Mollie Tibbetts Killer Used Stolen and Fake Identification To Remain Illegally in the U.S….

Cristhian Rivera is the illegal alien who killed 20-year-old Mollie Tibbetts in Iowa.  Today it is revealed that Rivera used fraudulent and stolen identification to apply for work, a VERY common way for illegal aliens to gain employment in the U.S.

The farm where he worked ran the social security number through the authentication process, after completing the I-9 form; however, they did not use E-Verify which is connected to the Department of Homeland Security.

IOWA – […] Cristhian Bahena Rivera,  the 24-year-old immigrant accused of abducting and killing Tibbetts, allegedly used a different name and provided false identification when he applied for employment at the farm just outside of Brooklyn, his employer said Wednesday.

Rivera worked at Yarrabee Farms in rural Poweshiek County for four years, Lang said. Yarrabee Farms is owned by multiple generations of the Lang family, including Craig Lang, former Farm Bureau President and prominent Iowa Republican.

[…] Dane Lang is Craig’s son. He said Rivera provided a state-issued government ID and social security number when applying for employment. The information is required to file a Form I-9, which verifies the identity and employment eligibility of a person in the U.S.

As a voluntary second verification step, the business put Rivera’s information through the Social Security Administration’s number verification service, but Dane Lang said he and others assumed it was allows employers to check if the information on a Form I-9 matches Social Security Administration and Department of Homeland Security records.

Employment verification officials consider E-Verify a more robust backgrounding system, because it includes immigration status and eligibility to work in the United States. A check of only a social security number verifies that the number, name and birth date an employee provided match information that exists in the federal Social Security database.

Dane Lang said Rivera provided a different name when he applied for employment, but he would not share it on Wednesday, citing the investigation. (read more)

At its core, this is the reason why Wall Street, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and GOPe republicans are against border security and mandatory e-verify.  BIG-AG and Big Business support the status quo so they can retain/exploit unlawful low-wage illegal aliens within their business enterprise.

There are untold numbers, likely hundreds-of-thousands, possibly millions, of illegal aliens within the agriculture and farm industry.

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503 Responses to Mollie Tibbetts Killer Used Stolen and Fake Identification To Remain Illegally in the U.S….

  1. Chris Tanner says:

    Interestingly, she posted on twitter that she hates white people
    and ends up being killed by someone that hates white people…she died young and naive.


  2. Stephen says:

    Mollie Tibbetts:



  3. Mike diamond says:

    What a evil sick dude! I wish Mollie would of been carrying a concealed hand gun!!!


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