National Economic Council Chairman Discusses Big Panda…

DAY#3 – Everyone has a role to play. While President Trump’s ‘killers’ sharpen dragon-slaying strategy, NEC Chairman Larry Kudlow rubs Big Panda’s belly and discusses the optimistic outlook toward the ongoing trade negotiations with China.


In Part II of the interview chairman cuddle-bunny discusses the issues of intellectual property rights, patents and copyright protections.


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30 Responses to National Economic Council Chairman Discusses Big Panda…

    • wheatietoo says:

      Liz is a sly cat, isn’t she.

      She tries to act ‘neutral and objective’…but I see through her passive-aggressive jabs at our President’s trade policies.

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      • fleporeblog says:

        At this point, I hope and pray that Peter Navarro has our President’s ear! Secretary Mnuchin and Larry Kudlow seem to want to make a deal for the sake of making a deal. Thankfully our Wilburine gets to call the shots when it comes to sanctions and tariffs. Our President has the backing of the Americans that matter. If we have to go to a trade war so be it.

        The 1st $150 billion will be both sides shooting blanks. Every above $150 billion dollars will be our side shooting with real ammo while their side will only have water guns. At that point our President will have this country booming in new and old factories being built or refurbished.

        We can start producing that list of imports in our own country because the refineries will all be up and running allowing us to reduce the cost of Energy in our country. We will have the infrastructure to produce the items. Cut the cost of shipping and everything else involved to move products from China to our country.

        Than we can give them the middle finger and tell them good luck when we cut the deficit by eliminating them. No stealing of IP etc. There people will find what it is like to live back in the rice 🍚 fields and poor!

        Enough is enough!

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        • wheatietoo says:

          Agree, Fle.

          Except for this:
          “If we have to go to a trade war so be it.”

          We’ve already been in a trade war!
          For decades.
          Our feckless, traitorous leaders have been selling us out, instead of fighting for us.

          What Liz Claman and her globalist masters are afraid of, is that our President’s trade policies will actually work!

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        • Jedi9 says:

          I disagree with your premise regarding Mnuchin, he holds the power of the purse and is a very important influence on Wall Street and thus will do whatever the final outcome is. Sure there maybe disagreements from time to time with his team mates, but Mnuchin will be on board with what ever deal is decided upon in the end, I have no doubt he is loyal to American interests first.

          Kudlow is just playing the media to placate the skeptics and to keep them at Bay. In the end his job is to sell the final outcome! Think happy Panda, soaringly Eagle win win for everyone! It’s what he is good at!

          Also, on the trade deficit issue and getting factories up and running will take time. Like 4 years to simply get a factory that produces cam shafts for example is what it takes to set it up.

          While setting the terms of our future arrangement with China is important in current context, there is much, much work to be done to fix our problems from within to make the bigger picture work. 3% GDP is a really good start, but getting to 8% is really the bigger goal for the worlds largest economy and where it should be at. In other words we can’t allow complacency to stunt this vision, and that means getting rid of the Politicians who are in Donahues pocket so that other people who are loyal to this plan can be put into place to encourage more growth with better policies! Lowering the corporate tax rate again to 15% will no doubt would be a another great move to the already 23% that was earlier passed, but IMO wasn’t enough! Give it time!

          China’s rising middle class also means higher costs of labor which is why Chinas recent economic model change to go to a service economy is based on this perspective. Hence also why India the next rising economy will have a lot deals with American companies to subsidise short falls in certain sectors of our manufacturing economy to meet certain demands!

          China’s investment in AI and bio tech is almost following Japan’s current model. They have an Aging population soon to retire that will put a strain on the social entitlement spending and not enough of the youth to fulfill the tax revenues to pay for it. Thanks in large to their one child policy this is a problem they will soon be facing. Japan has one of the worlds lowest birth rates yet they still remain productive thanks in large part to AI! This is an issue that we have to consider as more companies look to reduce their costs of labor and AI will be a threat while China develops this tech are hedging this is what they will be selling in the future. In other words don’t be lulled into a thinking that manufacturing with human labor is going to save us, but more in line with thinking outside the box 20, 30, 50 to 100 years from now and what technology will do to influence our approach to manufacturing will be the ultimate deciding factor of remaining competitive!

          As of right now China is poised in surpassing the US in the tech industry and this has to be the number one issue as it relates to our intellectual property rights and our tech sector! It is also why ZTE has been cited for violations because Chinas want for acquisitions of American tech companies is motivated by acquiring their technology for their own development! This IMO is Trumps biggest concern and rightfully so, and is another reason why China has invested so heavily in clandestine operations within the US, stealing American technology is their number one objective aside from acquiring real estate.

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      • maiingankwe says:

        I caught it too. She called Navarro a Nationalist during her little talk.

        They just can’t resist and hold back and then they yell, I’m a journalist and unbiased! Yeah, okay.

        I guess Brett Baier or however his last name is spelled got his panties in a twist while recently interviewed by the New Yorker. I didn’t read the article, but heard second hand how he’s upset anyone could call Fox News a state run media.

        Sorry Brett, but you are and right along with cnn, msnbc, nbc and the rest, but your bosses are working with the deep state, not for our President Trump, and not by a long shot.

        Fox may not be as obvious as cnn, but we all watched them during the election and campaigning, we all knew which side they were on and it wasn’t on President Trump’s side, that’s for sure. I’m talking about the majority on Fox, not all like our Lou Dobbs.
        Be well,

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    • A2 says:

      The Global Times reported:
      “Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman denies the report that China offered to cut $200 billion in trade deficit with the US on Friday.”

      The foreign minister also pushed back against the President by saying they did not influence NK.

      In the meantime, China deployed nuclear bombers to SCS disputed island bases.

      Admiral Harris was nominated by POTUS to be the US ambassador to SK. (This will make the panda hair stand up. China hates him and always makes snarky comments about his Japanese heritage, everyone else in Asia loves him.

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    • Jedi9 says:

      Of course China denies! They will never admit to anything even when the evidence is presented in such a way that it’s irrefutable! It’s not their style, lying is second nature in Chinese culture. The best way in dealing with this is to stroke the fur of the panda in public, while roasting the dragon with its own fire behind closed doors! In more succinct terms give China the illusion that they won while at same time implement a sound strategy that works against and prevents their deception to being able to take advantage of American interests. It will always be deception when dealing with the Chinese in any negotiations.

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    • Well, the total trade deficit with China, inclusive of NAFTA abuses, is probably over $400 billion/yr. Don’t see how there’s any way to “negotiate” a deal that involves an exchange of value that closes that gap. NK has some political value, but not $400 b/yr in perpetuity.

      I sort of see how this is playing out – basically Trump is just playing the game until Korean de-nuclearization is in place and enforceable – and then NAFTA gets torn up and the tariff MOAB gets dropped.

      NK was China’s end-run around the MAD doctrine. Create a nominally independent hell hole country with nukes, and let it First Strike the US. Retaliation would be meaningless because the country was basically a dirt poor communist slave state. NK was effective in this regard so long as few could prove that Kim Jong Un was under the thumb of the Chicoms.

      NK is the key to the entire puzzle, China’s ace in the hole. Once Kim is dealt with and the nukes are locked up inside China, MAD will allow the USA to rip up NAFTA and impose tariffs without fear of nuclear reprisal.

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  1. True Treeper says:

    Hilarious SD. You’re a patriot. So grateful for your posts.

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  2. wheatietoo says:

    I think the strategy of our trading opponents is to try and portray our President as “unreasonable”.

    Twinkle Socks saying ‘everything is going great’ with NAFTA negotiations.
    China floating the ‘$200 billion reduction’…then denying it.

    They are positioning themselves to say:
    “It’s not us…it’s him!”

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    • fleporeblog says:

      And in the end no one worth their weight in our country will care! The CoC, Corporations, Wall Street etc. can cry 😭 us a river while our President gets as close to 60,000 factories back and running!

      As our President has said and continues to say, we have already lost the trade war with the world 🌎. No need to look back and all the reasons to look ahead.

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    • Jedi9 says:

      Yes! This is more in line with the way China does business!

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    • Wit's End says:

      That trick works. Remember when President Trump dropped the Affordable Care Act in Congress’s lap? Remember when President Trump dropped DACA in Congress’s lap? And now China is going to work it on President Trump? Good one.

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  3. bessie2003 says:

    At 25:20 is Asman’s interview regarding President Trump now working directly with the Chinese trade rep., which is on this topic. (Didn’t know how to cut it to the 2-3 minutes on the topic at hand).

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  4. Sundance has perfectly pegged Larry:
    Koala Kudlow

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  5. cthulhu says:

    I love how our Wilburine alone seems to be wickedly gleeful in the pic with everyone formally lined up.

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  6. Dutchman says:

    Getting invited over “for” dinner, is all well n good, till you ask your host “Whats for dinner?” and the smile and say “YOU”.
    And no, we haven’t been in trade war for 20+ hears, cause we ain’t been fighting, just taking casualties ! NOW we’re fighting, time for our opponents to do some capitulating.

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  7. jim says:

    “While attention has deservedly been focused on the role U.S. LNG is playing in improving the energy security of our European allies and weakening Russia’s grip on the European gas market, an equally important story is unfolding in Asia. U.S. natural gas is helping to promote gasification programs in China and India, critically important to combatting traditional air pollution and reducing global carbon emissions.”

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  8. Donna in Oregon says:

    Reciprocal trade.

    Who cares if Warren Buffet, and this talking red-header don’t like the idea of average Americans enjoying our Main Street economy. These people never cared much for the Middle class. President Trump is working for OUR economy, not MSM Liz and her mega billionaire pals.

    Globalists and their ilk don’t like President Trump’s ideas about tariffs and other means to even the trade disparities forced on us by the Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama admins.

    Larry Summers Timothy Geithner and all those other losers we’ve endured…..have nothing in common with the team we have now with Steve Mnuchin, Wilbur Ross, Robert Lighthizer, and Peter Navarro.

    The new guy is just a softer version of Gary Cohn……he’s just a buffer. Good for spreading rumors to his CNBC pals.

    I know what President Trump has, he told us. He has “killers”. Just what we need 🙂

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  9. truthbomb says:

    The only killer on the team re China seems to be Peter Navarro. And he’s been sidelined apparently at the behest of Goldman Sachs waterboy and Gucci regular Steve Mnuchin. So I am not very optimistic.


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