April 1st – 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #437

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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1,034 Responses to April 1st – 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #437

  1. Binkser1 says:

    Well, let’s just turn this around and say that the United States allowed thousands of Canadians to march toward and attempt to enter Mexico illegally and let’s say most of these Canadians were white. For some reason, I think that it would be called an invasion of Mexico being facilitated by the United States government. Make no mistake (I know almost all Treepers know this) this is about destroying Western civilization to set up the full globalist takeover. Any other nation that is not Western or majority white, are “allowed” to protect their borders, but God forbid, a western country stand up and defend their border from the third world horde, who have absolutely no inclination to assimilate into our culture. These people are pawns being used by globalists to ram through their agenda.

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  2. apfelcobbler says:

    The oncoming invasion is a test – if this “succeeds” there will be a million more right behind. This is the “America’s Merkel Moment”. Do we blink or do we stand?

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  3. Garavaglia says:

    Militarize the border once the hoard commits it’s act of aggression. 6 month tours of duty for the soldiers so they do not develop connections with the locals, especially drug lords. Court Marshall for those soldiers who refuse to perform their duty (Levinworth). Know a guy who was put their for a week and it scared the hell out of him. Stiff charges for any “protestors” on our side if interfering in our military’s defense of our border. I have said it before..this is the only way a “wall” will work. I know there are some great border patrol agents, but anyone who lives there permanently is susceptible to local influence (relationships, money, drugs, payoffs, etc.).

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  4. heidi says:

    Fun reading all posts today! I was just locked out of twitter for making this comment: ” Islam is technically a cult. One of t/main things separating a religion from a cult is that NO true religion instructs its followers to kill in God’s name, but many cults instructs its followers to kill in the name of their leader. Such is the case with the cult known as Islam.” apparently “hurt feelings” ensued. (smirk). I plan to contest it, but under islamic twit laws, probably won’t do any good. Anyway, thanks for all the updates, and Happy Easter!

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    • Binkser1 says:

      Congratulations, heidi. Getting banned on twitter is a badge of honor. It means you told the truth about something. The Left hates the truth.

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      • heidi says:

        Thanks for the words of support & encouragement! Just as an update, I did contest the lock out giving this as my argument in response: “Due diligence requires looking at the Quran to see if there are verses which substantiate the fundamentalist view of condoning violence.
        Some Quranic examples include:
        Kill them (disbelievers) wherever you find them (2:191)
        War is ordained by Allah. All Muslims must be willing to fight whether they like it or not. (2:216)
        Allah turned the Sabbath breaking Jews into apes. (2:65)
        Believers must retaliate. (2:178)
        Jews and Christians are rebellious against Allah (5:59)
        Do not take Jews and Christians as friends (5:51)
        Violence condoned.
        These are but a few of numerous verses in the Quran which make it clear that violence is not only condoned, it is required against disbelievers.
        Again I realize truth results in lefty “hurt feelings”, but what muslims practice & preach seems to to totally Okey Dokey!

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    • Derek Hagen says:

      Thanks Heidi, I hadn’t thought of it that way before. I live for (in this case, extremely) important ideas. Thanks again, you made my day.

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  5. Donna in Oregon says:

    President Trump’s administration should do something about the US border with Mexico this week. This swarm of Honduran invaders could be a distraction and an opportunity for ISIS to continue with these plans. I posted the paragraphs that seem most dangerous to the safety of American citizens. This article is truly frightening:

    “The jailed suspect, Guled Ali Omar, awaits trial on charges he conspired with several other Muslims in the Somali community in Minneapolis to join ISIS to fight in jihad against the West.”

    “Among the jihadists that travel back and forth through the porous southern border is a Kuwaiti named Shaykh Mahmood Omar Khabir — an ISIS operative who lives in the Mexican state of Chihuahua not far from El Paso,” Judicial Watch said in a new report quoting Homeland Security sources. “Khabir trained hundreds of al-Qaida fighters in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Yemen, and has lived in Mexico for more than a year.”

    “He reportedly now trains thousands of men — mostly Syrians and Yemenis — to fight at an ISIS base near Juarez”.


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  6. phoenixRising says:

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  7. phoenixRising says:

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  8. lawrencepaul1 says:

    Well they tried to frame Trump, so why not Putin?

    Russia Claims Skripal Poisoning Was Staged By UK Intelligence

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  9. Here are the demands of the invasion heading for our border

    We demand of Mexico and the United States:
    -That they respect our rights as refugees and our right to dignified work to be able to support our families
    -That they open the borders to us because we are as much citizens as the people of the countries where we are and/or travel
    -That deportations, which destroy families, come to an end
    -No more abuses against us as migrants
    -Dignity and justice
    -That the US government not end TPS for those who need it
    -That the US government stop massive funding for the Mexican government to detain Central American migrants and refugees and to deport them
    -That these governments respect our rights under international law, including the right to free expression
    -That the conventions on refugee rights not be empty rhetoric

    “The border is stained red!”
    “Because there they kill the working class!”
    “Why do they kill us? Why do they murder us…”
    “If we are the hope of Latin America?”


    2018 Refugee Caravan “Migrantes en la Lucha”
    Pueblo Sin Fronteras”

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    • ForGodandCountry says:

      If they are the hope of Latin America, they need to stay there.


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    • joeknuckles says:

      Here’s my demand to them:

      Kiss my A**!

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    • Binkser1 says:

      What a total pile of BS. Obviously, this was written by someone in Soros’ organization. Who the heck do they think they are demanding anything of us? I am so sick of this entitlement crap!

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      • treehouseron says:

        Absolutely. These are people that don’t have running water where they’re coming from, they didn’t come up with these ‘demands’ it was probably passed around by some lib in New York who’s never even met any of them.

        Someone needs to tell them a magic word. “No”.


  10. apfelcobbler says:

    It’s becoming obvious that the wall should not only be paid for by Mexico, but should be built on the Mexican side of the border. If they won’t stop the caravan of dreamwalkers, they will just have to support a refugee camp on their side, indefinately. Sorry, we’re about 20M past full up.

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  11. alligatriot says:

    A different approach for the “caravan” traveling to the U.S./Mexico border.

    It appears they want to be considered as refugees. No problem. We have an app for that.


    “The Refugee Process
    You must receive a referral to the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) for consideration as a refugee. For more information on the referral criteria, see the USRAP Consultations and Worldwide Processing Priorities page.
    If you receive a referral, you will receive help filling out your application and then be interviewed abroad by a USCIS officer who will determine whether you are eligible for refugee resettlement. For more information about eligibility, see our Refugee Eligibility Determination page.”

    Station a clerk on the Mexican side of the border. Have each applicant study the information about how to apply for refugee status. Thank you, we’ll call you when it’s your turn.

    (Just in case there is whining to be heard, on the U.S. side of the border behind the clerk – Border Patrol, U.S. Military, National Guard, a few patriotic onlookers with beautiful American Flags – all wishing the wannabe citizens good luck in their endeavor.)

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  12. ForGodandCountry says:

    If you really want to understand the leftist mindset, watch the movie “Downfall”. Then you will be able to see how mass psychosis and brainwashing takes hold of people, as is currently happening with the children of the left.

    But don’t be fooled. Here is what really happens….

    10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.
    2 Thessalonians 2:10-12

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  13. sunnydaze says:

    Dem Mayor didn’t want Chic-Fil-A in NYC and urged NYC to NOT patronize them. Nice guy, huh?


    But now it’s opened to great hooplah and applause. World’s largest Chic-Fil-A.


    Reminds me of when Seattle tried to keep ’em out a couple years back , and then had to add another traffic lane to the Freeway cuz it was getting blocked up with Chic-Fil-A customers!

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  14. sunnydaze says:

    OMG. They’re doing a re-run of the Roseanne show on ABC right now!

    Same one as last Tues or whenever that was.

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    • Donna in Oregon says:

      Thanks Sunny, I set it to record.


    • Raffaella says:

      Yes. I knew it would air again so I tuned in to give her better ratings. We should all support Rosanne. And her show is very funny.

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    • Blade says:

      I wonder how many people realized they actually aired two episodes back-to-back during the premiere last week, and also just now in repeat. Roseanne, ABC and their publicity team sure didn’t get the word out about that ( that I saw ). There was real danger of people changing the channel at the half hour once the credits rolled on the first episode or just DVR’ing a half hour.

      Interestingly, if you watched both of them back to back you could clearly see a major difference in the production and in the comfort of the cast. The first one was a bit awkward as they regained their footing after all those years away..The second was way different, smooth, with their comfort levels obviously returned. It was practically interchangeable with the old episodes from years ago. Being filmed in front of a live audience probably on different days with different fans, most likely the first episode had a lot of sentimental interaction between the cast and fans which is why they appeared out of sorts on camera ( my guess ).

      If you check the details we find out that they aired them out of order. The first episode aired was 1001, and the second was 1003. So next week is 1002 which will probably appear a bit less smooth than the last one aired but not as new as the first one ( my guess again ).

      I really noticed the change between the first two myself. At certain moments in the second one it really was a throwback to the old series. I am impressed with how they recreated the old set details and adapted to the old banter between the characters. This kind of thing rarely happens in modern crappy TV reboots where most of the parties involved really couldn’t care less about the fans or what they want, just how to squeeze out more cash from advertisers. This is a testament to Roseanne herself who really is a dominant personality and demands a certain result. ABC doesn’t realize how lucky they are to have her doing the heavy lifting. As long as they keep their hands off it she will deliver.

      Now begin the countdown until Fox reunites Married With Children after years of rumors, which ironically was the competing blue collar sitcom at the time and sometimes took shots at Roseanne on air ( to be fair, they also took shots at NBC and even Fox itself ).

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      • sunnydaze says:

        There’s a rumor (?) that “Last Man Standing” may be coming back, too. Maybe on FOX.

        I never heard of that one til they cancelled it, but saw clips last week and it looked good.

        I’ll click it on if they start it up again.

        This disgusting Lefty “entertainment” has just about killed this country. Time to take it back.

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        • kea says:

          See this is why I watch nothing new. I only watch TV shows on DVD. Last one I saw was ‘major crimes’ I think. Well that and ‘murder she wrote’. 😉


          • Blade says:

            See this is why I watch nothing new. I only watch TV shows on DVD. Last one I saw was ‘major crimes’ I think. Well that and ‘murder she wrote’.

            That’s a much better way, no commercials and usually some special features. If you have a public library with CD/DVD inventory within driving distance it is worth checking out. They usually have a webpage for searching and requesting, they ship them between libraries as needed, and since you paid for it you may as well use it. Ours in NY is extremely well stocked ( I believe everyone is donating their CD/DVD collections or something ) and its one of the only ways to feel like you got value for our massive tax dollars.

            Like I mentioned elsewhere, one of the few high quality TV shows IMHO was 24 and that is probably available there. It is quite an amazing thing to watch an entire season without commercials as a 17-hour long realtime movie with almost no filler. I’ll be popping season two back in whenever the next Enemedia gaslight fest begins and tune them out as usual. I recommend that season right now because of some tie-ins to current events.

            But there are some current TV shows that are very good especially if you like car porn, and of course some very good stuff on HGTV ( construction/homes/etc ). So it is pretty easy to have the TV on without getting gaslit by the Enemedia Industrial Complex.

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            • kea says:

              Your comment made me smile because I just started using my library to rent my DVD’s. Dropped netflix over a year ago and have not looked back. And I agree the library really does have an amazing selection and they really take care of the DVD’s that they have. Rented a few classics as well. Really well stocked and it really has improved.

              Will put 24 on my list. Thank you.

              Yeah I can’t watch live TV shows anymore. The commercials and watching when they want me too. No thanks. I pop in a DVD on my time and no commercials. So much better.


        • Eric Kennedy says:

          Last Man Standing was a great show. Very funny.

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      • carl says:

        I noticed the difference too. Enjoyed your comment!


      • Raffaella says:

        Yes, there was a big difference between those two episodes. I noticed. The second part was much better.


      • treehouseron says:

        I also noticed the second show was better.

        Them playing them out of sequence makes sense, I was wondering why the ‘lift’ was there in the background but they didn’t mention it (it’s what this week’s show is about).

        I watched an interview with the producers, and they said when they met with Roseanne about the new season, they had all kinds of show ideas… but she showed up with a whole book full of stuff she had thought out and things they said they’d never even thought of.

        She was doing a question and answer last week too, and she said she really hoped they renewed it for another season, because she has a lot of show ideas she wants to do next year. She said she’s very happy that they let Sara Gilbert take over all the things she doesn’t like to do (producing) and let her do all the things she does like to do (writing, storyboarding, reworking scenes, etc.)

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  15. phoenixRising says:

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  16. phoenixRising says:

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    • Sandra-VA says:

      He was there and then he went home. Later, he realized that people were gathering back at the school (hint: reporters with cameras) so he rode his bike back to the school.

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    • patrickhenrycensored says:

      That article has been updated:
      *Update: After being supplied with further information from CBS via the Washington Examiner’s inquiry, it has come to our attention that CBS released the video segment out of context. Hogg was referring to his returning to the school that night to interview witnesses.


  17. joan and bill says:

    i love the idea that someone said to have buses just before the border for usa and put all 1,500 families or 6,000 of these invaders per the constitution plus the later joining drug cartels into the buses with water and food and make a circle to return them to honduras or whatever use k-9 dogs to have them comply as nothing will be done by mexico the truth is the next wave of invaders will have 50,000 or 3rd wave of 100,000 etc we cannot afford more diseases, welfare recipients, or more drug dealers who knowingly break the rule of law suggest using skunk bombs for the 90% of military aged males who will fight and put them all in jails or military jails so they can do no damage and this guarantees they will never obtain citizenship for them or their families as recorded with fingerprints and/ or the strong young men and women who are able to walk can help build the wall or do something useful for usa under the watchful eyes of our military this first wave of invasion is what has changed europe, sweden germany, england, belgium and france and syrians sneak into these hordes another thought is what will be done on other parts of our border while concentration is on the 6,000 plus will they splinter to 10 different entry points to divide our forces God bless us we need to be prepared with plan b and c as these snakes are wanted by the demorats

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    • Blade says:

      Bus them all straight to Houston or Corpus Christi onto waiting ships and send them straight down south to whatever country they are allegedly fleeing. Didn’t we just use ships to evacuate folks from the last hurricane in Florida? Ships are perfect for the job. Retask a few for permanent Coast Guard use.

      The best answer is to stop them from crossing the border ever. Especially those who might be pregnant. A strong signal must be sent here as this is a direct challenge to our sovereignty and to President Trump himself. They want to recreate the refugee march into Europe. Will we be France and Germany, or will we be Hungary and Poland? The entire world is watching and what Trump does will have ramifications throughout the eastern european EU members rebelling against London/Paris/Berlin/Brussels and seeking sympathetic signals from the USA.

      What an opportunity we have here. Highlight the border wall necessity. Finger George Soros and his sedition ( oath sworn USA citizen probably financing this invasion ) and a perfect chance to suspend all remittances to Mexico and even NAFTA too. Mexico should get clobbered for this, cripple their economy and bring the government to its knees ( remember, none of this was to ever happen again after the Mexican bailout and then NAFTA, the globalist liars promised it ). I’m not sure how the stage could possibly be better set for decisive, definitive action. And the taxpayers will swamp the polls in November if the White House ( and RNC Rona McRomney ) frames it properly.

      What would Jackson, Polk, Harrison, Taylor and Pershing do?

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    • treehouseron says:

      Well none of them have passports… so we’re not sure what country they’re really from.

      We’ll just have to deport them to Syria…

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  18. phoenixRising says:

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  19. phoenixRising says:

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  20. sunnydaze says:

    More winning on the Cultural Wars front!

    New York restaurant workers pen letter to Hollywood Know – Nothings who want to interfere with their *good* restaurant jobs.

    If you’ve ever worked as waitress, you KNOW that you want *nothing* that will interfere with your tips! *That’s* where the money is!

    Stay out of it Hollywood Multi Millionaires who have never worked for a living!


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  21. apfelcobbler says:

    Google search doodle is taking the day off from incessant cheerleading against Western civilization. Not even an Easter egg motif!

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  22. Your Tour Guide says:

    Off topic…..

    But have been watching the “Jesus Christ Superstar”
    redo on NBC. (Yeah, I know).

    I’ve been very impressed so far. Any others watching?


  23. phoenixRising says:


  24. notyetbeguntofight says:

    Wall Street vs. Main Street?
    The Real Retail Killer: How private equity is gouging some of the country’s best-known corporate brands


  25. phoenixRising says:

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  26. NebraskaFilly says:

    Holy crap! Proof that the permit for “March for Our Lives” was requested MONTHS before the shooting even happened! If anyone can debunk this, PLEASE, let me know!!

    “First and foremost, I want everyone to know that I am not saying that the Parkland Shooting was not a real tragedy.

    When some people hear the term “false flag” they immediately shut down and feel that the “tin foil hat” guys are at it again. I am not contending that this was not a real shooting, nor that real people did not die on February 14, 2018.

    However, I recently stumbled upon a piece of evidence, supplied directly from a D.C. cop, that makes me believe, with 99.9% certainty, that this shooting was a false flag event designed to further destroy the 2nd amendment. I never believe anything 100%. I am a truth seeker and try to keep an open mind.”



  27. “Becerra was born in California and graduated from Stanford Law School in 1984. During his time at Stanford Becerra was a member of MEChA, now one has to wonder just what is the MEChA? Well, this is a radical Chicano student organization with the ideas that the Southwest United States still belongs to Mexico. Aztlan refers to California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and parts of Nevada, Utah, and Colorado, that had LEGALLY ceded to the United States in 1848 with the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe de Hidalgo. But this group of Chicanos still believe the United States stole this land from the Mexicans and they want it back.”


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  28. Paul Peterson says:

    Time will tell but if what I’ve read is true that Donald J Trump POTUS will end DACA and get back to his campaign promises of being tough on immigration… I will gladly eat crow. Over the Easter Holy Day our President rejected the unconstitutional DACA ( at least at this moment as he failed to do thus before) AND the President now has gotten back to his campaign promise to end American Adventurism via military and GET OUT of Syria. Yeah!!!!! The French made the mess of North Africa, Lebanon and Syria let them deal with it. Europe in general through imperialism created all thus mess in this region, perhaps they seek to atone by allowing mass immigration that obliterates their heritage. This is and never was America’s fight since Jefferson shut down Tripoli pirates. My great hope is that the POTUS greatly scales back on hurtful Tweets, the site itself is an abomination along with google and yahoo conglomerates, Facebook too. I realize the President must get his message out. On this Easter I pray other worthy Tech enterprises arrive that put the current evil social networks to bed.

    Happy Easter everyone. God bless


  29. phoenixRising says:

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  30. lawrencepaul1 says:

    Neocons showing their true colors.

    Interventionistas Outraged Over Trump’s Syria Withdrawal: “We Took The Oil. We’ve Got To Keep The Oil”


  31. thinkthinkthink says:

    Worth going back to:
    Interview Lt General Flynn told John B Wells in Aug 2016

    God Bless Lt General Flynn.

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  32. “Carson has not gotten the credit he deserves, not only for his service to his country — service that comes at great personal sacrifice — but for his bold, reform-minded approach to an agency many think should be eliminated. In recent weeks, Secretary Carson has been working on a rent reform proposal designed to incentivize self-sufficiency by introducing work requirements and raising rents for tenants able to work who receive subsidies from HUD. These common sense reforms, hardly draconian, will save millions in taxpayer dollars, but face stiff opposition from those who view the dependent poor as a more reliable voting block than a struggling, but upwardly mobile, lower-middle class.

    Secretary Carson has also put together a task force led by his chief financial officer with the aim of combating waste, fraud, and abuse. A lot of contractors, developers, and grant recipients of HUD-sponsored contracts — many of whom epitomize the revolving door phenomenon of former federal government employees using their connections to cash out with sweetheart deals — never complete the work they were tasked with or for which the grant was awarded. Secretary Carson’s new task force will start eliminating fraud in the arena of contracts and grants, saving countless millions in the process.”


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    • sunnydaze says:

      Carson has been under the radar since he took office.

      He’s been working really hard and doing great stuff since Day One ….and it’s never noticed or reported on.

      Which is fine I guess. It leaves him out of the fray and able to just keep his nose to the grindstone.

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  33. phoenixRising says:

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    • treehouseron says:

      Just as President Trump wins incessantly, I’ve never seen something lose as much as CNN loses.

      1. CNN Hates the President.
      2. Roseanne Loves the President.
      3. CNN Attacks Roseanne, inadvertently drawing attention to the President literally saving children from slavery all over the world.

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  34. Pam says:

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  35. phoenixRising says:


  36. phoenixRising says:


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