Goodlatte and Gowdy Give Lisa Page Attorney Three Options to Avoid Contempt Charges Scheduled for Friday 13th…

Three Options:  #1) Lisa Page can appear tomorrow with Peter Strzok (already scheduled). #2) Present herself for deposition Friday 13th.  #3) Do both 1 and 2.

Washington, D.C. – House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) today called on Lisa Page to comply with a congressional subpoena, which required her to come before the committees to answer questions, or face contempt proceedings. Lisa Page, legal counsel to former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, is a key witness in the Committees’ joint investigation into decisions made by the Justice Department in 2016. Chairman Goodlatte subpoenaed Lisa Page to appear on July 11, 2018 for a deposition but she refused to appear.

Following Ms. Page’s refusal to appear, Chairmen Goodlatte and Gowdy sent a letter to Amy Jeffress, the attorney representing Ms. Page, calling on her client to testify voluntarily at an already scheduled public hearing on July 12, 2018 or appear for a deposition on Friday, July 13, 2018. If Ms. Page refuses these two accommodations, the House Judiciary Committee plans to initiate contempt proceedings on Friday, July 13, 2018.

Below is the text of the letter.

The signed copy can be found HERE.

July 11, 2018

Ms. Amy Jeffress, Esq.
Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer LLP
601 Massachusetts Ave., NW
Washington DC, 20001-3743

Dear Ms. Jeffress:

As you are aware, the House Committees on the Judiciary and Oversight and Government Reform are investigating decisions made and not made during the 2016 election by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Interviewing your client, Lisa Page, is an important part of this investigation.  After months of trying to secure her appearance, the Committees scheduled her deposition for July 11, 2018. Despite proper service of your client with a subpoena directing her to appear, she did not.  The Judiciary Committee intends to initiate contempt proceedings on Friday, July 13, 2018, at 10:30 a.m.  We are aware of the issues raised regarding access to documents by the FBI.  We are also aware of Committee efforts to schedule your client’s appearance for over 6 (six) months now.

As an additional, and final, accommodation, the Committee will stay the contempt proceedings provided Lisa Page voluntarily appears on July 12, 2018, at 10:00 a.m., at a previously scheduled public hearing regarding relevant issues under investigation.  While your client would still be deposed at some point, appearance at the hearing scheduled for Thursday July 12, 2018, at 10:00 a.m. would negate the need for immediate contempt proceedings.  Alternatively, your client, Lisa Page, could present herself for a deposition on Friday, July 13, 2018, at 10:00 a.m. This option would stay contempt proceedings and resolve the Committees’ need to depose your client.  Your client may also choose to participate in both the public hearing July 12, 2018, and the deposition July 13, 2018.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Bob Goodlatte
Committee on the Judiciary

Trey Gowdy
Committee on Oversight and Government Reform

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467 Responses to Goodlatte and Gowdy Give Lisa Page Attorney Three Options to Avoid Contempt Charges Scheduled for Friday 13th…

  1. walt614 says:

    This liberal ninny got caught red handed trying to subvert a Presidential Election, before AND after.
    Contempt of Congress while a common political leaning to most thinking Americans, is like jaywalking in comparison.
    I would not be shocked to find that this variation of Kabuki was an arrangement to showcase Congress’ Ineptitude.


  2. Laura Wesselmann says:

    Drag Page from her home in wrist and ankle cuffs. Please video the arrest.


  3. fakenoozisforfools says:

    Contempt of Congress? Whoop-de-doo! Get a rope. Find the nearest tree. Some assembly required.

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    • Carrie2 says:

      fakenoozisforfools, thank you for a bit of laughter I needed today.

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    • Kenji says:

      Ms. Page is giving … The People … of America two big middle fingers … on outstretched arms … while sneering at all us WalMart rubes and deplorable NASCAR cheering, Chik-fil-a eatin, MAGA hat wearing Trump Voters. Ignoring our Representatives subpoena is ignoring US.

      Toss her in solitary confinement (for her own protection, of course) … right next to Mr. Manafort.

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      • She may also be a witness for Huber’s investigation.


      • She may also be a witness for Huber’s investigation.


      • farmhand1927 says:

        If Lisa Pages was a conservative that had plotted to keep Obama from taking the oath of office, Obama and Holder would have hunted her down, sent their street thugs to camp outside her house to hurl bottles of urine and profanities. Every one of her neighbors’ cars parked outside would either be trashed, windows broken out and spray painted or set on fire.

        They would use Comey’s FBI to hunt down every person she knows and found the useful idiots to go on CNN to trash talk her into the dirt. Her alleged affair would be exploited, photos would be found and released for the lyin’ jackals to drool over.

        Her kids would be followed and harassed, her spouse humiliated, every purchase she’s ever made on a credit card would be revealed and twisted into something sinister. Late night TV and the shrews on The View would lambaste her to a crisp. Obama Street Thugs would dumpster dive for her garbage to find ‘clues’ to try and prove more sedition.

        Her medical records would be dissected by Mika and Joe (they would be given this job since both are self-proclaimed medical experts). Her tax returns would be front page news. Her parents, siblings and school pals would be stalked, her college professors trotted out to tell tales of her out of touch, dangerous, rigid conservative points of view and all her college transcripts would be poured over until something suspicious was found.

        After she endured all this, Comey would kick in her door, drag her out of her home in cuffs to the adoring media audience. She’d be stripped of her job, all her benefits and retirement nullified and she’d be tossed into a cell. Like the youtube videographer blamed and jailed for Benghazi, Page would be made an example of, the warning sent to all other small potatoes thinking they might dare to speak out against the sitting prez.

        Are you thanking God yet, Ms. Page? You are extremely fortunate that you committed your deeds against a conservative, law abiding President and not against Obama–or Hillary. Your dream president weaponized his Cabinet, his FBI, his NSA and his media to attack and punish enemies. This DOJ is going easy on you. In fact, you’re getting the velvet glove treatment. You’re getting advantages the average people in this country wouldn’t ever hope to get. You claimed to loathe and fear Donald Trump during your pillow talk with Strzok, yet look what you continue to get away with….. Only in America, right Ms. Page?

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    • Yeah, contempt of Congress is a joke. Just look at Eric Holder.

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    • snellvillebob says:

      Remember it is the diameter of the knot not the length that acts as a fulcrum to break the neck.

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    • charliedan says:

      At least give her a fair trial, then hang her!! LOL!!


    • If we avoid a subpoena in any manner we’re arrested. why Is she walking the street? where are their spouses on this love affair ?


    • Jan says:

      2 U.S. Code § 192 – Refusal of witness to testify or produce papers

      Every person who having been summoned as a witness by the authority of either House of Congress to give testimony or to produce papers upon any matter under inquiry before either House, or any joint committee established by a joint or concurrent resolution of the two Houses of Congress, or any committee of either House of Congress, willfully makes default, or who, having appeared, refuses to answer any question pertinent to the question under inquiry, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of not more than $1,000 nor less than $100 and imprisonment in a common jail for not less than one month nor more than twelve months.
      (R.S. § 102; June 22, 1938, ch. 594, 52 Stat. 942.)


  4. Bill_M says:

    Send the Federal Marshals and drag her off to jail.

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  5. Echo says:

    Actually, Lisa and I have something in common…. we both have contempt for Congress.

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  6. Charlotte says:

    Trump has to be THE smartest POTUS. Look how he trolled Page with an intentional typo

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  7. JX says:

    Mr. Goodlatte, you and the entirety of Congress, can all hang beside Strzok and Page, et al. You and Comey and Sessions… There are more than enough trees and lamp posts on the Mall for you all.

    Do your job. Stop being a coward. Hundreds of millions of people are waiting for you to do your job. Do your job.


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    • vexedmi says:

      But he is doing his job! Sending mean letters stating “NEXT TIME” is in the job description.


      • SW Richmond says:

        Section. 8. The Congress shall have Power…
        To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union

        Section. 2. The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States

        I keep saying it…when all else fails, as it arguably is failing, and these assholes obviously don’t understand anything but force, activate the unorganized militia, give us lawful orders and we will get this done. This is doable, right now.

        How many men do you need? 10,000? 100,000? Muster by borough or township, then by county, then by state, elect officers and NCO’s, receive lawful orders and act on them. We will bring everything we need, including a shitload of flexcuffs. We can help people find their records, for example.

        Clean it up, goddamn it.

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      • J West says:

        Yea…but this time it will be a “strongly worded” letter.


  8. JX says:

    > #1) Lisa Page can appear tomorrow with Peter Strzok (already scheduled). #2) Present herself for deposition Friday 13th. #3) Do both 1 and 2.

    Yeah? What happened to “appear on July 11”? Not a God damn f-ckning thing. You’re an insult Goodlatte,. You’re an insult to all of America.

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    • Howzie says:

      Congress has become just a place where scoundrels meet to argue over the meaning of “is”.

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    • gman says:

      Agree 100%. It’s infuriating. Goodlatte and Gowdy are not running for re-election and will be gone 1/1/2019. Until that time…PLEASE, JUST STFU. STAY OFF TV WITH YOUR EMPTY THREATS, ETC. I’d rather you just not say anything. Just try and not do any more harm until you GTFO.

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  9. trumptea says:

    From “their” perspective, why should any of them even bother going before Congress, they know that Congress has castrated itself and is a toothless tiger.

    Oooh “Contempt of Congress” … they would wear that like a badge.

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    • Howzie says:

      Over 80 percent of the people hold congress in contempt. As Will Rogers said…”I don’t make jokes, I just watch the government and report the facts.” Same as it ever was.

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  10. Native Virginian says:

    This is backfiring on Congress. They are trying to show what jerks these people are, But all that is registering is that Congress is weak.


    • Sa-teef says:

      I don’t see it that way.
      …Yes, Congress must act in a legal manner rather than the “hang ’em high” shouts of some. But that is what makes our nation of laws different than a banana republic where this pair would already be rotting in a shallow grave somewhere.
      …..It may take years to eventually find some of these dark soldiers of the Swamp guilty for the crimes that they have committed, and some will never answer for their actions. …..But you have to bring them to justice within the law or we have descended to the depths of the people who we despise.
      …..When Eric Holder was found in contempt of Congress he was being protected by his master, Obongo. An employee of of the DOJ/FBI found in contempt of Congress today will have RossenWeasel to hide behind, but they both answer to a higher boss who might well decide that this contempt citation is sufficient grounds to act decisively and demand RosenWeasel to do the same as he did with Comey, i.e. write a letter of explanation stating the grounds for dismissal and criminal path to prosecute. Contempt could open more avenues for Our President to step into the fray without concern for obstruction of justice charges.

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  11. moe ham head says:

    oooohh contempt charges like that means anything in DC im sure all of this will go nowhere
    business as usual in the swamp


  12. Hanuman says:

    SD …
    If she was counseling Strzok does privilege apply?

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  13. Immigrated says:

    Goo JOKE Trey Gowdy.

    What you gonna do puppy….huh???
    What you gonna do????
    BARK more???? Huh???


  14. wodiej says:

    Well it shows how out of hand it has become in DC, especially under obama. Worst and most crooked, deceitful president in our US history. Just go pick her up in handcuffs.

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  15. Kris says:

    Or what???? They gave Rosenstein until last Friday and he’s still there and nothing’s changed. #GrowASpineCongress

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    • Sherri Young says:

      One of the congressmen was on TV last night. He obliquely referred to new emails the committee had received within the last few days. Maybe the FBI/DOJ did make a data dump responsive to the demand.


  16. HHC - 2nd 16th says:

    A short and accurate description of Congress: Inept

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  17. Contempt of Congress? No, what Deep State Demons like Lisa “Gums” Page have is complete and utter contempt for the American People who pay their obscene salaries and benefits.

    Let us never forget that “Deplorables” is the nicest thing they called us out of a litany of nasty names.

    When and if the time comes that there is a reckoning with these scumbags, we must remember everything (thank you Sundance) and show them no mercy.

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    • beach lover says:

      I sure hope someone brings this up to these scumbags in open session, so everyone is clear about how evil their actions really were.

      Just because they worked in the FBI/DOJ doesn’t give them the right to abuse the laws they took an oath to enforce.

      Make is simple. Ask questions that gives them no wiggle room. No reason to be combative, the truth is not their friend. Expose them for what they are…. traitors.


    • beach lover says:

      “So long as the USS Mueller remains at sea, we may never know how far Perkins Coie’s tentacles reach into the government and the media. And we won’t find out what’s really going on with the DOJ’s FISA applications. After all this time, has the USS Mueller moved any closer to answering the question, “What is it that Donald Trump supposedly did to collude with the Russians?” Even Trump opponents have cause to be upset, as the investigation into Trump appears stalled indefinitely.

      So long as Captain Rosenstein keeps his vessel at sea, basic questions of public integrity will remain unanswered.”

      Perkins Coie is in up to their eyeballs in everything. Why can’t someone investigate them?

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      • All American Snowflake says:

        Trump opponents want the investigations into Trump stalled indefinitely. That way folks will never find out there’s no there there.

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  18. Cliff says:

    Under Oath I want the answer to *Did you have a sexual relationship with Strozk?* ’cause I don’t believe it. A cover story only IMHO

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  19. FelineFine says:

    I’m sure Ms. Page is shaking in her boots. We are presently witnessing an absolute travesty of justice in this country. Just curious, what’s our illustrious Jeffy Sessions up to these days?

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  20. k4jjj says:

    Boy, you are going to get it when your father gets home, Lisa. You may get grounded for a week.


  21. IMHIPP says:

    it was an intentional snub by her so that she would not testify before her lover did today. She can be sure to keep her story in line with what PS came up with his lawyers

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  22. Jimmy Jack says:

    George Webb says Strzok has hacked his questions or been given them by Nadler and that Lisa now has her questions so she’ll appear tomorrow.

    Strzok is answering as if he’s been prepped directly with the questions.

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  23. All American Snowflake says:

    So…. Liseeeee gets deposed after she hears what old Struck-out has to say on Thursday?


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