Congressman Keith Ellison, Deputy Chairman DNC, Faces Serious Allegations of Domestic Violence, Assault…

Congressional Representative Keith Ellison was elected to congress in 2007, and has been serving as Deputy Chairman of the Democrat National Committee since 2017. Additionally, Ellison is a current candidate for Attorney General of Minnesota.

Representative Ellison has been accused of domestic violence by his former partner Karen Monahan [See Monahan twitter here].  Yesterday Karen Monahan’s son, Austin Monahan, provided details of the allegations in a Facebook Post that outlines prior evidence of the horrific abuse he discovered in 2017, and Austin’s motive for bringing the issue to light now to support Karen Monahan’s recent claims.

Austin Monahan claims there is video evidence of the abuse, and there are numerous text messages between his mom Karen Monahan and Keith Ellison outlining the history of the events and threats from Ellison if she went public.  Austin Monahan writes:

My name is Austin Monahan and I am writing this letter on behalf of me and my brother.

My brother and I watched our mom come out of pure hell after getting out of her relationship with Keith Ellison. For several months we knew something wasn’t right and couldn’t figure it out. When we asked our mom if everything was ok, she told us she was dealing with some stress and would be ok.

In the middle of 2017, I was using my moms computer trying to download something and I clicked on a file, I found over 100 text and twitters messages and video almost 2 min long that showed Keith Ellison dragging my mama off the bed by her feet, screaming and calling her a “fucking bitch” and telling her to get the fuck out of his house.

The messages I found, were mixed with him consistently telling my mom he wanted her back, he missed her, he knew he fucked up and we wished he could do things different, he would victim shaming, bully her, and threaten her if she went public. I text him and told him I know what you did to my mama and a few other things.

I met up with my mom that night and asked her what happened. She said nothing happened until I told her I saw a video and hell of a lot of messages saying something different. She finally talked. My brother and I were so angry and hurt for our mom. We were ready to go public but our mom begged us not to and she along with others convinced us it wasn’t in our moms best interest. (read more)

Karen Monahan Twitter Here

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  1. Maybe you can get a response from @kenmartin73 (he heads up the MN DFL)!!! That is his twitter handle

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    • Some Old Guy says:

      On Ken Martin’s behalf, let me take a gander and proffer a likely DFL counter claim that the AG candidate is the victim of a closet Trump supporting, white privilege denying, Islamophobic racist liar.

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    • fleporeblog says:

      Minnesota has been trending BIGLY in the Republican direction for the past 18 months. I absolutely see us flipping MN-D1 and MN-D8 in November. I also see us winning Franken’s Senate Seat in November and the Governor’s Seat.

      Keith Ellison has always been a POS in my book. He loves open borders and loves to flaunt it. The Democrat Party is in complete disarray now that their shining star has been anointed. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one of the dumbest individuals in this country. She is making an embarrassment every single day out of the Party. She comes from the Ellison/Bernie wing of the Party.

      I think Ole Keith is in a world of hurt on this one. If what the son describes actually exists, the Democrats are going to throw him to the wolves. They have to destroy this part of their Party before the entire Party goes extinct.

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      • Rodney Short says:

        My father in laws birth place,he passed away last year just before his 90th birthday.I heard so many wonderful things about Mn before he lost his brain to dementia he always ask if we could take him back before he passed away.Big Ed was a lifelong long shoreman I am glad he never realized what happened to his birth state.Refugees have destroyed every thing they touch.IMHO

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        • InAz says:

          Every state is being destroyed by the communist Democrats and communist Republicans. Little by little the entire country is being demolished by these communist globalist blankety blank blanks.

          So sorry about your father in law. My mother died from Alzheimer’s.

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      • The Demon Slick says:

        It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

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      • All American Snowflake says:

        “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one of the dumbest individuals in this country.”

        Well, there is that low IQ individual of whom Mr. Trump speaks. Yeah, that’s right: Maxine Waters.

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      • Raven says:

        Don’t forget CD8! Pete Stauber, whom President Trump traveled to Minnesota to rally for, will take over DFL loser Rick Nolan’s seat, and Doug Wardlow, GOP Attorney General with an amazing background, will become Minnesota’s next AG come November!

        I look forward to no longer being blue in Minnesota!

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  2. Jen MG says:

    He’s black, he’s a Dem and he’s muslim. This will go nowhere, sadly.

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  3. DanO64 says:

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

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    • sejmon says:

      …and more will coming…


    • The Demon Slick says:

      I know, right! That’s what I said!
      Shout out to American women, you don’t realize how awesome American men are. In most countries Mr Ellis would be considered gentle with women. Get yourself a conservative American guy. He’s going to work every day and try to protect you and keep you safe. Stay away from the male feminists and pajama boys, they’ll only disappoint you.

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  4. Johnny Bravo says:

    People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    Confucius he say “Keith, may all your problems be big ones!”

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  5. ForGodandCountry says:

    From Wikipedia (and this is SUCH a teling statement):

    “At the age of 19, while attending Wayne State University in Detroit, Ellison converted from Catholicism to Islam, later giving the following explanation: “I can’t claim that I was the most observant Catholic at the time [of my conversion]. I had begun to really look around and ask myself about the social circumstances of the country, issues of justice, issues of change. When I looked at my spiritual life, and I looked at what might inform social change, justice in society… I found Islam.”

    After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in economics in 1987, Ellison married his high school sweetheart and moved to Minneapolis to attend the University of Minnesota Law School. While there, he wrote several articles in support of Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam.


    Tells you everything you need to know…..esp. as re: his attitudes towards women, and the belief which inform those attitudes.

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    • L4grasshopper says:

      In other words… was never about “religion”….he though Farrakhan was “cool”….

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    • Flubber says:

      Losers flock to Islam. It gives them, a grand narrative to justify the fact they hate everyone – and they feel everyone hates them – A losers philosophy.

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      • Ris Eruwaedhiel says:

        People who are disaffected from society are often attracted to Islam. The No. 1 source of converts is prison. Islam gives its adherents justification for the worst human impulses – it justifies robbing, raping and killing, if done in the name of Allah and his prophet.

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    • 7delta says:

      When I looked at my spiritual life, and I looked at what might inform social change, justice in society… I found Islam.” 

      I nearly choked on my All-American 120-proof-Knob’s-Creek-Bourbon old fashion. No, thanks, Keith. We’ll keep Webster’s to define words. Shariah definitions just don’t work here.

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  6. Edd says:

    Ellison’s a muslm. Muslims hold women is about the same esteem as goats. There should be no surprise or confusion about “domestic abuse” here. And I didn’t even bring up the wonderful practice of FGM.

    Wonderful culture! Such contributors to mankind. No muslim dominated country can even proiduce a decent bicycle.

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    • Jen MG says:

      Actually, I’d say the goats are held in greater esteem as they’re not beaten, denigrated or forced to wear a burka.

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        • H.R. says:

          😲 Jeezy PETE! 😲

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        • churchmouse says:

          Read what happened just under a year ago, also from India Today, excerpted below.


          Emphases mine:

          ‘A day after Mail Today reported about the city cabbie who has been accused of raping a seven-month-old puppy, police sources said cops are likely to include Section 377 (unnatural offences) of the Indian Penal Code in the FIR. However, so far no arrest has been made in connection with the case as officials are awaiting a supplementary medical report of the puppy.

          ‘As per locals, Naresh Kumar is absconding since Thursday evening and his wife has locked herself in the oneroom set they live in. On Wednesday, few hours after the couple talked to this reporter, Naresh had beaten up his wife and had broken her right arm. On Thursday too, Naresh and his elder brother Suresh were found drunk, but since evening, Naresh is absconding

          ‘Speaking to Mail Today, the doctor at Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital, where the autopsy was conducted [on the puppy] claimed that the report mentions “excessive blood loss from her private part and the shock of the horror are the cause of her death”. Now, police are suspecting that it could be possible that Naresh might have inserted some foreign object in the private part of the puppy.

          ‘Law experts believe that even if the foreign object was inserted by Naresh, the case comes under section 377 of the IPC …

          ‘Experts say attacks as well as cases of cruelty against canines are on the rise in the country. A chilling CCTV footage emerged this month, showing a group of men savagely pummelling a stray dog to death with bricks in a south Delhi alley and then stealing the carcass. Two of the accused were arrested and they claimed to have eaten the animal.

          ‘Similarly, a psychopath, Nakul Mishra, was found stabbing dogs to death at the Green Park Metro station, and an unemployed Dwarka resident chopped off the hind legs of a puppy with a hacksaw when it scratched him last year. In October 2016, Hyderabad Police arrested a man for killing and raping a dog.’



        • Robert Smith says:



    • Tall Texan says:

      Shocking that an adherent to the religion of peace would do such a thing…

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    • Bud Klatsch says:

      Edd, be patient, I understand the ‘New Testament’ for the Koran is in final editing phase. Out in another century or two!

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    • James W Crawford says:

      If you’re a Muslim, goats and women can serve the same purpose.


  7. Whitehouse Clown says:

    Another fine example of Democrat Party values and morals. Public schools, universities, local, state and federal agencies are chock full of liberals with the same, or worse values as Keith.

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  8. joeknuckles says:

    He was just exercising his rights as a Muslim. Anybody who doesn’t like it is a racist.

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  9. joeknuckles says:

    He was just exercising his rights as a Muslim. Anybody who doesn’t like it is a racist.

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  10. Angel Martin says:

    “This video does not exist”

    LOL !

    Another “progressive” down in flames on #MeToo.

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  11. Publius2016 says:

    crickets…Fake News Media??? we know if this was a REPUBLICAN, his house would be burned to the ground and if America First! CNN would have interviewed his nemesis from 3rd grade!!!

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  12. keeler says:

    This is the reason for the social media crackdown folks.

    Imagine if Austin Monahan’s only avenues to go public with this story relied on the willingness of local corporate affiliates to give it coverage.

    Social media, for all its many faults, allows the average citizen to pour sunlight onto people and issues which would otherwise be filtered out of public discourse.

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    • Bendix says:

      That’s a very good point.

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    • Thankful for Americans outside DPRK says:


      The reason for the “concern” over social media is the wildfire of personal connections that spread across our country and elected VSSGPOTUS Trump. It has them scared shi!less. This is the true reason for social media hearings.

      If you study how to fight wildfires you can see the tactics as they unfold and even predict what “ridge” or choke point they will improve to achieve containment. Obviously this goes back including Lois Lerner and her special friends.

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    • Scott says:

      Which is why it must be crushed, says the left.

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  13. LafnH20 says:

    Democrat. Scum.
    Up and coming.
    What Leadership looks like!
    The Future Attorney General..
    Lawyer… SCUMMY LAWYER… pfft

    Can those – that support – this “Party”…
    Be That Obtuse?


  14. kinthenorthwest says:

    Damn The Democratic $HIT is deep deep deep deep and smelly..

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  15. TwoLaine says:

    BUMMER. No Muslim AG in MN?

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  16. starfcker says:

    Well awwwwwwlright. You mean we get to get rid of Keith? Who would have ever thought he was capable of behaving stupidly. Adios, loser

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  17. Women: never isolate yourself. Abusers thrive when you are alone, you have no backup and no one to help you mentally fight against the gaslighting. Sad situation for this woman, but it is another opportunity for learning how to prevent this in the future.

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  18. positron1352 says:

    Sounds like there is plenty of proof. I think he is going to jail.


    • Edd says:

      Did Ellison change to the Republican Party?

      Leftists don’t go to jail……..because Republicans never file charges. Are there any Republican politicians screaming for Hillary’s head to roll? Not so we’d notice.

      Just for fun – compare Scooter Libby’s charges and sentence with Sandy “pants” Burger’s. Makes my point.

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    • churchmouse says:

      He’s too well known and his tenure in politics has been too long for him to land in jail.

      I’ve been reading about him for 15 years. He was elected to the Minnesota House in 2002 and re-elected in 2004, prior to moving on to the US House of Representatives in 2006:


  19. pam2246 says:

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  20. todayistheday99 says:

    Minnesota has a lot of swamp land, even though it freezes in the winter.

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  21. Nom de Blog says:

    He seems nice.

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  22. Sugarhillhardrock says:

    I will wait for more proof, but if this is so, this hectoring POS will get his.
    Just like Weinstien and the rest of these “ok for thee, but not for me” Marxist do gooders, if the allegations are true, nothing to awful can happen to this hypocrite .
    I pray Ms. Monahan has a family member who is skilled with his fists and can teach this scum bag some manners. A nice shiner and some permanent scars to see every time he looks in the mirror would fit his mug perfectly.
    Maybe some time in a Minnesota prison would get him the physical lesson he obviously needs

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    • deplorabledaveinsocal says:

      No need to make this filth a martyr. Let due process run its course. Then, remind everyone this filth, Nancy Pelosi, the wild eyed young woman are the faces of the democratic party. Shaming these people won’t work as they are incapable of feeling shame. Shame the people who support this behavior…Ask – is this really the type of person you want to be associated with?

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    • Akh says:

      I think we all should wait for more proof before jumping. But we should, absolutely 100% call out the hypocracy of reaction to the alllegations.


  23. James F says:

    I remember back when when Minnesotans were known, even made fun of, for being extremely nice, back before their cultural heritage was destroyed.

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    • Tall Texan says:

      The Wellstone funeral made it very clear to me how much of Minnesota’s “leadership” “behaves”.

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      • Patriot1783 says:

        That was horrible….just goes to show, Dems never let an opportunity go to waste 🙄 Only a certain sort of people would stoop so low to turn a funeral into a campaign rally.


    • Sharon says:

      “Minnesota nice” is an urban legend of sorts. It’s not particularly nice. And it can happen anywhere that the group has more importance and value than the individual (in that way, it’s a micro-cosm of “democracy”).

      My late DH and I moved back to his home ground in the 90s in West Central MN and lived there for 18 years.

      Minnesota Nice – is just well-wrapped group control mechanisms by another name. It only works with those who are part of the group. Integration by subordination is another way to describe it.

      It is specifically because of the lack of wisdom and real knowledge that characterize it that their precious “Minnesota nice” became the instrument of their destruction when the Somalis and Bosnians flooded in.

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  24. Howcome says:

    The media blasted allegations against Jim Jordan for days on end about not knowing something was going on. You just got to shake your head at the outlandish double standard.

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    • todayistheday99 says:

      At least get on social media and bash a few libtards every now and then. Then make a Twitter account (takes 5 mins) and give POTUS Trump a few likes.

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      • Lucille says:

        Based upon the number of tweets an account makes, how many times a tweet is re-tweeted, what influence the account wields, etc., each account is worth many thousands of dollars to Twitter. The greater the influence, the greater the value.

        So if the only reason a person should maintain a Twitter account is so that “likes” may be given to President Trump, that’s an awful lot of money a person is “giving” to the uber rich leftist and his group that owns it.

        Advice: cancel if you have an account or, better yet, don’t sign up in the first place.

        What the President does value, however, is knowing what citizens think and support. You may contact him at

        And then read: “OPINION: Twitter is run by Democratic donors and activists” by Paul Sperry, August 4, 2018 –

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  25. Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

    This is going to be some tuff sledding for CNN, MSNBC, ABC & the other fake news.
    In the last 2 weeks they have had to defend China and the benevolent dictatorship of Chairman Xi. That one wasn’t too hard. After all, everyone knows that China saved our ass in WW-2. Right?
    As of last Thursday tho, they must also convince Americans that Turkey is the greatest ally of ours since… Canada. Not so easy. I mean…where the hell is Turkey? Acosta is not quite sure.
    Now they must take on the #Metoo’s in defense of Ellison. If they pick the wrong side on this one the results could be catastrophic.
    Wasn’t opposing President Trump on EVERYTHING supposed to be… easy?

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  26. patrickhenrycensored says:

    On Sunday, Karen Monahan said that what her son posted was telling the truth.

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  27. kinthenorthwest says:

    Damn this is all over the conservative outlets…Got 3 emails about this in just he last 10 minutes.
    Never seen one of Sundance’s piece be backed up or is it mirrored in so many places so quickly.

    SHOCK CLAIM–> VIDEO Shows Democrat Party Deputy Chair Keith Ellison Physically Abusing Woman, Screaming “F*cking Bitch!”

    Ex-girlfriend’s son says Dem Keith Ellison violently assaulted his mom. Says he has video evidence and abusive, threatening texts.

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    • churchmouse says:

      A fellow Dem called him out. From the link:

      ‘Hilstrom is running against Ellison to be attorney general of Minnesota, which may be why Austin Monahan reached out to her. These skeletons in Ellison’s closet could also explain why he abruptly announced he would not seek re-election to Congress.’


  28. icthematrix says:

    Evil souls live in all forms, but Ellison has always stuck me as truly on the dark side of the force. May the evidence lead where it will. Those boys should ignore any of the crap being posted by people who will support democrats regardless of their nasty acts.


  29. 6x47 says:

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.


  30. Judiciary says:

    Liberal males are so abusive to women.

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  31. Plain Jane says:

    Kinda makes Al Franken look like a mensch.

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  32. NJF says:

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  33. JX says:

    Franken, Ellison… who’s next?

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  34. KBR says:

    God bless the brothers, this must have been very hard for them. It is like an intervention for the sake of their mama. They have been brave. I hope they will be okay.

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  35. Concerned Virginian says:

    Notice the complete SILENCE from CAIR, Ibrahim Hooper, Louis Farrakan. This is because Islam CONDONES and indeed COMMANDS that females—kuffar, Muslim, under age, elderly—are to be SUBGUJATED to the Muslim male since all females are either “at the right hand” (slaves, concubines, captured kuffar females [including kuffar girlfriends, domestic partners, or wives]), or are “under the control” (Muslim wives, minor female children, widowed sisters or mothers) of the Muslim male. Therefore under Islam, ELLISON was only following ISLAMIC LAW. Therefore he will NOT feel sorry or disavow his actions; and IF he is successfully indicted and goes to trial, he will assemble a defense that the abuse was THE VICTIM’S FAULT, which would also follow Koranic law.
    It will be an excellent test of whether practicing Muslims in the United States will recognize that the United States Rule of Law is ABOVE ISLAMIC LAW. As it is, ELLISON, a practicing Muslim, uses United States law as a ruse behind which he actually believes that ISLAMIC LAW is the supreme law, as he is commanded to do by the Koran.

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  36. sunnydaze says:

    Here’s Karen Monahan in a 12/2017 interview. I can’t listen to the whole thing right now. But, so far, I’m not seeing where she actually stands up for any of Elison’s future victims by naming him as an abuser, even tho it’s post- incidents.

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    • Clinteastwood says:

      She is so confused, still. Talking in vague terms about her experience is about all she’s capable of. Unfortunately, a discussion about “patriarchy” in society does diddly squat. Let’s just make it simple. The ONLY thing that stops an abuser is ANOTHER MAN STEPPING IN between the abuser and his (woman) victim, sometimes (and perhaps preferably) WITH A GUN. It’s a lot more convincing with a gun. Abusers are cowards. They really don’t wanna see another male with a gun telling them GET THE HELL OUT, NEVER COME AROUND HER AGAIN.

      The left can just ESAD with all this gobbledygook about changing our society with more women in power. It’s total nonsense.

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  37. Donna in Oregon says:


    The son alludes to a tape, but puts it out there for Ellison to respond first.

    Before the alleged tape is released.

    What a dilemma for Ellison. Should he comment? Nope, he’ll say no comment and hire a lawyer.
    Maybe file a lawsuit against her to keep it quiet….but definitely will move to shut them up.

    If the victin wants cash out of this, now is the time to pass him a paper with the amount…..this is worth what $10 million? Naw, Nope. Way more. He’s a Muslim mole, multiply that by 5. $50 million, the religion of peace (snicker) will pay it to keep their guy in the running. Tom Perez is reeling, the smell of defeat is in the air. $50 million is nothing compared to Muslim takeover of the DNC…..they’ll pay it.

    Good timing!

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  38. John Bosley says:

    Ellison is getting crucified on his peronal twitter account.
    But strangely Monahan’s twitter account I being censored.
    I bet this gets no traction in the MSM , especially with the primary coming up for August 14th.
    I guess he will get a pass due to him being in 3 protected classes, Black, Muslim and Demonrat.

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  39. patrickhenrycensored says:

    This is not the first time Ellison has faced misconduct allegations. In 2006, a woman named Amy Alexandar claimed that Ellison ostracized her and smeared her name after having an extramarital affair with her in the 1990s and then again in the 2000s. Ellison in 2005 filed a restraining order against her after what he described as phone and email harassment. She subsequently tried to get a restraining order against him, which a judge denied, ordering her to stop repeating allegations of an affair or intimidation. Ellison subsequently agreed to dismiss his restraining order against her if she no longer contacted him.

    Ellison’s spokesman did not return request for comment on those allegations.

    The Democratic National Committee has not yet commented on the allegations against Ellison. His Minnesota attorney general primary race is on Tuesday.

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    • Mr. Morris says:

      The DNC is following a fine tradition. They have DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and her employees, the Awan family Pakistani IT specialists with access to all communications of DWS and Democrat Congressmen and women who employed them including those members on the intelligence committee, military intelligence the entire magilla of info. Congressman Becerra of Ca., and most of the Congressional Black Caucus appeared to be in on this scheme. I wonder which foreign nationals received this valuable info and if the DNC and Democrat congress people received compensation. This sounds like possible treason to me.
      After DWS was removed as head of the DNC, Donna Brazile took over. Remember she fed CNN debate questions to Hillary. Then I believe the vocal radicals Tom Perez and Keith Ellison were elected heads of the DNC.
      The DNC, and the Clinton Campaign funded the “pee, pee, dirty dossier” to promote the election of Hillary and destroy the candidacy and the presidency of Donald Trump. With the involvement of the FBI, Department of Justice, and Intelligence heads, John Brennan and James Clapper and the John Kerry State Department, President Obama and his press sycophants thought they had everything in the bag. Imagine that!

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  40. Donna in Oregon says:

    What does #metoo say about this? Nothing. Everyone is right only the fringe news will pick this up. Guess this woman is persona non grata….the NY Post barely cares. Should have been more organized lady, got a lawyer, done a presser. Oh well, coulda shoulda woulda….

    Keith Ellison denies abuse allegations from ex-girlfriend


    • sunnydaze says:

      See the vid. I posted above. It’s listed as a #MeToo vid. However, I am not seeing anywhere in that 25 min. where Karen M. actually accuses Ellison.

      I am really busy and distracted today tho, and may have missed it. I wish someone would listen to the whole thing and tell us if I *missed* it.

      Karen M. is being called a “#MeToo” advocate in the vid. BUT, this was recorded AFTER she was “abused” by Elison and she makes NO mention of that. Not that I can see, anyway.


    • churchmouse says:

      Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) — home to Garrison Keillor. From the New York Post article:

      ‘Minnesota Public Radio News reported Sunday that it reviewed more than 100 text and Twitter messages between Ellison and Monahan that showed the two communicating over months after their breakup, including coordinating her getting her things from his house. MPR said the tenor was sometimes friendly, sometimes combative. MPR said in one message, Monahan told Ellison she planned to write about their “journey” and Ellison warned her not to, calling it a “horrible attack on my privacy, unreal.”

      ‘MPR said there was no evidence in the messages it reviewed of alleged physical abuse.’


  41. angieunderground says:

    I wonder who shot the video.

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  42. Mist'ears Mom says:

    Oh my…seems as if the darling of the MN idiot Musloid loving left has a sad. They will be on damage control in 3-2-1. This should be disastrous for that POS Ellison but who knows? Yelling curse words at a women isn’t exactly domestic violence-its not nice behavior but … the inference is damaging none the less esp in this day and age of the #metoo movement. This should be a ‘godsend’ for the rabid feminazis but it probably won’t be.
    Lets see that tape-NOW!! Otherwise prol a stunt to get $$ and will be sadly swept under the rug.

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    • John Bosley says:

      Her son says their is muh more damning evidence, he said is his mothers choice to divulge it at her time of choosing.
      I hope Monahan chooses tomorrow and right fast.

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  43. cheryl says:

    I hope he took the incriminating video and emails with him.


  44. patrickhenrycensored says:

    keith ellison
    The Black and Blue Wave

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  45. theresanne says:

    Converting to Islam is like taking a giant step back into the Middle Ages. How could anyone living free in 2018 support any candidate with this outdated and perverted World View?

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  46. Binkser1 says:

    So how long before Gloria Allred trots out a couple of bimbos claiming President Trump beat them?

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  47. Paul B. says:

    How could this possibly be? Ellison is a DEMOCRAT! You know, the party of the disenfranchised, the downtrodden, the discriminated, the minorities, the victims, and in particular, the party of (Democrat) women. Unless of course they are all lying hypocrites?

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  48. jefcool64 says:

    They really do eat their own don’t they?


  49. Stephen Paul says:

    They go from bad to worse at the DNC, Anyone paying attention should be asking themselves why they vote democrat. look at the short history of the DNC, you have the lying Debra W. Shultz who was caught rigging the primary and covering for Islamic spies from Pakistan she allowed to access government secrets, then her replacement getting caught giving clinton the questions before the debate and then lying over and over again on National TV, then they put someone known to be an Islamic extremist sympathizer in charger,who also went on National TV and lied about the server and the DNC not allowing the federal government to do any forensic testing. Now we come to find out he is carrying out his own personal “War On Women”. I mean seriously ,at what point to do call it a RED FLAG!


  50. Politics is getting so ugly. To paraphrase, if you go ugly it will only get uglier.

    I am behind what Trump is trying to do, I’m scared Trump the man will lead us down a path to where it no longer matters how bad it is. Because it is all shit and we have become inured to it. And then we are doomed.

    Maybe we are about to see the end.


    • Binkser1 says:

      “I’m scared Trump the man will lead us down a path where to where it no longer matters how bad it is.” Do you mind clarifying this statement? I’m not getting the point.

      Liked by 1 person

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