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Election Night: MAGA Republican Troy Balderson Holds Ohio CD-12, Schuette Wins Michigan Gov Primary…

An important election night finds MAGA Trump Republicans holding and advancing positions in Ohio (CD12), Michigan (Schuette), Missouri (Hawley) and possibly Kansas. The most watched race was the special election in Ohio CD-12.  Democrats spent a great deal of money … Continue reading

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Suspicions Confirmed: Congress Gets Bruce Ohr Documents Showing “Back Door” Communication Network…

According to Chuck Ross reporting: “Congress recently got a trove of Bruce Ohr emails which include exchanges with Chris Steele and others. Source says emails show that Ohr is more significant player in dossier component of FBI/DOJ investigation than originally … Continue reading

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Justin From Canada Asks For Help in Saudi Dispute…

Apparently Justin from Canada, sans Princess Rainbow Sparkles, has asked the U.K. and United Arab Emirates to intervene after Saudi Arabia puts a ban on commerce, and cancels grain purchase contracts… (Reuters) – Canada plans to seek help from the … Continue reading

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Federal Prosecutors Convict Rebellious Septuagenarians For Purchasing Ginseng at Wrong Time of Year…

Thankfully we don’t have to worry about those pesky diabetic septuagenarians running amok with bags of illegal Arkansas ginseng any longer.  Today a federal conviction hopes to stomp out the underground treatment of Alzheimers, heart disease, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, hepatitis … Continue reading

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Trump Pulls Trigger: U.S.T.R Announces 25% Tariff on $16 Billion Chinese Imports (Full List)…

Today U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer announced the second tranche of tariffs on Chinese imports (full list pdf below). The 25% tariff mostly includes chemical compounds and material parts used in the manufacture of finished goods. Washington, DC – The … Continue reading

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Derp TV 2.0

On the same day Alex Jones is kicked off media platforms for promoting informational products the control agents deem to be ‘conspiracy theory’…. CNN airs this: .

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Trade Report: China May Have To Resume U.S. Soybean purchases Within Weeks…

As many have discussed, due to their volume requirements China cannot secure their supply chain for soybeans without purchasing U.S. soybean crops.   China can purchase soybeans from Brazil and Argentina; however, that only leads to Argentina increasing it’s soybean purchases … Continue reading

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