Gregg Jarrett Interviews Representative Matt Gaetz on FBI/DOJ Corruption, Mueller Probe, etc.

Spend enough time chasing slippery rabbits through holes that lead to Deep State mirrored mazes and you develop ninja level cynicism skills.

Applying prior experience to the illegal 2016 FBI and DOJ “Trump Operation” does not present confidence the corrupt, colluding and conspiratorial rabbits can be chased to the necessary dead end. That viewpoint is well understood, believe me.

Additionally, put Rooster-head (Gowdy) and the House Oversight Committee into the mix (with their inherent UniParty swamp defending agenda) and your eyes will likely fall out of your ears from rolling so much. Believe me, I understand -and accept- ninja level cynicism by those who have watched years of gross lawlessness being swept under the swamp rugs.

However, that said, the Judiciary Committee -holding oversight over the DOJ- does appear to be following a different investigative method as they data-mine, map, and drop MOAB’s atop the subterranean network prior to entry.

Led by Chairman Bob Goodlatte, one of those vital judiciary committee members is Representative Jim Jordan; another is Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL):

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119 Responses to Gregg Jarrett Interviews Representative Matt Gaetz on FBI/DOJ Corruption, Mueller Probe, etc.

  1. Joe S says:

    I believe Jim Jordon will be stalwart in this investigation. I was a wrestler. I would not want to wrestle with him:

    From Wiki:
    “Jordan was born and raised in Champaign County, Ohio, and attended Graham High School, graduating in 1982. While at Graham, he was a four-time state wrestling champion with a career record of 150–1. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin–Madison in 1986, obtaining his bachelor’s degree in economics. Jordan was a two-time NCAA Division I wrestling champion. In the 1985 NCAA championship match, Jordan defeated future two-time Olympic gold medalist and four-time world champion John Smith.[1]”

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  2. bunkers says:

    Gaetz certainly seems to be speaking without threat of reprisal….if we get a couple of hundred more of them in Congress we’ll be on our way. Every long journey starts…..

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  3. rf121 says:

    He just needs to check his breaks. Every. Day.

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  4. Dixie says:

    IMO, they will never have enough information to indict until they have confessions written on paper and signed by the perpetrators.

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  5. joeknuckles says:

    Somebody was slamming Gaetz on another thread earlier. He was just on Fox again with Ed Henry and he sure seems real to me. He answers questions clearly and directly, without equivocating.

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  6. mitrom says:

    SD – You are right. There are some positive signs that it could be different this time and some of the culprits might be held accountable. The American people certainly hope so. Keep fighting for the truth and justice, Americans!

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  7. Ari says:

    I can be ninja-level cynical, BUT, I am shocked, I say shocked at the speed of some of the turn arounds that have happened this year. It appears that the other side is a kind of house of cards that can be toppled with a little well placed force.

    Consider the unmasking of the UniParty the past 18 months. Almost the entire republican media has been shown to be either #NeverTrumpers or ignorant of modern politics (e.g. Limbaugh).

    The UniParty construct (dems + Rino + GOPe + Freedumb Caucus) is clear to all those who are paying attention. The Usurpers have flocked to Trump to take credit, especially the ‘conservatives’.

    The Main Street economic approach and America First policies are in full swing and bringing tangible results with almost no real effort by the Trump team.

    And on and on…

    I was presenting the other side as a giant immovable force when the truth is that they are paper thin and weak.

    With respect to the corrupt FBI and DOJ I predict that Trump will have to step in to force change (via the leak investigation team?). The DOJ IG and congress can not be counted on to come through.

    Trump will personally have to march through the offices of the EPA, DOJ, FBI, DHS, CIA, NSA, HHS, et al and shine the light into the darkness. No one else has the gravitas.

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    • The Main Street economic approach and America First policies are in full swing and bringing tangible results with almost no real effort by the Trump team.
      No real effort? I strongly disagree. The best athletes are the ones that make it look really easy. What you don’t see is the tens of thousands of hours of practice that was required to get that good. The Trump team is similar. They make it look effortless and easy but it has taken a lifetime of experience to get to where they are.

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  8. Minnie says:

    God bless and protect Rep. Gaetz, one of the few loyal, patriotic Americans on our side.

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  9. Ghostrider says:

    That interview does little to convince me something good will come out of this for the Trump Administration. Actually tired of branches of government investigating eac other. Sick of the resistance movement even more. These liberals and former Obama Administration people need to be crushed.

    Google the following three words: Mueller Probe End and see what all the media outlets put online just today. Mueller’s probe into Trump will continue with no end in sight. This media narrative will intensify to carry through the mid terms. The Democrats are playing offense and have a great knack for acting like they are in charge when they are not. Amazing.

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    • Minnie says:

      Why would you afford the mudslime media one moment of your precious time?

      They are ALL corrupt liars.

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    • Deb says:

      The three branches are supposed to have oversight. Checks and balances and all that.

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      • The Boss says:

        All three branches were progressively corrupted. Now we have a Chief Executive and Cabinet heads who haven’t been bought off like whores known as Clinton, Bush, “senator”, “congressman” or “Your honor”. That’s a solid start in cleaning up political prostitution.

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    • Patriot1783 says:

      Surprised you’d comment here again after your earlier response tonight to Sundance on the Coverup/Nunes/Kramwr thread

      Ghostrider says:
      December 27, 2017 at 9:18 pm
      You are a nasty dude. Don’t care for the attitude SD

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      • Old Lady says:

        Patriot, scolding one for rudeness does not mean one does not like the person or appreciate his work and comments. It’s simply pointing out when one oversteps. Sundance made a couple of comments that I interpreted as unnecessarily abrupt, and apparently Ghostrider did as well. Does not mean we don’t love and appreciate him.


        • Patriot1783 says:

          So you too are going to publicly insult the writer/host of this blog who has run it for over seven years and invites you & thousands of strangers into his living room 24 hours a day after he commented that people were posting yet not reading one of his rare and basic requests for
          help ?
          Lol, and you have the nerve to tell Sundance he overstepped in his own blog 😂😂😂

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          • Albertus Magnus says:

            Thanks, Patriot! I am sick and tired of those that come here who do nothing but attack and discredit the Administration and those of us that seek to support their efforts to MAGA.

            It is the same names. It is the same people. Night after night, they show up and seek to discredit, dishearten and discourage the rest of us. Some do it very cleverly. You know, with snarky posts that are humorous but which are even more effective in spreading discouragement because they ARE clever and funny. Then you have the enablers who laugh at them, tell them how much they are missed (but they never are gone for long) who ride out any storms they cause and slip in the occasional links to Bannon’s Brietbart, Cernovich or others who use PDJT to get clicks and donations for their conspiratorial tripe.

            I wish I had Sundance’s perseverance and determination. These people should have sunlight shined on them but it would require SD’s investigative skills to link all of their BS posted here for the last 2 years. And even if someone did, all that would happen is that a few people would step in and say something like “don’t censor people” or similar.

            Anyway, trolls and punch-bowl-turds, please make a New Year’s resolution to go crap in someone else’s yard, or in this case, someone else’s treehouse.

            Please and thank you.

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          • Old Lady says:

            Nope. I’m just pointing out that asking for help usually gets more results when not being rude. He can continue to do what he wishes with his own blog. But manners still count in most corners.


          • Old Lady says:

            Perhaps, Patriot, you have a different relationship with “Sundance” than most of us here. This is not his living room, and we are not attending a social. This is his place of business. Your very presence here, and mine, is a means for him to live.

            Two brothers in my small town operate a business. One is kind, one is arrogant. When the kind one was injured, the town poured out to support him. The arrogant one admitted none would probably spit on him to extinguish the flame were he to catch on fire.

            Bottom line, if you wish to be revered in business, you should remember to be at least mannerly.

            But of course, you may be a personal friend and know who “Sundance” is. The majority of us just do business with him.


            • Patriot1783 says:

              This is not a business it is a personal blog that the left can’t stand coz it speaks the truth no matter how hard the sunlight shines or who it hits.
              If you or others don’t like how it’s run or ponder why the owner won’t change his style due to your little hurt feelings perhaps you should find another blog that better suits your needs.


    • Then again, maybe Gaetz just gave away (whether he knows it or not) the globalist plan to put on their best kabuki theater yet. Say by ending the mule/er SC, stating that Trump is clear and “innocent” of any collusion (which will enrage or change nothing with the “citizen” dimocraps) then rush through a new investigation. One where the entire krooked klinton klan are all found guilty of much lesser charges, slapped on the wrists and told “knock it off”…

      When it comes right down to it all, and as now President Trump said, we can’t count on the same people who rigged (I might add and use daily) the system to fix the rigged system, but that’s exactly what 99% of those doing the “investigating” are, swampers. All of ’em. It’s the same shell game players as before, with maybe one or two good guys we see so far, and there are…

      Trillions at stake.

      I will remain a steadfast cynic until traitors are shown lacking the necessary ventilation to remain or become vertical. Period. Where is bob menendez these days?

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    • jeans2nd says:

      So what are you doing to counter that media narrative and change things, Ghostrider? To whom have you spoken? What phone calls have you made, what emails have you sent?

      It is well and good to complain, but unless and until one does something to change the situation, the words are meaningless.

      The Legislative Branch of gubmint can do naught but investigate. W/o a Pres and DOJ that will prosecute, you end up with lawlessness like the past eight years.

      Change things.
      Go Do Something!


  10. pmdea says:

    Gaedz mentions Peter Strzok and “his boss”, Mr no Name again…where is Bill Priestap.

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  11. lfhbrave says:

    Two observations:
    1. Gaetz spoke of FBI Director Mueller and SoS Hillary in the same sentence as the ones playing a critical role in approving the U-1 deal.
    2. He mentioned “Strzok’s boss” without naming the person.

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  12. Harry Lime says:

    All that money and all that cheating and lawbreaking, not to mention all of the stuff we don’t even know about, and she STILL lost the election!

    I think I’ll crack open a nice cold beer, put my feet up, and enjoy a pleasant evening in a country where Donald Trump is president…ahhhhhh, yesssireee!

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    • Minnie says:

      Indeed, the bottom line – OUR President won.


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      • Carrie2 says:

        Minnie, and will keep on winning. He is a great strategist where others have just worked on whatever came to their head. Anyone with brains (and apparently not many have them in Congress or outside Congress) would never, ever play around with Trump because his will always be the winning game. I love it when he makes concentrate and think on one track, which on the other several tracks he is running what he wants to win and knocking them down at the same time. His technique is far beyond what they ever imagined. Fun to watch!

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    • Cisco says:

      Slowly but surely I’m beginning to believe it was Divine Providence.

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    • Ahhhhh…….yessiree…….good idea–Grabbed a beer out of the fridge–watching Simon and Simon on the boob tube and thinking that Donald J. Trump is my President and ultimately in charge of all of this.

      Life ain’t so bad, now is it……..

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  13. Gaetz is the one that let us know they have email evidence on McCabe

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    • joeknuckles says:

      More specifically, as Gaetz told Ed Henry tonight, McCabe pulled the Clinton email investigation out of the D.C. office and brought it back to HQ so he could give her the “special” treatment.

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  14. Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

    well that was a complete waste of time to watch…. neither of them said anything new.
    Garrett [the lawyer] led the witness with questions that asked and answered for Gaetz to nod in unison agreement like a good little doggie.

    all just to end with the same screeching of we need a second special council….. YAWN

    I know many of you like Gaetz but i am still back on the curb wondering how that post turtle got up there on that post and why they put him there…’s hard for me to take him seriously as a straight shooter with the law when he himself had no problems with his political family pulling strings to get him off the hook for a DWI … and god only knows what else. Not to mention this first year Jr senator has 4!!! prime time committee seats in his first year… Red Flag flying high for me

    I’ll give him this….He sure has the whole ISSA-Gowdy-Chaffitz cockadoodle doo down pat…

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    • nonniemae says:

      He is in the House of Representatives not the Senate

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    • Chicago->Arizona says:

      I usually agree with your posts word for word. Yes, his 4 Committee assignments as a Junior Congressman raises the red flag. He also racked up 16 speeding tickets in Florida between 1999 and 2014 in addition to his DUI arrest. Deborah, I agree that he has no regard for the rule of law, but that is OK for now.

      Junior Congressman Gaetz is an opportunist ,he is neither a white or black hat. He has a history of straddling the fence on issues. He eventually takes a stand on issues that will advance his career. Remember, his father and grandfather were career politicians.

      I believe, he sees the winds shifting in favor of President Trump and wants to be on the winning team. If he thought otherwise, he would join the RINOS.

      His opportunism, combined with his naivety and history of risk taking (16 speeding tickets) to spite authorities, maybe the psyche that is needed to help bring down the deep state.

      In other words, we need all the narcissistic sociopath opportunists we can muster on our side to bring down the deep state….we can deal with their personality disorders later. 🙂


    • crash71234 says:

      He’s not a senator. He’s in the House.


  15. MAGAbear says:

    What is the deal with Fox anymore, I can’t turn on a show without seeing that former Hillary operative (whatever his name is) on every show lying and obfuscating about all things CCS (Clinton Crime Syndicate). How exactly does this enlighten anyone or anything? Thank goodness for the mute control.

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    • Deborah @UnTamedInSD says:

      too many liberals on fox for me to ever turn them on in the first place.

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    • ALEX says:

      FOX is unwatchable for me Outside one or two people. I would say 90% are democrats play acting poorly…

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    • lCSmom says:

      Between Phillipe Raines and that dinosaur Richard Gladstein they have the Clinton sychophant contingent covered.


    • mariner says:

      Doug somebody-or-other. I’m so disgusted by that smarmy liar, that when I see him introduced I close the window within a few seconds.

      He’s apparently one of Fox’s favorite Democrats.

      I hadn’t watched them at all in years, but I caught their Internet video to find out what happened in Las Vegas.

      I never have found out, but I have my suspicions that Americans will never be told any true version of that story.

      And I’m so sick of turning them on to hear yet more left-wing b.s. on what is alleged to be a conservative channel.


    • John in Indy says:

      I noticed the change after the Saudi (Quatari?) prince bought an influential percentage of Fox. They went to hell after that and I stopped watching.
      John in Indy


  16. jmclever says:

    I noticed Rep. Gaetz did not name Peter Strzok’s boss. Isn’t that Bill Priestap going unnamed again?

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    • sundance says:

      Yes. He is obviously the man “never to be named” – EVER.

      Now figure out why that is, and I’ll buy you a steak dinner.

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      • The Boss says:

        Heck SD, I’ll buy you a steak dinner any time.

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      • MAGAbear says:

        Maybe both sides aren’t sure if he’s a black hat or white hat……..or a black hat who is flipping. Best not to provoke the unknown entity. It’s my best guess for the steak dinner. 🙂

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      • He’s Russian?? lol

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        • pmdea says:

          Maybe Priestap was the brains of the “Trump Project” at the FBI, so OIG doesn’t drop anything on him as it’s the Biggy, and needs to be kept underwraps for now..


      • Bree says:

        He’s filling in the blanks, or what is called “dropping dimes”.

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      • Sylvia Avery says:

        My theory is he is in the Witness Protection Program. He has been disappeared.

        I have no evidence to back up my theory, so don’t ask.

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      • DanO64 says:

        It’s not the name, or the position, or the normal authority of the position associated with “he/she who will not be named.” It’s “who” he/she has direct access to. Who he/she represents. Who he/she talks to directly; not in his/hers direct chain of command. He/she talks to the final approving authority for the entire traitorous conspiracy. He/she talks to the big Kahuna then passes on the instructions to the players.
        Priestup was supposedly the author of the sniveling reply “because of the sensitivity of the matter” which subsequently raised the question why Comey would use the words of an underling versus formulation his own legalese response. Priestup has power behind him well beyond his official duty title. Perhaps


      • KBR says:

        Maybe he connects too easily to a whole lot of the Senators, HOR’s, and /or SOC justices? Just a thought.


      • jmclever says:

        Given the nature of interconnected top personnel and the numerous people who were shuffled around as acting heads of departments, I’m wondering if the boss was different for different people at different times and that’s why no specific name is mentioned. Could be there are many culpable people holding that role over the timeframe being looked at.


  17. lfhbrave says:

    My “ninja level cynicism skills”:

    It’s a customary and prudent practice in business to carry two types of insurance. One is “comprehensive/general liability insurance” covering the ordinary risk of running a business, the other is “umbrella insurance” which covers what is not covered by or over the general liability insurance.

    We now pretty much know the “muh Russia” was an insurance implemented by those insured and co-insured. the question is, did they take out an “umbrella insurance”?

    Perhaps, just perhaps, those insured and co-insured took out umbrella insurance on January 12, 2017.

    Never underestimate those chess masters at IC, DOJ and FBI. Given the high risk of taking down a duly elected POTUS, I won’t be surprised if there is another layer of insurance on top of umbrella insurance in the “Trump Project”.

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    • Being a globalist stooge comes with full benefits, “umbrella” coverage is a given… along with extreme aspects of evil to back it up.


    • Donna in Oregon says:

      Yep. I think so too. I think there are two (2) muh Russia sources. One comes from Soros and Baltic Intel (I think Macedonia) via the CIA and the other came from the British/Russian connected spy Steele for the FBI. Only one is traceable.

      6 ways from Sunday…

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  18. Impossible says:

    My father, who spoke through aphorisms, told me, “An honest man can break the back of a dishonest nation.” Continuing he said, “but given power his resolve will weaken.” That was typical of the way he spoke. Only now, decades after his passing can I begin to understand his words. This is exactly the conundrum of political resolution we desperately seek. It seems so obvious to those of us who cry out for justice what has befallen. We keep laying our trust upon the “powerfully weakened.” Pray that one single person comes forward who is both honest, powerful, yet uncorrupted by that same power. Those without power cannot confront the corruption; those with power often gained it by looking askance. Pray, daily, that a man of power has risen uncorrupted. That individual can tip over the first domino, and then the clatter of falling tiles will be the sweet music of truth purging out corruption.

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  19. kinthenorthwest says:

    Such a waste of money by the left…Make a bet its reached enough to house and feed way over 50% of our homeless population.

    Mueller Witch Hunt Sets Sights On New Target: The Republican National Committee

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  20. DeWalt says:

    One part of his statement needs to change. She didn’t get special treatment because she was a candidate, she got it because a small group of people were choosing our next President for us. Trump was a candidate and he would not have been treated the same if he committed these crimes.
    How many times has this happened before. Obama comes to mind as one. Had any one else got the nomination besides Trump, they would have crushed them.

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    • yakmaster2 says:

      No, they would have left a globalist RINO nominee alone—-particularly Jeb Bush because he’s a Uniparty team player. Thank heaven the Repub electorate recognized that the Bushes are birds of a feather with the Clintons.

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      • mariner says:

        And for that a large measure of thanks is due our very own Sundance!

        He’s the one, and so far as I know the ONLY one, to show us the UniParty behind the curtain, who it intended to shove down our throat, and how–two years before it happened.

        May God bless Sundance along with President Trump, Q, LGEN Flynn and everyone else helping to MAGA!

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      • sejmon says:

        I remember -i do not have link- when those lovebirds- Hillary/Jeb had buss.lunch they cooked something together…well they have to eat crow….

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    • harrietht3 says:

      Obama publicly exonerated (March 2015) HRC re the email scandal even while Congress was in the midst of its investigation into it.

      In other words, while Congress was going through the motions of an investigation, it had already been decided at the highest levels of the UniParty that HRC was to get a pass, regardless of the impending public outcry. She was going to be President; if mountains needed moving, they would be.

      The maze we’re traveling through now — God willing with an outcome commensurate with the crimes — must be endured, and the political will of the people strong enough to overcome the treachery pitted against us.

      I remember the court narrative of the time (2016 in particular) being that it would cause something akin to a Constitutional crisis if she were to be indicted. Many people thought at the time that Comey’s exoneration of her was his falling on his sword in order to save the nation from a crisis. And remember, so clear was her path to the Presidency that Bernie Sanders was even fraudulently “dispatched,” as it were.

      She *had* to become President in order to further the destruction of America for globalist gain and just as importantly to cover the multitude of crimes and criminals in our own government which only *her* presidency could do.

      So, I would say it’s a rather large and powerful group of people pushing the HQ special treatment using the small group who actually did the dirty work.

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      • CharterOakie says:

        That is undoubtedly the case when $trillions are at stake.

        The cabal is indeed large and powerful.
        Ironically, many if not most of them are CONVINCED that they are doing God’s work.
        Many of them just don’t realize which god, which “father” it is for whom they live and work.
        Viz John chapter 8.


  21. wheatietoo says:

    This is how current FBI Director Wray can “Un-ring that Bell”.

    Pointing out that Hillary “received special treatment because she was a candidate” puts this into the realm of…Election Tampering.

    So here we are gaining evidence, that top level people in the DOJ & FBI, committed Obstruction of Justice…in order to tamper in a Presidential Election.
    So that’s two crimes:
    — Obstruction of Justice
    — Election Tampering

    Not to mention abuse-of-power.
    This goes beyond mere ‘bias’…this is political operatives working within our Justice Dept to affect an Election.

    I seem to have gotten a lot more out of this Interview than some of the others who watched.
    Because I thought it was great.

    Gregg Jarrett and Matt Gaetz laid it all out rather well.
    Jarrett even called the dirty dossier what it is…”an insurance policy to frame Donald Trump for wrongdoing that doesn’t exist.”

    Now, because it is being made clear that Obstruction of Justice was committed in order to tamper with an Election…there are grounds for the Clinton Email Investigation to be re-opened.
    And prosecuted.

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    • lCSmom says:

      I watched it on tv and also thought it was good and informative. I think Gaetz was choosing his words carefully when he spoke about her getting special treatment as a candidate. I think he’s pretty sharp.

      I also think Ron DeSantis is good and these guys seem like dogs with a bone right now that they are not going to give up. I am encouraged by their willingness to talk about it in the media.

      Also like that Greg Jarrett is getting lots of air time on Fox. He is on Hannity tonight too as a commentator.

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      • wheatietoo says:

        Yeah, I think both Gaetz and Jarrett were choosing their words carefully.

        It’s like they were ‘laying out a case’…and drawing a roadmap of what has been going on + what is going on now — and tied it together.

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    • Sylvia Avery says:

      Wheatie, I’m with you. I keep reading these comments where people are ragging on the interview or Gaetz and I keep scratching my head and wondering if we saw the same interview. It is the oddest thing. Very disorienting. I saw the same thing you did.

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      • wheatietoo says:

        Thanks, Sylvia.
        And yeah, it is the oddest thing, isn’t it.

        I have been really impressed with Gaetz…and with Gregg Jarrett, too.
        Gaetz is a fighter. We need that.
        And he seems to be tireless too, doing a lot of tv interviews on days when congress is in session.

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    • Guy-Blanc Déploré says:

      Registering agreement with this post and all replies timestamped earlier than this one.
      It was definitely worthwhile, and Jarrett’s been kickin’ a** and taking names lately.

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  22. rajabear1 says:

    Oh. Hell yaeh!
    Those we have sent, including my President, are about ready to brake loose.
    Ready to go. So damn amazing to watch and ready to fight…
    Thanks SD for ALL you cover. You are amazing.

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  23. alliwantissometruth says:

    “Spend enough time chasing slippery rabbits through holes that lead to Deep State mirrored mazes and you develop ninja level cynicism skills.

    Applying prior experience to the illegal 2016 FBI and DOJ “Trump Operation” does not present confidence the corrupt, colluding and conspiratorial rabbits can be chased to the necessary dead end. That viewpoint is well understood, believe me”

    Sundance… yep, the frustration level is through the roof when dealing with this bleeding carcass that seems it won’t die, but it looks like we’re rolling this carcass close to the precipice, & whether we can roll it over is yet to be seen

    In these situations you can bet the powers that be come together to discuss the “sensitivity of the matter”, & after it’s been deemed “too explosive” for the nation to handle, the white hats (grey?) & black hats come to some agreement to keep it under wraps

    Our ace in the hole this time around is President Trump, who’s changed the entire Washington dynamic. It’s no longer business as usual

    I believe President Trump would never sweep something under the rug because the nation couldn’t handle the upheaval. He’d relish in it

    So it’s who’s sitting in the Oval Office that fills me with confidence, that makes me believe things will be different this time around

    He couldn’t do it alone mind you, but with the few patriots he has in office, & the people such as Sundance & the Deplorables working the case, we just might pull this thing off before the Swamp drowns us

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  24. mariner says:

    I got so distracted participating in the thread I almost forgot why I was here (for the first time, of course). 😉

    Since this thread concerns the FBI in 2016, I bring for a repeat perfomance “FBI Anon”.

    In the summer of 2016 he conducted two back-to-back “AMA (Ask Me Anything)” exchanges on Reddit. He purports to be a high-level FBI counter-intelligence agent closely familiar with the Clinton “matters”.

    He offered some pretty shocking opinions and pieces of information, the biggest of which was to concentrate on the Clinton Foundatation–both the scale and severity of the wrongdoing are much greater than anyone realizes and higher than the e-mail server scandal.

    Here is a friendly summary by the Churchmouse Campanologist. Close the space of the URL for a link:


    Here is the complete AMA exchange:

    Close the space of the URL, and click on the image to expand it. /6zq652jwnhuz.png

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  25. Howie says:

    The HQ Special is going off the rails.

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  26. wodiej says:

    One thing I know is no matter how smart, devious, slick, clever, rich, powerful, mean, and arrogant a person is, God SEES them. Those of us who live our lives by the laws of God know this. Unfortunately, these people will always be present and we must continue to stay alert and fight them with God leading our way.

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  27. jeans2nd says:

    James Comey did not write the statement that detailed the crimes of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton email server.
    E.W. “Bill” Priestap wrote that statement, w/o the exoneration, dated 24 April 2016, detailed in Judicial Watch’s docs obtained in a FOIA.

    Cynicism is well-understood and, after 8 years of lawlessness under Obama, entirely justified. Going up the rabbit hole, the trail ends with Obama, who Mitch McConnell said would never be impeached.

    We have an attorney general who scrupulously follows the law. If there is a way to indict and prosecute, AG Jeff will find it. AG Jeff had a front row seat during the 8 years of lawlessness.

    As Yoda said, there is another. Should AG Jeff not find it in him to do the right thing, we still have Henry Kerner, who also had a front row seat as a Chaffetz and Issa Congressional investigator, and is now head of the Office of Special Counsel (OSC).
    The good guys have been set free and are running amuck in D.C. One of them is going to stick.
    There is another.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. KBR says:

    There is a patently obvious “special treatment” that was not mentioned in the interview, and seems also to be an “unmentionable” these days:

    With careless handling of any level of classified info, “lack of intent” is NO EXCUSE!

    People are serving time or have served time for careless handling without intent to do so.

    Her supposed “exhonoration” was based upon a false excuse in the first place, that has no legal standing.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. thehouseonmstreet says:

    So there’s a football field full of criminals who have been paid by the American taxpayer all of whom could face indictment for one crime or another. I want to see the head coach, Obama, get his ass dragged through the ringer. It is at his behest that all of the warrantless spying was conducted. His puppets need to serve time, but I won’t be personally happy until I see the world finally understanding what a real criminal this man is.

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  30. scarlettbr says:

    For 8 years I’ve watched every hearing. At first, I cheered and thought finally something will be done about this lawlessness.
    As time went on, after observing the protected class, protected at all levels, one becomes aware this is all political theater. To keep us entertained, keep fundraising up and voting them back into office.
    This time it is to keep a real President in check. They are holding Trump and us back with the fear of impeachment, there will be no wall, no real move on illegals. Because the swamp will keep this farce in the headlines. Call me cynical.
    Tax cuts are good, but I don’t recall at the rallies people chanting “cut my taxes”, no, they chanted “Build the Wall”.


  31. sturmudgeon says:

    “walk in another man’s shoes”. My, you are impatient! Have you, or anyone you have EVER seen/known, encountered the continual opposition that has confronted President Trump? To do a thing right takes TIME, bud.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. chris Poor says:

    Video is reported as ‘Restricted’ when I try to watch it. I’m sensing a pattern…


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