Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao Stands Her Ground Against Maxine Waters Mob…

Anyone else notice that •Ivanka Trump •Melania Trump •Laura Ingraham •Tomi Lauren •Kirstjen Nielsen •Sarah Sanders •Pam Bondi and now •Elaine Chao all have something in common?… yeah, “Me Too” – funny that.

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714 Responses to Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao Stands Her Ground Against Maxine Waters Mob…

  1. Adjudicator says:

    Keep it up Libtards!! A massive red wave is coming your way in November to reject your anti-American bullying and domestic terrorism!

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  2. Has anyone else noticed how these “resisters” are attacking only the women connected to the Trump administration? Does this not broadcast their weakness? (I speak of the resisters, not their targets.)

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    • signer1 says:

      That’s where they make the mistake of underestimating an angry woman. They think they’ll make her cry and runaway. Major Hassan found out differently at Fort Hood. Shot and paralyzed by a female MP! There have been notable attacks by men, thwarted by a woman in a crowd of men. Some of us run to the fire, not from it. Some of us will punch back. I’m sure the women are already planning their responses to public attacks.

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    • Daniel says:

      I don’t care how many resisters, they use in parallel or in series, they will always come up short 🙂 Stay grounded!

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  3. Laura Wesselmann says:

    That is a woman who is not afraid. Too bad she wasn’t carrying a cattle prod or a sap.

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  4. DirtySanchez03 says:

    Is anyone really surprised that they are going after only women? Look at the guys in the video….I would argue that they could probably benefit from testosterone therapy. They wouldn’t know what to do if a real man bowed up on them.

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  5. It’s hilarious how these mobs will never focus their ire against someone like me, a 6′ tall former Marine Sergeant and competitive powerlifter, but always against softer targets, like the woman Sundance has highlighted.

    I did help provide security for some anti Sharia protesters last year, and the three Antifa protesters with AK’s never took their eyes off of me. Great fun.

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    • mutantbeast says:

      Imk 6ft3 and 250 lbs, and agree with your whole heatedly. Ive confronted moosepig scum who get really nerv ous when they see a relatively large man who is quite willing to do spome serious damage to them. These commie pigs will only pick on someone when they outnumber you 10/1.

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  6. interfacegal says:

    What gets me is they used this tactic to a certain degree in 2016 and it backfired, it’s bound to do the same thing this year, but they never learn!

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  7. mutantbeast says:

    If I Had been Sarah Sanders and thatr TRASH who owned the Red Hen had followed me to another resturant, Id have ripped her face apart. Its one thing to do something in your own business, that doesnt extend beyond your business.


    • bandfreak22 says:

      I agree with you…but the problem is, that is what they want you to do. Then they can turn that violence back on you and claim you are the violent one as you attacked them.

      Where is LE? Is this not harassment? Or trespassing?


    • Lopeover says:

      Sarah & her husband went home. The owner of Ren Hen got a few others and followed the balance of Sarah’s family to another restaurant.

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  8. Steve in Lewes says:

    Elaine Chao has bigger balls than her hubby. Send her over to ‘talk’ to Cryin’ Chuck!!


  9. Prof. Woland says:

    These coordinated attacks / actions is the hallmark for the new-left. Soros inspired and possibly funded AstroTurf mini-outrages followed by sympathetic (((media))) coverage is the apex of their movement. It is all very pre-planned and looks a lot worse than it is because it is basically a reality TV show.

    It is ironic that these losers are wearing their pink pussy hats, courtesy of Soros. They were originally intended to be worn at Hillary’s victory celebration but instead have become a symbol of her / their utter humiliating defeat and lessened status. They would have been gloating had they won but instead they are licking their wounds in shame and ‘resisting’.

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  10. Mike diamond says:

    This needs to stop! Maxine waters helped start this kind of evil ! Maxine should step down Congress should impeach her!


  11. Fools Gold says:

    I love the smell of resisters being smoked by excessive MAGA current…

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  12. Sharon says:

    Many earlier replies in this thread mentioned the fact that her husband has significant physical limitations as an aftermath of polio.

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  13. Annie Ok says:

    I love it. The Left is burying itself. The average American sees this stuff and runs for cover — to a MAGA rally.

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  14. Khoi V Vo says:

    I welcome any of these retards to come by to harass me at my home including the master payer George (whatever your name is). Do not forget to bring body bags because I do not want my property to be soiled by unstained bloods,


  15. rrick says:

    As a side note, the original drummer of The Ventures was George T. Babbit who retired as a 4 star general in the USAF. God bless America.

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  16. stpaulchuck says:

    screaming infantiles demanding and stomping their metaphorical feet! She should have beyotch slapped the lot of them.


  17. lollabells says:

    Elaine Chao has always been so quiet, you never really hear much from her. MAN WHEN YOU DO! I admit I don’t know a lot about her, but in this moment I have A LOT OF RESPECT FOR HER! I am not in ANY way saying I didn’t for any of the others, all of the woman they have gone after have handled themselves with such class! I am so proud to be on this side, and say THESE WOMAN REPRESENT ME!
    I know for a fact these are the woman my Grandmother & Great Aunt’s would have been proud of! My Grandmother & Great Aunts were TRUE pioneers of the feminist movement. They took of my Grandfather & Great Uncles & they worked on the farm, raised the kids, and did so happily! One thing I remember my Great Aunt telling me about WWII was when they had to go to work, when the men went off to war, many of them STILL had to take care everything at home too, but when the men came home (my Great Aunt was talking about my Grandpa & Great Uncles) they were SO HAPPY & it did not bother them to go back to working on the farm. My Great Aunt explained it to me as taking care of your family, yes I understand things were different then, but I do know what growing up on a farm is like & it is not easy! Back then it was our family that took care of the farm, they had NO HELP outside the family. My Grandma sold the farm after my Grandpa died of cancer, unfortunately none of her children wanted to continue on with that business, by then things were much different.
    I am proud of Sec. Chao, Sarah Sanders, Sec. Neilson, Pam Bondi, Tomi Lahren, Our First Lady, & ALL Of the woman they have all handled themselves with amazing grace and class. Yes these are the woman I am proud to say represent me! These are the MAGA woman! LOVE THEM ALL!

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