Hurricane Agnes caused massive flooding and some loss of life in NW Pennsylvania and the southern Tier of NY (Jamestown/Olean east to Binghamton)

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    • prenanny says:

      Harrisburg PA is blighted to this day from Agnes ( dem ran city ).
      For context to what is happening now in NC Agnes was a 19 inch rain over a 4 day period.
      With rivers what happens upstream impacts downstream so every spring the amount of snow north must come down river as it melts, same thing with rain.
      The region is water logged it has been a VERY wet summer and Florence is not done writing her story.

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    • NC PATRIOT says:

      This thing is moving at 3 mph———dumping its rain bands over the same areas over and over=major flooding.

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  7. amwick says:

    Sadly there has been the report of a woman and 8 month old baby killed when a tree crashed into their home. Another woman was just reported as dying following a medial emergency, a downed tree prevented anyone from helping her.

    Our neighborhood lake, (Myrtle Beach) which is really a retention pond, flooded after 11 inches of rain couple years back. Nothing to do but wait…

    Speaking of waiting, I hope Pam, Dixie, and Crossthread are all ok….

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  8. daystarmin says:

    Anyone have information on towns South of Wlmington? Have family down there.

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  9. Wink says:

    At 4:05 EST, Florence is 75 mph winds. 74 makes it a tropical storm. Treepers, your prayers are working! God bless.

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  10. Why is texas being warned?


  11. TreeClimber says:

    Nothing going on in Charleston, SC. Clouds and some gusts, that’s all. Prayers for all trapped in this thing.

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  12. Looks like the “hurricane” wind on the coast has been a nothing-burger, but the rain will be piling up in the rivers – beyond record flood stages (Fox Business had a nice graphic) as the tropical-storm storm moves slowly inland and wind limits how quickly the swelling rivers can drain… including keeping the surge piled into the coastline.

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  13. JohnnyII says:

    River levels from the Weather Forecast Office Wilmington, NC https://water.weather.gov/ahps2/index.php?wfo=ilm

    Rainfal: https://water.weather.gov/precip/# Should be rainfall since midnight.


  14. churchladyiowa says:

    Our son who lives 12 minutes from Camp LeJeune in Jacksonville, NC called this morning. His home in a fairly new development is faring pretty well so far. Because he has vinyl windows & siding he couldn’t plywood them; so they put three mattresses up against them from the inside. Last night he, girlfriend and son slept in the hallway (along with a HUGE dog). This morning they finally lost power. But he has a generator and at least 20 gallons of gas plus whatever is in the two cars in the garage. So far his cell phone is holding up, but he’s had to do a lot of roaming to find a signal. One tree leaning at a 45 degree angle over his house.

    Constant rain for the past two days. Wind has NOT let up and is about 40 mph he’s guessing. His roof is intact, but when he does a visual of other homes, majority have sections of missing shingles, with one house roof totally gone—down to the tar paper underlayment. Most of his neighbors bugged out but a few have trickled back with the downsizing of Florence’s category. He did a few door knocks for some of the residents he thought might be hunkered down; two took awhile to answer and were quite wary. Before this he had never talked to either of them, just waved as he would drive by. Both were exceedingly glad to see he had stayed. But he had no choice; he was one of those chosen to stay and help with any needed evacuations that LeJeune may participate in.

    “Mom,” he said. “Would you believe looting started about two days ago already?? I have my rifle loaded and ready if I see anything like that in progress. Shoot first and ask questions later.” Now, even though he’s a crack shot Marine, I don’t think he’d really shoot immediately. Probably just a warning shot in close proximity to their bodies, shall we say . . . .

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  15. SalixVeridi says:

    Disgusting about looting…

    Here in Charlotte now… new news is that we are going to be hit because of the track of the hurricane curving southwest. Charlotte is a gorgeous heavily tree’d city. Very lush. All these trees might come toppling down and that is a scary thing, indeed. There is also the big worry of flooding, especially for those folks whose homes are downhill from the streets. I pray for all of this to end sooner than later and that no more people are killed, please God.

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    • MM says:

      During Hurricane Francis many 100 year old oak trees came down…. One was across a main road and it was so big they had to wait a week for a special chainsaw to be located and brought in to begin to remove it…The county had to build a temporary road around it so people could pass….They cut a road through a field so we could get to town and back…

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      • prenanny says:

        Waiting for a tool? A week? A temp road? That is government for you.
        Not that long ago the townsfolk would have pitched in and sawed/axed until it was gone
        AND they would have used the wood for furniture/lumber and burning.


        • MM says:

          We have ample farm equipment and Alpha males but we couldn’t do the impossible.
          The tree was beyond massive….
          FEMA arranged for the special Equipment to be brought in…..
          I was blocked from entering and leaving my farm.. Had to walk and climb over a massive oak to get to where they set up the national guard with water, Ice and MRI’s.
          No cell phone/landlines worked…..

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  16. Some communities are experiencing high water–notably New Bern. The news reports from there sound like some of what happened in Harvey (people evacuated from their roofs). I’ve been to New Bern a number of times, there are many houses right on the riverfront. I expect this will be true for some of the inland towns as well (such as Washington NC), as the heavy rainfall accumulates with no where to go.
    So NC is far from in the clear, y’all. Thanks be to answered prayer for lower speed winds, but we shouldn’t be celebrating yet. (sorry if this sounds a bit like a scold :))

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  17. The hurricane slowed it’s wind velocity to 75 mph because although President IS complicit in the weather drama, he is only complicit with winds up to 76 mph.
    CNN will soon be releasing Presidential complicity in the mosquito population along the Canadian border.
    Back to you Jake.

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  18. amwick says:

    So, our friends in the midst of the storm? Hope you (and family) are all ok….


  19. Me & misses r alive as the crow flies I live 7 miles from Wrightsville we had the eye come over us it was a hell of a ride more coming in

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  20. Molly Pitcher says:



  21. Does anyone know if Tryon Palace made it through the hurricane?


  22. JP says:

    Thank Goodness it did not live up to the HYPE!

    What a surprise!…?



  23. Howie says:

    Fly Cris Crispy in to the Beach and give him a hug to calm down the MSM reptiles.


  24. goodman1 says:

    STORM OF THE CENTURY (Global Warming?) Pffft, watch the two kids in the background.

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  25. Paul Apostle says:

    so scary


  26. Blue Ridge Mts Va. says:

    I really think prayer has changed the strength of this hurricane. I have asked people to pray that my two super large trees do not fall. And I need to keep my power.

    Pretty bad when even the weather is fake news. I am glad I ditched the whole thing 5 years ago. I listen to a weather radio.

    Occasional rain bands from Florence will move into the area today bringing scattered showers and thunderstorms for some this afternoon. Winds will also increase, gusting 20-30mph, with locally higher gusts along the VA/NC border. Afternoon temperatures look to reach the mid to upper 70s with a few areas getting close to 80°.

    Clouds and breezy conditions will continue to push into the region on Saturday as Florence continues to move inland. Storm coverage still looks to be scattered with a most of the activity along the VA/NC border and areas south of Route 460. Highs look to reach into the 70s.

    These are the days when the rain from Florence will lift north into the region with more significant impacts. Look for rain to become more steady, to possibly even heavy, by Sunday afternoon. Heavy rain continues Sunday night and into most of Monday.

    By Monday night and Tuesday, models show the steadier rain exiting to the northeast. Highs look to remain in the 70s.

    Showers linger early Tuesday, but should begin to move out late in the day with breezy conditions expected. We may still be dealing with lingering flood issues if the heavy rain from previous days materializes. Highs look to reach the mid to upper 70s.

    With heavy rain forecast in NC and our area late this weekend and through Monday, river flooding will certainly be an issue. A few rivers including the Dan, Roanoke and New River will likely experience moderate to major flooding by Monday.

    Dan River
    – The Dan River at Danville is forecast to reach moderate flooding by Sunday night and major flooding by Monday afternoon. The river may crest at 27.3′ which would be just short of the record.

    – The Dan River at South Boston is forecast to reach moderate flooding by Monday evening and major flooding by Tuesday evening with a crest of 29.4′.

    Roanoke River
    – The Roanoke River at Walnut Ave. in Roanoke is forecast to experience moderate flooding by Monday afternoon with a crest of 12.4′.

    New River

    – The New River at Radford is forecast to experience moderate flooding by Monday afternoon with an expected crest of 19.9′.

    – The New River at Galax is forecast to experience moderate flooding by Monday afternoon with an expected crest of 12′.

    Widespread: 3 to 6″
    Western NRV and I-77 Corridor: 4-10″ with isolated higher amounts. This is where the greatest flood risk resides along with possible landslides.

    A southerly track well into the Carolinas would limit the tornado risk over our area. A more northerly track which brings the system in soon, would keep our tornado risk higher.

    Even if we don’t get tropical storm winds, with the heavier rain and our already wet ground, power outages are possible.

    Everyone and every business should monitor the progress of Hurricane Florence closely in the days ahead and should still plan for a worst case scenario. While we hope that doesn’t materialize, flooding is still possible into next week.


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  27. Retired IG says:

    Am wishing all in the path’s storm strength and mercy. My siblings live in Tampa, FL and learned long ago to just turn the Weather Channel OFF. Seems this channel LOVES to spread hype and hysteria. Years ago, (I forget what Hurricane it was) but TWC recommended everyone evacuate Tampa. Everyone, including my family ignored the TWC. And the storm never hit.
    For storm information we all look at the National Weather Service. Period. They are not always correct, but at least they don’t have persons parading around as bad actors whipping up hysteria on their website.


  28. Pam says:

    I am alive and well. I was up listening to the radio when the eye came ashore at Wrightsville Beach which is not more than five miles from where I sit. There are still massive power outages in this area. Over 111k are without power just in this county alone and I’m one of them. Fortunately, we do have a generator to run one lamp, microwave, and one tv. I only have internet through my phone just no WiFi.

    Power restoration is slow because of Florence moving so slowly. A lot of trees and lines are down of course. We’ve got to go on a hunt this afternoon just to see if we can find an open gas station to get gas for the generator.

    I’ll try to check in again at some point. 🙂

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