President Trump Visits West Palm Beach Fire and Rescue Unit #2 – (Video)…

Earlier today President Trump visited West Palm Beach Fire and Rescue Unit-2 to thank first responders and those who are activated during his holiday visit to Mar-a-Largo.

[The audio improves after about one minute]


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32 Responses to President Trump Visits West Palm Beach Fire and Rescue Unit #2 – (Video)…

  1. mtkennedy21 says:

    My son got home for Christmas Day after three weeks at the Thomas fire in Santa Barbara CA. His kids loved it.

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  2. The240report says:

    You would never see Alibama does this. MAGA!

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  3. Pam says:

    This man truly has a servant’s heart. This is what has been missing in the white house for so long. May God bless our first responders. They truly have tough job and should be appreciated for it.

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  4. NJF says:

    What a wonderful gesture, as was the buffet the POTUS & FLOTUS put out for all the secret service and law enforcement covering Mara Lago on Christmas.

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  5. How many times would MAObama have used the words “I” and “Me” and “My” in such a meeting?

    One of the nicest things about our president is that he often uses the words “we,” and places the emphasis on the other people who should be at the center. No more smug looking at the sky, no more Mussolini-esque mugging: what a refreshing sight and sound!

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    • Covfefe-USA says:

      Easy to understand: Someone who has truly accomplished much understand/knows their self-worth – hence, the ability to acknowledge others and give them the credit. On the other hand, a nobody who hasn’t accomplished jack, is fundamentally insecure and knows he’s a nobody. Hence, the need to self-acknowledge, and as we’ve seen time and time again, the “I-Me-My” Presidency. That little pos was/is/and always will be a nobody. No matter how hard he might try to change/alter reality.

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      • reverence1 says:

        So easy to understand and so clear to see (but the press depicts him still as a “narcissist”, at least here in Germany. Reason to let go of the press).
        By the way, a few days ago, I saw this interesting piece by Thomas Wictor on Obama:

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        • fred2w says:

          Great read.

          The molestation theory dovetails into all the rumors of Obama being a gay man on the downlow. If you live that double life, you’d have mental issues, too.

          In light of their messiah Obama possibly being unhinged, it makes sense liberals would deny this and push the “Trump is nuts!” narrative instead.


    • NC PATRIOT says:

      Have NEVER seen his chin in the air———–RARELY heard him say I. He uses the royal “WE”, and always has.

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  6. Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

    MAGA Proud! ~ Well done God! Well Done!

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  7. webgirlpdx says:

    He loves being President. And he’s so good at it. 🙂

    #BestPresidentEver #Blessed

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  8. My hubby and I recently drove from Las Vegas to Vail. The trip is beautiful. We joked about having to discipline ourselves not to stop at every scenic overlook or we were never going to get to the destination. I think Pres Trump has a similar issue but it applies to local LEO. Every time he goes by one of them it’s “Hey let’s stop in and say hi!”. I’m sure his security team is very busy as a result but local LEO is probably fairly secure already.

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  9. treehouseron says:

    Shill reporter tries to shout a question, he claps twice, everybody in the room gives him so much applause you can no longer hear the shill reporter’s nonsense question.

    This is how I like my media to be treated. Hold the camera steady, do a better job on the audio next time, and don’t ask shill questions 🙂

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  10. USA loves Melania says:

    I have had dreams fairly regularly about President Trump over the past couple of years. (I might write about my most recent one in the open thread because it was kind of funny.) One of my dreams from back during the campaign that stood out to me was where I was in a big stadium of some kind with thousands and thousands of people in the stands. I was down on ground level, sort of like ringside seats you might say. It was kind of like some sort of Olympic event or something. Anyway, these three protesters (maybe BLM or just garden variety communists, I don’t know, they’re all about the same) came and took a microphone from one of the announcer guys and they got an American flag from somewhere and threw it on the ground and lit it on fire. The thug with the microphone is screaming some commie type BS. The crowd doesn’t know what to do. Out of nowhere, here comes The Donald, marching across the field all by himself. The protesters start yelling at him, “What you gonna do, m—–f—-er!” That sort of thing. So Donald walks over to where the announcer table is and there is this pole there with a fire extinguisher strapped to it. He calmly takes the extinguisher and sprays the goons in the face and then sprays the flag and puts out the fire. The thugs are running around unable to see because of the extinguishing stuff in their faces. Donald kicks them and grabs the extinguisher by the hose end and starts swinging the canister around and smacking them with it and chases them off the field. He swings the extinguisher over his head and throws it and hits one of the thugs and they go away limping and moaning. Then he comes back and picks up our flag, all charred and in tatters. He picks up the microphone that one of the thugs dropped and says, “Please stand”. But the whole crowd is already on their feet, screaming and cheering, tears running down their faces. Donald starts singing the national anthem and he gets to the part about “our flag was still there” and he’s waving that star spangled banner around and the crowd is going wild. And that’s pretty much the dream.

    That picture of him standing there and in the background it says “FIRE” and right behind the President it says “RESCUE” reminded me of that dream.

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  11. Sunshine says:

    POTUS Trump is a man of the people. Enough said.

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  12. fleporeblog says:

    The love ❤️ our President has for first responders and law enforcement is so genuine. He absolutely gets it. He understands the job they do day in and day out for our country. He doesn’t take it for granted. For many of them, this is the first time they have a President that loves and admires them.

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  13. Farmon says:

    This was the video I’ve been waiting for. Finally my brothers and sisters in the American fire service are getting some air. Love our LEO and really love the military but having spent 26 years in public service I would have hoped we would have been represented better. Nothing like a fire service honor guard with pipes and drums marching in parade formation. Just sayin’.

    It would have been nice to have seen ONE fire/ems unit in his inaugural parade but nope, not one. You can bet it’s because they (IAFF / AFL-CIO) didn’t support him as a national entity. This I can promise you: Many of us (including retirees like yours truly) are proud deplorables and voted for 45. We’re highly trained to see BS, and working the streets we’ve seen plenty. So, when a BHO or another empty suit like (insert Uniparty career politician) some of us can see BS walking a mile away. The union might “tell” us how to vote but no one goes into the ballot box with us. True, there are many demonrats on the FD, but wait until they get a strong dose of al the winning. Hopefully we’ll forget who was the 44th president altogether.

    Thanks President DJT for taking your time to appreciate America’s finest. On a personal note, I hope those cadets are buying ice cream for the whole department…. Carry on.

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  14. New Nonna to be Again!!! says:

    Right on, Farmon!!

    My dear dad was a retired NYC fireman who was on the job 33 years. His greatest joy was casting his vote for candidate Donald J Trump. Dad didn’t live to see President Trump take the oath of office, but he did know he won and beat Liarly Cankles.

    Dad was Deplorable like the rest of us here.

    I’m so pleased to see our President give some time and respect to those who service in the FD and EMS. My husband retired after 36 years with a utility company in the gas department and is now a proud Deplorable serving his community as a Volunteer at our local fire station. Due to past, numerous physical injuries, including a knee replacement, he cannot be a fireman. He joined to help as a fire police member. But he was asked to be and elected Capt of the Fire Police shortly thereafter.

    My dad loved to hear stories of my husband’s assisting at the scene as Luitenant. He didn’t live long enough to see him be ‘promoted’ OR see our President give honor to those who serve their fellow citizens in a fire department or EMS.

    Thank you for doing so, Mr President. As the wife and daughter of two such brave men, I thank you for thinking of them.

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    • hellinahandbasket says:

      @ New Nonna to be Again!!! –
      You are forever in the presence of genuine heroes. Thank your husband for me, and when you visit your Father, thank him for me as well. My young life was saved by a Fireman many years ago, and I am forever grateful for all who run toward danger, so the rest of us can flee from it. Thank you xoxoxo

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      • New Nonna to be Again!!! says:

        Thank you, basket. I’ll share your Thanks with my dad next visit to his place of rest.

        He was as humble as he was strong and brave, so I think he’d not know what to say if I could tell him to his face.

        He rarely shared stories of his days with us. But although he’d change into his civilian clothes before coming home from a tour, we could always smell the smoke on him.

        He only began to share stories w me a few months before his passing last December. One was of an elderly gentleman who came to his fire house asking him for directions one snowy, freezing day. He told me how he’d later heard of a man, fitting the gentleman’s description, who was found frozen to death later that day. My stoic dad was truly saddened by that.

        We can’t begin to know all firemen, EMS, all first responders see and experience. I’m sure the fireman who brought you comfort was greatly touched by seeing you in the hospital recovering rather than just remembering you all broken on the pavement.

        Dad’s fire trucks would often pass our house on the way to a call when we were little and living in Brooklyn. In the summer, the sounds of the fire truck horns and sirens would have us racing out of the pool to get to the front yard to wave to dad as they’d go by.

        Our mom taught us to always say a prayer whenever we heard fire trucks’ horns or sirens. For the possible victims. But I always included the firemen in my prayers. I still do.

        Perhaps those reading this can try to remember to do so for the possible victims and firemen, present and past, too. That’d be an awesome gift to the strong, brave, selfless, humble people who do such work, that would cost nothing but be so valuable.

        God bless you, basket. I hope you’re completely healed physically and in all ways from that horrible accident.

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  15. hellinahandbasket says:

    When I was 18yrs old, I was run-down by a drunk driver while on the back of a motorcycle.
    Left in the road, my entire leg destroyed from the car’s bumper, skin and muscle ripped apart, bones sticking out in all directions, The injured rider/driver frantically banging on doors for help (it was 2am), As I slipped in and out of consciousness, with no one around, came that one moment when all I could see before me, filling-up my entire field of vision, was a pair of big-blue eyes, under a sooty gray Fireman’s hat, strong shoulders wearing a matching soot-covered gray jacket, all of a sudden holding me, lifting me off the ground, telling me “everything is going to be okay”, his face directly in my face – all I could see was him.

    Days later when I was free of the ICU, one morning the door opened to my hospital room, and in walked this same figure, large soot-covered hat, large soot-covered gray jacket and pants, boots too big and clomping – this man was there to check-up on me, this Fireman who saved me, was back to make sure I was okay.

    Many years later, the thing that brings a smile to my face when that awful memory comes to me in crystal-clear clarity . . . is the memory of that Fireman who saved me.

    I have to admit, to this day (40+ years later), Firemen make me weak-in-the-knees, my heart skips-a-beat, my face smiles a wide-smile, and my entire being is grateful for the presence of Firemen, and I am forever grateful for the presence of my one special Fireman, there for me on my most awful night.

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    • New Nonna to be Again!!! says:

      Amen, basket. My heart holds a very special place for them, too.

      So strong, brave, selfless. An incredible bunch of human, God made, wonderment.

      God bless those on the job, the probbies and those retired. ❤️❤️❤️

      PS I’m glad you received comfort from one in particular. 👏👏👏👏

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  16. Big Jake says:

    What a change from “Kiss My Ring” Obama.

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  17. Jedi9 says:

    I lived in the Sanford, Lake Mary area some years ago, and it is where most of the nations fire trucks are customized and built. Small world I guess, but the POTUS visiting these first responders is a very nice gesture! They are the true heroes in most respects!

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  18. konradwp1 says:

    Good Lord, I love President Trump.
    (And I’m not even an American citizen).
    Every other world leader takes their military, LEOs and emergency services that hold society together for granted in their mindless Uni-Party games. President Trump acknowledges their unique sacrifice and contribution. He knows.
    Make it two terms America.
    Trump is not perfect. But he’s better a better leader than any other western democracy currently has.

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  19. G. Combs says:

    One of my strong memories from the Republican National Convention, where President Trump secured the Republican Nomination, was Rudy Giuliani’s speech.

    Rudy said he was letting out a secret that President Trump never wanted told. President Trump always saw to it that the widows of fireman and police officers and wounded fireman and police were taken care of and not left destitute. Trump has ALWAYS honored our police, fire and military. This is NOT for ‘show’ Something designed by a PR department. It is the Real Donald J. Trump who has a heart as wide as this country.

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  20. New Nonna to be Again!!! says:

    An honest Good Man. Too rare.

    God bless you, Mr Trump.


  21. AsksTooManyQuestions says:

    These are the type of things he does that I love!


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