CEA Chairman Kevin Hassett Outlines MAGAnomic Policy Impact – Press Conference Segment

Chairman of the Council Of Economic Advisers, Kevin Hassett, participated in the White House press briefing to counter left-wing claims the current economy is simply a continuation of trends.

Kevin Hassett described former President Obama’s notion “laughable” and presented a series of intuitive trend charts showing how Obama’s economic trend was downward. The election of President Trump resulted in a “statistically significant” upward deviation and inflection in the graphic trends charts.

Mr. Hassett cogently goes through ISM Purchasing Managers’ index, durable goods, capital spending, employment and other statistics before and after Trump’s election date to display how ‘America First’ MAGAnomic policy has reversed years of poor economic performance.

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142 Responses to CEA Chairman Kevin Hassett Outlines MAGAnomic Policy Impact – Press Conference Segment

  1. Ditch Mitch says:

    Very impressive presentation by Hassert. Debunked every attempt by the media to question his teams analysis and cut of the data. Was prepared to speak on presstitutes requested cuts also. Nothing got by Hassert and he enjoyed every minute of it.

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    • An infectiously JOYFUL CRUSADER.

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      • Ausonius says:

        As opposed to “your future sux, vote for me and I’ll send you a government check, because capitalism doesn’t work and socialism is the wave of the future: just check out Progressive Socialism in Venezuela, Guatemala, Cuba, North Korea, Argentina, Zimbabwe, Russia, etc. etc. etc.

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        • AnotherMDConservative says:

          Let’s throw Puerto Rico as our own home grown experiment

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        • Carrie2 says:

          Ausonius, I lived and worked under socialism and my spouse lived and finally escaped communism and what you are seeing in Cuba, Venezuela, African countries, etc. is pure communism. Under socialism they like to take a portion of your income for others and in communism nobody has anything to have taken meaning sometimes no money, no work, no food, etc. Under Hitler it started out as socialism and then moved into more of a communism and then came Stalin and it was the real thing. This is why we both voted for Trump because we have money, clothing, food, cars and have invested in a great company (I was in 5 others and lost every penny) which does not do prime nor hedge so we have a good retirement fund. Our Founding Fathers were under socialism and under monarchial rule meaning a form of communism, and wanted America to be special and that is why we are a Republic of freedom and rights. All the countries practicing socialism are now trying to return to capitalism as it doesn’t work, nor does communism which was the DNC goal since its published 1963 Communist Manifesto to take over America and the lost with our being smart and praying to God and we got Trump and hence those who hate our freedom and rights are fighting now on a daily basis to con us and denigrate our legitimately and fairly elected president. We want what we are doing with Trump to MAGA and we will get it back to what our America was meant to be – A Republic for the People and we hired people to Congress to represent us and we must insist they get with us on this or out they go with all benefits of any kind, no huge salary increases and frankly no large salary considering how few days they work a year, and a 2 yr. term max, and most of that work time was to give us false promises and then falsify their oaths. Drain the Congress Swamp is important!

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          • Ausonius says:

            Many thanks for your story! Yes, Socialism paves the way for full-blown Communism and complete dictatorship. Anybody with any kind of talent who dares to use it for a better life becomes an “Enemy of the State.” I think of the millions of “kulaks” murdered in Russia:


            Again, most informative story, and let us hope that America stays true to its principles, and does not allow Democrats to institute socialism, as it simply leads to Communism and the loss of freedom. We already see the tendencies toward repression in the Left with their hostile attitude on Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech.

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          • gman-reloaded says:

            Socialism is communism without a gun…yet

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        • As Jon Voight said yesterday on Levin’s show:


          They’ve been used as a VERBAL SHELL GAME to deceive and divert any discussion of the real history of Communism into inane arguments over what each fabrication should mean. Endless alterations of the meaning enable “Indoctrinationators” to consume discussion time and waste education courses instead of imparting anything of value.

          “Dumb em Down & Keep em in the Ditch!”

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        • annbanisher says:

          My preferred analogy is to think of this as a game of Russian Roulette. For every country that has tried socialism/Communism and failed, put a bullet in the chamber. For every country that has tried it and thrived, leave the chamber empty. Now ask your liberal friends if they want to play.

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        • jesterofthecourt says:

          “The goal of socialism is communism”, V.I.Lenin.
          Once a Boa Constrictor wraps around you its just a matter of time.


      • Bud Klatsch says:

        That’s about as happy warrior numbers guy as it gets!

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      • NvMtnOldMan says:

        BKR—I noticed something the other day that I haven’t heard anything on and maybe you could shed some light. The unemployment rate is 3.9% and the GDP is 4.3%. When is the last time that happened. It seems to me to be quite a figure.

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        • Tempe Jeff says:

          The low Unemployment figure implies that, unattached or low attachment unemployed will be brought back in which, will bring Unemployment numbers back up counter-intuitively. At least, that’s the theory. This is uncharted territory.

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        • I understand that GDP was 4.2% for Q2, unless there is a monthly source that is more recent.

          Since the Unemployment Rate of 3.9% is the lowest in recorded history, I’ll go out on a limb and say GDP has never been above 4.2% at that low rate of Unemployment.

          Hassett is beginning to drill down into Unemployment for better understanding:

          • Obama’s policies forced employers to limit and reduce worker hours, leading them to hire part-timers to fill the resulting voids.

          • Obama then counted the part-timers as “new jobs” to claim reductions in Unemployment.

          • President Trump’s policies are REVERSING this damage as our BOOMING Economy multiplies NEW full-time jobs (more shifts, expanded capacity, new plants), and as Regulatory Changes (ObamaCare, etc.) allow Employers to CONVERT part-time jobs to full-time jobs.

          • President Trump’s policies are also driving employers to pay more overtime and invest in automation to get more OUTPUT from every “full-time” job.

          • The MAGNITUDE of Trump’s reductions in Unemployment is therefore VASTLY UNDERSTATED because it fails to recognize apples-to-apples changes in FULL-TIME EQUIVALENT (40-hour) WORKERS.

          Trump’s Economic Engine will continue to produce BIG GAINS for YEARS, as

          (1) employers build American Plants to reap gains from his Tax & Regulatory Cuts and from Tariff Avoidance far outweigh the differences in Labor Costs,

          (2) employers massively benefit from first-year write-offs to invest in AUTOMATION that multiplies OUTPUT per American Worker (reducing the Net Cost of any Labor Premium), and

          (3) a YUGE number of Plants must be built in America to displace Foreign-Exporting Plants in order to wipe out our $800 Billion Annual Trade Deficit.

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      • Jedi9 says:

        Being a trader and having worked in countries like Singapore where their corporate tax rate is less than 17% and have zero capital gains tax I saw first hand how America couldn’t even compete, that is until the corporate tax rate was recently reduced! IMO, it didn’t go far enough! That’s why Obama’s recent comments in trying to take credit for the recent economic turn around is laughable at best! Then again expectations are Low for relying on any leftist to make a cogent argument based on facts! Then again I am sure Obozo thinks about the many creative ways he can use Pinocchio’s nose after it’s told so many lies!

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        • Carrie2 says:

          Jedi9, one of the best thing beyond their main dish was they had a laundry mat! No more washing by hand as we traveled through parts of Asia; however, in Hong Kong there is a location where they will your clothes and iron them if you wish and at a rate that is good. We always carry a travel iron so easy to iron what little items required it. Singapore also has a great subway system and a restaurant that had great food and I had a super good Italian dinner and I am not an Italian food eater (great up in an Italian neighborhood and yes,there was a Don).


          • Jedi9 says:

            Yes, Singapore is a great place, Lived there for 5 years and hope I get a chance to go back there some day. Great weather, great food, great people, and awesome location to go anywhere on vacation with cheap flights. I moved to HK just last year and no too thrilled with the cramp quarters and the crowed streets of people all the time.


        • Great comparison & insights, Jedi!

          TAX CUTS 2.0 – Permanence for Individual & Small Business Tax Cuts 1.0, PLUS Capital Gains Tax Indexed to Discount Inflation for Homes & Investments (prelude to ZERO Capital Gains Tax), PLUS Expanded 401k-type Accounts for Education & Training …

          Best part: Creates a FOREVER ELECTION ADVANTAGE when coupled with protecting Social Security.

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          • Jedi9 says:

            I really hope it happens and we probably will see movement on this within Trumps second term. Tax reform has yet to happen and hope we can get closer to a more simplified tax code and flat tax!

            Zero Capital Gains would be icing on the cake!

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          • cdquarles says:

            The best thing to happen to Social Security, for the young people today, would be to convert it to a defined contribution plan where they own it. For folk like me, the Boomers and older, we’re stuck. That we didn’t get that done when Reagan was there disappointed me, though life isn’t always ‘fair’ and you “Don’t always get what you want”, so to speak. For my grandchildren’s sake, President Trump, “Make it happen, Cap’n” :).

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      • Katefelinus says:

        Agree. He’s awesome. A smiling numbers guy sharing MAGAnomics with the press –silencing them and BO. Oops, pardon my redundancy.

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        • Jan says:

          I thought that was the very best part of the press conference….very few of the press corp. had any idea what he was talking about so they weren’t able to be as snotty, overbearing & aggressive as they normally are. But you’re right, that was a fun news conference for the Chairman & the charts were great!!

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    • Niagara Frontier says:

      I’m so glad I got to see this as it happened. Juxtapose Hassert’s joy and excitement with the sour faces of the members of the press, and this made for a perfect press conference in every way.

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    • Grandma Covfefe says:

      I agree–we love that guy. He handled the media beautifully.
      We pumped our arms and laughed everytime Kevin say, “I’m not the Chairman of Twitter.” Next.


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      • NvMtnOldMan says:

        Grandma—That one so called snarked that he wonder if obozo ever mentioned a magic wand. Where has this idiot been? He needs to see the actual video of obozo saying it and smirking like a little 2 year old.


    • Most of the people who hate President Trump are government employees protected by unions. This is a powerful constituency because one employee will always have the support of their spouses, their children and grandparents. They’re not concerned about the economy. It doesn’t make any difference whether it goes up or down. They can’t be fired, they still get 30 days vacation every year, sick leave and a 2.5% increase in their annual wages. To really make America Great Again, end unionization of government workers, federal, state and local.

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    • covfefe_USA says:

      Hahahahaha!!! Epic.
      I urge my fellow Treepers to view his entire segment – with the Q&A – which you’ll find at the Sarah Sanders press briefing segment. Hhahahahah!!!

      So – only 2 females asked questions. Whereas the men’s questions dealt with facts, numbers and such, the only 2 female questions were gossipy/SJW questions (“income equality” – whatever that flipping means!) These women have no place in our press briefings. They’re just too stooopid, too SJW-y – and that’s the best they can do. Gossipy no-nothing light-weights. They should be ashamed of themselves. Get-em outta here!!

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    • CNN_sucks says:

      Media does not have a clue. Those dumb hosts are only parrot reading from a telepromter whatever their globalist bosses told them to say.

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  2. Atpooka says:

    Masterful. If only my in-laws, who told me the Trump administration is “anti-intellectual”, would see this…

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    • fleporeblog says:

      Show it to them! Share this as well:

      BHO continues to be an utter embarrassment to a majority of Americans. His disciples will buy whatever he is selling. However, 75% of Americans know the truth. Money talks and BS walks!

      The numbers on the left of the bar graphs represent Manufacturing Jobs created in the thousands:

      This is what the Democrats want to IMPEACH:

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    • SwampRatTerrier says:

      “Corrected” decades of criminally poor economic management – much of it intentional to profit criminal individuals and their criminal families and cartels……

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  3. tav says:

    Obama built nothing of value.

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  4. Best Economist Briefing in HISTORY!

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  5. Bethany Beach says:

    Obama is a chump, earnestly looking for other chumps to follow him. Real leaders do not diminish the excellence of those who follow them. But chumps do find ways to blame their lack of problem solving (while surepticiously pushing a “let’s cripple America” program) on the leader who preceded them. We suffered through eight years of, “This is George Bush’s problem”. Nothing was ever Obama’s problem. Unfortunately for all of us, he didn’t have any solutions either.

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  6. Sporty says:

    Obama needs to quit Monkeying around, bwahahahahahaha.

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    • Obama’s blathering……In the long ago TV series ‘Amos ‘n Andy (banned by progs) there were two excellent characters that combined to give birth to Obama. “Kingfish”, the blowhard and of course ‘Lightnin’ the mop guy with suggestions.


  7. kiskiminetas says:

    That was a very informative video. It shows explicitly the truly bad economy of the O administration and at the same time the economic tidal wave of the PDJT economy. This is great because it exposes the lies of the msm and others who in on taking down our president. In your faces leftist!

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  8. bosscook says:

    If Obama wants a “legacy”, he should, right now, cheer Trump’s accomplishments. It’s the only one he’ll ever get.

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  9. You’ve all heard of a “pimp slap.” This was a nerd slap.

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  10. GB Bari says:

    Sundance you are sharp as a tack. I caught the three different spellings of Kevin Hassett’s name in the article. As usual, you have all of your bases covered! 😄

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  11. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “I like calculus better than talking to these guys”
    (4:30 – 4:50)

    Way to go, Sarah!!!

    Kevin Hasset wiped the floor with them, especially at his conclusion.

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    • steph_gray says:

      I loved that.. Yay for nerds!

      Hasset is frankly adorable. I want to hug him. So delightful to have a happy confident warrior confronting all those nasty presstitutes.

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  12. MfM says:

    Trump fights… Sometimes it’s with nerds in suits and with multi colored graphs… but he fights!

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  13. Sparrow in the Treetop says:

    Just watched ABC Nightly News and not a second on the economy lesson, just more of the usual bunk. I have watched this site for quite some time and I learn more every day from you guys. Keep up the good work. As a side, my brother called me “sparrow in the treetop” when I was a little girl and it seemed apropos for a name here!!

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  14. Psycho Monkee says:

    Sparrow, same here. This terrific and informative site changes one’s view atop the perch.

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  15. RJ says:

    Excellent presentation. You could feel the knife going in with each chart – but it was done pleasantly with a smile and dry wit!

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  16. RJ says:

    Excellent presentation. You could feel the knife going in with each chart – but it was done pleasantly with a smile and dry wit!

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  17. drawfortruth says:

    Someone needs to tell Obama that “he didn’t build that,” next time he tries to take credit for our current economy.

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  18. RobInPA says:

    I LOVE how Hassert continuously insults the ‘leader’ of the previous administration with a broad and happy smile on his face, without ever mentioning the Crimson Kenyan by name (except for maybe once?)!

    It’s like a deliberate slow-fire leather-glove-slap-across-face cliche classic!!

    “YOU have insulted We The Deplorables yet again, and we are sick and tired of your empty and vacuous insults! Take this villain!!

    (SLAP! SLAP!)

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  19. intercesser says:

    I blamed Bush for everything even after 7 years , and now I am trying to take credit for all of the things that Trump has accomplished , which I opposed while in office … I am Spartadoofus !

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  20. SoCal Patriot says:

    This is one of the reasons I love Trump. He takes no crap and punches back twice as hard. For eight years, Bush 43 was trashed by the media and Dems and never once challenged them. It infuriated me that he wouldn’t respond.

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  21. TomR,Worc,MA,USA says:

    I think I have an insight into what the left’s response is going to be ……… “RACIST!!!”

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    • cdquarles says:

      If they did that to me, I’d say “Look in the mirror, bub”, every time they tried it. Or I’d ask them rhetorically, “Do you know what the proper meaning of that word is?”, just to see their reaction. Hmm, maybe this would work, too: “I’m old enough to remember Jim Crow, are you?”, again, just to see their reaction.


  22. OUkid75 says:

    Kevin and Mick Mulvany can both make finance sound like the most exciting, fun sport on earth. Love them both!

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    • Carrie2 says:

      OUkid75, and make it simple and clear for everyone while some economists rattle on with a lexicon of words that just don’t explain anything, even with charts.


  23. CNN_sucks says:

    The graphs makes the media go on a tizzy. Too wonky. Give media connect the dots game.

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  24. 4EDouglas says:

    he was great..

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  25. Brant says:

    Ah oh, “the final chart you see the black line….”. I’m sure that will be the only thing LSM runs with that he is rayciss.

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  26. Mike diamond says:

    The economy is doing great,Thanks to President Trump and his Team!

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  27. Sanj says:

    That was one of the best dissertations I’ve ever seen on TV finished by the greatest intellectual I told you so ever.

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  28. mtk says:

    Come think about Obama’s economic performance. Did not him or his adminstration infamously state way before Trump even considering running that, “GDP growth just has to catch up with the reality that the days of 3-4% growth are a thing of the past.” Or something to that affect.

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  29. WSB says:

    Sweet, nice man! Bravo, Mr. Hassert!

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  30. Fools Gold says:

    I can’t wait until the day he adds charts that are direct results from Trumps Economic Trade MAGA deals. Y’all ain’t seen nuthin yet!

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  31. Judiciary says:

    Obama essentially told us his limping economy was the new normal because America had it too good for too long. Furthermore, if he couldn’t make the economy better no one could. All of which is why he now arrogantly takes credit for Trump’s economy. I’m so glad he’s gotten a thorough smack down by Chairman Hassett.


  32. Wayne Robinson says:

    Just think at any time of Oboma’s eight years in office “ he” could have used his magic wand differently but noooo . President Trump had to ise his magic wand to undue everything Oboma had done to cause the massive shift from down to up . President Trump thinks it is not really magic wand but a pen a simple pen just exactly like the one Oboma fuct up everything with .


  33. Atpooka says:

    Trump tweet on the magic wand

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  34. Troublemaker10 says:

    Kevin released all his charts on Twitter:


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  35. jesterofthecourt says:

    Make Economics Great Again!


  36. Stillwater says:

    Full Kevin Hassett segment @ 0:37 – 23:26.


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