Lara Trump Real News Update – January 8th 2017

Lara Trump provides the Real News Update for January 8th 2017:

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41 Responses to Lara Trump Real News Update – January 8th 2017

  1. citizen817 says:

    That was the real news.
    I wish they would start a news station.

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  2. Batphone says:

    Imagine, just for a moment, if we had all news available report like LARA – positive, informative and passion for progress.

    The way America was until the hippies poisoned the soil.

    This was the America Trump grew up in – positive and passion for Americaā€™s greatness. Builds an army of youths that produce and are content with living here in the greatest human experiment ever.

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    • citizen817 says:

      Don’t be putting this on us hippies aka baby boomers.

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      • Sylvia Avery says:

        Thank you for clarifying. I have never heard the term “Generation Jones” before. I must look that up. I am always classed as a baby boomer because my birthdate falls in that range, but I came towards the end of the line.

        I remember as a little kid watching Vietnam news on TV, and watching the “antics” of the older baby boomers marching in the streets, hanging with Charles Manson, joining the Weather Underground…. I was just a kid. It was scary to me. It felt like society was coming unglued and I wanted no part of any of that.

        The whole hippie thing revolted me.

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        • Cuppa Covfefe says:

          And then, as “hippies” and the Haight petered out, they morphed into “Freebies”, which is where the “victim culture” (aka welfare leeches) originated. I saw it growing up in the SF Bay Area in the 50s and 60s. Turned a wonderful place into a huge dump. Look at the tents (or pictures of them) on SF streets.

          It’s been 11 years since I visited there, and I’m not sure if I ever want to again. The Golden Gate is tarnished, and, anymore, “there’s no There there”…

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          • Joe says:

            you lived here in the 50s 60s? I’ve been here since 90 after college and my work brings me all over the bay area. it has been interesting to watch the place devolve or evolve depending on your viewpoint. it must be painful for those here since the 50s see this place now. Isn’t diversity great?

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            • Dabigragu says:

              I’m an (escaped) native Californian. My Dad and Grandpa used to tell me California was the one of the most beautiful states in the union. California had everything geographically and climate wise. Shame, what it’s become.

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            • Carrie2 says:

              Joe, I moved to CA in 1960 when it was still the Golden State and with a bright future. Unfortunately, as a female hard to get good pay then, so I started working outside the States. When I returned in the 70’s, I was amazed at how the democrats had taken over and ruined this once great state and now in 2018 it is the pits of dictatorship, high taxes, men and women who truly are mentally disturbed, and, yes, want everything free. Studied for a while at Berkeley and talk about rabid, ignorant students and people in that city would fill two big books. Yes, the university is great to many but a loss to more. The residents think they are super special while exhibiting ignorance, arrogance, and frankly not truly working brains. The universities here are the pits and not like when I was studying for a master’s in business in San Jose. Can’t hardly wait to get out of here! I do not like nor believe in illegal sanctuary cities nor this state thinking it can legally make it a sanctuary state. Yep, that is how low the stupids have brought CA to its knees.


      • Nonlocality says:

        xeroxero Awesome statement. I have been guilty of being III-A App, and lost my best friend in ’68. I went to Atlanta II pop festival, but never quite fit into hippie & acid culture. But I managed to ride with PBSO Road Patrol, dive with B&E dive team, and, work at county jail for 12 years. My son is a USMC Ssgt (1 Iraq & 2 Afghans).
        I wasn’t there, but I love and admire all who were!

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      • Blacksmith8 says:

        And do you know why we were labeled with the ‘Joneser’ tag?
        One article is all it took. That and a Dennis Miller reference.

        Funny thing I’m the youngest of 4 and ALL my siblings are boomers in their behavior and beliefs. They bought that great society hog wash hook, line and sinker.

        Me? I’m thinking Barry Goldwater had it right. If we go to war, we should win. Otherwise, you’re wasting time energy and a lot of young people’s lives.

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  3. Ziiggii says:

    Just in time before the “Very Fake News” awards come out!

    Now it makes sense why they pushed the awards presentations to Weds.

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  4. ALEX says:

    Wow. She is talented. She makes reading news look effortless and she has a head on those shoulders to go along with a sweet personality ..Just one impressive lady…and I shouldnā€™t forget new mom..

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  5. MaineCoon says:

    She’s very good at that job. Hope she continues it and on a very regular basis during the ’18 elections.

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  6. Sean Supsky says:

    Such a nice, positive, pretty young lady.

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  7. StanH says:

    I loved it, concise with real information, as opposed to fake…

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  8. Ono says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice to see the end of sensationalistic news propaganda in our lives?

    The Christian Science Monitor is a good start for a periodical.

    OANN (San Diego Ca) is good but still subject to financial pressure. is biased opinions

    Rightside gets my support…not polished, but truth.


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  9. Kent says:

    Speaking of news up dates..WaPo…just a few minutes ago….

    Mueller indicates he is likely to seek interview with Trump” of updates…


  10. IMO says:

    Wow my blood pressure just dropped watching Lara broadcast the real news.

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  11. wodiej says:

    She’s pretty good at reporting. She couldn’t do it professionally though because she doesn’t make things up.


  12. rsanchez1990 says:

    Our President has such a great family. You have to be real scum to be jealous of them!

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    • Carrie2 says:

      rsanchez1990, the whole Trump family are intelligent, well-educated, have manners, charity, kindness, and all love each other and that is rare in any family but speaks highly of the head of the family, Pres. Trump.

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  13. dandtoy says:

    Why would it concern anyone that the USA has sold off it’s food processor companies to foreign interest who push immigration workers to feed the nation… Seems they could turn the food supply on and off at will…..

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    • KBR says:

      Clothing too. We don’t make cloth anymore. Nor thread to make cloth. Nor fasteners snaps, zippers, buttons, dyes. Nor do we grow enough cotton to do so. Nor do we make rayon, nylon, polyester. All of which we used to do, now all imported.

      Guess we can just go hungry and naked if our suppliers of basics decide not to trade with us anymore?

      I hope this manufacturing will come home: we need to be able to provide our own basic needs.

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      • thinkthinkthink says:

        The textiles industry is back. Automation is helping.
        I found a great article about it recently because I was looking for USA sourced material for a project.

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      • Carrie2 says:

        KBR, and we used to make the best shoes too. I miss the quality and affordable shoes that I grew up with. Now, we get lesser quality and mostly ill-fitting shoes made to the last of another country and not exactly ours.


    • thinkthinkthink says:

      In spite of the persecution of the small family farmers, the grown-local movement has not gone away. Decentralized food production is a “thing” and more people in the cities are learning to grow some of their food. Farmers markets are doing well in my area. I like buying locally grown food too. šŸ™‚

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  14. KBR says:

    She is lovely and articulate.
    I enjoyed hearing the real news from her!

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  15. Lara ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Ivanka not so much.


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