Stunning Audacity – Clinton Tweets Support For Iranian Protests She Previously Helped Destroy…

There are times when the audacity of the most political poll-testing opportunist on the planet reaches beyond stratospheric levels of comprehension.  Cue the visual:

Arguably the most consequential failure of the Hillary State Department was in 2009 when the U.S. undermined the Iranian Green Revolution. Not only did the U.S. do nothing to help the opposition against the Iranian regime, but US funding was cut for democratic organizations/programs in Iran under Clinton’s State Department. It was Hillary Clinton who supported the Mullahs in an ill-fated decision to achieve the ridiculous Iranian Nuclear Deal which she was just praising and defending three months ago.


Meanwhile the mainstream media apparatus are refusing to even acknowledge the Iranian uprising; apparently because President Trump is supporting their cries for freedom.

Yes, if ever there was a bigger example of Trump Derangement Syndrome causing media to contort themselves into hypocritical pretzels, their reaction -or lack thereof- to these protests in Iran would stand as exhibit “A”.

(Via BBC) […] They are the biggest show of dissent since huge pro-reform rallies in 2009. There are reports of two deaths.

There were calls for the removal or death of Iran’s Supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, in the cities of Khoramabad, Zanjan and Ahvaz.

Iran’s Islamic Revolutions Guards Corp is a powerful force with ties to the country’s supreme leader, and is dedicated to preserving the country’s Islamic system.  (read more)

(Fox News, Stephen Miller writes) […] CNN ignored the protests completely, and the explosion on social media until a front page story reporting on not uprisings against the regime, but a pro-government rally and President Trump’s tweet in support of the protestors. If the State Department wants to send a message of solidarity to the protesters in Iran, perhaps it can send them a white truck. Yes, the question has to be asked how such an uprising of thousands against their government would be covered by western media if this were Tel Aviv. We don’t need U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley defiantly raising her hand to answer that question for us.

The somewhat muted reaction to thousands of people rising up against the Iranian regime can and should be compared to the attention the Arab Spring received in 2010. The scenes coming out of Iran are just as dramatic, if not more so, than those of the Arab uprising.

A woman was caught on videotape screaming “death to Khamenei” at Iranian law enforcement officials – an action that could not only endanger her life, but the lives of her family. But nevertheless, she persisted.

Social media came to a halt when another video was shared on Twitter of a female activist, shedding her hijab and waving a makeshift flag at security forces while standing atop a container.

I’m not exactly sure why an Iranian woman would shed such a garment that we’ve been told by the political left of this country is a symbol of empowerment and feminism. But her body, her choice.

Protesters are shouting “Death to Khamenei,” “Mullahs get lost,” “No more Islamic Republic,” “Clerics return us our country.” They are not shouting “We have economic anxiety”. This is not about economic anxiety. This about revolting against a regime who has exhausted its moral good will, and no longer can lean on a sympathetic United States for more pallets of cash.  (read more)

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391 Responses to Stunning Audacity – Clinton Tweets Support For Iranian Protests She Previously Helped Destroy…

  1. albrevin says:

    Hill just trying to set herself up to call for more ‘resistance’ here in the US when she and her minions get indicted.

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  2. Falcon Koch says:

    Large amount of aircraft leaving Iran at the moment, many with no callsign, origin, or destination. Exodus in progress?


  3. fleporeblog says:

    I sleep well at night knowing that Satan’s wife will soon be returning back to her husband to spend the rest of eternity burning in the fires 🔥 of HELL. This woman is pure evil to the core of her body.

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  4. Troublemaker10 says:

    Iran’s protests are powerful and real. Why are mainstream media outlets so hesitant to report on them?


    Trump fires back at Rouhani slam amid deadly Iran protests


  5. nimrodman says:

    Well, since Sundance posted the map with the CNN truck, I guess this is on-topic here:

    CONSPIRACY SOLVED: CNN Figures Out Who Used Truck To Block Them From Stalking Trump At Golf Course

    “The mystery of who was behind the truck consumed CNN for two days, which led to the network being viciously mocked on social media and from numerous news outlets.”


  6. Falcon Koch says:

    Yes and most have forgotten that Jimmy Carter helped in removing the Shah. Because Human Rights and Carter did like Shah secret police. There is much about Carter did to help remove the Shah.

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    • Dave says:

      Many reasons to dislike Carter. The Shah removal like you said, and the giveaway of the Panama Canal for another. The China Overseas Shipping Company (COSCO) controls both ends now, and that’s a front for the (Red) Chinese military! Thanks a lot you shriveled peanut! You allowed the enemy into our hemisphere!

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