Spin Machine Overdrive – New York Times Attempts To Provide Cover for McCabe Motive Outlined in Pending IG Report…

The New York Times (Matt Appuzzo & Adam Goldman) published an article yesterday citing a pending DOJ Inspector General Horowitz report that points the finger at former Asst. FBI Director Andrew McCabe for leaking information to the media.

Citing four people familiar with the IG inquiry, the motive for the New York Times is transparent. The “small group” of DOJ/FBI officials are trying to head-off the disturbing aspect to the IG outline and spin a false narrative.   However, our earlier research into the text messaging of Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, in combination with the leak in question to former Wall Street Journal reporter Devlin Barrett, allows us to see through the narrative.

The unnamed officials within the back-story, clouded by the verbiage in both the New York Times recent article and the Washington Post follow-up, are all ‘small group’ members: FBI Asst Director Andrew McCabe, FBI Agent Peter Strzok, FBI Attorney Lisa Page, FBI Chief of Staff Jim Rybicki and FBI Public Relations Director Mike Kortan.

Prior reporting showed Asst. FBI Director Andrew McCabe -along with the entire small group- became aware of the Clinton emails on the Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner laptop on September 28th, 2016.  Attempting to protect Hillary Clinton, text messages showed McCabe and crew withheld that information for several weeks until October 28, 2016, when congress was notified and a public statement was made by Mike Kortan and FBI Director James Comey.

♦On January 25th, 2018, Senator Chuck Grassley released a series of text messages between Page and Strzok (full pdf here). Within the release there is a portion of messaging where Lisa Page is identified on the phone with “Devlin” (see page #5 – screen grab below):

[Peter Strzok is ‘INBOX’ and Lisa Page is “OUTBOX’]

The “Devlin” in question is former Wall Street Journal National Security reporter Devlin Barrett, currently with The Washington Post.  In the above cited text message exchange Lisa Page is on the phone with Devlin Barrett when the news of the Abedin/Weiner laptop Clinton emails was released.  “Mike’s phone is on fire” is referencing former FBI Public Affairs Director, Michael “Mike” Kortan.

♦Simultaneous to this October 2016 timeline there was internal “small group” discussion about another controversial issue; the need for Andrew McCabe to recuse himself from the financial investigation of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

FBI Chief of Staff James “Jim” Rybicki held the opinion that McCabe should recuse; however, taking that action may have compromised McCabe’s ability to protect Hillary Clinton.  Lisa Page was the legal counsel to McCabe during these events and discussions, and didn’t see the need for a recusal or change of prior plans.

On October 23rd, 2016, Devlin Barrett again reported on a scoop:

“Scoop: McAuliffe PAC gave $467,500 to campaign of wife of senior FBI official who oversaw Clinton email probe” (link)

(Tweet Link) and (Story Link)

This October 23rd, 2016, “scoop” aligns with the internal text messaging discussion between Agent Peter Strzok and FBI Attorney Lisa Page who were discussing James Comey’s chief-of-staff James Rybicki recommending that FBI Asst. Director Andrew “Andy” McCabe should be recused from the Hillary Clinton investigation.

From the messaging the recusal was discussed mid-through-late October 2016:

00:52am …”if it’s a matter similar to those we’ve been talking about lately”…

The sourcing for the exclusive report by Devlin Barrett contained great details about the internal discussion on the controversy of Andrew McCabe and his financial connections to Clinton/McAuliffe.  The leaks for the story were provided by Lisa Page and Peter Strzok:

“Article is out, but hidden behind paywall so can’t read it,” Page texted Strzok on Oct. 24, 2016.

“Wsj? Boy that was fast,” Strzok texted back, using the initials of the famed financial newspaper. “Should I ‘find’ it and tell the team?(link)

According to the New York Times article yesterday: […] “The inspector general has concluded that Mr. McCabe authorized F.B.I. officials to provide information for that article, according to the four people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the report before it is published. The public affairs office had arranged a phone call to discuss the case, the people said. Mr. McCabe, as deputy director, had the authority to engage the news media.”

Again, the October 2016 “public affairs office” was Michael “Mike” Kortan. The New York Times is asserting that IG Horowitz will show the ‘small group’, McCabe, Kortan, Page and Strzok, coordinated for the leak of information to the Wall Street Journal.

Worth noting – Mike Kortan is the same FBI official who released the recent unauthorized FBI statement about the Nunes memo: “grave concerns about material omissions of fact” etc.  A few days later Kortan was advised to resign by current FBI Director Christopher Wray.

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650 Responses to Spin Machine Overdrive – New York Times Attempts To Provide Cover for McCabe Motive Outlined in Pending IG Report…

  1. Willie Elbel says:

    To all those who responded to the following:
    “Sessions is dragging his feet and the Horowitz’ IG report will be a real nothingburger because otherwise Obama would be implicated.
    If Obama were implicated, riots would destroy the country. ergo, just relax and stock up on popcorn to watch the impeachment ,entertainment.

    Taking bets on the Horowitz nothingburger”

    I started following CTH about three weeks and was pleasantly surprised about the level of detailed coverage that was seen no where else.
    I was encouraged about what Sessions might actually be doing without any leaks to bring the criminals to justice.
    Then Trump lambasted Sessions again a couple of days ago which means that if there can be a positive interpretation as per CTH and Trump cannot be told, then we are living in a truly F***** up country that is beyond saving.


    • thinkthinkthink says:

      When people act in ways that don’t seem consistent with their true character, you have to ask yourself if there is another reason. Occum’s Razor is that “spat” between POTUS and AG provides strategic advantage for their work. Everyone against POTUS rushes to AG’s defense now and what will they do when AG exposes and brings to justice their political heros?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Willie Elbel says:

        “that “spat” between POTUS and AG provides strategic advantage for their work”

        Then that means that the POTUS side has adopted the misleading tactics of the criminals.
        This serves the purpose of perhaps keeping hope alive but means that the probable coming let down will be even more distressing than it would have been if we were not forced in effect to interpret sheep entrails from the public announcements and imagine a positive outcome.. That is why I prefer a spirited defense against impeachment as soon as possible and get it over with.


    • zucccchini says:

      BIG red flag to what Sessions was/is all about is his refusal to prosecute people at the IRS for their weaponization of the IRS. We can look to more of the same. He is either being blackmailed or paid.


  2. jeans2nd says:

    Thanks to the likes of Hannity, Sara Carter, and others, the IG report has been over-hyped. Too much is being expected from the IG report.

    The IG reports deviations from established standards and procedures, financial mismanagement, etc. Should the IG find any possibility of laws being broken, the IG reports the possible infractions to the Attorney General, who then investigates and prosecutes.
    The IG does not prosecute.

    Leaking is a crime, as well as a deviation from department standards and procedures.

    The NY Times and WaPo articles are reporting leaks. The one who determined who was doing the leaking would be the Attorney General, not the IG, although the IG may have been the initial one who found the Page/Strzok texts which proved they were leaking. The Attorney General is the one who set up the counterintelligence task force dedicated to catching leakers.

    Talking into the wind here; no one listens.
    The let down when the IG report is finally made public will be immense.
    Which will make the euphoria and triumph of AG Jeff’s indictments even better when the indictments finally come out, which they will.
    Watch for the Trump Wink when that happens.

    Liked by 5 people

    • elmo62211 says:

      No, I’ll be looking for Sundance’s famous Mickey Mouse too!

      Liked by 2 people

    • Maquis says:

      The IG does not merely “suggest” the DOJ investigates, the IG investigates the Hell out of malfeasance of every sort. The IG creates a detailed list of expected corrections and continually follows up to ensure every bit of it is enacted to his satisfaction. The DOJ cannot walk away from this.

      Prosecutions will be requested, not suggested. The facts of the matters will be clearly laid out in great detail. It would be a prosecutor’s dream to have such a document with all the supporting documentation and evidence. Some investigations will be needful for some concerns, such as the murder of Seth Rich, but the depth of the resources available to the IG, such as White Hat Extraordinaire Admiral Mike Rogers can provide, may even crack that crime open.

      It would be a mistake to assume that DOJ prosecutors are not already working with Michael Horowitz on these upcoming prosecutions. Sundance has stated many times that this is not only possible, but appears to be likely, given, in part, to the well choreographed interplay between Horowitz and the three Congressional Investigations.

      1.2 million pages of evidence. With a team of hundreds of men and women who know their task is essential to the survival of our Republic, and all that data which was their haul as of its delivery months ago, and it’s clear this will not be a nothing-anything. Yes, there will be work to do, but a great amount of work has been done and is being done, and the report, while not the end all and be all, is a huge step forward in most all of these many investigations.

      Distraction, misdirection, interpersonal theater, keeping the bad guys on their toes, forcing errors and turning over vermin harboring rocks, and very possibly gaslighting miscreants to create desired outcomes are all part of this operation. It is not inappropriate for PDJT to play his part in saving our Nation from its greatest crisis ever and pulling us back from the precipice of utter destruction. That’s neither lying nor mendacious in any fashion. It’s what must be done.

      I agree on the pending Trump wink, with a sparkle in his eyes. It will be epic.

      Liked by 3 people

      • zucccchini says:

        I wish I had your optimism. I keep seeing that headline..”AG Sessions office says they will NOT pursue prosecution of Lois Lerner or any IRS individuals…..” That, to me, is just as important, perhaps more, as Obama weaponizing the FBI.


  3. Pyrthroes says:

    If not midsummer, the time-frame here will likely center on November 6th 2018.

    Can’t deny frustration with Sessions’ endless pussyfooting, but who knows? This Administration is justly famous for playing long games on many interactive levels.

    Liked by 1 person

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