The Origin of The Feces – Corrupt Intelligence Community Now Leaking To Justify Unlawful Election Surveillance: Operation “Crossfire Hurricane”…

U.S. intelligence officials who participated in the 2016 Russian interference narrative/scheme are now attempting to justify their conspiratorial conduct with leaks to the New York Times and Washington Post.  Their leaks are a transparent effort to justify prior conduct. This cover-up endeavor has been their primary focus since congress started demanding documentary evidence from the DOJ, FBI, State Department and intelligence participants in the scheme.

Before breaking-down and explaining the recent obfuscations allow me to posit one simple but central example that highlights the gross intelligence misconduct.

On October 21st, 2016, the DOJ and FBI used the Steele Dossier as the foundation for their FISA Title-1 Surveillance application against Carter Page.  Surveillance was a key part of the FBI counterintelligence operation to investigate Russian interferance in the 2016 election.  However, almost three months later, on January 4th, 2017, when John Brennan, James Clapper, and James Comey produced their Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA), the same individuals who created the FISA application did not include the Steele Dossier in their ICA report.

Think about the contradiction in this example. It is within this contradiction, and many more, where we discover the origin of the feces. If the Dossier was valid enough to present to a FISA court as evidence of Russian involvement; then why wouldn’t that same Dossier be valid enough evidence to include in their January Intelligence Community Assessment?

When you start asking these irreconcilable common sense questions, you begin to realize -and expose- how insufferably corrupt the entire intelligence scheme really was.  The entire scheme was an assembly of individual lies; each lie a thread rolled into a bigger ball of entwined nonsense.  Look at it from a distance and it looks like a vast Russian conspiracy ball; however, pull any single strand out, look at it, and there’s no truth to it.

It’s all an illusion.


This illusion was on full display today when the Senate Intelligence Committee asked John Brennan (CIA), James Clapper (ODNI), and Mike Rogers (NSA) to come to a closed door hearing so the corrupt senate politicians -who were also involved in the scheme- could coordinate talking points and generate synergy in their excuses and justifications. Not surprisingly former FBI Director James Comey refused to attend.

Today’s motive for the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing was exactly that: coordinate talking points, circle the wagons and reach a consensus on justification.  As we have outlined exhaustively the Senate Intel Committee is the second most corrupt deep-state assembly in Washington DC.

Another example of fraudulent threads is the 2018 indictments of Russian entities by Robert Mueller.  This week, as specific threads are pulled out for legal challenge, we discover that Mueller indicted Russian organizations that didn’t even exist during the time they were supposed to have been engaged in election trouble.  Another corrupt thread example is Robert Mueller having to lean on 2006 and 2009 tax avoidance schemes (financial crimes) of Paul Manafort in order to justify a Special Counsel indictment of Paul Manafort for involvement in… (?)… well, no-one really knows, except it’s NOT 2016 Russian election interference?…

Where did Mueller get his collapsing foundational intelligence for his Russian indictments?… Well, from the Russian investigative evidence inside the ICA… DUH.  An ICA that was based on false and thin threads.

Look deeper at the Russian use of Twitter… OK, but wait, when they do, there’s no ‘there’ there either.  Social media? Same/Same…  Look at Russian spending on campaign events…. OK, but wait, when they do, the same outcome… Comrade nothingburger.

Which leads to all of these Special Counsel endeavors simply trying to justify the existence of an investigation into something that never existed. And it should be noted many of the same players attempting to create the current justification are the same players who participated in the scheme to create the illusion.  It’s all nuts…. and as each thread is removed and reviewed, the illusion is collapsing.

The more the Russian Conspiracy Collusion-illusion collapses, the harder those corrupt officials are having to work in an impossible effort to retain it. There are so many holes appearing in their dam, they’ve run out of fingers and toes to plug ’em.   James Comey, skipping out on today’s meeting, appears to have invested in scuba gear.

This backdrop is the reason for the corrupt intelligence operators turned to the New York Times for help.  However, their leaked excuses/justifications are so ridiculous they are transparently desperate.  Consider:

New York Times –  Within hours of opening an investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia in the summer of 2016, the F.B.I. dispatched a pair of agents to London on a mission so secretive that all but a handful of officials were kept in the dark.

Ha, ha, ha…. stop. Just stop.  Now you’re being silly… Ooooh, so secret FBI Agent Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page were text messaging each other about it?

…Their assignment, which has not been previously reported,..

Yes it has.

Sorry NYT, no exclusive here.  Anyone who read the actual text messages six months ago read all about the U.K. assignment. There are dozens of reports; just not from The Times or Washington Post.

…was to meet the Australian ambassador, who had evidence that one of Donald J. Trump’s advisers knew in advance about Russian election meddling. After tense deliberations between Washington and Canberra, top Australian officials broke with diplomatic protocol and allowed the ambassador, Alexander Downer, to sit for an F.B.I. interview to describe his meeting with the campaign adviser, George Papadopoulos.

Oh, see the motive here?

We already knew about all this – but the leakers are trying to frame justification for the upcoming released name of apparatchik Stefan Halper, and how he participated in organizing all of these “unofficial” meet-ups.

The agents summarized their highly unusual interview and sent word to Washington on Aug. 2, 2016, two days after the investigation was opened. Their report helped provide the foundation for a case that, a year ago Thursday, became the special counsel investigation. But at the time, a small group of F.B.I. officials knew it by its code name: Crossfire Hurricane.

THIS –right.flippin’.here– is why I’ve been yelling at people to read the damned Page/Strzok text messages.  This paragraph is written by the New York Times because Andrew McCarthy finally broke down and read the darned messages and wrote about this specific meeting and what the FBI did upon Strzok’s return from London. {SEE HERE}

[…] Agents considered, then rejected, interviewing key Trump associates, which might have sped up the investigation but risked revealing the existence of the case. Top officials quickly became convinced that they would not solve the case before Election Day, which made them only more hesitant to act. When agents did take bold investigative steps, like interviewing the ambassador, they were shrouded in secrecy.

Fearful of leaks, they kept details from political appointees across the street at the Justice Department. Peter Strzok, a senior F.B.I. agent, explained in a text that Justice Department officials would find it too “tasty” to resist sharing. “I’m not worried about our side,” he wrote.

Only about five Justice Department officials knew the full scope of the case, officials said, not the dozen or more who might normally be briefed on a major national security case.

See what they’re doing here?  Political spin.  Attempted justification etc.

Mr. Comey was briefed regularly on the Russia investigation, but one official said those briefings focused mostly on hacking and election interference. The Crossfire Hurricane team did not present many crucial decisions for Mr. Comey to make.

Top officials became convinced that there was almost no chance they would answer the question of collusion before Election Day. And that made agents even more cautious.

The F.B.I. obtained phone records and other documents using national security letters — a secret type of subpoena — officials said. And at least one government informant met several times with Mr. Page and Mr. Papadopoulos, current and former officials said. That has become a politically contentious point, with Mr. Trump’s allies questioning whether the F.B.I. was spying on the Trump campaign or trying to entrap campaign officials.  (read more)

D’oh, there it is again… keeping Comey in the ‘willfully blind’ dark again.

I can’t go on – it’s one thing to read propaganda, it’s another thing entirely to submerge yourself in the parseltongue obtuse obfuscations and lies.

The leaky obfuscation goes on to say in retrospect the FBI and DOJ couldn’t tell President Trump about their spying, wire-tapping and campaign surveillance…. because it would reinforce Trump’s impressions of the FBI and DOJ wire-tapping, spying and surveillance upon him…..  Seriously, that’s their excuse.

I’m done with this nonsense.  The third-phase of IG Horowitz looking into the FISA court abuse will reveal much of this; and I prefer to outline bite-sized portions of corruption one thread at a time.

The Obama Intelligence Community is screwed.

They know it, and their justifications in the New York Times proves they know it.

Mark the date.

The tide has turned.

They, all of them, are now left attempting to control the severity of their exposure.

“Muh Russia” is dead.

Political operatives, contractors, used deep-state access to FBI and NSA databases for campaign opposition research.  Then they needed justification… then came the sketchy counterintelligence operation…. Then they needed justification…. then came the use of the sketchy Dossier to get a FISA warrant….. Then they needed cover…. then came the Russian Conspiracy…. Then they needed cover…. Then came the Special Counsel….


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  1. BestBets says:

    Remember the good old days when Sen. Ron Johnson spoke about a small group of corrupt government workers meeting off site to discuss nefarious deeds and he was castigated by the MSM for saying such a silly thing? Who’s sorry now?

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    • Reg Danford-Cordingley says:

      That NYT article was just rubbish!!

      The author clearly does not know anything!

      Australia does NOT have an Ambassador in London, or in Ottawa, or in any capital of a Commonwealth country!

      Equally, the UK does not have an Ambassador in Canberra, or Ottawa or New Delhi etc.

      Commonwealth countries do not exchange Ambassadors, they exchange High Commissioners!!

      You would think the NYT would know that!! Idiots!


  2. Zeus says:

    What’s the over/under on the number of corrections before the IG report?
    I’ll bet donut with sprinkles on the over.

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  3. KBR says:

    Breaking news:


    All student grades for the Mid Year Exam will be posted on the bulletin board at the CTH building shortly after the final OIG report.

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  4. treehugger says:

    ive always suspected john mccain is in here somewhere

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  5. FofBW says:

    Where is that pic of PT sitting with his chin resting on his hand with that serene smile.

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  6. L4grasshopper says:

    Kim Strassel’s weekly column at WSJ is a Friday edition feature. But it becomes available online at the WSJ web site the previous evening, usually by 7pm EDT.

    Tomorrow night’s column is likely to be a real gem!

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  7. Priceless. Why liberals are dumb

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  8. Linus in W.PA. says:

    Burn this down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  9. NoJuan Importante says:

    Strangely, we shared a table at dinner in France in May 2016 with a couple from London who were “friends of Bill”. Spirited discussion. Art dealer. His name? Michael Cohen. Hmmm

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  10. NoJuan Importante says:

    Strangely, we shared a table at dinner in France in May 2016 with a couple from London who were “friends of Bill”. Spirited discussion. Art dealer. His name? Michael Cohen. Hmmm

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  11. BooKemDannO says:

    …scuba gear…..😂😂😂


  12. Jake says:

    Comey has some heavy baggage under those eyes.

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  13. ? What to do to nullify any and all pardons / immunity agreements Muller May have given.

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  14. fleporeblog says:

    I am getting sick and tired with this BS narrative about whether AG Sessions will do anything! Our President is a GANGSTER (Kim Jong-un’s words 😇). He has destroyed the Paris Accord, TPP, Iran Deal etc. when the entire damn world was against him. That same man would have fired Sessions yesterday if he thought he wasn’t going to do anything. The man is FEARLESS!

    PATIENCE is what is asked of us! We are talking about the entire Deep State, Politicians, Press Members, Barry and his entire crew of criminals, HRC etc. This isn’t about one or two arrests. We are talking about over a 100+ POS that will wish they were never born.

    Think of a home. This is all about the foundation being rock solid. The IG is ready to declare the foundation is impenetrable in a week or so! DOJ Prosecutor Huber will have the first 50+ picked up for all sorts of criminal charges including SEDITION which would carry the DEATH 💀 PENALTY.

    The IG will move onto the 2nd floor (SD shared the March 28th letter that the IG issued about looking into the FISA abuses). We are talking about some of the following POS: Rice, Power, Rhodes, Brennan, Clapper, Lynch and Comey. Once his investigation is done, the DOJ Prosecutor begins to bring forth criminal charges including SEDITION against the garbage referenced above.

    The 3rd floor is for all the marbles! HRC and Barry. This will be the ultimate showdown!

    By the time the IG starts there, North Korea 🇰🇵 will be free of every single nuclear and ballistic missile, the Mullahs in Iran 🇮🇷 will have fled (a year after North Korea 🇰🇵), Real GDP will be in the mid 4% to 5% each quarter, NAFTA cancelled because there are no Corporations remaining in Mexico 🇲🇽, Justice Kennedy replaced with another Constutionalist Justice, Ruth in and out of the hospital, 243 House Republicans, 58 to 60 Republican Senators, Obamacare DEAD and replaced once and fore all, the WALL 50% to 60% completed, illegals literally running to get the hell out of the country because everything has been completely cutoff.

    After everything I stated above occurs, Barry and HRC are brought in to face the charges that will lead to their a$$es being thrown in jail for the rest of their miserable 😩 lives.

    We will not get the satisfaction however! That gun at the end of the nightstand will be smiling knowing that their sentence will be served for eternity in the fires 🔥 of HELL!

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  15. graphiclucidity says:

    I especially enjoyed the author’s use of Marco Rubio as an expert on legitimate counter-intelligence investigations and character witness for the purity of the FBI’s motives.

    At that point in reading of this propaganda puff piece I realized it had endeavored beyond parody and transformed into blatant farce.

    Conclusion: Obama-Clinton Deep State is in very Deep Sh*t.

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    • KeithBB says:

      LOL. Yeah, spewed my coffee about Little Marco..

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    • KBR says:

      Ah c’mon now. Rubio was working incognito for a high-powered secret op when he was just a kid on a bicycle. Later got promoted into an even bigger op.

      (He ran drugs for his drug-cartel brother in law until bro in law got arrested. Later Jeb (and the Bush cartel) took Rube under his wing based on Rube’s past experience.

      Then the ops in the bubble bath using gayness as a cover, right?

      You know the rest. Rubio knows a lot about under the covers operations.

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    • hoghead says:

      graph, it’s called a tidal wave of fecal matter. And none of these birds can swim! I’ll stand there, holding a life preserver, and laugh!

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    • TimesUp says:

      This confirms what I have always thought, Rubio was part of the original effort to produce the dossier. Fry him.

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      • piper567 says:

        i love it that the President can just act surprised!
        at the round-table he had in FLA, Rubio was all over himself, ingratiating Trump, and Trump called him wonderful!
        Betcha the President knows Everything!

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  16. Proud American from Texas says:

    One question I’ve had and not seen any discussion about:
    When the FISA renewals occurred, what supplemental info was used to obtain the continuances?
    I thought there had to be indications that new info was being obtained, justifying the extension(s).

    What did I miss? More and continuing lying had to occur to keep this going.

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    • andy says:

      THe question no one dared to ask. It would amount to a wink..
      Adam Schiff would have leaked new allegations that were in the continuance.
      For peter Strozk, it was “Judge, we at the DoJ still dont like Trump”, judge responds, “thats good enough for me!”

      No respect for some kind of integrity in the FISC which approved this.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “What did I miss?”

      Absolutely nothing. As far as I am aware of, none of that was leaked or made public. Remember the load of dung that was foisted upon the court in the first place. What makes you think any renewals would be any more “kosher” to the FISC?

      Furthermore, apparently that is one court that is so secret that you can lie to it with impunity and suffer no consequences. Perhaps things are just as corrupt over there because they seem to be afraid of their own shadow. Now there is a group of people that are AWOL.

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      • andy says:

        And beyond that, to use a FISA on a us person, they have to believe a crime has already been commited.. they get 90 days to nail them, and then have to get new facts to get the continuance…. new circumstances.


  17. Minnie says:

    Crazy and breathtaking 😐

    Corruption within the ranks (of once highly respected institutions) at the deepest level, pure evil.

    Perhaps this has already been asked and answered – what if anything happens to all crimes investigated, prosecuted and convicted by the FBI/DOJ pre-Crossfire Hurricane?

    I know someone sitting in a fed pen that would like that answer.

    Thank you, Sundance.

    You keep us focused and level headed with your remarkable research and analysis.

    I cannot imagine how the Treepers would have stood strong without your daily affirmations and knowledge.

    Thank you 🇺🇸

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  18. TimesUp says:

    I love Fridays.

    Oh wait…

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  19. Exfiltration of Wealth says:

    Sundance repeatedly creates diamonds multiple times a day.
    Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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  20. Ziiggii says:

    OMG 😮 10 gigs!

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  21. NJF says:

    Here’s Kim full thread.

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  22. lieutenantm says:

    Dumb and Dumber….

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    • Q&A says:

      LOL! Everything they do backfires on them. Honestly, how can you not laugh…Crossfire Hurricane? How about this…Blind Squirrels. It makes a lot more sense to me. Actually, Dumb and Dumber sounds like the perfect operation name, too.

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      • KBR says:

        Why would they use a dramatic name for that, after choosing Mid Year Exam like a bunch of highschoolers before? Nah, I don’t buy it.

        I really think they want to claim that CF & HRC meant CrossFire & HuRriCane in the texts. To protect and serve.

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  23. Psycho Monkee says:

    “It’s all nuts….and as each thread is removed (💩Comey💩Clapper💩Brennen💩Rice💩Lynch💩Killery💩etc.,💩) the illusion (👹the-name-that-shall-not-be-spoken👺) is collapsing.”

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  24. zimbalistjunior says:

    meanwhile, im flipping back and forth to rachel madcow disease:
    she interviewed our good buddy ronan farrow (the shockingly well-connected ‘journalist’)

    the michael cohen SAR reports—looks like we are entering some fun, pre-revelation spinning

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  25. AmericaFirst says:

    Sundance, After reading this and being reminded that for the last year and a half you were out in front of everyone on the corruption in the governmental agencies, and the details involved, I have to say: TAKE CARE. You really make yourself a target when you expose such dangerous criminals in our government.

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    • Newt Love says:

      > ” … TAKE CARE. You really make yourself a target when you expose such dangerous criminals in our government.”

      Incognito. that’s the ticket!
      SD has no connection from his human life to his existance as SD. (Despite Google and others trying to out ALL OF US at every turn!)

      SD is covering his tracks, and doing well.
      But the Corruptocrats in NSA who capture all communications, and outed (unmasked) LTG Flynn, could still VIOLATE the 4th Amendment, and out SD, but I hope not!

      That would be the pinnacle of hubris!


  26. chojun says:

    Comey leaked this to the NYT. Mark my words.

    Comey did this.

    All along, this whole thing has been about Comey. Comey knew everything.

    When he knew of a surety this whole thing was going to blow up, he took it upon himself to begin a PR messaging campaign to get out ahead of the narrative. He leaked to the media to get the special council appointed. He shoveled subterfuge in his congressional interview where he refused to name Bill Priestap by name – a conscious deception.

    He rushed his book out ahead of the IG report to try to extract himself from the evidence that began to point in his direction.

    He didn’t need to meet with the Senate Intelligence Committee because he’s just as narcissistic as his boss, Mr. Obama himself. Comey is doing things on his terms. I have no doubt he went to the NYT and leaked this story. No doubt at all whatsoever.

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    • TreeperInTraining says:

      Yep…the 7 foot leprechaun prancing all over the country…covering a$$es and spinning yarns.

      All things considered, I think Strassel is right. Comey has been granted immunity.

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      • Newt Love says:

        > “…the 7 foot leprechaun prancing all over the country…”

        Yeah, that Comey dude always reminds me of Bullwinkle Moose. Kerry may be Lurch, but Comey is Bullwinkle Moose.

        Who is “Rocket J. Squirrel? (“Rocky”)


      • Molly Pitcher says:

        let’s not forget his singing Beyonce’s song Sandcastles (the name of some op)…this current Rolling Stones reference, probably tossed on after an afternoon of listening to tunes patting himself on the back in between book tour gigs. He’s such a girlyman


      • Deplorable_Infidel says:

        ” Comey has been granted immunity.”

        So what if he has? He will have his day of reckoning, as will all of us.

        2Corinthians 5:10 For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad.


        • Peter Rabbit says:

          THE BIG COVERUP: Can immunity, if granted to Comey by SC Mueller, be rescinded or withdrawn by a court if it was part of a conspiracy or fraud, that equals The Big Cover Up?

          Is immunity irreversible if granted solely for the purpose of the Big Cover Up?


  27. Burnt Toast says:

    “Hurricane Crossfire”

    [in narrator’s voice]
    This story inspired by real events.
    Any resemblance to real persons or events
    is purely coincidental.

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    • GoldenReT says:

      Perhaps the white hats should counter with their own operational name – Hellfire Missile has a nice ring to it. Seriously thx again for all the analysis Sundance, and here’s to holding the contemptible black hats accountable. Every, last, one of them.

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  28. Publius2016 says:

    The Senate released Don Jr. testimony today to provide another way for Special Counsel to proceed…they may go after Don Jr. by offering Manafort another deal…it’s a long shot at best, but the Senate is desperate now…they never thought President Trump would still be President!!! Obama spied on Trump and Campaign, Trump still won! The Betrayer tried to use Dossier for Electoral College Steal. AG Yates and FBI Directors Comey and McCabe tried spying on Flynn for Impeachment and then Special Counsel used power of supeona to take down Trump family and friends like RNC Finance Chair Wynn! They procured Presidential Transition documents and destroyed Attorney client privilege!! Hope Judge Ellis throws down the Gavel and dismisses the Manafort case Friday.

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    • CountryDoc says:

      How many sitting legislators unexpectedly have resigned or announced they are not running again?


      • judyw says:

        Not seeking re-election


        Bob Corker – Republican
        Jeff Flake – Republican
        Orrin Hatch – Republican
        John McCain – Republican [Departure Soon]

        Bill Shuster – Republican
        Bob Goodlatte – Republican, Chairman of the House Committee on the Judiciary.
        Carol Shea-Porter – Democrat
        Charles W. Dent – Republican
        Darrell Issa – Republican
        Dave Reichert – Republican
        David Trott – Republican
        Dennis Ross – Republican
        Edward Royce – Republican
        Elizabeth Esty – Democrat
        Frank LoBiondo – Republican
        Gene Green – Democrat
        Gregg Harper – Republican
        Ileana Ros-Lehtinen – Republican
        Jeb Hensarling – Republican
        Jim Bridenstine – Republican
        Joe Barton – Republican
        John Delaney – Democrat
        John J. Duncan, Jr. – Republican
        Lamar Smith – Republican
        Luis V. Gutierrez – Democrat
        Lynn Jenkins – Republican
        Niki Tsongas – Democrat
        Paul Ryan – Republican
        Rick Nolan – Democrat
        Robert Brady – Democrat
        Rodney Frelinghuysen – Republican
        Ruben J. Kihuen – Democrat
        Ryan Costello – Republican
        Sam Johnson – Republican
        Sandy Levin – Democrat
        Ted Poe – Republican
        Thomas Rooney – Republican
        Trey Gowdy – Republican, Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

        Al Franken – Democratic U.S. Senate
        Blake Farenthold – Republican U.S. House
        Jason Chaffetz – Republican U.S. House
        John Conyers, Jr. – Democrat U.S. House
        Louise Slaughter – Democrat U.S. House
        Patrick Meehan – Republican U.S. House
        Patrick J. Tiberi – Republican U.S. House
        Thad Cochran – Republican U.S. Senate
        Tim Murphy – Republican U.S. House
        Trent Franks – Republican U.S. House
        Xavier Becerra – Democrat Attorney General of California
        Eric Schneiderman, Democrat Attorney General of NY

        + DOJ List
        + FBI List
        + CEOs List
        + Tero Varjoranta, UN’s Top Nuclear Inspector Resigned Suddenly
        Conspiracy? Nothing happening?

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  29. domain496 says:

    We’ve all more or less suspected what is now exposed as the reality
    MY questions are still the same…. WHAT is to be done about it? What are the consequences?.

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  30. Donzo says:

    Although there is NO evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the ridiculous Russian collusion delusion, our judgment is that a reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.

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    • Newt Love says:

      Does GEICO offer Russian Collusion / Collision insurance?


      • KBR says:

        Darn, Newt. If only Strzok had looked into GEICO when he first said they needed insurance, they would not be caught in this lawfare CROSSFIRE, blowing a bunch of hot air toward the HURRICANE coming at them now, hoppin’ around like a JUMPIN’ JACK, waiting on the FLASH of a muzzle, and worrying about the GAS GAS GAS (chamber.)

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  31. Brainiac says:

    Creative writing by the Times–Ben Rhoads?


  32. DanGun says:

    “Crossfire Hurricane”? Is that a reference to that Whoppi Goldberg spy movie “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”?


  33. MSO says:

    I was just listening to the Strassel/Gigot WSJ podcast when Gigot is says “…cost us the election, cost Hillary the election…’

    Start at 15:40:

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    • KeithBB says:

      Gigot has always struck me as a never Trumper. Kinda like David Brooks, ‘conservative’ commentator on PBS newshour.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Newt Love says:

        > “Gigot has always struck me as a never Trumper. …”

        People “Waiting on Godot” are lost in history.
        People waiting on Gigot to be honest are likely to still be waiting in 2100, let alone 2018.


  34. Rex says:

    Great heroes and traitors will both be revealed before this mess is over.
    A time for choosing…. (that old 1964? Reagan speech)

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  35. Newt Love says:

    SD posted:
    > ‘… They, all of them, are now left attempting
    > to control the severity of their exposure.
    > “Muh Russia” is dead. …’

    I’ll bet, that if we had the (illegal) NSA capture of “US Persons” communications, we would see MANY phone calls, emails, and text messages between BHO and Mueller in the last week, and perhaps Susan Rice, and ex-AG Lynch..

    Mueller is now doing what BHO and ex-AG Lynch tell him to do.

    Rapidly trying to cover their a$$e$, they are.
    Come out, it will.

    I’m hoping that soon, IG Horowitz will dot EVERY “i” and cross EVERY “t” and make sure the punctuation is perfect according to the latest English Language Style Guide, (and then after a 4 week “just making sure” period) release 1 of the 20 IG reports!

    I’m hoping soon that US Attorney Huber will RAPIDLY proceed to indict and prosecute these more than 20 traitors to our Republic!

    Liked by 1 person

    • KeithBB says:

      Yes, invoke the opportunity for a speedy trial. The cherry on the top would be for Trump to declassify everything so the public could see all the evidence the prosecutors are using to pursue convictions.

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  36. Aubergine says:

    I may be nuts, but the codename “Crossfire Hurricane” makes me think of a very silly movie with Whoopie Goldberg and Jonathan Pryce from years ago, called Jumpin’ Jack Flash. He was a British spy in trouble, and she was a computer operator for an American company that he asked for help.

    You know, with some of these geeks calling themselves “Dumbledore’s Army” and such, maybe one of them saw the movie and thought it was cool.

    These people are stupid.

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    • TreeperInTraining says:

      Rolling stones song…


      It’s a gas, gas, gas.

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      • nimrodman says:

        Yeah, I suspect Aubergine is aware it’s from a Rolling Stones song

        … but is pointing out – additionally – that it’s also in a dorky whoopie goldberg movie that dorks who are dorky enough to call themselves Dumbledore’s army are also likely to have seen and been impressed with

        My take, YMMV

        Liked by 2 people

      • Newt Love says:

        Re: “CrossFire Hurricane:
        The Rolling Stones Lyrics
        “Jumping Jack Flash”
        I was born in a crossfire hurricane
        And I howled at my ma in the driving rain
        But it’s all right now, in fact it’s a gas
        But it’s all right
        I’m Jumpin’ Jack Flash, it’s a gas, gas, gas!


    • dutzie60 says:

      A search of “Crossfire Hurricane” gives many hits. This is one ….

      FBI trolled Rolling Stones-loving Trump by naming the original Russia probe ‘Crossfire Hurricane’

      The original Russia probe has been revealed to have the code name ‘Crossfire Hurricane’
      The lyrics kick off ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ by the Rolling Stones
      Trump is a Stones fan who ended every campaign rally with ‘You Can’t Always Get What you Want’
      Mick Jagger called the song choice ‘odd’
      The band tried to get him to stop playing the song at his rallies
      Keith Richards has said the Stones bristled at Trump’s long-ago management of their ‘Steels Wheels’ tour in Atlantic City
      Trump has accused agents of bias and branded the Mueller probe a ‘witch hunt’


    • trialbytruth says:

      Most likely they heard “you can’t always get what you want” were most likely offended at it’s use and the absolute perfection of it’s message.

      They decided they could be cool to.

      Yeah not so much sparky.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Newt Love says:

        > “… you can’t always get what you want …”

        Yeah, but if you try some time, you’ll get what you need.


      • Deplorable_Infidel says:

        “Yeah not so much sparky.”

        Speaking of “sparky”, I believe we used to have an electric chair here in NY that was nicknamed “Old Sparky”. As far as I know (did not search), we do not have any operational electric chairs in the U.S.A. anymore.

        Nothing quite like the smell of sizzling flesh in the morning……


  37. scott467 says:

    “James Comey, skipping out on today’s meeting, appears to have invested in scuba gear.”



    Scuba gear is designed for clear water, but the swamp is raw untreated sewage.

    Plus, Comey likes the taste, and the snorkel allows him to get a mouthful as often as he pleases.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Newt Love says:

      > “… scuba gear …”

      “SCUBA” stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. It was invented and patented by Jacques Cousteau, and he (and his descendants) used scuba gear to make a lot of money for NatGeo, et cetera.


  38. WesternWhere says:

    I’m looking forward to Witless Wittes getting his.


  39. John Doe says:

    Someone said the NYT says there was one, maybe two moles inside the Trump admin. Says the initials are S M. Thinks its Stephen Miller or Steve Mnuchin. That cannot possibly be. Anyone else with initials S M?


    • Sandra-VA says:

      No, the person who got the ball rolling was Stefan Halper who was the person who approached George Papadopolous. He seeded the “muh Russia” theme. Also, Professor Josef Mifsud.

      Lots of commentary in two previous threads on this.

      Joe di Genova was the person who said the initials were SM. He misspoke, or was hinting around the issue…


      • Deplorable_Infidel says:

        “the initials were SM. He misspoke, or was hinting around the issue…”

        Those initials are also short for Sado Masochist. There are a lot of them over on that side, so it would not help much.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Proud American from Texas says:

      Yeah, I googled campaign staff for PDJT. There was another person named Mason. Steve or Scott, began with an S. Interesting work experience but not sure if he spent that much time in England.
      Halper was associated with Cambridge.


    • 17CatsInTN says:

      Super Mario
      Steve McQueen
      Seth MacFarlane
      Steve Martin
      Samuel Morse
      Steven Moffatt
      Stella McCartney
      Sheri Moon
      Sal Mineo
      Sun Moon
      Shinji Mikami
      Sofia Milos
      Sarah Miles
      Suzanne Mubarak
      Simon MacCorkindale
      Saint Monica
      Sandy Martin
      Stan Musial
      Strother Martin


      Liked by 1 person

  40. Margaret Berger says:

    I am hoping that illiary is out of the country because she fears that a warrant for her arrest will be issued any day.

    Liked by 1 person

  41. Guffman says:

    President Trump, please declassify and unredact EVERYTHING related to this treasonous, criminal conspiracy, and lets expose once and for all – and in their own documents – who the dirty players were in this attempt to overthrow, first a U.S. federal election and then, your Presidency.

    Attorney General Sessions, give those found guilty of high crimes no quarter, and punish them to the FULL extent of the governing laws for sedition and treason, so that this kind of criminal activity perpetrated at the highest levels of government power, will be extremely unlikely to be attempted again, in any of our lifetimes.

    If justice is not meted out in this manner, the door is left wide open for a similar or worse clandestine coup in the future. There is only one chance to get this right.

    Liked by 7 people

  42. 335blues says:

    So now there is a new cast of conspirators outed today.
    The senate Intelligence committee are participants through knowledge of the operation:
    Richard Burr
    Mark Warner
    James Risch
    Dianne Feinstein
    Marco Rubio
    Ron Wyden
    Susan Collins
    Martin Heinrich
    Roy Blunt
    Angus King
    James Lankford
    Joe Manchin
    Tom Cotton
    Kamala Harris
    John Cornyn
    Mitch McConnell
    Chuck Schumer
    John McCain
    Jack Reed
    These senators appear to have ongoing knowledge of the bogus, treasonous operation.
    According to Sundance,
    “Today’s motive for the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing was exactly that: coordinate talking points, circle the wagons and reach a consensus on justification. As we have outlined exhaustively the Senate Intel Committee is the second most corrupt deep-state assembly in Washington DC.”

    Liked by 2 people

  43. Healy says:

    Strzok is the key going forward. He is tied to FBi DoJ and CIA.

    Liked by 2 people

  44. MaineCoon says:

    Liked by 2 people

  45. The Devilbat says:

    Regarding the origin of the feces. Flush hard, its a long way to Washington.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      ” Flush hard, its a long way to Washington.”

      Flush two or three times with many of these federally mandated water-saving 1.6 gallon flush toilets that were imposed on us “to conserve water”. There are only a handful that actually work with 1.6 gallons when disposing of solids, although they are getting better. There are millions that were sold over the years that have atrocious performance, however.


  46. scott467 says:

    “Sally Yates. Who was in middle of it all. A bit like asking Putin to reassure that Russia didn’t meddle in our election.”


    That’s a horrible smear against Putin, comparing him to a traitor like Sally Yates.

    Putin may be a lot of things, but he’s no traitor to his country.

    Something Sally Yates can’t say.

    Hussein might be able to say it though. Nobody knows what country he’s from.

    He certainly might be a traitor, but it’s almost as likely that he’s a foreign spy and saboteur. The clown couldn’t pass a security clearance background check even if the world depended on it, and 50+ million dopes voted to make him president.

    Not once, but twice.

    Liked by 2 people

    • 4harrisonblog says:

      0bama was born a British Subject, just like his father.

      Liked by 3 people

      • spren says:

        I still believe that Obama was actually born in Hawaii but then lied about it claiming to be foreign born so he could get preference into college just as his supposed father had.
        That is one of the reasons why his academic transcripts are sealed so no one can see that he lied about his origin of birth. He admits to having mediocre high school grades so how could he have gained acceptance into Occidental, Columbia, and then Harvard Law.

        In his book marketing materials he claimed to have been born in Kenya. Again, this was a ruse to generate some special mystique about himself to sell books. He left those claims stand for well over a decade until deciding to run for the presidency. Then he claimed they had been a typo. That’s reasonable since most of us can easily forget where we were born!


  47. 4harrisonblog says:

    Muller is like a turtle on top of a fence post. How the heck did that turtle get there?


  48. John Rawls says:

    old article on mccabe…

    –FBI Agents accused McCabe of interfering with Russian-linked investigations, including… the Robert Levinson kidnapping case.
    –McCabe for years worked Russian organized crime in New York for the FBI….
    –While in New York, McCabe worked in tandem with Bruce Ohr…
    –McCabe maintained an alliance with Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska a tycoon and close associate of Vladimir Putin. And McCabe apparently met with him in Europe without proper clearance from FBI, while Deripaska was a possible target on a FBI organized crime probe. McCabe also privately acknowledged to FBI agents that Deripaska was a friend.

    Liked by 1 person

  49. sunnydaze says:

    Anyone got a link to Comey’s twitter?

    I’m kinda curious what he’s said this past week but can’t remeber what “name” he uses.


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