February 24th – 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #401

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

President Trump Twitter @POTUS / Vice President Pence Twitter @VP

Sarah H Sanders Twitter @SHSanders45

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1,132 Responses to February 24th – 2018 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #401

  1. wheatietoo says:

    This is disgusting!

    I thought Ex-Presidents were on their own, with funding their Presidential Libraries.

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  2. phoenixRising says:


  3. wheatietoo says:

    NRA’s most excellent statement in response to the cowardly corporations:

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  4. Pam says:

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  5. Pam says:

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    • Hmmm.... says:

      I made my call to Delta tonight as well. Almost 20 years of flying them exclusively and currently a platinum medallion but once I burn through my miles that will be the last dollar they see from me. I’m not even an NRA member but I’m just sick and tired of political posturing being imposed where it doesn’t belong.

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  6. Nchadwick says:

    His own city RESIDENTS don’t want Obama and his Fake Library
    Black people accused of racism for opposing Obama library

    Juanita Irizarry, an activist affiliated with Friends of the Park, said residents in favor of former President Barack Obama’s library have accused anyone who “disagrees or asks questions — they must be white, they must not care about black people and they must not care about economic development on the South Side.

    “To make it all about race is inappropriate — that’s not what Obama stood for,” said Ms. Irizarry, who is Hispanic. “There needs to be more nuance.”

    Community organizers on the South Side have long opposed construction of the Obama Presidential Center.

    Plans for the monument to the 44th president have been panned for taking nearly 20 acres from historic Jackson Park, which was originally designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, the duo behind New York’s famed Central Park.

    Jackson Park is on the National Register of Historic Places.

    More than 200 faculty members from the University of Chicago signed a public letter denouncing plans for the center as “socially regressive.” The professors say the library could do more good in a neighborhood in need of economic revitalization, instead of on the lush Jackson Park waterfront.

    Activists have also taken issue with the Obama Foundation’s unwillingness to sign a community benefits agreement, which would guarantee jobs and other benefits for residents on the South Side.

    Then came news that the Obama Presidential Center will not be Mr. Obama’s official presidential library and will not house documents from the Obama White House.

    Ms. Irizarry said there needs to be an honest discussion about the inevitable gentrification that will accompany the Obama library’s construction.

    “We care about gentrification — we talk about it on our Facebook page,” Ms. Irizarry told the Tribune. “The claim should not be made that anybody who opposes the Obama center in the park does not care about black people.”


    Additional articles recently regarding the library are behind a paywall in the Chicago Tribune


    The Obama Center is sure to disappoint – Chicago Tribune
    Backers of the Obama Presidential Center released new renderings Jan. 9, 2018, to reflect the recent revisions. Former President Barack Obama surely should have a public monument of some kind that recognizes his undeniable achievements. Creating a presidential library is a great way to do this. I’ve been to almost all …

    As Obama Presidential Center comes closer to reality, tensions on …
    …2 days ago – Bronwyn Nichols Lodato, a Hyde Park resident, Haroon Garel, a Woodlawn community organizer, Erin Adams, a University of Chicago professor and South Shore resident, share their hopes for the planned Obama Presidential Center in Jackson Park and its impact on the surrounding community.

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    • dallasdan says:

      Obama cares only about aggrandizing memorials to himself. His indifference toward the wishes of Chicagoans regarding confiscation of their public park land and the certain gentrification oft the area that will “fundamentally change” the community is no surprise.

      Vulgarities of the most degrading and personally insulting kind are inadequate to properly describe the vile Obama. His crusade to damage America was both determined and unimpeded by both the rule of law and all else that is fundamental to the goodness of our Republic.

      I fervently hope the “Big Ugly” results in his everlasting personal disgrace, and that history will write his legacy as a brutal expose’ of despicable personal behavior and treasonous political conduct.

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  7. “Graham also was criticized by some conservative evangelicals for praying at the inauguration of Bill Clinton, a supporter of abortion rights — and then criticized again for publicly forgiving Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal and praising Hillary Rodham Clinton for forgiving her husband.”

    I spent a good part of the afternoon reading articles about the Graham Family and the fact that there have been fissures within the family on many issues, including politics. There was a strong suggestion that many did not support Trump despite what appeared to be Franklin’s support. On another note, the fact that most disturbed me was that perhaps Billy Graham had actually voted for Bill Clinton when he ran against George H.W. Bush. That was a shocker, but said to me he was either ill informed or ignorant of the Clinton character and suckered in. I believe if there is anything negative about his ministry it would be getting too close to politicians. Billy has a grand-daughter or great granddaughter who is in ministry in S.C. She clearly did not support Trump. I have followed the ministry of Anne Graham Lotts for a long time. She is so grounded in the word and so willing to express her conviction that it would be devastating to learn that she could ever support Hillary Clinton.


    • NC PATRIOT says:

      Billy Graham did not express his political opinions publicly, and was able to minister to and counsel with many presidents, of both political parties, because of that.

      Frankly–it is not our business who he voter for—but G.H.W. Bush had many nefarious things in his background as well—-so character is an issue there, too. Franklin Graham supports the president’s attempts to bring God back into public conversation, and his strong right to life stance. And when the President does something in that area, Franklin Graham is the first to tweet, asking Christians to pray for the President.

      I really can’t find fault with either Reverend.

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      • At the time of the Clinton run for the Presidency, we knew quite a bit about his character or lack thereof – Jennifer Flowers, etc. Can’t imagine a man like Billy Graham voting for that slimeball. From the comments of Franklin it sounds like some members of his family voted for the unindicted felon rather than Trump – even more strange.


      • I am not trying to discredit Dr. Graham. If he voted for Bill Clinton after all we knew in his first bid for the Presidency, Graham was willfully ignorant or naive. The bottom line is that he should have never become a useful tool of corrupt politicians.


      • “Frankly it’s not our business who he voted for”. Really? How many other public figures do you give that latitude to?


    • pyromancer76 says:

      There might have been reasons — if one was not able to look too deeply — why one might have voted for Clinton over Bush. I would never have voted for Bush. Nothing like getting caught with too absolutely negative negatives. One then has to go with the lesser of two evils and the information at hand. How horrible the choices in American politics have been. Family members might choose differently for their own reasons.


  8. Pam says:

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  9. tvollrath66 says:

    Hey i just got retweeted by guess who. The President himself. Wow i had to wake up my husband to show him. Made my day. : D

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  10. Pam says:

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  11. Nchadwick says:

    These two crack me up ]

    Diamond & Silk: Nancy Pelosi, a fry short of a happy meal – Watters’ World 2/24/18

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  12. Pam says:

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  13. Nchadwick says:

    Justin Trudeau’s Indian outfits mocked tirelessly on Internet

    I must have missed pretty boy from the North’s party invite to a terrorist LOL

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