President Trump Invites Media To Remain for Another White House Cabinet Meeting…

When we elected a successful businessman as President of the United States and leader of the executive branch, we elected a person who fundamentally changed the framework of accountability and transparency in government. President Donald J Trump holds an average of two to three full cabinet meetings each month where the cabinet members give direct updates on execution of policy priorities.

No President in modern history has put that much accountability into the position of each cabinet member. No President has ever coordinated strategic objectives with such a high level of expectation and scrutiny. No President has folded transparency into the cabinet with full media access over White House cabinet meetings. This is a new executive branch standard.

NEC Director Larry Kudlow break-out discussion on the economy at 03:45. WATCH:

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179 Responses to President Trump Invites Media To Remain for Another White House Cabinet Meeting…

  1. NJF says:


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    • Carrie2 says:

      NJF, living in CA it is because of the democrat in the governor’s mansion and the legislature who supposedly are “environmentalists” but actually destroy our forests. No more lumbering allowed while we need the wood for so many structures, the dead wood will in itself start fires and they are not allowed to be removed by these supposed “environmentalists”. Yes, water taken from our farmers and poured into the ocean which mean fewer food products and also higher water prices and how much we can actually get. So, yes, we have exceptionally poor leaders in this state and they don’t give a damn about the fires, the deaths of people living in those areas and the firepeople dying as well, don’t care how much housing destroyed and people losing everything. We in CA MUST vote for Cox for governor and all other republicans to hopefully make this state the Golden State once more as it was when I moved here. A pox on supposed environmentalists who are sooo ignorant of reality and nature.

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  2. Brant says:

    Press: “You meet with the cabinet 2-3 times per month, but you never have a full on press conference with us. That’s no fair. We are an integral part of the DC scene too you know. Waaaaaaah!”

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  3. Critical Mass says:

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is how the grown ups run a government. President Trump is not a revolutionary or a conservative – he is a restorative, as in restoring government to its proper purpose and function. What a breath of fresh air and a relief to witness such a team of dedicated and ethical professionals at work. And there is nothing like common sense practicality to restore faith and trust in government.

    President Trump has created an indelible legacy in his leadership and managerial style that is robust, relaxed and dignified at the same time. Not only is this dynamic an incentive to accountability and transparency, but it is also an encouragement and inspiration to future leaders in government. These videos will provide a great reference point and model for any young people with aspirations to politics or government in years to come.

    Everyone, everyone at that cabinet meeting was terrific. From my point of view though, as someone raised on a farm in a fire prone area, the statement by Ryan Zinke brought tears to my eyes. The foolhardy policies of idiotic greenies have caused so much tragedy and destruction in the lives of people who live close to forested areas. The idea of harvesting fallen timber for lumber is brilliant. Fire management, profit for lumber companies and employment at the same time. Hallelujah!

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    • Steven Z says:

      Critical Mass, thank you.

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    • Aussie Trump Supporter says:

      It is precisely because your President uses a managerial style which is accountable and transparent that your media and the domocrats, the NWO/soros and hollywood idiots go so berserk. They cannot handle this mans openness and so attack him every which way and particularly on the racist misoginist c–p.
      Love your POTUS and his beautiful wife.

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      • Critical Mass says:

        Well said, Aussie Trump Supporter. So many Aussies love Trump too, though the media do their darndest to hide it. Let’s face it, most sensible people are fed up with globalists, bureaucrats, the politically correct, the left, and the elite. Sensible people are fed up, not because they are mean, resentful or chronically dissatisfied, but because the policies of the entrenched political class do not work.

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        • Lindenlee says:

          My firend just got back from several weeks in Italy, and she said that everywhere she went, the Italians said that they LOVED TRUMP! As soon as they found out she was American, they told her! So cool.

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    • exdeadhead says:

      Watching this makes me want to live far beyond the Trump Presidency to witness all of this resurgency of American greatness. I’ve lived through the underappreciated (by me) Reagan revolution and the 90’s which followed in spite of the Bushes and Clintons. Now by grace I get a do-over, watching Trump with full appreciation. Please Lord, let me see at least through the 2030’s, baring witness to the full remaking of our political and economic landscape.

      I want to witness Obama’s funeral procession, so I can turn my back as his deadness passes by. I want to witness in a hopefully distant future my current and beloved President’s procession from a front row, small footprint tripod seat, so I can stand and salute with tears in my eyes, as they are now.

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  4. Publius2016 says:

    NAFTA is dead! long live bilateral trade!! America First!!!

    “As far as Mexico and Canada — Mexico, Bob told you about — we’re not negotiating with Canada right now. Their tariffs are too high. Their barriers are too strong. So we’re not even talking to them right now. But we’ll see how that works out. It will only work out to our favor.”


  5. Carrie2 says:

    I find being able to hear what is being said and done in these cabinet meetings is outstanding because they are our employees and we need to be updated. Pres. Trump realizes we are the America and Republic and keeps us informed and I appreciate his appointees actually being very successful in doing what needs to be done. He keeps them on their toes! Thanks to all in the Cabinet and God bless and keep you safe.

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    • pacnwbel says:

      The big plus is they, the cabinet, do not speak in gobbledegook waffle. . Plain facts are difficult for the news media to spin; we, the readers/listeners do not appreciate this intent to deceive us.,


  6. Mike diamond says:

    President Trump gets stuff done!! He is the best President we have ever had !!

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  7. wolfrom1 says:

    First cabinet meeting I have seen. Very impressed so much respect and intelligence. This country needs this kind of tranceparity A very informative meeting. It is so hard to get people to spend 60 minutes watching anything without some violence or sex. I wish more would watch see this Thanks PDJT. Keep showing us the way!

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  8. signreader says:

    That’s how big corporate staff meeting happen! Great to see replica of my own stafff meetings in good old times!
    Not happy to see Sessions sitting across blabbering some meaningless she-it! As if things are just coming along peachy!


  9. Pyrthroes says:

    As many note, over the next few years this Trump Precedent of direct media access to cabinet meetings will effectively hobble hyper-partisan attempts to game the system. Just imagine a Gangrenous coterie, knitting mittens while Hissef’ attends MzBill’s discourses on Benghazi, hubby’s Tarmac Jamboree, and Rosatom aka “Uranium One”. Faugh.


  10. Eilert says:

    Was there ever in any country a cabinet meeting televised life and one with substance and not for the show either.


  11. iwasthere says:

    Look at that body language when Sessions is speaking.


  12. hellinahandbasket says:

    Video time 26:43
    Am I the only one who was taken-back when Secretary Azar (elaborating on Sec Duvos’ statements), who said, without any pause or interpretation, stating something that is an accepted normal occurrence: “One in five students suffer from a mental disorder”….. next topic, nothing to see here.

    Is this really true – ONE in FIVE of our children have mental issues. . .?
    Because, if this is true, I’d say we have a MAJOR crisis on our hands, and moreso, to casually make a statement like that, treating this as a normal societal measurement, well – that is as abnormal as you can get. A google search seems to confirm this 1-in-5 number, with pages of results.

    Or…. is this the same bogus, hyper-inflated number tossed between colleges, who demand we believe one in four females will be raped during their college years. It’s hard to tell what’s what.


  13. Richard Orberson says:

    It would not surprise me that after the 2018 election that the mainstream media starts to report and produce more favorable articles in relation to Donald Trump. They are such a bunch of gossip rags.


    • Robert Smith says:

      Well, if the midterms do happen to go towards the Red Wave scenario and the Russia collusion is crushed, if they want any chance of relevance they would have to report truthfully.


  14. Cankles Clinton says:

    Did you notice that when Sessions was speaking that Trump crossed his arms? He didn’t do that while anyone else was speaking that I noticed.


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