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President Trump Speech During Ohio GOP State Party Dinner…

President Donald Trump delivers remarks at the Ohio Republican Party State Dinner.

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President Trump and First Lady Melania Visit Children’s Hospital In Columbus Ohio….

President Donald Trump and First-Lady Melania Trump visit Nationwide Childrens Hospital, in Columbus, Ohio.  VIDEO:

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President Trump Tweets Absent AG: “Come on Jeff, You Can Do It”…

Earlier today President Trump tweeted a message to the invisible U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions: “C’mon Jeff, you can do it.” The evidence of severe DOJ/FBI corruption is visible everywhere. Congress has unearthed it (FISA abuse); the DOJ Inspector General … Continue reading

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Second Time: President Trump Removes DPRK Panda Mask to Expose Red Dragon Influence….

It was ABSOLUTELY NOT coincidental that China sent a low level trade delegation to the U.S. at exactly the same time U.S.T.R. Lighthizer is conducting open hearings on Section 301 national security trade issues; which are specifically targeted toward China. … Continue reading

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Ohio Republican Troy Balderson Declared Official Winner in CD-12 Race…

After two weeks of counting additional ballots Trump-backed Ohio republican candidate Troy Balderson was declared the official winner today by Franklin County officials. Democrat Danny O’Connor said on Friday he called to concede to Balderson. The final vote count showed … Continue reading

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Sarah Sanders – White House Press Briefing, Friday August 24th…

Sarah Huckabee Sanders delivers the White House press briefing for Friday August 24th, 2018.  Video Added:

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Death Imminent – Senator Discontinues Cancer Treatment…

If his palliative care lasts 17 more days… (Via NBC) Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain, who has been fighting an aggressive form of brain cancer for more than a year, will discontinue treatment for the disease, his family announced Friday. … Continue reading

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