Alan Dershowitz Rebukes The Ridiculous Attacks on President Trump’s Mental Health…

As everyone is now aware, the latest approach of President Trump’s political opposition writ large is to insufferably attack his mental fitness.  This is a historic pattern of the left-wing against people they disagree with.  If you disagree with a far-left Marxist your thinking is wrong.

Not accidentally this is the exact same common approach within mainstream communist media; a modern example is China.  Disagree with authoritarian-minded people and the way you think becomes the primary focus of your risk toward them.  Professor Alan Dershowitz puts this into context:

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327 Responses to Alan Dershowitz Rebukes The Ridiculous Attacks on President Trump’s Mental Health…

  1. georgiafl says:

    Derschowitz taught Cruz, thought him brilliant, and declared him eligible to run for POTUS. Says all I needed to know about Derschowitz’s understanding of constitutional law and ethics.

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  2. G. Combs says:

    Pedophilia and Epstein. (Remember Operation Broken Heart — The biggest Pedophile Ring affecting 68,000 children was broken with Operation Broken Heart. Raids so far have netted 4,474 arrests that includes those trafficking children and young adults into sex trade/slavery. Out of these nearly 2,000 were in California alone mostly in the LA area. AND do not forget President Trump’s Christmas E.O.)

    3/17/2016 Alleged Epstein madam forced to hand over 17 years of documents

    10/09/2016 — New York Compost The ‘sex slave’ scandal that exposed pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein Of course they try to link President Trump to Epstein but really had nothing. However the story reveals the raid on Epstein’s Florida home showed 2 hidden cameras. Another article by the Post stated Epstein came from a middle class background and where exactly his money came from is unknown.
    “[…]Epstein, now 63, has always been something of an international man of mystery. Born in Brooklyn, he had a middle-class upbringing…
    Epstein applied his facility with numbers on Wall Street but left Bear Stearns under a cloud in 1981. He formed his own business, J. Epstein & Co.
    The bar for entry at the new firm was high. According to a 2002 profile in New York magazine, Epstein only took on clients who turned over $1 billion, at minimum, for him to manage. Clients also had to pay a flat fee and sign power of attorney over to Epstein, allowing him to do whatever he saw fit with their money.
    Still, no one knew exactly what Epstein did, or how he was able to amass a personal billion-dollar-plus fortune…..
    My belief is that Jeff maintains some sort of money-management firm, though you won’t get a straight answer from him,” one high-level investor told New York magazine. “He once told me he had 300 people working for him, and I’ve also heard that he manages Rockefeller money. But one never knows….”
    New York Compost, The ‘sex slave’ scandal that exposed pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein October 9, 2016

    Then add in What I said about another pervert, weenie Weiner above.

    It looks like most of the pieces are in place and the dominos are about to fall. 😈

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    • BobInFL says:

      I had always though of Dershowitz as a tolerable lib until my wife and I got a book on tape regarding Jeffery Epstein, the underage teenage girls, the recruiters, Jeffeerys’s island and the Lolita Express. James Patterson – Filthy Rich. Bubba is prominently featured as well as some royal family.

      IIRC Dershowitz was/is a good friend of Epstein and has represented him in the past. There were a number of underage Jane Doe’s who claimed that Dershowitz was among the powerful clientele that they performed massages/sex acts with.

      I think Dershowitz is still fending off lawsuits.

      He may be saying the right stuff lately but where there is smoke there is normally fire.


  3. covfefe999 says:

    I noticed that there haven’t been any lib riots lately. I suspect they have figured out Trump is going to be President at least until Jan 2021. The Democratic leaders however are trying to keep the libs agitated and hopeful that a coup will occur. The Democrats have now played all of their cards. There is nothing more to attack Trump with. When you have been reduced to whining that an obviously competent and intelligent man is somehow mentally dysfunctional, you’ve hit bottom. 🙂

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    • Bendix says:

      Rush said a useful thing regarding that talk of a coup: “This is the coup”.
      Meaning the dossier, the “Trump is crazy”, the “Trump is a predator”, and repeat as necessary.
      It’s all they’ve got, so when one tactic falls apart, they quickly substitute another, used, one.

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    • With the crackdown in SA they cut off the money supply. Soros moved his money to his foundation. The money supply was shut down which is why there are no antifa riots.

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    • DD More says:

      No ‘Orders From Headquarters”.
      George Soros Verified account @georgesoros 26 Nov 2017
      The EU cannot coerce member states to accept refugees they do not want, or refugees to go where they are not wanted. A point-by-point rebuttal of some widespread lies:

      Last tweetie on official site.


  4. Mickturn says:

    The Libs are using the fact that Trump is driving them crazy to assume/say that HE is the crazy one. There is an old term for that, ‘Crazy like a Fox’…Remember Libs, to you it’s your life, to Trump it’s just another Tweet!

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    • I just love how Trump knows to say the right thing to trigger them all. It’s hilarious! The stable genius comment was a no brainer. He knew they would go nuts and they did. He plays them like a violin and they are too stupid to figure it out.

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  5. Richard Baker says:

    The President is playing these lefties like a drum and they’re too stupid to notice.

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  6. pattyloo says:

    watching the Fox News new show Wise Guys on youtube that Dershowitz mentions in the clip above. it’s pretty good.


    • thinkthinkthink says:

      I suspect this show will not be able to hold it’s audience over time for a lack of substance and the attrition of cable subscribers.


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