President Trump Invites Media To Remain for Another White House Cabinet Meeting…

When we elected a successful businessman as President of the United States and leader of the executive branch, we elected a person who fundamentally changed the framework of accountability and transparency in government. President Donald J Trump holds an average of two to three full cabinet meetings each month where the cabinet members give direct updates on execution of policy priorities.

No President in modern history has put that much accountability into the position of each cabinet member. No President has ever coordinated strategic objectives with such a high level of expectation and scrutiny. No President has folded transparency into the cabinet with full media access over White House cabinet meetings. This is a new executive branch standard.

NEC Director Larry Kudlow break-out discussion on the economy at 03:45. WATCH:

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179 Responses to President Trump Invites Media To Remain for Another White House Cabinet Meeting…

  1. Publius2016 says:

    100% All American!

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    • olderwiser21 says:

      Starting the meeting with prayer???? I am gobsmacked! God Bless our beloved President and his Cabinet. We pray for your daily and keep you in our hearts.

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  2. FL_GUY says:

    Obama’s transparency was like a lead x-ray shield; President Trump’s transparency is like fine crystal.

    An actual standard of accountability. Do the job or hit the road. Just ask T-Rex. President Trump IS the boss and Thank God we have President Trump!

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      Obama EVADED transparency. Trump USES IT!

      I will bet money that our VSGPOTUS realized that the “everybody’s watching” model of The Apprentice offered new ways to exert strong leverage over employees, and gain productivity in the RIGHT directions. Nothing gets past Trump. NOTHING!!!


  3. MelH says:

    I dream about POTUS giving a speech to the Press, during this meeting, inviting them to give their best rendition of news reporting to MSM , about the Cabinet Meeting, and we’ll Tivo them and assess their claim that they are NOT the enemy of We The People.

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    • peace says:

      The Daily Herald, the 3rd largest paper in crooked Illinois, today proved how biased they were in joining with papers across the country to condemn Trump for what they believe is an attack on the free press when in fact it’s an attack on the fake news disguised as the free press. I hope they all go out of business.

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      • MelH says:

        Really it’s the way an industry dies, kicking and screaming. The internet and social media gives us what we need. Who needs the MSM? When Vogue magazine features Stormy Daniels , after having had the snootiest of articles and models for YEARS, the future of women’s magazines is clearly dead. Women in my day read magazines while the kids napped or played in the park. There is NO time for that anymore.

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      • Bendix says:

        The press has been attacking us for far too long.

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  4. Mike S says:

    I love the prayer at the beginning. Just imagine what the moonbats in the enemedia had going through their delusional minds…MAGA

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    • mj_inOC says:

      Just imagine the rejoicing in Heaven as Secretary Pompeo read from his Cadet Prayer Book!

      And the video of heads bowed, hands folded in reverence… God continue to guide, guard and give wisdom to our President, his family, and team. Amen.

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    • Sunshine says:

      Something is telling me Pompeo might be his successor in due time.

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      • G. Combs says:

        I sure hope Pompeo is Trump’s successor and NOT Pence.

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      • piper567 says:

        if Pompeo stays at State during Trump’s 2nd Term, he will have a unique International perspective…all of our interactions w/other Countries will be based on fact and accountability.
        This would give him a wonderful baseline from which to carry on MAGA.
        Plus he has that Alpha Male thing going, which imo is a must for anyone to follow our great President.
        I like Pence, I think he is a nearly perfect VP, but I think he is a follower, not a Leader…and we have learned from Trump that we Must Have a Leader.

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    • Cheri Lawrence says:

      Agree it is so beautiful to witness prayer in partnership with our creator once again!

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    • Doppler says:

      I did, too. And was reminded of reading recently that John Brennan when he was sworn into office as CIA Director declined to put his hand on the Bible, describing it as a relic of our formerly Christian-nation past.

      As to the media, I believe everyone prays at times, although frequency, and to whom or what may vary. Inviting the media into such an august gathering, where such a commanding person as Mike Pompeo, at President Trump’s request, leads the room in prayer reading from his well worn cadet prayer book forced them into that shared moment where the august group all had their heads bowed, and I suspect many of them shared in the moment, or at least remembered when they used to pray.

      Such moments are important in moving the rest of the country back on track to MAGA.

      Another brilliant move by our VSGPDJT.

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  5. SharkDiver says:

    The Boss!

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  6. Maquis says:

    Mad Love & Respect.


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  7. citizne54 says:

    Personally I think we shouldn’t be making any deals with China. Any profit they make eventually goes towards their military which will eventually be used against us. Keep up this trade war until Xi’s regime collapses.

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    • Minnie says:

      Meanwhile our Market is UP 👍

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      • piper567 says:

        Minnie…The Market still jitters at uncertainty.
        But the fact it opened going up this AM allows me to hope the optimism ab our economy is finally starting to sink in.
        I look forward to the point when smart investors All head over to US run Companies…that’s where the action is Now.

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    • GB Bari says:

      Not sure about that.
      A desperate China still has a large military and lots of nasty weapons.
      Additionally if Xi is brought down, can we be certain their military won’t take over.
      I see bankrupting them as a highly risky strategy.


    • Beverly says:

      Like President Reagan did to the Soviet Union “Evil Empire.” Kept up the economic pressure until the Communist dictatorship cracked and collapsed.


  8. Niagara Frontier says:

    The Executive Branch of government is being run like a business with department and agency heads held publicly accountable.

    God, thank you for answering our prayers!

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  9. fanbeav says:

    Interesting prayer from Mike Pompeo. Talked about justice and being in the right! Almost like it was directed at the dirty players like Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Strozk, et al!

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  10. Great video. It’s nice to see our team in action! Please go over to YT and drop a like. There are nearly twice as many downvotes as upvotes. Thanks.

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    • Cheri Lawrence says:

      Will do!! No doubt AI algorithms and media matters targeted opposition. It just isn’t real. Who tunes in to watch something they hate, ridiculous!

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    • technoaesthete says:

      Those numbers might be because the video is on the PBS channel. The White House channel recording, as of right now, has 83 upvotes and 3 downvotes.

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  11. daughnworks247 says:

    I recall when the press, under Obama, objected to the one photographer. Remember that? The Obama family only had one photographer and everything was staged. Nothing embarrassing allowed.

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  12. Justah says:

    Today was President Trump’s 16th Cabinet Meeting since taking office — for contrast, over an 8 year Reign of Terror, The Obama held 28 meetings total. In 2015, only 3.

    Mark Knoller – @markknoller is the accepted authority on all counts of everything President.
    One of the CBS White House correspondents and he logs everything. He usually does a total count sometime in January. During the Obama Reign of Terror – CBS no longer allowed him to do a Total Count on The Great Obama … #’s were too bad, he snuck them in occasionally on twitter.

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      It’s like BOs Cabinet members and meetings were ceremonial. Fake. They didn’t seem to really do anything. PDJT’s Cabinet are essential players held accountable for implementing directives. This is how it should work.

      I just didn’t really realize (even though I had a very dim view of BO and all he did) how poorly/ineffectively BO and his Cabinet worked until I saw how PDJT rolls. Once again, he has raised the bar. A lot.

      To quote Dekester, God Bless PDJT.

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    • daughnworks247 says:

      I adore Mark Knoller and follow him on Twitter. Of all the MSM, he is the MOST fair and a straight reporter. Wish the President would give him some kind of nod. Those who do their job well, should be acknowledged. His pics are terrific.

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  13. bullnuke says:

    Larry “outside my lane” Kudlow is the best. He cracked me up when he talks up the good economy stats and let’s everyone know “I get off on this stuff”. He was a briliant addition to President Tump’s team.

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  14. Vince says:

    I like the fact that President Trump hold regular cabinet meeting, especially because it allows all the cabinet to see how they fit into the larger agenda for the administration. I think I remember Obama having three or four of these cabinet meeting in his eight years.

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  15. bullnuke says:

    No comparison between a CEO president and a community organizer in chief.

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    • scott467 says:

      “No comparison between a CEO president and a community organizer in chief.”


      Especially considering what Hussein was organizing was High Treason and a coup with international assistance from the queen and her other 3 ‘eyes’ — Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

      ‘Five-Eyes’ is the international ‘intelligence system’ comprised of:

      United States of America
      United Kingdom
      New Zealand
      ( )

      Seems like an odd consortium at first, until you consider that it’s England, three current British colonies, and one (supposed) former British colony.

      If former government officials (Hussein administration) use their security clearance in America, that access is logged. But if they use their security clearance to access from New Zealand, Canada, Australia or UK, the record of THAT access is NOT logged.

      Who does Christopher Steele really work for? He’s ‘former’ MI6, British intelligence, and just like with our C_A, there is really no such thing as ‘former’.

      Are the other “Five Eyes” nations sovereign countries, or are they SUBJECTS of the queen?

      “Canada is a federal parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy, with Queen Elizabeth II being the head of state.” — Wiki

      “Australia is a federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy with Elizabeth II at its apex as the Queen of Australia, a role that is distinct from her position as monarch of the other Commonwealth realms.” — Wiki

      “New Zealand is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy, although its constitution is not codified. Elizabeth II is the Queen of New Zealand and thus the head of state.” — Wiki

      The ‘royal family’ (royal mobsters) run all of those countries. I wonder how long they have been running America, before Trump.

      All roads are leading straight back to the British monarchy.

      Same as it ever was.

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    • covfefe_USA says:

      Nope, especially when the organizer in chief was a complete fraud. Would love to see Russia drop a few dimes on that FUBAR’d fraud. I’d be willing to bet they have the goods on him.

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  16. Thank you for posting this!

    Did any of you catch Sec. Zinke? I WANT TO SCREAM FROM THE ROOFTOPS: YES! Forest MANAGEMENT.

    This is exactly the type of intervention we need here in California. The mismanagement here is criminal. I’m absolutely thrilled that the Trump administration is focused on this issue. It’s near & dear to my heart. I LIVE on one of those fire ravaged mountains. Been praying for leaders like Zinke & Trump. So grateful.

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  17. Cheesehead54016 says:

    “This is a new Executive Branch standard”. The Trump Admin has raised bar and expectations for future admins!!!

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    • A2 says:

      Spot on Cheesehead! No future president will be able to go back to the old outworn ways. We, the investors (taxpayers) in and shareholders of the greatest country on earth get the full report on our bottom-line.

      I learned more about the state of the nation from this cabinet meeting in a few short minutes than the time-wasting sorting and sifting through the fake media to find out what is being done and will be done.

      Thank you sundance for posting!

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    • sickconservative says:

      Really just left the swamp at this point.
      If we had an honest MSM it would be game over for the left, I can dream.

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  18. andyocoregon says:

    LOL! U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo just introduced the new Representative for Iran and a reporter named “Andrea” (maybe Andrea Mitchell? Sounded like her) shouted to Mike Pompeo as he walked away from the podium, “Mr. Pompeo, were you aware of or agree with The President’s decision to withdraw Mr. *Pompeo’s* security clearance?

    She fairly quickly corrected herself, but not before there were some good laughs from the audience.

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  19. Les Standard says:

    The economy is long overdue good news.

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  20. rashomon says:

    Perhaps I’m making too much of this, but I will never forget when previous economic advisors and, therefore, presidents suggested that the U.S. now had elevated itself to a service economy — no more dirty manufacturing polluting our countryside and waterways. No more steel production mining, logging…messy stuff. Offshore that pollution and stick to the desk jobs and clean laboratories such as financial analysis and banking, tech/computer/robotics/IA advancements, pharma and medicine, evolved education beyond the Great Books.

    Well, guess what has been priced out of sight and brings high revenues to the very few, leaving out the middle class, not to mention the ASPIRING middle class. Da Banksters, Da Techies, Big Pharma and Overpriced Healthcare, Big Ed beyond the budget of most seeking meaningful careers and Big Government with their Lobbyist in the ever-revolving door.

    Meanwhile, they steadily had dismantled all the hard goods that help us protect ourselves as a nation, not to mention the education necessary to continue advancing those products to meet 21st Century needs. Then came Mr. Trump, now our president, and his people.

    These frequent insights into the long, long table of PDJT’s cabinet members helps us citizens to know what’s afoot and alows us to speak out before our government runs off with our rights and the rule of law. Kudos to the Trump Team. May they continue to share their priorities and actions to meet their — our — goals.

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    • daughnworks247 says:

      Under the Obama Admin they ripped up the rail tracks to the then abandoned coal mines—- for scrap. I cried that day. And Soros bought coal stock at $.06 on the dollar.

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      • rashomon says:

        Same thing happened with some of the railways connecting steel mills to ports in the Midwest.

        BTW, if any of you have insight into increased shipbuilding in the U.S., please note it in these general administration threads. TY!

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        • St. Louie says:

          They just signed a contract to build a new lake freighter in Sturgeon Bay WI. From what I can tell it is to service the iron ore trade that takes ore from the western Great Lakes to the mills in the not so “rust” belt. Great jobs for the ship builders and welders in WI. Miners in MN and steel workers in OH. Its been years since an ore boat was built from scratch.

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          • rashomon says:

            Very good news. We seriously need to rebuild that industry. Today, parts are gathered from around the world to build one blinking ship, which is sheer stupidity. One was delayed for several months because the fittings had to come from the UK and something had disrupted their sole manufacturing plant. The Great Lakes used to teem with facilities.

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      • mr.piddles says:

        Of course he did. He’s no dummy. Just a rat bastard. But no dummy.

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    • G. Combs says:

      “….Offshore that pollution and stick to the desk jobs and clean laboratories such as financial analysis and banking, tech/computer/robotics/IA advancements, pharma and medicine, evolved education beyond the Great Books…..”

      Yeah and the actual stats show

      #1 employer: GOVERNMENT
      #2: Kelly Temp Services
      #3: Store Clerk
      #4: Burger Flipper

      (And no I am not kidding)

      The top ten employers fell in those 4 catagories!

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    • pyromancer76 says:

      Thanks, Rashomon, for that reminder of the tragedy that was the American nation and economy under the series of enemy-of-the-people Presidents. My anger (rage) knows no bounds. Hard to keep this one cold. Heads need to roll.

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  21. Beverly says:

    You know what’s great about Donald? he actually TAKES AMERICA SERIOUSLY!

    He genuinely believes that the Cabinet officers should DO THEIR JOBS, not just be traditional heirloom positions sitting around gathering dust — like your grandpa’s Lamborghini sitting in the barn collecting cobwebs.

    Nope: he’s wheeled that sucker out, had a team clean her off, had the best mechanics in the world get her up and running again and ROARING, and finished with the best auto-detail team in the business to get her concourse-correct and gleaming….

    And hit the autobahn with all 12 cylinders firing!!!! Here we go again, and hang onto your hats, fellow Americans!!!

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      Its a mindset one acquires when you become a business CEO, regardless of the size of the enterprise. Job don’t get done, you don’t have a job. A totally alien concept to most career government bureaucrats.

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  22. simicharmed says:

    I just finished watching…PRIDE is what I feel! A finely tuned engine of finely tuned moving parts…

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  23. Les Standard says:

    The globalist MSM cabal will continue to cherry pick the “news” to keep their shrinking pool of liberal turnips completely bamboozled.


    • mr.piddles says:

      Trump: “Thanks to the focused and extensive efforts of my administration, we have denuclearized the Korean peninsula, reformed the U.S. prison system, increased employment by millions of U.S. workers, and many other great, great, yuge accomplishments.”

      MSM Dingbat: “President Trump, can you please comment on Omarosa’s bombshell today that you once farted in the Oval Office, and that she has the tape to prove it? Mr. President!! MR. PRESIDENT!!!!”


    • piper567 says:

      Les, “shrinking pool” is the operative term there.


  24. Cheri Lawrence says:

    So refreshing to have doors wide open and working in partnership with our government again (except Congress unfortunately). Imagine what will happen with a fully functional and symbiotic government apparatus under President Trump. The sky is the limit (well not with our amazing POTUS who already an eye on space which has no limit) so to infinity and beyond!! Let’s do this!!

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    • rashomon says:

      Congress should be equally, if not more open to scrutiny. They represent us, right? (Or used to…).

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      • Kent says:

        …now they represent lobbyists clients….

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      • mr.piddles says:

        We need a fourth branch of the federal government to oversee Congress. Better yet, maybe The States could take that up. I’m serious.


        • G. Combs says:

          Better yet, maybe The States could take that up. I’m serious.

          THEN REPEAL The 17th amendment
          “The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, elected by the people thereof, for six years; and each Senator shall have one vote. The electors in each State shall have the qualifications requisite for electors of the most numerous branch of the State legislatures.”

          Prior to that the Senators were picked by the state legislators to represent the interests of the states.

          “Article I Section 3. The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each state, [chosen by the Legislature thereof,] for six Years; and each Senator shall have one Vote.”

          Seems the Founders had the better idea.

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          • bessie2003 says:

            This is my hope that happens, put our Constitution back into balance by giving the State’s back their voices in the upper house.


          • pyromancer76 says:

            Gail, this might be an important change, but if you look at your American history, most state legislatures that elected Senators were under the pay/thumbs of the Robber Barons — Main Street was dead. Therefore, the Progressive (not marxist progressives, but American) reform. It was an attempt to MAGA.

            The other danger is that any Constitutional convention today runs a grave danger of being taken over by Ameica’s enemies.


    • Let's Pop Smoke says:

      Easy to have the doors wide open when you have nothing to hide!


  25. tdaly14 says:

    So glad we finally have smart grownups dealing with facts on the terrible reasons for all the fires in California. Been going on for decades and no one said a word. Ty President Trump!

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    • piper567 says:

      actually, many DID try and say something.
      But I left CA over 30 yrs ago, and at that time the ecocretins were screaming ab logging road access to Pristine Lands. No people There!!!
      Never mind the Logging roads were primarily for forest maintenance…taking out disease and clearing underbrush, otherwise known as FUEL.
      Now the Pristine Lands are being incinerated.
      Good work, you stupid ba$tard$!
      I am w/you, SO happy this stupidity is being addressed.
      How I hope the majority of Americans get hooked on Common Sense!!

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  26. TexasDude says:

    I will make a distinction, Trump is the reason a CEO is doing well in the White House.

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  27. Just an observation about the exchange between President Trump and Attorney General Session. POTUS asked the AG to prosecute regarding opiates. What did he not ask in person to be prosecuted?

    When he had the chance on television to ask in person…President Trump did not ask Sessions to go after the Brennan and Co.. Hmmmm…..

    During his podcast tonight, Dan Bongino made it clear that Attorney General Sessions and the DOJ have ACTIVE CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS into 27 classified leaks…and Brennan should be very worried right now. Very worried.

    My hunch, and I am not alone, is that POTUS and his AG are, and have been, producing some world class theater. As Bill Mitchell said last night,”Sessions’ slow-walk has turned into a slow-trot.”


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    • Marica says:

      JW–Always Love your take from across the pond!! You clearly see Objectively!! Hugs!
      When you get back to America–It might just resemble the country you defend!!

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      • Thank you very much for your kind remarks! I love hugs! 😀

        I just want to clarify that I am ex-military…I think my last comment where you replied might have been unclear where I said, “I am military guy myself”. After so many years, the Army never really leaves your blood. In many ways, I still think Army.

        I guess I am still defending my country in other ways. I will not stand for the lies spread by the media, including the European media. In a Harvard study published last year, only one media outlet was more negative than CNN when reporting about our VSGPDJT—Germany’s state owned television station ARD (Das Erste). 98% negative reporting.

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    • redline says:

      A *very* slow crawl is popular with snipers…

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  28. simicharmed says:

    I loved it when President Trump was talking with Sec.Nielson – He responded to her with a comment about the Democrats obstruction on border security: “it must be political because it sure isn’t common sense”…!

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  29. Marica says:

    American Pride -Simi! I thought it was long gone…Hail to our Chief! VSGPDJT!

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  30. andyocoregon says:

    Hooray! The Trump Administration is bringing back good forest practices, including Salvage Logging.

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  31. daughnworks247 says:

    Two highlights, besides the obvious Kudlow moment.
    1. Zincke was on fire and damn, he stepped up big time. Proud of him. Here’s the kicker though, when PDJT was introducing Zinke, he was talking about the Gov of Cali allowing millions and millions of gallons of water to flow into the ocean…. then he drifted to talk about the “SMELT”, which is the fish, allegedly endangered and the reason why CA is letting the water flow. The way PDJT said the word “SMELT” was like he was spitting out the word. Clear disdain for the little fish.
    I smell a reprioritization of the smelt population, asap.
    2. Betsy DeVos can speak. I swear, she can. She talked today. Most of us think Sec. DeVos will be very active in turning around the schools when PDJT establishes a roaring economy and settles his score with the cabal. I can’t wait to see that battle. Timing…., patience. I’m all in.

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    • andyocoregon says:

      Smelt are a small, trash fish that used to be very common here in the Pacific NW. As recently as the early 1980’s one could go “smelt dipping” on several of the local rivers in the Spring and Fall and catch 5 gallon buckets full with just a few dips of the smelt nets. Several places sold plastic buckets for cheap and rented smelt nets for $1 per day. People used the smelt to fertilize their vegetable gardens and some would put them in a smoker so the would be easy to debone and eat. They were very boney, however.

      Smelt used to run in the rivers at the very end of a Spring or Fall salmon run. That’s when salmon fishermen knew it was time to hang up the rod and reel for another six months. Smelt runs always followed salmon runs.

      There are nowhere near the number of smelt these days, along with a steep decline in salmon. What we do have an abundance of are California Sea Lions that have migrated up here and decimated our salmon runs. Since they are a federally protected species, it’s illegal to kill or even harass the predators with the exception of government agencies such as U.S. Fish and Wildlife.

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  32. God bless him, Trump is doing good work and I pray that he succeeds.

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  33. Cliffaheadwolvesbehind says:

    Thank you SD for posting the video.
    I have to admit that unlike alot of you Treepers, my eyes glaze over at business reporting.
    But even I understand, this is Amazing. One of my patients who did business with China, said years ago the disappearance of our manufacturing was going to destroy America.
    I didn’t really get it then but I do now.
    Isn’t President Trump even better than what you hoped?
    It’s simply unbelievable and you can see the cabinet members think so too!

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  34. No_BlahBlah says:

    Yeah Sure!
    But it wasn’t on CSPAN like Obama’s were Every day now WERE THEY!


  35. Wee2low says:

    Oh the end is classic! You VSGPOTUS looking at the feral press like the dogs they are and Pompeo laughing his a$$ off! Freaking priceless!

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    • Robert Smith says:

      If they didn’t yell and ask relevant questions they wouldn’t be shooed out like they are now. They brought on that change.


  36. Kent says:

    I did like P Trumps comment about the Chinese themselves being amazed that they have gotten away with so much for so long……my thoughts for many years.

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  37. Lion2017 says:

    God Bless President Trump for his leadership.

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  38. redline says:

    Was CNN / Acosta there? Just curious.


  39. Tony G says:

    After the press was unceremoniously booted, Zinke turns to Trump and sarcastically says “…there’s some tough people here,” referring to the press shouting questions. Trump just says “Elite.” Love it.

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  40. JonS says:

    Opening a cabinet meeting with a blessing from the Lord. Onward Christian soldiers! Landslide in November

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  41. JonS says:

    He burst into flames when Pompeo read the blessing


  42. Concerned Virginian says:

    Sec. Pompeo did a great thing with reading the Cadet’s Prayer. Also, notice POTUS’ reactions at the mention in the prayer about “doing the hard thing that is right instead of what is easy” and the mention in the prayer about duty to country. Looked to me like POTUS was saying something like “Yea” each time.
    Every time POTUS is in attendance at a place where a Judaeo-Christian prayer is said or read, I get this feeling that somehow the Founders are also in that place.

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  43. Dale Stickell says:

    Never thought I would see the day when a presidential cabinet meeting would become “must see T.V.”. But there it is, folks. Fifty-seven minutes of the most informative, enlightening, inspiring, and downright entertaining viewing that I have seen in a long time. God bless PDJT, his family, and all the members of his administration. Sundance, you have my undying gratitude for allowing us to stay so informed.

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  44. Disgusted says:

    I have never in my 71 years been as anxious to listen to every word spoken by members of a cabinet meeting as I just was! ESPECIALLY the last incredible Special Iran Team Guy. Wow! Remember Harf or the red headed jerk standing at her podium in about the same capacity as Pompeo’s Guy here today when SHE made a total fool of herself by suggesting the solution to world problems was to give the terrorists JOBS??? Remember those horrifying days when those people were in charge?

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    • Bendix says:

      I wonder what the people living in fear in our inner cities thought when they heard how concerned she was for some terrorist in another country?


  45. chrystalia99 says:

    Of everything TRUMP does, I look forward to these the most. Love watching what happens at the table, and the transparency…..


  46. NC Nana says:

    O beautiful for patriot dream
    That sees beyond the years
    Thine alabaster cities gleam
    Undimmed by human tears!

    America! America!
    God shed His grace on thee,
    And crown thy good with brotherhood
    From sea to shining sea!

    The President and his cabinet bring the lyrics of this beautiful song to life.

    Fabulous meeting! Thank you for inviting America to watch the conversations with your Cabinet Secretaries!


    God bless the USA!


  47. Bendix says:

    Last night I was reflecting on how the president was willing to shake up Turkey’s economy, after they ignored his polite request to send our pastor home.
    I thought to myself, “they are going to learn that he means business!”
    After that, I realized I had a good slogan for a bumper sticker for the 2020 campaign.
    I’m designing it in my head. It is going to have a glittery white background, with a shiny red and blue border that looks like ribbon, and it will read, “PRESIDENT TRUMP- HE MEANS BUSINESS.
    The “he means business” part will be bold italics, not just capitals, but I can’t do bold italics on the computer.
    I’m going to tinker with the design some more, but the slogan is a keeper in any case.
    When I saw the topic of this thread, I decided this was as good a place as any to introduce my concept.

    Liked by 1 person

  48. L. E. Joiner says:

    Can anyone tell me whether any previous President has ever invited the media in for an entire Cabinet meeting, not to mention several of them?

    Liked by 1 person

  49. baggywrinkle says:

    Viewing this from outside the usa namely new zealand i am in awe, hes our president now.
    what is happening concerning Trump and his team will and is having world wide effects.
    i am proud to say the usa is becoming great again
    we needed this

    Liked by 3 people

    • GweninKC says:

      Thank you, baggy. It means a lot to me to read your comment. We are incessantly told how the world hates President Trump and how he’s made us a laughing stock and diminished America’s standing. Of course, we here at CTH recognize the the lies for what they are, but it feels good to know that others do recognize how VSGPDJT is changing things and MAGA.

      My husband lived in Australia for a time. He loved it and wanted to share it with me. We hoped to visit there, and I especially wanted to see New Zealand, Sadly, cancer took him before we made the trip but Aus and NZ are special to me anyway. Praying for your country and the challenges you’re facing. Anyway, thanks for the warm fuzzies tonight.

      Liked by 1 person

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