President Trump Massive MAGA Rally – Moon Township, Pennsylvania – 7:00pm Livestream

Tonight President Donald J. Trump is holding a massive MAGA rally at Atlantic Aviation in Moon Township, PA.  President Trump will deliver remarks at approximately 7:00pm EST.  The pre-rally festivities are ongoing.

UPDATE: Video Added

RSBN Livestream LinkGST Livestream LinkLSN Livestream Link

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730 Responses to President Trump Massive MAGA Rally – Moon Township, Pennsylvania – 7:00pm Livestream

  1. MVW says:

    Super news that Trump is on the stump for 2018 MAGA Republicans. It is imperative.

    It is imperative with the negative media headwind against MAGA Republicans. Trade, Jobs, Security, Border, all the America and American hating Globalist and Hollywood media have their knives out.

    It is imperative to not just hold what Republicans have, it is vital to pick up seats. Only Trump genius and Political force can push this broke wheel Republican party up Swamp Hill.

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  2. Convert says:

    The interwebs is lit up tonight with the loonies saying Trump’s speech was a disaster, blah blah! Hahaha. Now, I do predict the Chuck Todd comment will not get high approval, not because the American people think Trump’s assessment is wrong; it’s that they don’t like that, once again, he makes news saying bad words they don’t want their kids to say! But overall, people will totally agree with his points and crack up at his funny jabs at the losers biting his heels. 😊

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  3. Scout says:

    Hee, hee, hee…….. “93% of the goods that go into North Korea come through China……
    THAT”S OK”………. consider yourselves on notice Xi….you just got picked in public.

    You’re pissing PDJT off, Xi….you know what that means……tears before bedtime for the Central Committee…pissed off peasants…..

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  4. talkietina says:

    Listening to Trump rally speech over again, and that part where he puts tariffs on the other countries, and now they are all calling him and saying, “OMG, we don’t want tariffs, what do we have to do?

    Trump is like Einstein, but in the business world.

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  5. dallasdan says:

    I watched all 77 minutes and 13 seconds of a great man speaking from his heart to me and millions of other patriotic Americans. Thank you, SD, VERY much for putting-up the video! It is incomprehensible to me that Saccone does anything but wing big. Moreover, Chuck Todd is, indeed, a son-of-a-bitch.

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  6. Watched live on west coast. Was on Twitter and someone retwitted Qanon. So I clicked on it.
    Something about good triumphing over evil. Then next post: listen to speech.
    So 5 minutes later Trump comes on and within 4 minutes he’s says “Washington is evil but we’re draining the swamp.”
    I about fell out of my chair.
    Interesting times.
    Speech was total Trump.
    I frequently find myself praying for his safety. I know we all do but sometimes I feel an urgency to do so. Is it the same with other treepers?

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  7. Serena says:

    Yes there are a lot of prayers being said for our Lion on a daily basis. I know a lot of Treepers pray unceasingly, especially when he is on trips out of the USA.. God is guiding him I believe and He has put him where he is today.I hope we will all keep the prayers going for our wonderful President and his beautiful family. May God keep them all safe and please keep Your hand on him,Lord, as he fights off all the hate and evil thrown at him.Thank you Lord for giving us this awesome man.

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    • dallasdan says:

      Very well said, Serena. Danger surrounds the President, and his many antagonists have no boundaries in their efforts to defame and to injure him. My faith in God strengthens my belief that He would not have blessed us with his presidency, only to have it diminished or taken by the forces of evil. Nevertheless, I pray daily for his well-being and the safety of his family.

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  8. IMO says:

    My family and I watched the MAGA rally and loved every minute of it.

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  9. Bonitabaycane says:

    He ignites my love for this country and confidence in its continued greatness at these rallies.

    I am also appreciative of the well-deserved love he gets at these rallies, considering the daily pounding he gets from the Left and the Media.

    These rallies reenergize me, but more importantly, IMO, they reenergize our President.

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  10. BeePee says:

    So his first rally after his inaugural year. He is bringing a seasoning to his rallys, a statesmanship and now has substance behind his words which brings a credibility to his words. These are no longer campaign rallys. Nobody can say this is just a performance. It ain’t boasting if you’ve DONE it. Just a glimpse of what’s to come. His rallys are going from great to epic. Can’t wait til the fall midterm campaigns!

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  11. TwoLaine says:

    OK, to all of you who know you want to, GET ON the TRUMP Train!

    Trust Us, there is no other train that will ever be as much fun or as productive!


  12. Freedom gal says:

    I love our great President!!! MAGA!!!!


  13. iswhatitis says:

    I haven’t had a chance yet to watch the Rally.

    Can anyone advise as to which of the several videos is the best one to watch, now, after the fact?



    • dallasdan says:

      Watch the whole rally. The video is posted by SD on the rally thread (yesterday). It will be a very enjoyable, entertaining, and enlightening 77+ minutes.


  14. Rynn69 says:

    If the left hated it, it was a knockout.


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