FBI Agent Peter Strzok Appears Before Congress for Deposition…

FBI Agent Peter Strzok appears before a joint house committee today for a closed hearing deposition.  Mr. Strzok will appear before an open congressional hearing to be scheduled later.  Today’s deposition is an opportunity to ask questions and get an “official record” of specific answers to multiple lines of inquiry.

Peter Strzok is at the center of four specifically known corrupt DOJ and FBI operations. 1) The Clinton exoneration operation. 2) The Trump investigation “Crossfire Hurricane”. 3) “Spygate”, and the abuse of the FISA court; and 4) The origin of the Mueller probe.

The deposition questioning is being directed from a hand-picked group of lawmakers.  Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte determined who will ask the questions.  One of the lawmakers selected was Jim Jordan.



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293 Responses to FBI Agent Peter Strzok Appears Before Congress for Deposition…

  1. NoJuan Importante says:

    I’d like to know who the lures were

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  2. Akindole says:

    The only encouraging part is that Jordan is in the room. Otherwise, we all know little Peter will lie his a$$ off, and the Uniparty firewallers will lie right back at us.

    But, more curious…no leaks? No false flag distractions/#fakenews today by Mueller?

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    • LBB says:

      Well the small group surely has had enough time to come up with all their explanations for what they did and said. Things were dragged out enough , but that also got us more records to.

      Figure this WP story the first glimpse of what happened behind closed doors. Peter insists feelings didn’t effect doing their job. Rep Nadler the source of this info?

      “Strzok sought on Wednesday to downplay the importance of his political views, stressing to lawmakers that members of the FBI have political opinions like anyone else, and that they do not earn or lose assignments based on those views, according to Judiciary panel ranking Democrat Rep. Jerold Nadler (N.Y.). Strzok also urged lawmakers to view the text messages simply as banter between two people in an intimate relationship, according to lawmakers present — but Republicans also found that rationale unsatisfying.”


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  3. tunis says:

    Apparently the deposition was a waste of time as Peter kept saying that he couldn’t comment due to classified information.

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  4. Molly says:

    Good grief. I give up here.

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  5. Jive Pawnbroker says:

    You can tell that reporter in the first picture is smiling at Strzok – she’s probably asking him if she can bear his children.

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    • LafnH20 says:

      If not mistaken, I believe that was Katherine Herridge, FOX NEWS, Chief Intelligence correspondent.

      Most likely, imho, a cordial and professional exchange.

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  6. NoJuan Importante says:

    This whole thing is starting to look like the Warren Commission. Complete declassification at an early stage is likely the only thing that will help get to the bottom of what really happened. While all the parties are still alive.


  7. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Federal Department of Matters ~ Behind the green door.

    Congressman: Is sleeping around with coworkers on the job normal procedure for FBI agents?
    Strzok: My opinions did not affect my job as I just told her we would STOP TRUMP to humor her.

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  8. Florida_Frank says:

    Goodlatte just said that the FBI lawyer in the hearing is telling Strzok to not answer many, many questions.

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  9. youme says:

    You never trust a psychopath…they have no conscience. They lie and steal with no remorse.

    In the nine years that he was being paid $1.5 million by the Soviets and Russians for his espionage services, CIA case officer Aldrich Ames, passed every polygraph test.

    I am sure Strzok could do the same.

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  10. Doug says:

    Step 10. Continue to take personal inventory and when we are wrong, promptly admit it.
    There Britt, I fixed it.
    Maxine however, is a psychopath with ZERO self-awareness.
    Pearls before swine….

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  11. benifranlkin says:

    Goodlatte is saying on Fox that Strzok’s attorney at the closed door meeting told his client not to answer many of the questions the Congressmen were asking of Strzok….there u have it…dead man walking

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  12. ForGodandCountry says:

    Posted above, Sara Carter out with a new piece on today’s Strzok testimony….



    “Freedom Caucus member, Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL)-who was also in attendance- told SaraACarter.com, “It was a waste—Strzok is full of it and he kept hiding behind [the] classified information excuse.

    Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) who was at the deposition Wednesday, told saraacarter.com that Strzok should be back to testify at an opening hearing.”


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  13. Pam says:


    • blind no longer says:

      I thought they were doing a classified setting hearing after the closed door hearing. How could he possibly use the “it’s classified” to refuse to answer questions? Such bullsh*t, they use those classifications to hide all their corruption, and keep the WITCH HUNT alive!!!


      • Molly says:

        You may already know this by now, but the first closed door (secret) session was recorded, will be transcribed and released. It’s where they find out “what is” classified. Strzok is then questioned further and “it” is discussed in the second “classified session”.

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  14. talker2u says:

    Wipe that smirk off your face!

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  15. American Male says:

    Strzok is bobbing and weaving, playing the “Classified” card, he needs to be made an example of.

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  16. GB Bari says:

    Thats ok. Ron Perlman displayed his highest intellectual capacity when he played Amoukar in Quest for Fire. I think his opinion about urinating anywhere is probably maxing out his cognitive abilities.

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  17. Cankles Clinton says:

    It’s interesting to see new pics of the legendary Peter Strzok and see if they match what out brains have envisioned. I’m thinking Pete has been well prepared by James Baker and the rest of the guys and gals over at Lawfare. There could also be coordination with some of the other criminal suspects.


  18. citizen817 says:

    No surprise…
    FBI had instructed Strzok not to answer many questions.


  19. ltravisjr says:

    After months of seeing the same screen grabbed facial shots of the players it’s gratifying to finally SEE them as they have to come out of the shadows and into the open.


  20. Bing says:

    If Strzok is not answering certain questions because an FBI attorney or his attorney is telling him not to answer, there should not be any reason the questions are not be made public immediately with the imposed reason for no response.


  21. cheryl says:

    I take comfort that those high-dollar lawyers are quickly draining that little weasel’s bank account. I hope he gets bankrupted like he badgered Flynn and bankrupted him.

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  22. Concerned says:

    The DOJ and FBI could still find out today. Yet we still see no action on their part. Anyone surprised by this lack of action?

    Solomon told Hannity Julian Assange was ready to make a deal!

    John Solomon: I would love to see the evidence he was going to provide. He was going to provide technical evidence that would answer who did not provide these documents. That would be critical to any investigation and why it was turned away is a great mystery to me.

    Extract taken from:
    John Solomon: Julian Assange Was Ready to Provide Technical Evidence on Podesta Emails – COMEY Turned it Down (VIDEO)


    The point is, we clearly have today massive levels of corruption in the FBI and DOJ and nothing is being done to correct it.


  23. Nightstand says:

    Shocking news, I just found out that during the meeting between P. strzok and congressional members and that during that meeting some very shocking information came out and we now know what that shocking information that P. Strzok told the members of congress is. He told them “I’m not saying nothing” Shocking. Stay tuned for more shocking news!


  24. Firefly says:

    Maybe there is a legit reason the FBI has been holding things so tight. I sure hope it’s legit and not a coverup. It’s weird- we don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes.

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  25. Nightstand says:

    Hey Jeff Sessions, did you ask your boss Rosenstein could you please go to the bathroom? When you return to your room sit in the corner and keep quite.

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  26. GB Bari says:

    All of the Sturm und Drang in this thread today indicates some treepers (or visitors) are thinking only on the surface and not contemplating deeper, broader implications of what is happening in our government. In the midst of possible criminal investigations it is not wise to openly discuss testimony that has not been released to the public.

    Sundance owns this blog and has every right and reason to prohibit speculative posts about verbatim testimony regardless of it being represented as “quotes” and regardless of from where that alleged quote originates. It is not official and whatever was said in the closed door meeting has not been released to the public; Sundance wants to ensure that his site does not participate in spreading information not cleared to the public.

    It is our responsibility to honor that requirement/rule from the website owner and conduct ourselves accordingly.

    Off soapbox.

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  27. American Male says:

    “Brandenburg Test”? She should swing from the USA’s equivalent of the Brandedburg Gate, after a trial of course, a quick one.

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  28. Like

  29. Doug says:

    I think we can now conclude Storoke is not “cooperating” as previously presumed…..


  30. SalixVeridi says:

    OK, folks. I agree with everyone here. This is SO frustrating. This guy and his cohorts should be in cuffs heading to the penitentiary.

    What can we do? We are all sitting and reading and listening and it is making us all sick from the gross unfairness of it all.

    So we cannot do anything about Strzok. But we can do something about Congress, particularly the Republican party. We need to bombard them with phone calls and emails. We need to tell the we will not tolerate any more disgusting excuses for these traitors to the American people. If they want reelection, they will have to do their job and that is to put pressure on the FBI, DOJ, and yes, even Donald Trump. These guys must all be indicted and then jailed.

    Release the documents and let the light shine on them. Let the creeps who did this dirty deed pay the price. We will SHUN them. They will be like cockroaches running from the corners when the light shines on them. They can scurry away with their stupid smirks, but they will forever be tarnished as the people who tried to subvert an election and p’sd on the Constitution.


  31. Concerned says:

    Open Obstruction by the FBI. Note: the FBI telling Strzok, not to answer questions.

    Mr President, this is pure BS! Tell the FBI and DOJ to turn over all of the requested information without redaction , after all, they work for you!

    Chairman Bob Goodlatte: “FBI Counsel in the Room Instructed Mr. Strzok Not to Answer Many, Many Questions” (VIDEO)



  32. Dutchman says:

    I THINK I can see a ‘legitimate’ justification for the FBI lawyer,…I’m NOT saying this IS the case, just that it COULD be.

    The White House Council is NOT the “Presidents Lawyer”: he ‘represents the ‘intetests ‘ of the PRESIDENCY, not the President. An important distinction.

    Similarly, the FBI lawyers were there today, NOT as ps’s lawyers. They were there representing the interests of the FBI.

    Now, whether that was to preserve the integrity of ongoing investigations, (legitimate) or to cover up malfeasence (ILLegitimate) is the question, and we really don’t have enough info, to be able to judge.

    For my part, with ALL of this stonewalling, I just don’t see how it can possibly turn out well. They can’t impede forever, its going to come out.

    Its understandable, ‘human nature’ even, to TRY to cover up, deny, obsfuscate to postpone the day of reckoning, but I just Dont see it being ‘successful ‘, this time.


  33. Rynn69 says:

    What I do not think Jeff Sessions understands is that by not prosecuting the individuals involved in the whole Spygate-Frame-up cabal, the DOJ (and thereby FBI and all the DOJ’s other divisions) will never recover the integrity of the agency. By doing nothing, it cements that fate. The American people have zero confidence in the DOJ and, for the sake of our country, it needs to be overhauled and wrongdoers brought to justice. AG Sessions is contributing to this fact, not preventing it. These crimes are too monumental.

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    • Concerned says:

      I believe it’s safe to say that most Americans see the FBI and DOJ as both corrupt and unresponsive to the rule of law. It’s now up to the President and Congress to take responsibility for their lack of management (oversight) of the FBI and DOJ.

      As predicted the FBI and DOJ are now hiding information under the grand jury process and national security.


  34. Concerned says:

    Anyone care to give the probability that the grand jury process and national security concerns being referenced is originating from the Robert Mueller witch hunt?


  35. Mike diamond says:

    So why did Martha Stewart go to prison when come y and strzok,Hillary and many more are free!

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