Ivanka Trump Recaps MAGAnomic Workforce Initiative Launch…

[White House]  The economy has come roaring back to life under President Trump. In May, unemployment fell to 3.8 percent—its lowest level in nearly 50 years. Optimism among employers, particularly manufacturers and small businesses, has reached historic highs in the 6 months since tax reform became law.

Many economists expect the winning streak to continue, predicting second quarter GDP growth to exceed 4 percent.  This high-energy growth environment presents both a challenge and an opportunity. The challenge is that companies must find more workers with specific skill sets to fill an increasing number of open jobs. The opportunity is that with more affordable, relevant training, many American workers will now have the chance to move into better jobs that deliver bigger paychecks:

President Trump promised to make Government work for ordinary Americans, and support for workforce training is key to that vision. “For decades the government has had more than 40 workforce-training programs in more than a dozen agencies, and too many have produced meager results,” Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump wrote this week.

It’s time to fix that. In its first 500 days, the Trump Administration has already taken action to expand apprenticeships; increase access to high-quality Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education for K–12 students; and encourage companies to invest more of what they earn in American workers and American production.

Now, President Trump has signed an Executive Order to establish the National Council for the American Worker. Comprised of senior Administration officials, the Council is charged with developing a National strategy for training and retraining the workers needed across high-demand industries. The group will convene voices from the public, private, education, labor, and not-for-profit sectors to enhance employment opportunities for Americans of all ages.

Most important, they will focus on getting results. That task begins by asking companies and trade groups to sign a new Pledge to America’s Workers.

Today, more than 20 companies and associations were the first to sign that pledge at the White House. They committed to creating new opportunities over the next five years for American students and workers, including through apprenticeships and work-based learning, continuing education, on-the-job training, and reskilling.

“By signing the Pledge to America’s Workers, these great companies . . . are affirming their commitment to train American workers for American jobs,” President Trump said. “Because America’s strength, America’s heart, and America’s soul is found in our people.”

One of the initial areas of focus for the Council will be finding ways to increase access to available job data, including data on which regions offer the most opportunities. Unlike piling burdensome regulations on employers, this focus on transparency helps the economy, allowing students and workers alike to make informed decisions about education, job selection, and career paths.

Growing America’s workforce is an important goal. To help achieve it, the Council will develop a national campaign to raise awareness of workforce issues, such as the urgency of the skills crisis and the importance of STEM education. It will also create a plan for recognizing companies that demonstrate excellence in workplace education, retraining, and workforce investment.  (link)

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55 Responses to Ivanka Trump Recaps MAGAnomic Workforce Initiative Launch…

  1. emet says:

    Put down “Delusions of Gender” and fire up the Lincoln arc welder.

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    • highdezertgator says:

      Santa Fe Community College – Degrees in Welding
      From cars to bridges to buildings, welding is a part of everyday life and there’s a booming demand for skilled welders in New Mexico as well as across the country. SFCC’s Welding Program gives you the tools to work as a welder in an array of industries: pipelines, engine parts, heavy equipment, manufacturing and small and large-scale construction. Coursework covers the welding basics, safety, quality and testing methods as well as focus on Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), Tungsten Gas Arc Welding (TGAW), Oxy Acetylene Welding and Cutting (OAW, OAC) and allied processes. … in the college’s state-of-the-art Trades and Advanced Technology Center.

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      • emet says:

        Took a blacksmithing course from Mr Turley in Santa Fe 25 years ago. Beating on iron is best for anger issues. Learned to forge weld too.

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      • A semester course in basic computer skills is useful too, since most machinery is computer controlled nowadays. Bios, reloading software, ‘breaking in’ to Windows, diagnostics, and etc… It isn’t difficult, but the lingo can make it seem so for the unfamiliar.

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  2. fleporeblog says:

    This article in the WSJ is absolutely amazing and mortifying for the Democrats, MSM etc. This transformation has been happening for the past 8 years and was supercharged by our President.
    TRUMPISM is alive and well and the seeds for it to grow for the next 50+ years were planted today.

    I have said that after the 2020 Election, they will rename the Rust Belt to the Trump Belt. Future Republicans that run for President will be measured to our Lion 🦁. If you don’t fit the bill you won’t have a chance. There are plenty of young Republicans that in my mind do. Secretary Pompeo is at the top for me. Rep. Devin Nunes, Rep. Ron DeSantis, Rep. Matt Gaetz, I can see Indiana’s future Senator, Mike Braun fitting the bill.

    From the article linked above:

    The Republican Party has become the party of blue-collar America.

    After the 1992 election, 15 of the 20 most manufacturing-intensive Congressional districts in America were represented by Democrats. Today, all 20 are held by Republicans.

    The shift of manufacturing from a Democratic stronghold to a Republican one is a major force remaking the two parties. It helps explain Donald Trump’s political success, the rise of Republican protectionism and the nation’s polarized politics.

    It will help shape this year’s midterm elections.

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    • calbear84 says:

      Trump Belt…I like it Fle! Sounds better than “Magaland” 🙂

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    • The fake news Dem state-run media will never report these beautiful facts

      Fortunately, we all see through the BS!

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    • Dobegirl says:


      “Secretary Pompeo is at the top for me. Rep. Devin Nunes, Rep. Ron DeSantis, Rep. Matt Gaetz, I can see Indiana’s future Senator, Mike Braun fitting the bill”.

      Great list, I totally agree with it except I might switch Ron DeSantis and Matt Gaetz.

      And they are of an age where we could just go down the line. 🙂

      I can see Secretary Pompeo for 8 years
      Devin Nunes for 8 years
      Either Ron DeSantis or Matt Gaetz for 8 years
      And again either Ron Desantis or Matt Gaetz for 8 years.

      What a wonderful vision!!!!!

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      • fleporeblog says:

        I think Ron DeSantis becoming the next Great Republican Governor of the State of Florida will give him a rather impressive resume.

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        • highdezertgator says:

          Best primary bets for Florida governor: DeSantis, Graham, King
          Republicans seem to agree as DeSantis is surging in the polls. He’s gone from 15 points behind Adam Putnam in one poll to more than 15 points ahead in another.

          That’s partly because Putnam is a career politician (44 years old and in elected office since he was 22) whose campaign has been a train wreck. It’s not that Putnam’s tactical operation has been poorly run. It’s that his actual record has been exposed. And for Putnam, that may be fatal.

          Putnam’s agriculture office has botched gun permits. The state’s waters are now thick with polluted green slop after Putnam spent years fussing about environmental protection.

          And there’s the fact that he declared himself an “NRA sellout” — an admission that made even ardent Second Amendment supporters wince. Many people, after all, respect gun rights. No one respects a “sellout.”

          Meanwhile, DeSantis, a Bronze Star recipient and graduate of Yale University and Harvard law, has scored endorsements from President Trump and Fox News celebrities while reminding voters that he stood up to Big Sugar, which has poured money into Putnam’s campaign.

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          • fleporeblog says:

            Thanks for that perspective!


          • Lindenlee says:

            Also, Putnam has been very infuential in defeating Everify, to make sure that farm workers are legal. He has these deceptive ads about how he is going to “deport criminal illegals”, while carefully avoiding the subject of illegal farm workers. He is owned by Big Ag, and comes off as a politician. Clueless. Those illegal farm workers have bankrupted several rural hospitals here in FL, paid for by the taxpayers, who can’t get served because the illegals use up all the money.

            Desantis did so well in the debate, and sleazoid Putnam came off as jus another sleazy politician.

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      • Crewdog 52 says:

        Good picks Dobegirl! Everyone of those administrations would need Mick Mulvaney in a critical position. Mick is competence personified!

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      • Watch out for Don Jr. He is running for something and those Trumps will sneak up on ya……


    • Newton Love says:

      > “… The shift of manufacturing from a
      > Democratic stronghold to a Republican
      > one is a major force remaking the two
      > parties. It helps explain Donald Trump’s
      > political success, the rise of Republican
      > protectionism and the nation’s polarized
      > politics.
      > It will help shape this year’s midterm elections.”

      While a lot of the responses to this (excellent) fleporeblog post focused on the “who” will inherit the (R) Party leadership. I want to focus on the “why” of the change.

      PDJT won by appealing to the forgotten voters, and we showed up for him. We were “the Deplorables.”

      Nowadays, after the increased opportunity for Blacks, Hispanics, and Women in the workforce, those traditionally (D) Party groups are shifting to (I) or even (R), making a (D) “Blue Wave” unlikely.

      I’ve seen polls where PDJT’s approval in the Black community is over 23%, and if that means they will vote at that level or higher for (R) candidates, the (D) Party is dead. Same for the Hispanics and Women voters.

      Why? Because Americans vote their pocketbooks. We respond to increased opportunities. Forget about how liberal Apple and Microsoft are. More important to them than politics is making money. They will need additional skilled workers to fill the roles that will allow Apple and Microsoft to make more money (and profits).

      This new Trumpian jobs initiative, and merging the Dept of Ed and Dept of Labor into one agency focused on lifetime training, and not just young folks, will gut the (D) dominance of Labor and Unions.

      Also, emphasizing trade schools as much as university education will further bring those previous Union folks into the (R) Party, for the opportunities provided.

      PDJT is not doing this for the political gain. He really is doing it because he actually cares that all Americans have a chance to make a good life for themselves and their family.

      But he will take the Political gains, too. The Donkeys are going to become and endangered political species. For many decades.

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      • Newton Love says:

        > “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

        Why? I didn’t say any bad word. I didn’t disparage anyone or anything. I only provided my analysis that PDJT and this new Jobs effort will decimate the (D) Party for decades.

        AFAIK, I am in complete compliance with the last Sundance guidance on posting.

        Am I shadow banned, or something?


        • Ad rem says:

          WP sees you as a “new” commenter because your email address is spelled differently. Check again….you’ve swapped out an “o” for an “i”. Details matter….


      • fleporeblog says:

        Newton what an awesome 😎 post!


  3. Publius2016 says:

    very smart! she’d be lauded everywhere if her last name was “Kennedy” or “Clinton” or “Bush”…thankfully, she’s an America First! Trump-Kushner!!

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  4. calbear84 says:

    Like father, like daughter! You go Ivanka!! Deplorable Americans are with you 100% 🙂

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      She has huge energy and is extremely results oriented – ALL action peppered with bits of soothing talk about RESULTS that make me wonder if she even sleeps at all!

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      • Newton Love says:

        > “She [Ivanka] has huge energy and is extremely results oriented …”

        Kind of like her dad, PDJT! What a National Treasure the Trump Family has become!

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        • Newton Love says:

          > “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

          Come on! I quoted the previous comment, then made a compliment about Ivanka and her dad, PDJT, and the Trump Family.

          How did I get in this dog house?
          I guess I need to leave the tree house for a while, until my quarantine is lifted.


  5. DanO64 says:

    I’d call Friday a big win.

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  6. Kate says:

    What a change from past administrations, we finally have workable solutions being implanted almost daily, it is no wonder the press and leftist heads are exploding to mush because they can’t keep up. Again, thank you God for giving our nation a leader who is helping us to heal.

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  7. fleporeblog says:

    What an incredible interview! God bless our President and his entire family. Ivanka is such an incredible spokesperson for this initiative. You could hear the excitement in her voice throughout that interview. She has a clear vision for where she and our President want this to go. I could tell that just like her father, failure is not an option.

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  8. PreparedInNW says:

    Time for Mike Rowe to join the Trump Administration and lead this initiative!!

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  9. HollowofHishand says:

    I would also like to point out that the natural outflow of skills training and apprenticeships will remove a foundational ‘leg’ that regular colleges have relied on for 20 years or more: If you want a good job you need to have a college degree”. This has allowed them to rake in money and not worry about being beholden to the student.
    I hope this will push most colleges to come down from their ivory towers, realize the game is over, and work for the students and not their employees.
    The ‘ir-regular colleges’ are those that are technical in nature and mostly 2 years. They turn out vet techs, welders, plumbers, mechanics, etc. I hope PDJT will give these ‘lowly’ colleges a shout out!

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    • billrla says:

      HollowofHishand: I fully agree. Academicians have no business pushing the vocational benefits of a college education, because academicians know nothing about private-sector jobs or business. College is for education, not for learning a trade.

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    • MAJA says:

      My son was a residence hall monitor in college and got into a tiff at the end of the year with the radical feminist multi gender RAs who advised which gender they preferred on there university email signature line. Thank God he graduated in mech eng summa cum laude and rejects the nonsense flowing from education these days. I attribute it to having a strong loving father and Catholic school.

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  10. fedback says:

    Ivanka is very bright and talented. Enjoyed listening to her

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    • H.R. says:

      And check out her eyebrows. She could give Trudeau some vocational education in make-up application.

      “Justin, the eyebrows are supposed to look like mine, and most importantly. stay in place. You failed the pop quiz on eyebrows last month so study harder. It will be on the final exam.”

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    • Ken says:

      She’s also very easy on the eyes.


  11. FL_GUY says:

    I love watching President Trump renovate the USA. His bringing jobs back will make things better than they have been since Slick Willie sold us out with NAFTA.

    What is driving the D-Rats nuts is that they have coasted on calling themselves the party of the “working class” since the days of FDR. For the people of that generation who were hit by the Great Depression (Obama’s Depression was 10x worse), those symbolic make work projects endeared FDR and the D-Rats to the people. Both sets of my grandparents loved FDR because he put them back to work when they needed it and by extension, the D-Rats. The fact that the D-Rats have done nothing for the working class since FDR and actually done things to trash the working class have been building for the last 70 or so years.

    President Trump is going to be the most popular President in our lifetime because he is putting people back to work. And, unlike FDR, he’s not using other peoples money to do it. With every paycheck, people are loving President Trump more and more. When people can pay their bills, provide food and some entertainment for their families, they know they have President Trump to thank for it. The D-Rats can lie as they always do about how they are for the working class but the facts speak for themselves and President Trump will challenge every one of their lies with the truth.

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  12. Koot Katmando says:

    It is good to see she is not afraid of the haters and is still out talking.

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  13. jmclever says:

    I can see the definition of being on disability rapidly changing. Too many these days are looking to be put on disability as their means of some kind of income. Annd the govt promotes it by allowing people to claim disability for things that shouldnt be allowed. Soon it will be more profitable to be a worker than to live off the gov’t

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  14. Jacqueline Taylor Robson says:

    I took machine shop in HS back in the 70’s. It was interesting and fun being the only gal in the class! It helped me get an offer for an apprenticeship at General Motors in the 80’s.

    By the time I got the job, they cancelled the apprenticeship program due to layoffs up North. They offered me a job in the plant if I wanted it. Great pay and benefits, so I took it. The first day, I was in tears.

    I was started off in the body shop, assembling the body! It was a vision of Hades with all the smoke and sparks flying! Spot-welder was my first job. It was hard! I lost 9 pounds my first week, no AC, summertime in Doraville (next to Atlanta). 12 hours a day of hard physical labour. I loved it! The guys on the line really helped me learn the ropes, and soon I was loaned out to other departments just because I could learn a new job fast.

    Due to layoffs, I ended up back in a Dental Lab as a technician, which I did for over 30 years. Build a car, build a dental crown! It’s all good, and I raised a beautiful daughter and have learned a lot over the years that I couldn’t have learned in university.

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  15. Echo says:

    Apprenticeships are the key to a stable middle class and stable families.
    A saleable skill converts demoralised part time low skilled service industry into tradesmen.
    Business used to love to import tradesmen and not spend dollars and time training Americans. The consequences of that are horrendous.PDJT gets it.


  16. treehugger says:

    thank you ivanka

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  17. zooamerica says:

    Ivanka Trump 2024.

    I think she will become the first woman to become President of The United States.

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    • MelH says:

      She is so humble, so smart, so beautiful, so classy, so loyal to her family, I would HATE to see her subjected to the rabid Liberals any more than she already is. What they have done to President Trump slices and dices at my heart. He is soooooo undeserving!


  18. Pyrthroes says:

    Notice how everyone in Trump’s close orbit rapidly becomes a Presidential prospect– must be something in the White House air, which rises, or in the water, which nurtures all downstream.

    Given that political-economics is akin to Clausewitz’s “war by other means”, the American workforce hears Churchill in Trump: “Give us the tools, and we shall finish the job.”

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  19. mark says:

    Trump knows very well that we must have #factories in the USA. If you are in #Manufacturing, check out the book “Building a Showcase Culture, Powerful and Practical Keys for Manufacturing”. This book will help manufacturers compete globally. This book is available @amazonbooks.

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