February 25th – 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #402

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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974 Responses to February 25th – 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #402

  1. MaineCoon says:

    Here is a Broward County radiologist account of why AR-15s should be banned after seeing CT scan of a victim of the Parkland shooting. He presents a very scientific argument based on factual data. Would be interested in thoughts,

    FTA: As I opened the CT scan last week to read the next case, I was baffled. The history simply read “gunshot wound.” I have been a radiologist in one of the busiest trauma centers in the nation for 13 years, and have diagnosed thousands of handgun injuries to the brain, lung, liver, spleen, bowel, and other vital organs. I thought that I knew all that I needed to know about gunshot wounds, but the specific pattern of injury on my computer screen was one that I had seen only once before.

    In a typical handgun injury that I diagnose almost daily, a bullet leaves a laceration through an organ like the liver. To a radiologist, it appears as a linear, thin, grey bullet track through the organ. There may be bleeding and some bullet fragments.

    I was looking at a CT scan of one of the victims of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, who had been brought to the trauma center during my call shift. The organ looked like an overripe melon smashed by a sledgehammer, with extensive bleeding. How could a gunshot wound have caused this much damage?

    The reaction in the emergency room was the same. One of the trauma surgeons opened a young victim in the operating room, and found only shreds of the organ that had been hit by a bullet from an AR-15, a semi-automatic rifle which delivers a devastatingly lethal, high-velocity bullet to the victim. There was nothing left to repair, and utterly, devastatingly, nothing that could be done to fix the problem. The injury was fatal.

    As a radiologist, I have now seen high velocity AR-15 gunshot wounds firsthand, an experience that most radiologists in our country will never have. I pray that these are the last such wounds I have to see, and that AR-15-style weapons and high-capacity magazines are banned for use by civilians in the United States, once and for all.



    • Blacksmith8 says:

      foul ball
      A ‘radiologist’ who hasn’t seen a 22-250 impact would in all of his time but once?
      foul ball

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      • MaineCoon says:

        Ok. I have no knowledge of guns. Was curious what the Treeper experts who say as he presents an “argument” that is presentable to persons with no knowledge of guns. Thanks for your post.


        • joninmd22 says:

          Any rifle round will do similar damage from a bolt action or single shot. For example a .30-06 or any of the WW 2 military calibers will transfer substantially more energy to a target or a person.

          The radiologist is Trying to shock people into banning AR 15s. Tragically Until evil people are no more there will always be innocents murdered in gruesome ways. Remember the children killed in the truck attack in Nice last year. Guns, trucks, knives, and explosives are tools dependent on the morals of their users.

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          • joninmd22 says:

            Whoops. I forgot box cutters.

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          • annieoakley says:



          • rf121 says:

            When I did my AR class the instructor mentioned that the AR .223 round was more about wounding then killing. A wounded soldier takes people to treat him and remove from the battlefield. A dead one none.

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            • joninmd22 says:

              Now we’ll get deep into the weeds on the platform. Originally Stoner designed the AR 15 with a different rifling twist to make the round less stable aerodynamically. This would increase it’s lethality by allowing the 55 grain bullet to topple when it hit bone or penetrated a few inches. A side effect is the round was not as accurate which the Army hated.

              The Army brass changed the twist to stabilize the round which decreased the likelihood of tumbling and the rationalization was that one wounded soldier would require the care of at least one other soldier removing him from combat.

              That didn’t work in places like Mogidishu where fanatics simply ignored the wounded and the 5.56 has always faced criticism for limited lethality. Increasing bullet weights to 62 and 77 grains and further development has altered the baseline for the cartridge however it’s being reported the Army is once again considering a caliber change.

              The hydrostatic effects on any organ when a projectile impacts it at 2500 feet per second will be catastrophic.


          • Blacksmith8 says:

            Wow, I forgot. I was tunnel vision on the AR/hipo .22 rifle.
            Want to watch a fruit melon (any size although pumpkins are the best) absolutely EXPLODE?
            Hit it with a 30-06, 7.62 or better yet .50 cal.
            There will be parts and slime every where.


    • heidi says:

      The reality of the situation is that the government failed us. The Florida shooter should not have been able to get a gun. The FBI should have done their job. The police officer at the scene should have done his job. Gov’t failed US on every level, and we need to demand accountability. I think every one agrees, this wacko should NEVER have had access to a gun.

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  2. sunnydaze says:

    The Hogg kid is loving his 15 min. of fame. Calling for a Boycott of Spring Break in FL. unless Gun Legislation is passed.

    Today he also called for a Boycott of Amazon. LOL. Maybe he’ll be the one to finally bring Jeff Bezos down?



  3. Troublemaker10 says:

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  4. At the governors ball tonite!!

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  5. phoenixRising says:

    Dixie posted originally – didn’t want it to go unseen… excellent timeline available at American Intelligence Media website https://aim4truth.org/ over 600 pgs you can download


  6. phoenixRising says:

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  7. maxmbj says:

    Andrew McCarthy has an excellent, point-by-point takedown of the Schiff memo. You can read the whole thing at National Review if you like or you can skip to the last paragraph like I did and get all you need to know, to wit:

    In sum, the Schiff memo does more to harm than to advance the Democrats’ defense of the Obama administration and the use of the FISA process by the FBI and the DOJ.”

    Me, I’m done trying to sort out the nuts from the pudding in all this Schiff. Let legal brainiacs like McCarthy do that. Thanks, Andy. And I will add, I agree completely.

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  8. phoenixRising says:

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    • patrickhenrycensored says:

      Replying to @MollyJongFast @LevineJonathan @9NewsAUS
      He almost responded ‘no’ when interviewer asks if he can hear him 😂


  9. sunnydaze says:

    Too funny, David Hogg and George Takei both on board with Amazon Boycott:

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  10. China should not have gone around the tariffs on NK they are fixin to pay the price.

    “Peter Navarro, an economist who helped shape Donald Trump’s 2016 protectionist campaign platform, will be named an assistant to the president, according to a person familiar with the matter.”

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  11. big bad mike says:

    The Deep State is ready with their next Manchurian Candidate as soon as the President’s popularity goes over 50%, or Nunes releases another Memo showing Obozo was the Mastermind behind the Russian Collusion strategy to sabatoge a President-Elect. Odious, but better than Assassination.


  12. Pam says:

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  13. kinthenorthwest says:

    So pathetic. California wants to tell Trump and governmental laws to shove it yet what the rest of America to support their state.

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  14. Pam says:

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  15. Pam says:

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  16. Just Scott says:

    The NAFTA meetings begin today Sunday, Feb. 25 rather than Feb. 26 as originally announced and will run through Monday, March 5 at the Camino Real hotel on the edge of Mexico City’s tony Polanco district.

    U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, Canada Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland and Mexican Economy Minister Ildefonso Guajardo are expected to meet on the final day.

    An eighth round of talks is planned for Washington, although the dates have yet to be determined.


    The futures are green almost completely across the board, and S&P is back to 1/11/18. ATM, it sits at 4.6% off the 1/26/18 all time record high.

    A poser for the investing savvy Treepers: does that mean it would be prudent to pull all my investments out of the funds while the market is up this week, then stay in a cash position until after this NAFTA round plays out? A week from Tuesday seems like it could get wicked is the Trump Administration stomps NAFTA.


  17. Pam says:

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  18. Pam says:

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  20. Peter G says:

    Dina Powell leaving WH, headed back to Goldman Sucks.


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