Reminder: Guidelines for Comments

“Seek first to understand, then to be understood”.

patriot1.) First, please READ THIS ENTIRE THREAD – and the full context of any discussion thread you wish to participate in. Skipping to the comments to express an opinion without reading the content of the discussion is not helpful.

Often, unfortunately very often, we find many of the points injected into comments are already outlined in the construct of the thread itself. -or- Questions asked while the answers are in the primary post.

2.) STAY ON TOPIC – please do not post something unrelated to the specific matter and content of the thread subject. There is a ALWAYS a daily open thread available for any subject you feel should get attention. Never place unrelated, “O/T”, or “Off Topic” comments on a thread unrelated to the topic. It is not ok to say: “sorry, O/T but”… or any iteration therein.

3.) NARROW YOUR THOUGHTS – Quality beats quantity. Please construct your comments to target specific areas and not broad generalizations about the discussion topic at hand. If you have four or five disconnected points, break them up into individual comments.

4.) AVOID GENERALIZATIONSDon’t speak in riddles. Words like “he, she, they, it, them” should rarely be used. Spell out “who” using the name, spell out who “they” are at the beginning of every sentence in your paragraph; so that there is clarity as to who you are talking about.

5.) BLOCK PARAGRAPHSDo not post huge blocks of text. Think of the reader, and modify your presentation for understanding, not for exclaiming. Do not write to yourself, you are writing to others, so please structure your presentations such that other people can grasp and enjoy. NEVER post massive blocks of text without paragraph breaks.

Do not post huge blocks of text

6.) PARAGRAPHS – Should NEVER be longer than two or three sentences taking up three to five standard lines of text. Again, you are writing to understand, not to be understood, the emphasis should be on the reader comprehending what you are sharing.

Do not post huge blocks of text

7.) SPELLING AND PUNCTUATION – This is not school and we do not demerit for poor spelling, nor do we allow anyone to call others out for the same. However, if your construct is too poorly written the context is lost and important details can be missed.

8.) TIME – Everyone ‘s time is valuable. Some of our discussion threads are 500 to 1,000+ comments long. We try to limit the comments to 500 and then post another related thread, but with some research threads it is challenging to do so because we do not want to break a continuity.

9.) THOUSANDS ARE WATCHING – For every person writing a comment, there are easily 100,000 or more reading lurkers on every discussion thread. Do not write anything you would not say in your own living room. Do not disparage our conversation with vulgarity, profanity, or any expressions of any “ism”.

Troll10.) MODERATION / FILTERING THE HATE – Because of our honest approach at seeking facts and truth, and openly discussing various analytical theories along the way, we are bombarded by those with ulterior motives which include:

  • Intentional efforts to distract
  • Intentional diatribes to affix labels to our objectives
  • Intentional expressions of rabid hate, vulgarity, and threats.
  • Trolling and professional obfuscation.
  • Concern Trolling as a tool of distraction and derailing conversation.
  • Psy-ops and Intentional Efforts to diminish fact-finding.

We do our earnest best to stop the agenda hoard at the moderation gates, however sometimes they get through. If you see something untoward say something. When a new comment surfaces that we view is only presented to argue, we watch carefully – but we also are not perfect. You can help. Feel free to alert us via email.

11.) MANNERS MATTER – Simple kindnesses and courtesy should always be present in tone and content. When writing ask yourself before you hit “send” does this add value?

SUMMARY: The Tree House community has historically accomplished a lot. Through exhaustive research and analysis our accuracy and reputation for truthful fact-finding, regardless of where it leads, is well regarded. Retain that distinction of intellectual armament.

We are The Conservative Tree House, not because of political affiliation, but rather because the word “conservative” expresses our outlook. We would rather be deep, than wide; we would rather be honest, than popular; we avoid semantics in favor of accurately presenting both intention and meaning.

We are bold in our willingness to go into conversational places where others do not, and we are brave enough to stand firm for principles which are time tested.

We would rather advertise our outlook so the viewer can understand our perspective on a particular subject, than deceptively claim we are something else and deliver an inherently biased view. The entire spectrum of the MSM is based on the latter.

Every reader knows where we stand on any given issue, and our opinions -while they may be unpopular- are based on solid research and analytical insight into the subject matter at hand. This is why our predictive analysis is routinely more accurate than others.

Lastly, this Treehouse is a conversation. Hopefully, just like sitting on a porch with friends.

Because the “conversation” is the ends and not the means, this approach inherently means YOU are the important part:

[Remember] …”However each of us got here, it’s probably a fact that we have the turmoil of those storms in common, perhaps some unease that we could share and always, we also find fresh ground to cover from day to day.

We’re developing valuable relationships as we trust one another in our community in the woods. The chatting in the branches encourages, strengthens and equips for some serious walking.

We think the Treehouse is a good armory for those who doing long distance walking for the sake of our nation. We hope you’ll think so, too. Find yourself a good branch….or just pull up a rock to the campfire”.

Wolverines faithfully patrol the perimeter. Please be respectful.


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119 Responses to Reminder: Guidelines for Comments

  1. RLC2 says:

    This is very helpful, and much more useful than typical TOS, elsewhere.
    Bookmarked for my own reference as I am prone to passion over the obvious harm done by the MSM to the 1a, and in well-meaning response, could make same mistakes, too.

    If only Fakebook, Goolag, and #deadbird held to the same standards and oversight…

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    • LULU says:

      Amen. Should be posted daily. Problem is that the offenders don’t read much. Just like to see their words online.

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    • The media grandees are cowards and will run from the facts if you face them down. MSM disappears like dew on a hot summer day on our grassroots front yard when the truth and honest conversation comes to our front porch. Hillary said in her India speech that most of us deplorables still get our news from TV. Could be. But a lot of us deplorables prefer a Treehouse Branch.


  2. tonyE says:

    I wish we could edit messages for punctuation errors and the like. Since there is no “preview” feature, sometimes errors get through.

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  3. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    Fair enough, Sundance.

    I hear you.

    I’ve tried to avoid calling people out by name, but I will go back to that if necessary. And based upon #4, it seems necessary.

    My apologies. I will work to do better and I will take on commenters and their arguments directly, rather than generalize. But try to do so in a courteous way.

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    • joninmd22 says:

      we’re all guilty at times.

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      • MakeAmericaGreat says:

        If you leave comments that are strong, you have to be able to take the rebuke.

        I appreciated when Sundance called me out before, and I appreciate him doing it again here.

        It’s his production, and he’s a very wise person.

        So I’ll my time with the dunce cap. I earned it.

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        • joninmd22 says:

          Wasn’t being critical

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          • MakeAmericaGreat says:

            Oh, I know you weren’t. I’m just accepting responsibility for my comments that were not appreciated.

            All good.

            No one is above criticism. Just pointing that out as regards myself.

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            • JC says:

              Gotta tell ya’, MAG, I like your posts and haven’t noticed anything amiss. Maybe I just haven’t seen any of your – um – more colorful contributions. We all have our moments as we struggle with battle fatigue from time to time. I feel like I know enough people here now that if a comment is testy, I’m never offended; I empathize and shrug it off.

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              • MakeAmericaGreat says:

                Thanks JC, appreciate it.

                What you said in the last sentence I very much agree with — things happen in the heat of the fight and I also try to not take things personally. I try not to hold grudges and just move on to the next subject.

                I’m much tamer now than I was last year, at the height of the coup attempt. Many people were very much on edge then and there were a number of “friendly fire” moments which took place. I was involved in a few of them.

                Everyone has his or her own personality. I’m a brawler, and will come right at the target with force. That’s useful in certain situations and less useful in others.

                In a group of people who are on the same side as you are, that trait can be counterproductive.

                I’ve dialed it back considerably since last year, but the dial still needs a bit more turning, it seems.

                Live and learn. I’m not offended at being criticized and I want to continue to improve my approach.


      • MakeAmericaGreat says:

        I personally think the model for discourse on the site is Flepore.

        He is very kind to everyone, even those who disagree with him. He’s skilled at being nice even when refuting an argument. Very admirable manner that he has.

        I’m going to have to work on that ability a bit more. Or just avoid taking on such counter-arguments at all.

        My default mode is “attack dog.” Especially against opponents and perceived opponents.

        So, just need to modify that a bit further. Particularly when in the company of compatriots.

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    • MakeAmericaGreat says:

      For those who don’t know —-> I’m the person who posted the picture Sundance is talking about in point #11.

      So I have to learn the lesson here, as this posting is at least partly directed at me.

      My apologies to other commenters for sometimes not minding my manners. That is a weakness of mine, at times.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        I’m with you on the Eeyores, though, MAG. And sometimes, they’re the psy-ops, too.

        I tell you what – I’ll do better to help you cheer folks past those Eeyores, and no memes necessary. That will improve my manners and outlook, too!

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        • MakeAmericaGreat says:

          Thanks Wolf. Sounds like an excellent strategy!

          All positivity now 🙂

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          • Dixie says:

            I must have missed something because I’ve never seen anything you posted which wasn’t appropriate. On the contrary, imo your comments always add to the conversation.

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            • MakeAmericaGreat says:

              Thanks Dixie!

              I can be too combative sometimes, too aggressive. Particularly so with regards to compatriots.

              I accept that. I’m not trying to be, but if that’s how it comes off then I’ll adjust it.

              I’m open to critiques. I try not to take things too personally. We all want the same things here.


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  4. EV22 says:

    I would just like to add a thanks to the Treehouse’s Ad Rems and highlight how helpful they are.

    If there’s trash to be taken out in the comment section, the Ad Rems are on the job. If you can’t post via WordPress, etc., they’re happy to help.

    Very few websites this large manage to keep the conversation civil and free of obvious trolls and we have the Treehouse Ad Rems to thank for that!

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    • The Tundra PA says:

      To clarify (for newcomers): there is only one Ad Rem (aka “Puddy”) and she is one of the most visible admins here. The admins do an amazing job of keeping the place civil and the troll droppings swept up. And clearing the spam filter, where we all get snagged from time to time. Other admins seen here frequently are Menagerie, Stella, Wee Weed, Sharon. Less often seen are Yatz (ytz4me), Patriot Dreamer, and a few others that haven’t been around for awhile. Three cheers for the great Treehouse Admins!

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  5. mbthinks says:

    Great reminders to us all. Many comment on many posts and these are great rules to follow everywhere. Perhaps it could be posted weekly as a reminder.


  6. Kate says:

    Thank you for your reminders Sundance, I like the Treehouse because of general politeness of most followers and the fact no trolls are allowed, plus there are many knowledgeable members and I have learned a great deal from them.

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  7. CorwinAmber says:

    my derriere is red from the horsewhipping I just received, sigh, but let’s face it – the Trump threads are where all the action is and who wants to spend time crafting a splendid post only to have it ignored because you picked the appropriate lonely place to post it…MUST…RESIST…THE…TEMPTATION! of course, feeding the trolls is a whole ‘nother matter…nuff said…continue to MAGA!

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    • wolfmoon1776 says:

      Yeah, I’m a serial O/T violator and riddler. We’ve all gotten soft on the standards,

      “Wea culpa!”

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      • JimmyJack says:

        I don’t think you go off topic. And I think the riddles are simply to avoid saying the wrong thing. Can’t imagine otherwise. But this post is exactly why I was afraid to say anything about the Austin bomber and now wish I hadn’t. I should have saved it for twitter.

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        • wolfmoon1776 says:

          Very much agreed!

          The trouble is, Twitter HIDES our “chatter” from the White Hats. This chatter is important – trust me on that. That is why I leave my most important chatter here.

          Twitter knows EXACTLY what it’s doing. They SCULPT relationships. Very dangerous stuff, IMO, for a free society. They give the ILLUSION of a natural forum. Far from it.

          DMs are like giving stuff to Twitter in secret, too. VERY bad for our side. I enjoy DMing people, but I do it with @Jack in the room. Much of my DM drama is just for him and his boys and Cankle-girls watching.

          I actually watched them slow down my timeline when anti-Q influencers wanted to engage me. They know EXACTLY what is going on.

          Check this out! Something is up with FB and Twitter security – may have something to do with Radium Rod’s presser tomorrow!


  8. msdonnal says:

    well sounds good to me!

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  9. Convert says:

    Excellent. Thank you a thousand times for the incredible work you are doing and for the place to discuss!

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  10. Sylvia Avery says:

    Thanks Sundance. I thought I’d skim your post because, after all, I’ve read it before several times thus I know it all, right? Ha. I realize I have forgotten much of it and feel the need to apologize to you and the others for straying from the rules as often as I have done.

    Thanks for hosting us, and giving us such thoughtful and intelligent analysis, and thanks always to Ad Rem for great moderation.

    I know I’ll get hot under the collar again or I’ll forget again. I’m very human. But I promise to go forth and try to do better.

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  11. Oh gosh, this is so necessary for all of us. I have only come across ONE website where the comments NEVER become antagonistic and all it is is educational, supportive and inquiring.

    It is a website where serious minded people of all ages come from around the world to pursue balanced health from a 20+ year fitness expert whose passion pushed him to stop being a very well paid personal trainer; and instead to become a trainer of fitness, nutrition and mindset for the millions of people duped into believing the commercialized and politicized message of the health and fitness INDUSTRY.

    Having said that, yours is probably the closest contender for a place of civility. I know that earlier in the week I didn’t reflect that and let myself get steamed. It’s doubly bad because I DO have as a daily example that consistently civil site.

    Thank you so very much for this. Common courtesy, civility and sense; and the golden rule are not broadcast in primary places of influence anymore. The loss unquestionably contributes to the cultural coarsening.

    From the start I admired your narrative, your substance, your patience and your civility.

    This is important. Thank you and feel free to post it semi-regularly. The trillion dollar spending bill will, as Rush mentioned, make many go ‘wobbly’. you make it very clear how much President Trump is having to navigate on his own.

    Likewise Wolfmoon SAID that we are on a roller coaster and HAVE to hang on to Trump for dear life, even though there will be days when we want to tear out our hair and gouge out our eyes.

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  12. This makes me nod my head. Every once in awhile the Ranger has to remind the campers to police the area, keep the noise down and put out your fire to keep it from spreading. This site is unlike ANY other on the interwebs. Sometimes we lose sight of that. Not gonna cite any examples. Thanks Sundance!

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  13. maxmbj says:

    Good guidelines. May I add one?

    Neither a troll nor a labeler of trolls be.

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  14. Mark McQueen says:

    Who? Me? …. Yeah, I did it… 🙂


  15. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    I wonder how many people posting have actually read this “Guidelines” page on the website?
    I think it was necessary because the past few days the Presidential thread exploded to over 1000 comments by the noon hour. It is a good reminder even for those of us who have. It is far to easy to get “caught up” in deviating from the guidelines.

    Good reminder.

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    • amwick says:

      There are times I think many of the Presidential thread comments are misplaced. The guidelines for that thread are at the beginning.. They have not changed.

      Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        I just put all political “open thread” stuff there. The open thread used to be everything, and then Trump stuff needed it’s own thread. I’ve been interpreting “Presidency” very loosely now, so as not to put any kind of politics back with everything else, so that “everything else” has a bit of a safe space from politics.

        But maybe that’s not right. Maybe this is a good question for Sundance – do we interpret the Presidential Open Thread loosely, so all politics goes to the Presidential thread, or do we put non-Trump politics back into the regular Open Thread?

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        • amwick says:

          Yes… good point… It is his house after all..

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        • Dixie says:

          Excellent question and one I’d like to hear the answer to….politics unrelated to President Trump on the open thread or not?

          I noticed the rules indicate if you see something inappropriate, email to advise. Some commenters here have become self appointed moderators over time and it would be nice if those commenters would just follow the rules.

          I come here for the education more than to comment. There have been times when I might have commented too freely and will do less of that now.

          I hope in the press of the current attempts to curtail free speech, this great refuge will never be affected.

          Thank you, Sundance.

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        • yucki says:

          I’d like some clarification too.

          I bring political videos and essays by a team of generous translators and editors from around the world. Events of note in Europe – Tommy Robinson, the French election, Eastern Europe’s national backlash against mass Islamic migration – they resonate in theme here, though they’re not always immediately pertinent.

          When PT mentions Sweden, yes a Swedish segment on the migrant crime hush-up is on point. Or he visits Poland, a mass demonstration video fits. Though most of the time it’s tangential to news of the day, it’s background to the ongoing engagement of the Administration.

          So – where does this material belong?
          Is it useful on a regular basis at all? The Blogroll on the right side of this screen is an alternative route to the same curated pieces.

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          • JimmyJack says:

            Me too. I assumed anything political is not he Presidential thread (during the primary and campaign I took that to mean only Trump since it was a special circumstance but now that he’s president he IS politics).

            I assume open thread is for all other life stuff – Caturday, recipes, faith, etc.


    • Terry Gilmour says:

      I read them every time they are posted. We actually need this little “talking to” a couple of times a year, and I always read the whole thing.

      The Treehouse is definitely one of my faves because everyone is so kind and well-behaved. I come here early in the daily browse to get my attitude just right, then come back at the end of the day to keep up on all the great info. Sundance is brilliant, and there is so much in that brain of his that I am shocked almost daily in the depth of his knowledge and skill in proclaiming the message.

      My take on the site in general is the only no-no is a bad mouth. Foul mouths probably ought to go on ahead and find a new home before they get comfy on a branch, because they may find a fall from the tree in their future.

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  16. Minnie says:


    Thank you Sundance, Ad Rem and all Administrators.


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  17. psychodave says:

    Re: “Words like “he, she, they, it, them” should rarely be used”
    I love #4. Monosyllabic pronouns and articles have yet, in a long life, to lend themselves to my comprehension.

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  18. Paintingjan says:

    Thank you for this timely reminder. I appreciate all that you do.

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  19. There are some threads where sundance requests or hints for research. Chatty posts on those bug the heck out of me.

    “Chatty” is generally OK because it helps to build friendships and and morale, but wading through chit-chat to get to find specific answers is a huge time-waster.

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  20. L4grasshopper says:

    Long time reader, recent poster. Well run commenting system. Way above average posters for content quality. Thanks to all site managers and contributors.

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  21. I would like to spotlight an additional (though related) problem. It’s technically covered by the instructions to stay on topic. I have recently been seeing posters who use the Presidential thread merely to post their own videos, advertise their podcasts or articles on their own web sites which are unrelated to politics, or to the subjects of posts here.

    It’s very poor “Nettiquette” to try and piggyback on a more popular site to try and grow your own readership. Please knock it off, Rebecca (and any others who do this).

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    • amwick says:

      Very good point.. I just finished mentioning upthread that the topics there should be, well Trumpian or presidential or both… Many posts are really current events…

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    • Mickey Wasp says:

      Yep … get tired of certain blocks.
      The problem is … they’ve become comfortable.
      Why? Because many just hit the like button because the poster is familiar.

      If one notices … it is just a “I hear ya” comment instead of a intelligent elaboration or an analogy why one may believe differently.

      And … god help ya if your view is different and you can show evidence or insightfulness to another side of the argument. Certain “Treepers” have become comfortable to call out “troll’ because they get questioned and have no balanced debate.

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  22. jackphatz says:

    This must mean…….I missed something again!!

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  23. NC Nana says:

    Thank you for the reminders about comments.

    The posts by Sundance are outstanding. I almost always know about the news before it is posted on so called “news” sites. Sometimes days before it becomes generally available on the “news” sites.

    Then comments from CTH readers puts the information into perspective or adds depth to the available information. There are maybe 3 or 4 sites that have the quality of comments but usually the number is limited.

    The work done by Sundance and the Administrative staff is incomparable. Thank you for all you do to keep us informed. Your tireless work is appreciated beyond your imagination. God bless you all.

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  24. patsfan says:


    A week or two ago, you got after some oblivious poster by calling him a “knucklehead” and told him to read the posting.

    Great work. I believe that helps pointing out what you don’t want.

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  25. Grandma Covfefe says:

    Make TCTH Great, too.
    Covfefe Rules.

    Thank you, Sundance and your team, for all the committments and love you all put into this site to keep the real WeThePeople sane and connected to all the wonderful WeThe People.
    May the Lord Protect and Bless you all and…
    May the Lord continue to Protect and Bless our dear President Trump and his dream team.

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  26. iswhatitis says:

    I appreciate having this article for commenting guidelines. Much better than the occasional thematic Ad Rem post that quickly “tracks” off the radar (and is probably overlooked by readers/commenters that don’t have time to read every page of comments; and thus might completely miss one of those posts).

    In that vein; it would be nice if this article was “stickied” somehow. Perhaps under “Meta”; or more prominently, like under “Recent Comments” or perhaps other place where it can be easily referred-to again..

    TCTH is one of (if not the) best sites out there for both excellent well-researched (and CITED) articles; and a great commenting community. I feel grateful to have found it.

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    • iswhatitis says:

      LOL, how could I miss that it is already “stickied”! Right at the top.

      There’s just enough places to look that I overlooked one of the most obvious.


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  27. Niagara Frontier says:

    Thank you Sundance for allowing me to occupy a small branch since the start of the Florida v. Zimmerman trial. There is no place like this anywhere in the world, and I would be lost without it.

    The Guidelines for Comments say it all. I wish more people would read and abide by them.

    If I could offer one piece of advice for some of the newer posters: If you count the number of posts on a page and observe that nearly 25% of them are yours, you may have a problem.

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  28. BabyBoomer says:

    Thank you so much for this; however since there is no Parker Mini letterhead with this email I am concerned that the National Park Service claim department may not consider this as proof of costs to replace the damaged wheel. Could you, therefore, please send me by mail an estimate on Parker Mini letterhead?

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Francine Hayes
    7 Telon Lane
    Hot Springs Village, AR 71909


  29. CoffeeLover says:

    Thank you


  30. Heika says:

    Thanks Sundance


  31. wheatietoo says:

    “Do not post huge blocks of text.”

    This is something that I wish some people would read and adhere to.

    It is hard for me to read those huge blocks of text.
    I’m not sure why…it just is.

    There are some great comments posted sometimes, in huge blocks of text, but would be so much better and easier to read, if they had some spaces in them.

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    • Mickey Wasp says:

      Yep … get tired of certain blocks.
      The problem is … they’ve become comfortable.
      Why? Because many just hit the like button because the poster is familiar.
      It is just a “I hear ya” comment instead of a intelligent elaboration or an analogy why one may believe differently.

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      • wheatietoo says:

        I always want to post…”Oh no. Wall of Text!”

        But I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings over it, so I don’t.

        If I don’t know the poster, I rarely even read those big blocks of text.
        I just scroll on past them.

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  32. Matroidman says:

    Dumb question here. When a poster refers to a posting number, where does one find that number?


  33. Foolsgold says:

    Wish I could comment on the CTH! I’m on the save wavelength as everyone here and wish to support Sundance, my POTUS. and the good folks here. However, every time I make a comment it goes straight to the nararator and then never gets posted. It’s very frustrating!


  34. Donna in Oregon says:

    Thank you for the reminder. Thank you for the Conservative Treehouse, and everyone here.


  35. ladyfortruth says:

    Thank you, Sundance. It got so bad in here, I just said, “I can’t” and only read the Twitter articles.
    Now, I will give it another try. (I really missed the ‘old Conservative Treehouse’!
    Have a great day yawl.
    From an Arkansas Treeper


  36. filia.aurea says:

    Reading through the reminder twice..thanks.


  37. sobriquet4u says:

    Thank you Sundance.

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  38. ForGodandCountry says:

    #11 cannot be overemphasized.


    There is a reason that point is short and sweet.


    • Sandra-VA says:

      This is rule 11:

      11.) MANNERS MATTER – Simple kindnesses and courtesy should always be present in tone and content. When writing ask yourself before you hit “send” does this add value?

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  39. Mickey Wasp says:

    Thanks, Sundance and Team .. to all of you and yours – blessings.
    It’s a tough job – keeping up with posts that are coming in by the second.

    That said, are there times when ‘ad rem’ can call out posters in the moment to remind them? It can shake a memory … I know I’ve read and seen it before. And I’ve seen posters call out for ‘ad rem’ because their ‘feelings’ got hurt, because they couldn’t back up their comment when questioned or a comment was ‘vulgar’, in their estimation – yet when one does an archive – the one complaining has said much worse.

    It’s all good – keep on with the MAGA … don’t give a damn inch.


  40. Janeka says:

    Thanks to all Treepers and Treeper Staff, especially Sundance, for your time and efforts to stay on top of the ball of political corruption.. As a primary lurker I’ve learned a lot via the blog and many of the comments.. They lift my spirits and help me stay focused on the path of MAGA..

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  41. Sandra-VA says:

    Thank you Sundance, Ad Rem & Co. I feel very comfy on my little branch…

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  42. Thanks for the reminder.


  43. 4beagles says:

    Grandma often said, ” When you have nothing good to say, it’s usually good to say nothing.”.


  44. justfactsplz says:

    Thank you Sundance and all administrators for providing this well run blog. It’s a pleasure and honor to have a branch here.

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  45. New Nonna to be Again!!! says:

    COR, I believe, is Latin for heart. Let us have COR values here at the wonderful Treehouse.

    C – civility

    O – order

    R – respect

    For how we write our posts and how we deal with our fellow posters.

    Mostly I’d say we commenting Treepers practice this value and I think that’s what sets the CTH comment section apart from all others. Sundance is what sets CTH apart from all other websites.

    As Sundance continues to produce incredible articles to share w the world at large as well as we dedicated Treepers here at the Treehouse, let us continue to practice these C.O.R. values.

    (Shout out to the good Marianists for instilling C.O.R. Values in all associated with your schools, who then bring them forth into the public arena in many capacities. 🙏😊)


  46. MTK says:

    Commenting on #9.

    The real import of #9…

    is on one hand teams from the MSM are going to be increasing looking for crowd sourcing research on HOW messaging is being digested. Where are the weak points (to emphasise in MSM messaging) and what are the strong points to avoid.

    and on the other hand

    There is going to be increasing traffic to CTH looking for info outside the MSM and if they come here to find the same old, same old when all they may be doing is looking understanding. All it is going to take is a shout out from some guess speaker and bingo increased traffic.

    Maybe that is the reason why may posters and Sundance himself says this fight is our hands.


  47. gina says:

    Question: Can we steal and repost the cool pictures and memes?


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