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11:00pm Update Hurricane Florence – Slight Weakening as Storm Stays On Predicted Course…

According to the 11:00pm advisory Hurricane Florence has weakened to a Category 2 storm with winds at 110mph.  Forward speed is still around 17mph and it is located approximately 280 miles east south-east of Wilmington North Carolina. [16 hrs away] … Continue reading

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Washington Post: President Trump is “Complicit” in Creating Hurricane Florence…

Just when you think we might have reached peak Trump Derangement Syndrome; along comes an even bigger nut to raise the bar on crazy: Tweet Link – Article Link Apparently President Trump is such a significant presence he now commands … Continue reading

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Hurricanes – Mostly The Aftermath…

As many long-time readers will know, we do have a little bit more than average experience dealing with the aftermath of hurricanes.  I ain’t no expert in the before part; you need to heed the local, very local, professionals who … Continue reading

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President Trump Hosts Reception for Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients…

President Trump delivers remarks at a celebration to honor a reception for Congressional Medal of Honor recipients. In addition to remarks for the audience, President Trump also mentions the preparation and concern for those in the path of Hurricane Florence. … Continue reading

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5:00pm Update Hurricane Florence: Slight Weakening But More Concerning Projected Path….

The 5:00pm advisory from the National Hurricane Center shows the massive storm has lost a little internal power but the forecast path is now considerably worse.  The projections put Florence actually making near landfall and simultaneously shifting south buzz-sawing both … Continue reading

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Small Business Optimism Reaches Highest Mark in 45 Year History….

MAGA Winnamin Alert – The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) just released another survey.  The Small Business Optimism Index has soared to 108.8 in August; that’s an all-time record in the survey’s 45-year history, topping the July 1983 highwater … Continue reading

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Big Club Makes It’s Move – Chinese Funded U.S. Lobbyists Move For “Public Fight” Over Tariffs….

It was virtually guaranteed to happen, the only unknown was the actual timing of when they would execute their self-interested plan.  Remember, there are trillions at stake and the multinationals will not give up their power, influence and control over … Continue reading

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