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Joe diGenova, Gregg Jarrett and Sara Carter Discuss the FISA Application, Rod Rosenstein and Bruce Ohr…

Joe diGenova, Gregg Jarrett and Sara Carter appear with Sean Hannity to discuss the ongoing DOJ issues with: Bruce Ohr, the Carter Page FISA application and the institutionally corrupt DOJ and FBI.  The issue of Rod Rosenstein being under IG … Continue reading

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President Trump Responds To Media Questions About Anonymous Administration Official Op-Ed…

Earlier this afternoon the New York Times presented an Op-ed claiming to be from an anonymous Senior Official within the Trump Administration [SEE HERE]. The op-ed is titled: “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration” and carries … Continue reading

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President Trump Meets With Sheriffs From Across The Nation…

Earlier today President Trump met with dozens of sheriffs from across the nation and delivered public remarks. The media was waiting in the room to pounce on questions relating to a New York Times op-ed presumably penned by an anonymous … Continue reading

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President Trump Meets With Republican Congressional Leadership To Discuss Legislative Agenda….

President Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and House Speaker Paul Ryan have teamed up this summer to do something that hasn’t happened in two decades — write and pass department spending bills instead of lumping everything into a massive … Continue reading

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President Trump Welcomes the Emir of Kuwait to The White House…

Earlier today President Trump welcomed the Emir of Kuwait to the White House.  During the oval office introduction President Trump also took questions from the media. . Following the oval office welcoming, the Emir and President Trump held an expanded … Continue reading

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Epic – Republican Rep. Billy Long Uses Auctioneering Skills to Shut Down Committee Protester…

This is epic.  Must Watch.  Missouri Republican Representative Billy Long falls back on his prior job skills to shut down a disrupting protester.  Then comes the best part: “I yield back”… Some days ya just gotta laugh. Thank you Mr. … Continue reading

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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Testifies to Congress About Social Media Platform Controls, Filters and Manipulation…

These “executives” are nuts; simply bananas.  For some reason the corporate management and ownership of Twitter (CEO Jack Dorsey) and Facebook (COO Sheryl Sandberg) refuse to admit that people, employees of their companies, actually make the content decisions. To defend … Continue reading

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