President Trump State of The Union Address – 9:00pm EST Livestream….

Tonight President Donald J Trump delivers one of the most widely covered speeches of the presidential year when he addresses a full congress during the State of The Union address.

The start time is 9:00pm, with speech remarks scheduled for 9:10pm EST. Every broadcast station and cable news outlet will be covering the speech.  There are multiple livestream options available.

WH Livestream LinkRSBN Livestream LinkGST Livestream LinkABC Livestream LinkNBC Livestream LinkCBS Livestream Link

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2,843 Responses to President Trump State of The Union Address – 9:00pm EST Livestream….

  1. History Teaches says:

    And Dana Pirino calls Kennedy’s speech a home run, and that he should be paraded on Democratic shoulders? I get that she hates Trump, but really, how unobjective can one get?

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  2. chojun says:

    Vote and retweet this!

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  3. Pam says:

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  4. Cow wow says:

    Man o man- who ever remembers Republicans chanting USA USA ever before at a State of the Union? They really made me think I was listening to a Davis Cup match and we were winning! AND PDJT is the coach! (We watch a lot of tennis here😁)

    When the camera would pan the crowd, I actually saw Republicans punching each other’s shoulders, laughing and shouting for our President! It made my ❤️ proud.

    What leadership, and courage, a fabulously written and delivered from the heart speech from our Leader of the Free World!
    God bless you PDJT and God bless America, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

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  5. phoenixRising says:

    Deep State just got their butts handed to them! POTUS’ base is fired up and that is a threat to the likes of them…

    Forget the deep state MSM… just laugh at whatever they say. American people know they are liars. Americans know genius President Trump cares about this country deeply, as well as the people. We will MAGA… waaahoooooo

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  6. ForGodandCountry says:

    How does it feel knowing we have a true, America-loving, patriotic, God fearing POTUS again, America??

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  7. Pam says:

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  8. jackphatz says:

    Imagine for a few minutes what a Hillary Clinton SOTU address would have sounded like.

    Feel really good now??

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  9. Pam says:

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  10. Nchadwick says:

    Q. who is the best we have, who can deliver and resonate with every day American citizens?

    Dem Leadership: I know, Opie Taylor… I mean Joe Kennedy

    Q, Where should we have the setting be?

    Dem Leadership: A chop shop

    Q. How many people should we have attend?

    Dem Leadership: 50


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  11. Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

    Wow! what a SOTU!

    Sorry I wasn’t here, I just had to focus on the speech.
    I want to say something about the democrats but…… what’s left to say?
    I’ve never been more ashamed of fellow Americans as i am with the democratic party.

    on a better note…. I loved the trolling by PDJT towards the dimwits and watching VP Pence crack up and try to hide it!

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  12. BabyBoomer says:

    This has been the absolute best SOTU speech I have ever heard. Our President wrapped his speech with a giant “WE”….of our accomplishments, trials and tribulations, aspirations, hopes and dreams. It was all encompassing in nature, inclusion of every American citizen. I am so proud of our President.

    I pray that the Democrats were watched closely by their constituency. The liberals may have a new understanding that those who they voted into office truly disrespected their voter base when the elected officials purposely sat on their hands even as the President reached out to come together for the sake of the American people.

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  13. Garavaglia says:

    I think he slapoed Crisco or bacon grease on his lips.

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    • boogywstew says:

      The Demoncraps hoped their constituency would drool over Joe K.II … looks like that plan was a wash out. Irony’s a biotch!

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      • Deb says:

        They hoped the blue dogs who voted for Trump would say, “look, a Kennedy! I love Kenndeys. Guess I’m back to being a Democrat!”

        So stupid. Like someone who voted for a self made alpha male who is as tough as it gets would be impressed by someone becuase of their last name and inability to give an impressive speech.

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  14. Pam says:

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  15. oldschool64 says:

    OMG, that Joe Kennedy III is so charismatic and inspiring!


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    • canadacan says:

      Joe baby fell flatter than a pancake

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    • Texian says:

      Now take it easy on him.. there was a time when we were young.. and sophomoric.. and inexperienced.. (From a supervisory point of view the question is, from watching his first dive, “..does he have potential.. should we invest anymore time and effort in training this guy..”). I could coach this guy to be pretty good.. but the democrats are just going to lead him astray into mediocrity..

      As much as I disagree with his ideology (but did agree with his Great Uncle) at least he did go out on that stage and try..


  16. Pam says:

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  17. Curry Worsham says:

    Lifelong Dem caller on C SPAN just said PT hit it out of the park.

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  18. Buckeye Ken says:

    Trump/Pence 2020!!!

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  19. tuskyou says:

    Don Jr on Hannity now. He says “the derangement is real” when he noticed some dems wanting to stand but not doing it.

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    • Ditch Mitch says:

      Dims had to sit on their hands to stop themselves from clapping. The dims were pouting every time the cameras were turned on them and the way they were in unison on standing for the personal stories I am thinking there was an applause/pout sign on their side of the aisle.

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    • greenmakescents says:

      Poor Joe Manchin. He wanted to stand and clap so bad but had to look around first to see if it was permissible. Too bad his loyalty is not with the WV, voter who approves of President Trump with a record 61%, but with the party crypt keeper drill instructer.

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  20. positron1352 says:

    Wish Joe had done the whole speech in Spanish. Trump was amazing–sheer power and aggressive leadership.

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  21. Nchadwick says:

    Ok – I’m done… my congressloser just sent this out…

    Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema — US Representative for Arizona District 9
    17 mins ·
    Instead of focusing on one event in Washington, we need to get to work for Arizonans. Too many people I hear from in Arizona are worried that their kids won’t have a better life than they had. They’re struggling to pay the bills and worry about their future.

    We can reduce the cost of healthcare, fund our military, care for our veterans, protect our border and Dreamers, and help Arizona businesses thrive. I’m focused on the days ahead and hopeful my colleagues will put party politics aside to finally get things done. That is what Arizonans expect, what they deserve, and what I’m working every day to deliver.


    Where the f was she tonight – that is EVERYTHING our PRESIDENT SPOKE ABOUT ?!?!

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    • keeler says:

      Low-info crowd won’t know the details of the speech, because they didn’t watch it.

      MSM will instruct them how to feel about the speech, because it was evil and dark, without covering what Trump actually said.

      Democrats will continue to lose, because none of what they say is tethered to reality.

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    • patternpuzzler says:

      Email it back to her and tell her you’re proud she decided to work with our President, Donald J. Trump!

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      • Nchadwick says:

        Already did – asking specifically if she was in attendance and if so — she must be impressed w/ his speech as she clearly supports the same ideas and principle that he spoke about. Ended it with USA, USA, USA

        Won’t do any good — she does everything to avoid interacting w/ her constituents….

        Facebook, email, twitter — no responses ever…. no townhalls and only does private fundraisers — the only emails I receive is asking for $$ — her Senate website – only has an option to donate — does not even included her positions (it does on her Representative site) — but funny does not on her Senate run….

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    • BHliberty says:

      Typical democrat! She is running in the senate race to replace jeff flake ( another loser ). This is the best the democrats can do! More losers!

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  22. fedback says:

    Over 2000 comments here, 19,000 comments at The_Donald. What a night

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  23. ForGodandCountry says:

    Can’t wait for the comparison between O-blah-blah and President Trump in the use of “I” and “me”.

    My guess is about 290 to 20.

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  24. Pam says:

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  25. Pam says:

    Don’t worry about the memo folks, it’s coming!

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  26. apfelcobbler says:

    SoyBoy addresses himself exclusively to illegal aliens. Let’s just affectionately dub him “III” for 2020. Nancy picked a WINNER to *alien*ate working Americans – and “our insurance policy” for Trump’s Republican Party! Well done NancyPants!

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  27. burnett044 says:

    Kennedy be like..

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  28. Ad rem says:

    A bunch of you have comments still in the bin that I’m busy restoring…..don’t have time to give you all the whys and wherefores. I’ll just post the as I find them 😉

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  29. Pam says:

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  30. Plain Jane says:

    USA, USA, USA……

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  31. Pam says:

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  32. jmc says:

    I MUST be dreaming! We couldn’t possibly be winning THIS MUCH!

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  33. Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

    with near 3K comments i’ll never catch up or know if its already been mentioned but
    I heard PDJT tell a guy along the exit line ask PDJT about Release the Memo and PDJT
    shook his hand, patted his shoulder and said “don’t worry about it, 100%” !!!

    So exciting! I think he’ll wait till about thursday/friday to approve it.

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    • Ditch Mitch says:

      Haha! I read the first 50 or so (usual do that). Then tried to catch up with searches. over 2200 messages when I got here.
      About the memo, The Big Ugly is here folks! Pam posted the following above:

      Don’t worry about the memo folks, it’s coming!

      Per @alanhe:

      As Trump was about to exit the chamber, Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) told Trump to release the House Intel memo.

      Trump said, “oh yeah, don’t worry, 100%.”

      — Katie Watson (@kathrynw5) January 31, 2018

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  34. Pam says:

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  35. andyocoregon says:

    Shortly after the speeches, Brit Hume on FoxNews described the Dems’ response to most of President Trump’s upbeat speech. He said the Dems looked as though their dogs had just died. LOL!

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  36. Ron & Donna says:

    Thanks Mr.President, Great Speech!! We’ve been praying for you for a long time. Keep up the good work. Sincerely, Some of your fans in So. Calif…

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  37. The Boss says:

    Kennedy must have been the choice of the Obama wing of the loony-tunes party. The Kennedys got behind Obama instead of Hillary in the 2008 primaries. (The was some kind of bad blood between the Clintons and Kennedys at the time). Anyway, given how the dems have NO ONE of substance waiting in the wings, I can see how Obama and his fans would want to repay the favor. Judging from the spittle comments, it looks like the Obama faction picked a loser!

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  38. Colorado Wellington says:

    The President owned the sorry Democrat side of the chamber. They did not want to be there to start with and then they really didn’t want to be there.

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  39. Dora says:

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  40. apfelcobbler says:

    Isn’t there a 2-murders per family upper limit on Congressional candidates in MA?

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  41. Pam says:

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  42. fred5678 says:

    Joe Kennedy VIII in front of an old car that has the hood up for mechanical work.

    Optics, folks. Optics.

    Ask Dukakis about tank helmets and Kerry about space bunny suits.

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  43. Pam says:

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  44. TeaForAll says:

    Americans are Dreamers too……………………EPIC

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  45. joeknuckles says:

    That Kennedy kid looked like he had just been given a “private little pep talk” by Bill Clinton, if you know what I mean.

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  46. GITMO We'll Leave A Light On For You says:

    Remember When Democrats Loved America…me either

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  47. nonniemae says:

    God Bless Donald J. Trump!


    • ForGodandCountry says:

      It’s a damn good thing I’m not wearing a shirt with buttons right now

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      • sunnydaysall says:

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      • TheLastDemocrat says:

        We don’t run, we don’t compromise
        We don’t quit, we never do
        We look for love, we find it in the eyes
        The eyes of me and the eyes of you

        You are the road, you are the only way
        I’ll follow you forever more
        We’ll look for love, we’ll find it in the eyes
        The eyes that see through all the doors

        There is a train that races through the night
        On rails of steel that reach the soul
        Fueled by fire as soft as candle light
        But it warms the heart of a love grown cold

        And we don’t run and we don’t compromise
        We don’t quit, we never do
        We look for love, we find it in the eyes
        The eyes of me and the eyes of you

        Words that feel, words that sympathize
        Words that heal and understand
        Say them now, let them materialize
        Say the words throughout the land

        We don’t run, we don’t compromise
        We don’t quit, we never do
        We look for love, find it in the eyes
        The eyes of me and the eyes of you

        And we don’t run and we don’t compromise
        We don’t quit, we never do
        We look for love, we find it in the eyes
        The eyes of me and the eyes of you

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  48. Pam says:

    Want a good laugh?

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