UPDATED: Mueller Probe Might Not Survive Much Longer – Intelligence Connections Highlight Sketchy Origin to Special Counsel…

I have a sneaking suspicion the Machiavellian connections between the U.S. intelligence apparatus and multiple foreign agents/actors, including the work of Stefan Halper in the 2016 presidential election, are only a few days from fully surfacing.  There could be enough sunlight on U.K/U.S. political and intelligence officers to launch multiple investigations.

There was always something suspicious about Senate Intelligence Committee Vice-Chair Diane Feinstein abdicating her Gang-of-Eight position to Senator Mark Warner immediately after the 2016 election.  Feinstein stepped down from her intel committee post and took up a defensive posture as Vice-Chair on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Senator Feinstein is a political animal. She knows the deep state; she knows the deep state secrets; her position gave her operational knowledge; with that knowledge she carried leverage; and the move from Offense (Senate Intel) to Defense (Senate Judicary) just reeked of deep swamp maneuvering.   Obama campaigning last week for her, against the left-wing progressive challenge, transparently looked like a leverage expenditure.

On August 22nd, 2017, Fusion-GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson testified to the Senate Judicary Committee (Grassley Chairman, Feinstein Co-Chair) about his engagements with Christopher Steele and the formation of the Steele Dossier.  The Dossier underpinned the October 21st, 2016, FISA Title-1 surveillance warrant used on Carter Page and against the Trump campaign.

Almost five months later, January 9th, 2018, Feinstein unilaterally released the transcript of Glenn Simpson’s testimony without consulting anyone else on the committee.

At the time of the unauthorized transcript release, it looked even more suspicious {see here}.  Professional Deep State operative Feinstein doesn’t make “mistakes”.  There had to be a reason for it.  There had to be a self-interested reason for it {suspected here}.

In the last week the motive has surfaced.  Today, the motive takes on an even larger understanding.

Attention has been paid to Glenn Simpson saying in that August 2017 testimony the FBI had some additional ‘inside’ knowledge in addition to Chris Steele’s information.  Talk of campaign interlopers increased last week after the DOJ/FBI started stonewalling Devin Nunes and accusing him of trying to reveal the identity of a confidential CIA and FBI source for the 2016 origination of the FBI counterintelligence operation against Trump.

People began connecting Glenn Simpson’s prior 2017 testimony about ‘inside sources’ to the 2018 DOJ statements about exposing CIA/FBI ‘sources’. {See Here} Due to defensive leaks from within the corrupt intelligence apparatus the name Stefan Halper was identified.  {See Here} Stefan Halper is a foreign policy expert and Cambridge professor with connections to the CIA and its British counterpart, MI6.

Halper connects to the same circle of intelligence operatives Christopher Steele used for his sketchy Dossier construct.

A close circle of politically connected U.S., British, Australian and Russian intelligence insiders begins to back-stop the larger conspiracy.

The information provided by the international crew was apparently shaped and funneled by former CIA Director John Brennan to the FBI for domestic political exploitation.

Back to Feinstein.

In his podcast today Dan Bongino outlines the hindsight appearance of Dianne Feinstein publishing the Glenn Simpson testimony in an effort to: A) remind Simpson what he said; and, B) warn all other operational participants of the potential risk.  {Listen Here}  This is what we suspected back in January when Feinstein initially released the transcript.

Senator Feinstein’s 2016 senior staffer (with Gang-of-Eight security clearance) was Dan Jones.  It was recently revealed that Dan Jones contracted with Christopher Steele to continue work on the Russia Conspiracy angle after the 2016 election, and raised over $50 million toward the ideological goals of removing President Trump. {See Here}

Staffer Dan Jones surfaces in the text messages from Feinstein’s replacement on the Gang-of-Eight, Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman, Mark Warner {See Here}

Senator Warner was texting with Adam Waldman about setting up a meeting with Chris Steele.  Walman is a lobbyist with a $40,000 monthly retainer to lobby the U.S. government on behalf of controversial Russian billionaire Oleg V. Deripaska.

Senator Mark Warner was trying to set up a covert meeting.  In the text messages Adam Waldman is telling Senator Warner that Chris Steele will not meet with him without a written letter (request) from the Senate Intelligence Committee.  Senator Warner didn’t want the Republican members to know about a meeting.  Chris Steele knew this was a partisan political set-up and was refusing to meet unilaterally with Senator Warner.   Lobbyist Adam Waldman was playing the go-between:

That “Dan Jones”, mentioned above, talking with Chris Steele and told to go to see Senator Warner, is the former senate staffer Dan Jones, who was previously attached to Dianne Feinstein.

Simultaneously, while trying to connect Senator Warner to Christopher Steele, text messenger (go-between) Adam Waldman is representing Oleg Deripaska:

(Source Link) 

Oleg Deripaska was a source of intelligence information within the John Brennan intelligence community efforts throughout 2016. This is the same intersection of  characters that circle around Stefan Halper.

….And today, journalist John Solomon just connected Deripaska to Robert Mueller and FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. {See Here} You just can’t make this stuff up.

THE HILL – In 2009, when Mueller ran the FBI, the bureau asked Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska to spend millions of his own dollars funding an FBI-supervised operation to rescue a retired FBI agent, Robert Levinson, captured in Iran while working for the CIA in 2007.

Yes, that’s the same Deripaska who has surfaced in Mueller’s current investigation and who was recently sanctioned by the Trump administration. (read more)

Oh, and that 2009 FBI operation carried out by Robert Mueller and Andrew McCabe, well, apparently it was unlawful.  But wait, it gets better….

Senator Warner’s 2017 intermediary Adam Waldman, also spoke to John Solomon just yesterday about how the FBI attempted to use Oleg Deripaska in September 2016 to frame the Russian narrative before the FISA Warrant:

John Solomon – […] Deripaska also appears to be one of the first Russians the FBI asked for help when it began investigating the now-infamous Fusion GPS “Steele Dossier.” Waldman, his American lawyer until the sanctions hit, gave me a detailed account, some of which U.S. officials confirmseparately.

Two months before Trump was elected president, Deripaska was in New York as part of Russia’s United Nations delegation when three FBI agents awakened him in his home; at least one agent had worked with Deripaska on the aborted effort to rescue Levinson. During an hour-long visit, the agents posited a theory that Trump’s campaign was secretly colluding with Russia to hijack the U.S. election.

“Deripaska laughed but realized, despite the joviality, that they were serious,” the lawyer said. “So he told them in his informed opinion the idea they were proposing was false. ‘You are trying to create something out of nothing,’ he told them.” The agents left though the FBI sought more information in 2017 from the Russian, sources tell me. Waldman declined to say if Deripaska has been in contact with the FBI since Sept, 2016.  (read more)

Oh, and those reports last week about the White House supporting the DOJ in keeping the origination material from Devin Nunes?….. Yeah, well, those IC leaks to the WaPo and New York Times were false too.

Finally, guess who was supposed to be conducting oversight in 2016 when all of these politically motivated intelligence operations were going on?… Yeah, well, that would be the Gang-of-Eight…

…the same congressional oversight group Senator Dianne Feinstein bailed out of…. Go Figure:

Now does this make more sense:

Listen carefully to the opening statement from former CIA Director John Brennan May 23rd, 2017, during his testimony to congress.

Pay very close attention to the segment at 13:35 of this video of Brennan’s testimony:

Brennan: [13:35] “Third, through the so-called Gang-of-Eight process we kept congress apprised of these issues as we identified them.”

“Again, in consultation with the White House, I PERSONALLY briefed the full details of our understanding of Russian attempts to interfere in the election to congressional leadership; specifically: Senators Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, Dianne Feinstein and Richard Burr; and to representatives Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, Devin Nunes and Adam Schiff between 11th August and 6th September [2016], I provided the same briefing to each of the gang of eight members.”

“Given the highly sensitive nature of what was an active counter-intelligence case [that means the FBI], involving an ongoing Russian effort, to interfere in our presidential election, the full details of what we knew at the time were shared only with those members of congress; each of whom was accompanied by one senior staff member.”…




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750 Responses to UPDATED: Mueller Probe Might Not Survive Much Longer – Intelligence Connections Highlight Sketchy Origin to Special Counsel…

  1. luke says:

    Somewhat off topic but SD did post the caption/pic of Rustin Cohle. Listen Treepers you want to see the best series ever watch True Detective Season 1. About time for me to watch it again.

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    • jbowen82 says:

      This is going to sound funny, but it is worth watching even if you turn the sound on mute. That first season is beautifully photographed. They capture the landscapes of the Gulf Coast so well, even the refineries and the bridges and the fishing boats.

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    • Tom H says:

      Handsome Family. Mr. Handsome Family has an awesome voice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJH24ktbsFo

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    • TDU_Weight says:

      Try this, watch the first 10-15 minutes or so with the sound off and at 1/2 speed. All the parts where only Marty Hart (Woody Harrelson) is speaking into the camera. Watch the people (mainly the women) through the glass behind Marty Hart. Watch as these people move, and the expressions on Marty’s face, and his hands, particularly when a woman walks out of your line of sight (behind Marty’s head) and then back into your line of sight. Watch Marty’s facial expression and body ticks – and guess what is literally going though his mind and what he is experiencing.

      You will see these facial expressions again on another character later in the series. The level of viewer conditioning in TD1 is off the charts. The above is just one example of many many similar techniques in TD1. Welcome to visual H.P. Lovecraft.

      And that is not a widow to the office behind Marty, it is a blue screen.

      Q would write.

      What is real?
      What is reality?
      Is it what you see?
      Or is it what you think you see?
      Define real.
      Define reality.
      Is there a difference?
      Does it make a difference?

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  2. hoghead says:

    Wait a minute…really? oblahblah is campaigning for fineswine to fend off a challenge “FROM THE LEFT”? Who is running against her from the left? Pol Pot?

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  3. starfcker says:

    Sundance has pointed this out before, but think of how shocking this is. Not a single mainstream media reporter has been interested in interviewing a single one of these people. Asking a single question, turning over a single rock. At the White House briefings every day, not a single question on this subject. The lack of curiosity is beyond astonishing.

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    • blind no longer says:

      They are all on the same team Starfcker! The media is the Democrat Party.

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      • BestBets says:

        The propaganda arm of the Democrat party

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        • Donzo says:

          As long as we keep electing conservatives, the MSM can talk to their heart’s content. And we don’t have to pay for the assistance.

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        • Charlotte says:

          McCain’s Kremlin Ties
          He may talk tough about Russia, but John McCain’s political advisors have advanced Putin’s imperial ambitions.

          “Despite rampant Russophobia among Republicans, Deripaska turned to powerful GOP figures to solve his problem—especially to Republicans connected with McCain. In 2003 Deripaska hired former presidential candidate Bob Dole, who had nearly picked McCain as his running mate, and Dole’s lobbying partner Bruce Jackson (also a McCain aide) to lobby the State Department to overturn the visa ban, according to Glenn Simpson and Mary Jacoby of The Wall Street Journal. Over the next few years Dole’s firm, Alston & Bird, was paid more than $500,000 to push for Deripaska’s visa.

          Deripaska also reached out to a Washington-based intelligence firm, Diligence, chaired by GOP foreign policy hand Richard Burt, McCain’s top foreign policy adviser in 2000 and an adviser in ’08 (Burt left Diligence in 2007 to join Henry Kissinger’s consulting firm). Deripaska’s business partner in London, Nathaniel Rothschild, an heir to the English Rothschild fortune, bought a stake in Diligence, according to the New York Times and confirmed by a Rothschild spokesman. The firm offered Deripaska many useful services: corporate intelligence gathering, visa lobbying through considerable GOP connections and, crucially, help in obtaining a $150 million World Bank/European Bank for Reconstruction and Development loan for a Deripaska subsidiary, the Komi Aluminum Project. Getting the loan was useful in providing a layer of comfort to Western investors skittish about RusAl. So Diligence, now partly owned by Rothschild, provided a “due diligence” report to the World Bank, which the Bank then used to approve its loan to Deripaska.

          Not surprisingly, the lobbying worked: in December 2005 Deripaska was issued a multientry US visa, according to the State Department. During his brief stay he signed his World Bank loan, spoke at a Carnegie Endowment meeting and attended a dinner for Harvard University’s Belfer Center, where, thanks to a generous donation, he became a member of its international council.”


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        • Smack says:

          Eh, lately I find it more accurate to think of the democrat party as the political wing of the media party.


      • Grandma Covfefe says:

        The media is more like the Communist Party….suppressing the truth, and of course, lying all the time.

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      • Sunshine says:

        Media doesn’t mean the people. Media is only a few individuals attempting to fool the people. Let them drown, the people are awakening.

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    • Tegan says:

      Well, there’s one way to solve that…Press Secretary should read the entire timeline (maybe even Sundance’s article) so it’s on record.

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    • sundance says:

      Amen. I use that approach to help people understand the severity of the media bias.

      Example. Lots of people have heard about the “insurance policy” messages from Lisa Page and Peter Strzok.

      …. So I ask people, why hasn’t a single member of the media ever just picked up the phone, contacted Lisa Page or Peter Strzok, and asked them what they meant by it?

      Those who still believe in media, start to realize. It can be an ah-ha moment.

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    • bofh says:

      How about a slight format change for the press conference? For every question the press asks, in return they have to answer a question from the podium. Only fair, no?

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      • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

        Not interested in reporters’ answers as they would lie their way out of any uncomfortable situation. More like limit their questions to one sentence with no pontificating from the peanut gallery. The press was in collusion with the Democratic Party in 2016 … and the dirty little secret is that they have been partners for the past 50 years.

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    • First: remember the reports that “journalists” received payola from Fusion GPS to plant stories? Those reports likely were true. The “Mainstream Media” fully is a Deep State propaganda organ/disinformation project at this point. In fact, it probably won’t be long until the propagandists are instructed to start to dirty up Mueller as (a) his usefulness is near an end and (b) he will become the designated fall guy for the massive criminality involved with his investigation. Mueller will be referred to as a “Republican” in a different context at that point, and it won’t be to polish his “independent actor” credentials, but to say to the electorate “well, Democrats weren’t responsible for this criminal enterprise.” It won’t work but will be tried.

      When the next Seth Rich turns ups dead (think someone like one of the field agents involved in encouraging Deripaska to “keep and open mind” (i.e., lie) that Trump might be colluding with Russians, they will start throwing one another to the wolves and many will flee the United States with their families and wealth. Passports should have been seized already but their planes can be shot down if necessary.

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    • Sayit2016 says:

      I said from the beginning… they are hounding Cohen and Manafort 24/7 — Hooker face and Pimp Attorney INC are also on every camera but not a camera in sight for Peter Strzok and Lisa Page Andrew McCabe etc etc etc etc .

      Why ?

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    • Paco Loco says:

      There is no investigative journalists in the MSM…Today they are all hacks feeding from the same troff, parroting the same meme.

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    • poodle12 says:

      It’s tragic, actually. Fills me with sorrow over what’s happened to our country.


    • Kan says:

      They are not curious because they all know. They have all been leaked to by the FBI, DoJ, CIA top brass, and they are in on the scoop.

      They already know what is going on in the big picture.

      Jake Tapper, in his interview with Comey was a prime example. Comey sat there and told Tapper, without saying directly, that Clapper had lied to Trapper about the two page summary of the Dossier given to Trump in the Comey Trump one-on-one meeting on Jan 6th 2017.

      Mr Journalistic Ethics himself has yet to come clean about this, and explain why he did not ask Comey who the leaker was and why he did not just say “So Clapper lied to me.”

      He continues to cover for them now.

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    • David Munday says:

      But they’re part of the crime. Why would they ever want to expose it?


  4. There appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel. “Honey – pour me another double and don’t wait up for me – it might be another long night in TCTH.”

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  5. Sauce says:

    “….And today, journalist John Solomon just connected Derispaska to Robert Mueller and FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. {See Here} You just can’t make this stuff up.”

    And as we all assume PDJT already knew this, and possibly either baited or orchestrated the Mule into taking the SC job?

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  6. citizen817 says:

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    • dawg says:

      I wondered at the time why Trump would be mad that she released that, which I thought was good for us. Now I know, she was tipping off her fellow conspirators.

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      • jmclever says:

        She thought she was helping her cause, but it just really buried Simpson and gave real journalists and investigators some facts and fits to connect. I wonder if Simpson could make a case against her?

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        • Sayit2016 says:

          Feinstein is slick she is the Deep Swamp Queen. She always heads out of dodge right before she gets caught and no one seems to care. But there are skeletons in her closet too…we in CA have watched this for years… I want COX to go full on battle of the Transformers on her entitle butt. She is like McCain in the sense she has miked the White/murders for decades which is why she carries a weapon.. but from Mr and Mrs America she wants our guns.. ALL of them. She is a massive hypocrite. I can not stand these people.

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    • parteagirl says:

      I love it when he tweets “possibly illegal.” It’s got to just drive them insane!

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  7. The Boss says:

    Hillary’s sidekick “Weird dude” Kaine is up for re-election in November. Why do I have a feeling that President Trump has a special message about “Weird dude” for Virginia voters? Releasing the Warner texts in greater detail seems like a warm-up act.

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  8. ruckwarrior says:

    Thank you Sundance for your brilliant mind and amazing research…

    I think this will shape up to a climax where many enemies of the President and this country will be exposed.

    The issue is these people never had to go this far before, most people would’ve folded way earlier….but most people aren’t President Trump…

    They have exposed themselves because they are in new territory.

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  9. Lis says:

    You, Sundance, are the answer to Woodward and Bernstein. But better.

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    • WSB says:

      Woodward and Bernstein were deep state actors conspiring to bring down an outsider. SD is exactly the opposite.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        Exactly. Woodward and Bernstein were tools – the Maggie Habermans of their time – nothing more. This is why they never repeated their Watergate coverage. They were neither CAPABLE of doing it again, nor were they APPROVED to be LIONIZED BY ARRANGEMENT by the left, should they make the mistake of going after Clinton or Obama.

        It was all a SCAM.

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        • Sayit2016 says:

          The Clinton’s have spied on their opponents/enemies since day one… remember the FBI files ??? That was illegal. That is because they have no LEGAL ideas of their own. They have plenty of ILLEGAL schemes and they have for decades. They are disrespectful of our Military and Law Enforcement. They called them pigs. Why ? What criminal wants Law Enforcement within 10 feet ?

          I re-listened to the Bill Clinton Murders on Youtube and it goes ALL the way back to day one with these immoral people… Illegal deal, Illegal campaign cash, Illegal trading, murder, they are communists and the list goes on and on.

          People need to remind themselves who these people are. Hillary prancing around as a “Grandmother” is a joke— She is Ma Barker without the class. ; )

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        • WSB says:

          And I remember being taken to see the movie by my school. Another Deep State job. ‘Deep Throat’ said it all.

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          • wolfmoon1776 says:

            Even the codename was cultural Marxism. It’s all a package from the left. Once you see the infiltration, you can’t unsee it.

            The Deep State has WARRED against every President they didn’t want, both DURING the campaign and AFTERWARDS. It is no accident that they started working against Reagan the moment he was elected. And remember – they had a BUSH in VP.

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            • WSB says:

              Bush was the handler. My understanding is that the mob originally wanted Ford for VP, and Reagan refused. Could also have been a false narrative. Of course it would make sense if the Repubs wanted Reagan to lose, since Ford was much hated for the Nixon pardon.

              This was accounted in ‘Dutch’. Reagan’s official biography.

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  10. Albertus Magnus says:

    I am so glad that PDJT did not just rush in out of anger or emotion and just start firing and having people charged left and right.

    Look at us here. Most of us only know what we are told by people we trust. I, like many of you, have already decided that my lot is with PDJT and even if it turns out I am wrong, I stand with him. But it takes faith.

    There are many people in government…elected and career politicians, who do the same thing. I, for one, used to respect my Senator Richard Burr. Once I saw what he was doing, I could do it no longer. Same with W.

    Imagine if you are an outsider who has won an election, no one thought you would win and the establishment of both parties, the Chamber, the globalists, the progressives and the Deep State, all against you.

    You have to put together a government. You don’t know really who you can trust. You bring in those very few that have been with you since day one and try to put something together. You inherit a government where a relative few have set you up as the enemy of the country and this story is believed or almost-believed by many more throughout Washington. Their CofC, Globalists and MSM allies just stoke the fire against you.

    You work methodically, build support, size people up, make allies…even for a season…where you can. And you wait until you see the whites of their eyes.

    That is what we are witnessing now. And victory is not assured but our changes continue to build…and the odds continue to grow in our favor the more we trust PDJT and remember who he is,, what he and his family have suffered for us and our country, and have faith that God has raised him for THIS moment in history…that, for me, seems like is the pinnacle of an ancient, worldwide scheme plot to allow someone or some small group to have total control.

    What a time to be alive.

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    • RedBallExpress says:

      It has been a rough road for our President but if he wins – he wins big.

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      • Carrie2 says:

        RedBallExpress, when you go back in time, more than once Trump knew what was happening and then finally decided it was time to be a candidate. I loved when in August 2016 he was a candidate and said he would be more presidential when in the WH, and he sure is. His businesses were brought about because he was dealing with scumbags and mostly all democrats and with that experience he was honed to MAGA while previous presidents never said anything like this nor pursue their promises. He fought democrats to build business in NY, he dealt with many in the gambling world, and he dealt with so much more preparing himself to be a great leader and our answer for our many prayers to God and now we are a growing group of real Americans supporting him. So, again I suggest do not vote for any one with 2 terms or more to drain the Congress swamp. Check out others to be real candidates and understand they are our employees and represent us or else they are fired. We have done due diligence ourselves and times to wake up and do it!

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    • Tegan says:

      Good post…I agree there’s finally some hope!

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    • David says:

      Thank goodness he has had tremendous private security to augment the govt. provided team, so he can work without too much fear for his family. I’m fairly surprised at how effective he has been. Maybe he HAS been planning this for a long time…

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      • Fools Gold says:

        I think he has and been building a coalition of the willing for years. Remember that Opra interview many moons ago (1988).

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        • Carrie2 says:

          Precisely why I was saying that for many years he was seeing more and more of this garbage and when asked if he would run, he said only if it became necessary! So the FBI and CIA and members in our sick Congress make it necessary along with outsiders like Soros and many other evil elites.

          Liked by 3 people

      • Old Codger says:

        Your surprise is a reflection of your ignorance of the context and total underestimation of Trump’s lifelong experience in politics, his intelligence and the strong backing he has from several high up military types..

        Trump learned more about rough politics putting together his first NYC real estate development than these political shills garner from a lifetime of lording it over toadies!
        And Trump had to play for keeps with his own money! The usual political scum play with house money.

        Liked by 2 people

        • Fools Gold says:

          What makes you think I’m surprised in Trump? I just pointed out Trump has been seeing things the way I do for as long as I have but had the gonads and smarts to put a team together to do the next to impossible! MAGA

          Liked by 2 people

        • Sayit2016 says:

          “Your surprise is a reflection of your ignorance of the context and total underestimation of Trump’s lifelong experience in politics, his intelligence and the strong backing he has from several high up military types..”

          That’s kind of harsh.

          A lot of people knew who Donald Trump was because of The Apprentice and of course casino’s and gold courses. A lot of people did not KNOW how hands on he was and is and most people did not give a thought how vicious NY Real Estate is and what it takes to survive there. People that followed his career did. Trump is 70 years old– he has learned a lot in those years that only time and experience can teach you. We are better for that.

          America is getting to know President Trump. Ease up on insulting people that are just now really learning about him.

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    • Excellent comment. Things appear to be unraveling at a quicker pace now.

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  11. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Thursday the 17th will be the one year mark for Mueller and CNN.

    The crazed old dinosaur media will not go down without a fight?

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  12. “A donation of $2,500 to the “Obama Victory Fund”, the US president’s election campaign fund, was made on October 12, 2012, by an American lobbyist engaged by Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov. This is according to a filing last month by the US agent acting for Lavrov named Adam Waldman. He reported the payment to the Foreign Agents Registration Act Unit, a branch of the National Security Division of the US Department of Justice on December 19. Direct or indirect political donations by foreign nationals are illegal under US election financing law and its regulations.

    The money trail which linked Lavrov to Barack Obama’s campaign treasury goes through a company registered on the Channel Island of Jersey. That in turn conceals secret shareholders of United Company Rusal, the Russian aluminium monopoly controlled by Oleg Deripaska. At least one of those shareholders may be another Russian government official of higher rank than Lavrov’s.” http://johnhelmer.net/did-sergei-lavrov-give-money-to-the-obama-election-campaign-the-foreign-minister-has-added-the-secret-shareholders-of-rusal-to-his-job-representing-the-russian-national-interest/

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    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      Ya wanna find all, if not most of the dirty ones?

      De-Classify everything. No redactions. Get a bunch on that.

      Then those that do not release or refuse to De-Classify, dirty also.

      Easy peasy.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Keethe says:

        Well said, let the cards lie as they fall. I just think Trump knows a tad more than us, waiting for the most opportune time. Love always enjoy posts,

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  13. JoD says:

    And it’s only Monday!

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  14. Donna in Oregon says:

    It looks like Doug Schoen (the sometime Fox Contributor for the Democrats) was also lobbying in the Ukraine and had contact with the McCain Institute guy

    4. April 12,2016: Ukrainian Parliamentarian Olga Bielkova met with David Kramer
    with the McCain Institute at 1777 F Street NW, Washington, DC 20006. Pavlo
    Rizanenko, MP, a colleague of Ms. Bielkova, also attended.

    see the FARA document here:


    See the State Dept. interference w/ Victoria Nuland etal here:


    So now we have. the McCain Institute, DOJ, FBI, State Dept, Treasury Dept, the IRS, England, Saudi Prince, and various rich people in New York and California involved in anti-Trump activities.

    Yesterday I remembered that Mueller brought in the IRS investigators into the SC investigation. So maybe the Treasury Dept isn’t the leak at all? I read the IG in the Treasury Dept was investigating who gave Stormy’s pimp lawyer President Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen’s financial documents. Should probably look at these people first:

    “According to a report in The Daily Beast — which, to be fair, is often only slightly less slanted than your uncle’s Facebook posts — Mueller has enlisted the help of agents from the IRS’ Criminal Investigations Unit.

    Now, if your response to that bit of news is — the IRS has a Criminal Investigations Unit???? — you are not alone. But it does, and the CIU — comprised of 2,200 special units who chase tax cheats, unearth white collar crime, and, yes, carry a gun — is the only federal agency that is permitted to investigate potential criminal violations of the tax law, a sign that Mueller may be ready to take aim at what is perhaps the President’s most well-guarded secret: his tax returns. As a reminder, despite campaign promises to the contrary, President Trump has broken from long-standing tradition and steadfastly refused to make his tax returns public.”


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  15. Sunshine says:

    Famous words: ”Because of the sensitivity of the matter”. AKA James Comey.

    That said, Rosenstein, Mueller, and myriads of others are all interlinked through so many ways – it’s like knitting a sweater. So many links. One link breaks, the others will dislodge. It’s a slow but sure process.

    Mueller wants his escape hatch. He knows. Should he get it? IMHO: Let him keep on sweating it out, he’s going nowhere, he knows it, he wants to get out of it, the more he digs, the more he’s the dishonest fool.

    I truly want to see Mueller disbarred.

    Liked by 4 people

  16. Ray Runge says:

    So, the “Gang of Eight” congressional oversight group is truly a Gang Of One. Devin Nunes remains one of the few White Knights in in the entire stanky intrigue.

    Liked by 14 people

    • MVW says:

      I wonder if Nunes got the same briefing from Brennan as the others, the 7 snakes in the 8 Gang. Why brief them individually? So inefficient.
      Now why would I have doubts?

      Liked by 4 people

    • Craig D says:

      Reply to Ray Runge (10:47 pm) – Agee with your comment. How these Republican Gang of Eight Senators can face President Trump is truly amazing. Trump knows that they are all corrupt (and they know he knows). Amazing how Trump can run a country (with all the success he has had) when the Congress is overtly (and covertly) totally against him (Trump). In fact, the Republican party is so corrupt they should never ever be in power. Trouble is, they (the Republicans) don’t care, as they are not Republicans, they are the UniParty, GOPe and RINO’s.

      Liked by 6 people

      • MVW says:

        I am hoping for a GOP Congress swamp cleanup in 2018. I tell myself so many GOP are not returning because they were given the word that sunlight would be coming. DhimmiRats (again I tell myself this) have not gotten the word of forthcoming sunlight (Weiner laptop content reveal).

        So, I have doubts that the Laptop contents will be spilled before the 2018 midterms (if ever).

        IG report on the other hand with a very narrow focus, a focus that does not include retina scorching evil acts hinted at by those who have inside information on the notorious Weiner laptop, will likely wrist slap some Dark State actors.

        I suspect that negotiations are in progress for what level of crimes will be prosecuted and who will take the fall. Yes, very cynical. Very swampish.

        Liked by 1 person

  17. Healy says:

    Tonight’s blog by Sundance -finally can see the end game shaping. All the different pieces are coming into sight. And doesn’t it fit when weighed against the behaviors of THE ACTORS?
    It wouldn’t surprise me to see a key player break. Pressure is intense.

    Liked by 3 people

  18. JoD says:

    Just when you think you’ve got this figured out, somebody comes along and throws another lice infested pair of britches into the boilin’ pot!

    Liked by 4 people

  19. honestyoz says:

    Mad Dog Mueller is about to be put down. Please, please do it slowly or hara-kiri would be even better.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. AustinPrisoner says:

    Speaking of Swamp saturation, Romney and Ryan are powerful and handsome middle-aged men. Family men with adoring photogenic families. Ryan slinks away from D.C. and Romney knows he will never be President, hence his bitterness and nasty comments. I, for one, doubt their wholesome reputations concerning women and when The Big Ugly is over, I suspect revelations will be published.

    Liked by 4 people

    • RedBallExpress says:

      They’re both smooth all right. Good deduction.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Craig D says:

      Reply to AustinPrisoner (11:02) – Ryan and Rience Priebus stabbed President Trump in the back. Sad, as the President trusted them. Ryan as a Gang of Eight member knew what was going on, and Priebus most likely convinced Trump to trust Ryan. I think Priebus is worse than Ryan (if that could be possible).


      • parteagirl says:

        I don’t think Trump trusted either one of them. Look what Trump did to Ryan- “here you go, Paul, repeal Obamacare. Take the lead. Have fun!” Ryan has never fully recovered from that. And where’s Priebus now? Where’s any one who’s gone against Trump and lost? Btw, have you ever seen anyone so completely disappear as Steve Bannon?

        Liked by 5 people

        • MVW says:

          Trump knows how to deal with bedbugs. Not much difference in DC.

          Liked by 2 people

        • Fools Gold says:

          I call it it put up or go home MAGA style! Ryan is going home on the run. Romney is just like Casick but apparently has backing of mormons who base their morality on money and own the capital of Utah..


          • Tim Tarr says:

            Don’t think Romeny has it yet. Mike Kennedy didn’t only keep Romeny from that 60% at convention. He actually beat him by small margin in second round. 50.88 to 49.12


      • Eric C. says:

        I think Trump got the better hand, neither will be around come 2019 and Trump will still be President!

        Liked by 2 people

    • covfefe999 says:

      Speaking of Romney, I pray the Utah voters primary him in June,

      Liked by 1 person

      • Risa says:

        Isn’t Mittens in a runoff for the nomination? He came in second (lol) during the first vote. I hope the voters decide to let him stay home and shovel out the stall of his wife’s dressage horse. I voted for him but I now realize he is only talented at slinging horse manure.


  21. jaded9876 says:

    I really think this investigation has needed to go on for a year because it has given people enough time to either hang themselves or resign. I’d still like a taxpayer refund on it however, but considering what these chumps have been doing behind closed doors, that’s where the big $candal$ have been. I haven’t gone through all the comments, but I can’t be the only one troubled by a senator texting in teenaged short form.

    Liked by 4 people

  22. TNgal says:

    Who is the spy? Joe di Genova said the initials are “S M”, and everyone knows who it was.


  23. Curt says:

    I’m really beginning to wonder, with this new information arousing even more curiosity, just how much Comey was centrally involved. Just reading between the lines regarding the relationship between Mueller and McCabe, it appears that Comey MAY have been their “useful idiot” in all this. This conspiracy is so convoluted and so dangerous to our Republic, I really do wonder who the actual hard “deep state” conspirators are. I suspect Brennan, Clapper, Mueller, McCabe…… Rosenstein; et al ???

    Liked by 1 person

    • MVW says:

      Comey has been around and dirty for a long time. It takes serious protection to do that. Rosy and Wife know how to stretch what is legal like a rubber band until illegal looks saintly. They have been around a long time too.

      Liked by 2 people

  24. WSB says:

    Robyn Gritz on The Ingraham Angle now.

    Liked by 3 people

  25. J Gottfred says:

    “Senator Feinstein is a political animal.”

    So true! I have posted this in the past here, but I am compelled to do so again. I wrote Sen Feinstein in 2013 expressing concern about the use of the FISA court system against political opponents. I also expressed angst about Clapper’s outright lie to the Senate on or about March 13, 2013, which she failed to address in her letter below. I saw my first campaign ad from her today and came close to having a conniption fit. Maybe I need to walk to SF to protest her candidacy.

    Want to know about Feinstein? Read this. She is a deep swamp creature that is about as deep as one can be! It would not take much to mount a recall against her. Just concentrate on the conservative counties in CA; get 15% percent in five of them.

    From: senator@feinstein.senate.gov
    Sent: Friday, September 20, 2013 6:27 AM
    To: jeff@gottfredXXX.xxx
    Subject: U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein responding to your message

    Dear Mr. GottfredXXX:

    Thank you for contacting me to follow up on concerns you had regarding National Security Agency (NSA) programs. I appreciate hearing from you again, and welcome the opportunity to share some further information with you.

    I understand that you continue to have concerns about the NSA call records program. In 1979, the Supreme Court ruled in Smith v. Maryland that there is no expectation of privacy in this kind of transactional information, since that information is already compiled by phone companies, and sitting federal judges serving on the FISA Court have held this program to be constitutional numerous times over the past seven years. Names are not attached to the phone numbers connected to this metadata, and analysts may only use the call records to search for numbers connected to those for which there is “reasonable, articulated suspicion” that they relate to terrorism. Searches of the NSA data are reviewed by the Department of Justice, and every 90 days, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court reviews this program and decides whether to reauthorize it.

    As noted in my earlier letter, the NSA collects information about the internet activity of foreign targets on foreign soil through a separate program authorized by Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The NSA is prohibited from directing surveillance at U.S. citizens’ electronic communications in this program. Oversight of this program occurs in several forms, including twice yearly reports to Congress, as well as a review by the NSA Inspector General, the Department of Justice, and the FISA Court.

    You may be interested to know that the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, which I chair, will be proposing reforms to the phone records program that would enhance transparency and privacy protections. For your convenience, I have attached a copy of an opinion piece I authored in the Washington Post on July 30, 2013, which further explains these proposed changes.

    Again, please know that although we may not agree on this subject, your correspondence is important to me and I value your contribution to the ongoing debate about U.S. national security programs. If you have any additional comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact my Washington, D.C. office at (202) 224-3841.

    Sincerely yours,

    Dianne Feinstein
    United States Senator

    Further information about my position on issues of concern to California and the nation are available at my website, Feinstein.senate.gov. You can also receive electronic e-mail updates by subscribing to my e-mail list. Click here to sign up. And please visit my YouTube, Facebook and Twitter for more ways to communicate with me.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Jenny R. says:

      All one needs to know about Dianne Feinstein (and Nancy Pelosi, and Jerry Brown, and Kamala Harris through Willie Brown) is how they protected and benefitted from a certain People’s Temple, and how they not only protected but gave patronage to its “preacher”, Jim Jones (a rather interesting “man of God” really…he had atheist/communist leanings).
      Don’t think for one second that they did not have at least an inkling of what was going on there, and do not think for one second that their alleged scruples were at all bothered by it, or by the outcome. I always wondered why nobody really kept after them about that.
      It was not a one off thing in one state either; there are parallels from all over the country.

      Liked by 1 person

    • jello333 says:

      The greatest day of Feinstein’s life was when Moscone and Milk were murdered. Yeah, I know that sounds cold, but the fact is that thrust her into the national spotlight and she’s never looked back.


      • J Gottfred says:

        I remember that day! I was living in East Bay at that time and I remember thinking this woman did a great job balancing the many special interests of the SF city. What I missed is how she transformed herself from a pauper City Council Member into one of the most wealthy Senators in the Senate. Again, I keep watching ads on TV for her reelection and getting all steamed up about her continuing her reign. What a con job she is.


  26. L4grasshopper says:

    Andy McCarthy about to be interviewed on FOX about FBI spy…posted at 11:18 PM EDT.

    Liked by 2 people

  27. rsanchez1990 says:

    Wonder how much money Deripaska lost from President Trump’s Russia sanctions…

    Liked by 2 people

  28. billrla says:

    Feinstein’s involvement helps to explain why the California Democrats are throwing support behind her Democrat opponent for the CA senatorial election. Feinstein’s taco is cooked. She’s done.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Carrie2 says:

      billrla, it does appear that altho the person is also not a god candidate, he would be far better than this nasty greedy and again power hungry senator. I and many are hoping that Travis Allen is elected as governor and never Cox who is like Lindsay Graham – one day democrat, next day republican but in the end a greedy who wants to have some power and attention. Most of CA citizens also do not want sanctuary cities and also because we did not vote to have them, just more of the Brown legislature pushing dictatorship!

      Liked by 1 person

  29. nimrodman says:

    “Oh, and those reports last week about the White House supporting the DOJ in keeping the origination material from Devin Nunes?….. Yeah, well, those IC leaks to the WaPo and New York Times were false too.”

    And, geez, did they cause tremendous gnashing of teeth in the comments sections here at Treehouse.

    Sometimes when things look ludicrous at face value it might be worth a little patience to see if initial claims hold up.

    Liked by 4 people

    • MVW says:

      “Sometimes when things look ludicrous at face value it might be worth a little patience to see if initial claims hold up.”
      You have always been a clear thinker.


      • nimrodman says:

        Thx, MVW, but it’s supremely easy in hindsight, I reckon.
        Self-control at the time is a bit more challenging for us all.


  30. SPANGLER says:

    Nunes has been quite since he and Gowdy met with DOJ last week….why?

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Theo West says:

    John Solomon reported on Laura Ingraham tonight a new twist in his story: the Russian Oleg Deripaska was approached TWO MONTHS PRIOR TO THE ELECTION in his New York hotel by three FBI agents, and pressured to help set up Trump. Deripaska laughed them off. This is a bombshell.

    Liked by 6 people

    • JX says:

      Maybe that was the insurance policy.

      Insurance is a sure thing. The FISA surveillance was speculative. Having testimony from a Russian….


  32. I only see three threats to MAGA:

    (1) They kill the President.
    (2) He appears soft on the border.
    (3) No one goes to jail.

    If no one goes to jail, this will be a 4-8 year setback for the Swamp. No real draining occurs unless they put the fear of God into these (blanks).

    Liked by 4 people

    • MVW says:

      I think that most of the swamp draining will be done behind the scenes, without jail. I suspect there will be some jail for a few low level expendables.

      I think there will be a Red Tidal Wave. That will be what puts legislative changes, judges in place, and wall + immigration, plus permanent tax reductions. Which is what we need.

      Putting patriots in agencies will take time, hire from the military, not Ivy League Liberal Arts majors.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Jenny R. says:

      I think that the jail part (at least for some of the really big players) is contingent upon the timeline of one Lady Hillary’s health.
      For one, too many people still fear what she and her rapist beard could do to them; and secondly, true justice for that demon’s spawn will not be found in a court room — not for what she’s done…that will have to be reserved for a higher power than we mere mortals. Besides, watching her twist and turn is worth it: you know that everywhere she goes, no matter what, in her mind she is always reminded of the fact that she will never be President of the U.S. It’s eating her up; watching her beloved influence slowly drip away one drop at a time is also likely eating her up — waiting, wondering if any of her minions will turn on her which is very hard for a cultist to psychically deal with; and physically, well, she’s slowly disintegrating right before our eyes — like a time stop version of the creepy woman in “Brazil”. So take some cold comfort from that because:
      Revenge is a dish best served cold.
      Don’t wish for her justice to be done until the last drop of discomfort can possibly be wrung from her wretched carcass; then and only then will the time be right for her to receive it.

      Liked by 3 people

  33. Troublemaker10 says:

    I went back and read the radio transcript from Rush Limbaugh’s show today that people were talking about. He is missing a few pieces of the puzzle, but does a really good job in explaining how the fake Russian collusion set up was done with Papadopolous and Carter Page (especially if you were hearing it for the first time).



    Liked by 2 people

  34. Former lurker says:

    Ahmed Al-Rumaihi. That’s what they are pinning those collusion hopes on now. The Qatari intelligence service bribed Cohen, Kushner and Flynn. Head of S3 basketball, friend of Steve Bannon, says it’s true!

    I’d have thought for this type of Hail Mary, a tie-in to football, not basketball, would be more fitting.

    The disconnect that is going to occur when the collusion confusion breaks apart on the hard reality of the IG report and criminal charges is going to be a doozy. I think we will look fondly back on the days when they only screamed at the sky during the inauguration.

    Liked by 3 people

  35. covfefe999 says:

    Once again, as so many times before, it’s the Democrats engaging in collusion with the Russians. This is astounding.

    Liked by 5 people

  36. dayallaxeded says:

    I don’t think Stefan Halper is a foreign policy “expert” or “wonk.” I think he is a “foreign fallacy wank.” Only error in SD’s post and easily forgiven.


  37. nimrodman says:

    Here’s a question about Comey:

    Is Comey now – in a sense – off the hook for not notifying Congress for 7 months about an FBI counterintelligence investigation because Brennan briefed Gang of 8 in August?

    (I don’t mean he’s truly off the hook if it was his legal obligation to brief, just figuratively, that’s why “- in a sense -“)

    And a follow-on:
    Might that be a partial reason Comey didn’t brief? Because he knew Brennan was briefing?

    … which raises the question: To what degree was Comey fully entwined in an FBI-DNI-CIA coup collusion?


    • nimrodman says:

      “Might that be a partial reason Comey didn’t brief?”

      … apart from wanting to keep the whole scheme secret, that is


  38. Troublemaker10 says:

    Brennan briefed the gang of eight….but what and how much did he brief them on? The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth….or, the big lie?


    • billrla says:

      Troublemaker10: Different truths for different sleuths. He told each member of the Gang of Eight whatever they needed to hear to advance the coup.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Amy Musick says:

      I had the same question. Did he brief them individually? Some were briefed more briefly than others? (the substance of those meetings in the January report….


      • LBB says:

        Just a little bit about the briefings.

        “Former CIA Director John Brennan told top legislators in classified briefings last summer the agency had evidence Russia might be trying to help Donald Trump win the presidency, months before public disclosures were made after the Republican candidate’s victory, according to former government officials.

        Brennan was so concerned about the mounting data on Russia, the former officials told The New York Times in its Thursday report, in August he began holding individual briefings for the “Gang of Eight” members of Congress, sometimes on “secure phone lines while they were on their summer break.”


        Liked by 1 person

  39. citizen817 says:

    Liked by 2 people

  40. Ellie says:

    And still not a scintilla of evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.

    Liked by 3 people

  41. Helz says:

    If you have a chance watch the Laura Ingraham clip from tonight with Little Marco Rubio. She asked him about this and he tried to throw cold water on the story. He looked extremely nervous and sweaty. Well, sweatier than usual.


  42. LafnH20 says:

    🤦‍♀️ Hi, dianne. 🙋‍♂️


  43. LibertyONE says:

    Is it just me or does everyone , at this juncture. believe that ALL of the criminal corrupt conspiracy’s was between certain cabals within the FBI, DOJ, CIA , DemonRATS and the WH. Fry ALL these POS!


  44. MTK says:

    “Start asking the right f*cking questions?”


    It has been a MSM narrative that Sessions recused himself from the ‘muh russia’ investigation on the narrow grounds of his contact with the Russian ambassador to the United States durning the transition and that he was party to the campaign now being invested. Hence the recusal.

    It has also been postulated he recused himself because recusion allowed him to wear a ‘white hat’ in peace without having the ‘small group’ ask too many questions because his recusal was taken as a sign of impotence.

    Reading these text messages is confusing since they(Waldman and Warner) where also playing voice phone tag for over a nearly two month period. We don’t know what was discussed by voice and the ‘talk around context’ understanding of the text messages is very germain to what was discussed by voice.

    So my first, “Ask the right questions” is… if Admiral Rogers exposed the workings of the small group to incoming adminstration, could not the incoming adminstration with Rogers NSA level of understanding of how the ‘small group’ minpulated the FISC, take to the FISC, a FISA to monitor Warner’s communications?

    Stop the presses and Underscore… “Is that how nailed the previous adminstration is???”

    Remember… the time frame for the communications between Waldman and Warner is at pre-set up phase, that is before the special consul is appointed.

    So again by asking the, “Right questions”, did the outcome of what was learned about the nature of the Waldman/Warner communication, that is if the FISC approve a wire tap, provide a modus opernandi that engulfs the wider conspiracy involvement to frame the incomming adminstration.

    A final, “Ask the right question?”, would be…

    How does the conmunications between Waldman and Warner fit into the time line of, “What Clapper and Benner are on the record as stating in their testimony to Congressional Oversight about the ‘muh russia’ investigation relate to fulsome disclosures?”

    Liked by 1 person

  45. Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

    so in a tight little nutshell….. Everyone was criminally colluding with Everyone…… Except Trump

    Ya…… this is going to be explosive….. deep swamp dynamite
    Drain The Swamp should happen in one YUGE blow ….

    pass the popcorn!

    Liked by 4 people

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