March 14th – 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #419

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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1,487 Responses to March 14th – 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #419

  1. keithinmissouri says:

    For those following the censorship, the “Calm Before the Storm” reddit website devoted to Q research has been shut down. Not too surprising given some of the wild conspiracy theory stuff being bandied about there (aliens, fallen angels, nazi vs jews, the Illiuminati, etc.), but not much more more bizzarre than, say, Hillary’s remarks in India.


    • Madison Grant says:

      Yeah, Q has discredited him/herself multiple times, but I guess hope is a strong drug. Latest one is claiming Chinese have sabotaged our military with flawed steel. Uh, our military uses US steel only by law. Hey, I wouldn’t put it past the Chinese, but the facts don’t hold up.


      • James F says:

        According to this there are exemptions.

        On April 10, 2007, the Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics determined that most compliant fasteners could not be obtained in sufficient quantity without unreasonably delaying production, and exempted most fasteners from the requirement [1].


        • rashomon says:

          I also heard the Brits were supplying some critical parts, but don’t know who was the source of the material. Given the size of chips these days, I want all product U.S.A. sourced.

          WIth all due respect, Madison Grant, laws meant nothing in previous administrations, so we still have to look at stockpiles of replacement parts.


  2. Katherine McCoun says:

    Something to think about: many have been doing some great arm chair quarterbacking today. Easy to analyze in hindsight. However, many of us can name Saccone’s primary opposition? One of the other primary candidates was a younger state Senator, veteran and, from his bills submitted while in office, strong against illegal immigration.

    If we aren’t involved in the primaries, if we don’t even know what happened back in the primaries, then we really can’t fuss and whine about the candidates we end up with in the general elections.

    Every time we say, “Republicans ought to have…”,”“The GOP should have…”, “The RNC should have…”, “if only the GOP gave us better candidates…”, “if only the RNC gave us better nominees…” — EVERY time, we need to know that we ought to insert “WE”! WE ought to have been more involved in the primaries, WE ought to ensure that we have MAGA nominees, WE ought to….

    The GOP is NOT the GOP! They are the GOPe/Uniparty. President Trump’s win did NOT change this. “They” are never going to “give” us what we want, we need and what America ought to have.

    Right NOW our candidates for our ’18 elections are being decided. Do you know who is running in the primaries in your Congressional district? For Senate, against an incumbent or to take on a Dem incumbent? If the answer is that you don’t know, then this is a Big Problem and Why we end of with GOPe/Uniparty candidates for the general election and RINOs in Congress!

    WE need to make sure we have MAGA candidates, viable candidates, electable candidates, vetted candidates for the fall. That is We, the People’s responsibility. We don’t need term limits — we need voters like you and I paying attention, caring and becoming involved.

    I am not saying that much of the analysis isn’t true. But we Can NOT wait until the general to get worked up about the election. 50-60% of the battle for POTUS was in the primary – and it was Tough! President Trump had to beat out 17 candidates and almost all of them would have been GOPe/Uniparty/Chamber of Commerce approved.

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    • Albertus Magnus says:

      Preach, Katherine! So true!

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      • Loretta says:

        We the people need to get off our dead behinds and fight for Trump and freedom or we are going to get Democrats and socialism which is not everything free it is poverty, poverty and ruled by haters.


    • MakeAmericaGreat says:

      Agreed 100%.

      Glad you brought this up.


    • rashomon says:

      I remember what an impetus you were when Donald Trump first began his campaign. Your words got many off their jump seats and into the battle. Keep it up, Katherine. The enthusiasm is catching.


    • sunnydaze says:

      ……” Right NOW our candidates for our ’18 elections are being decided. Do you know who is running in the primaries in your Congressional district? ………..If the answer is that you don’t know, then this is a Big Problem and Why we end of with GOPe/Uniparty candidates for the general election and RINOs in Congress!…”

      Thanks, Katherine. You are RIGHT!


  3. SR says:

    These school walkouts are not going away. There will be another walkout for supporting their illegal friends that ICE wants to throw out of country. Obama and democrats would use these kids to create instability in the country. Time to break teacher and govt employee union and make dues optional. Republicans are very bad in offense against rats and its harder for them due to fake msm too.

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  4. sunnydaze says:

    Sheeit…is this true? Time to get cracking, if so:

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    • SR says:

      Globalist agenda and multinational trade deals are bigger than party and countries. Paul Ryan, turtle and many RINO are getting paid for loosing majority in house and senate. There will not be president impeachment as RINO needs PTrump for their own seats too.


    • Oldschool says:

      Why on earth does POTUS continue to do fundraisers for the RNC?

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    • Wiggyky says:

      The answer is simple. Many of us are Patriots and for MAGA and devoted to our Republic, the Constitution.

      However, I’m beginning to suspect the majority of Americans don’t give a hoot about politics and will just vote as their daddy did, granddaddy did, etc blah blah. They want all the goodies so you can bet if the Dems get control again it will mean the tax cuts are gone and will be raised to pay for the goodies, illegals will become legal, 2nd Amendment will become null and void, and Trump will be impeached.

      In my humble opinion, vote Democrat and prove you are anti-American who cares less about our Republic because of being lazy or greedy or both.


  5. joan and bill says:

    heard that 6 different employees of the bus companies brought in busses loaded with illegals to vote democrat in the Pa election and a rental car had 4 voter id and registrations for the same person with pictures on gab gop needs to check it out on gab where they do not censor like twitter or facebook

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  6. Donna in Oregon says:

    Poor Rand Paul, plans to oppose confirmation of Pompeo. Will he ever learn?

    I admire Libertarians. It takes guts. Sometimes it takes more guts than brains. This is another losing strategy Rand. Unless and until the FISA investigation is fairly investigated we will be under the watchful eye of Big Brother aka Patriot Act. Pompeo and what’s-her-name are just interchangeable names…..


  7. kinthenorthwest says:

    this whole thread has a ton of stuff…WOW WOW

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  8. Thomas Raymer says:

    Sessions cited WRONG LAW when he recused himself. Took advice from OBAMA Lawyers. 5d chess or something


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