The Third Sunday Of Advent, Gaudete Sunday

Advent Wreath 3The Latin word Gaudete means rejoice.  Rejoice Sunday, as we prepare for the birth of the Christ Child in our hearts.

Reading 1IS 61:1-2A, 10-11

The spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me,
because the LORD has anointed me;
he has sent me to bring glad tidings to the poor,
to heal the brokenhearted,
to proclaim liberty to the captives
and release to the prisoners,
to announce a year of favor from the LORD
and a day of vindication by our God.I rejoice heartily in the LORD,
in my God is the joy of my soul;
for he has clothed me with a robe of salvation
and wrapped me in a mantle of justice,
like a bridegroom adorned with a diadem,
like a bride bedecked with her jewels.
As the earth brings forth its plants,
and a garden makes its growth spring up,
so will the Lord GOD make justice and praise
spring up before all the nations.

Find the explanation for the pink candle and the rose colored vestments at the above link, and why we call it Gaudete Sunday.

Please respect the nature and intent of this post. If you are not Christian, pass by, no comment necessary. Absolutely no tolerance will be given to any political or off topic posts. Future posts will be closed to comments or eliminated if we can’t all be respectful. Each week we have had an increasing number of off topic comments. Please don’t make me have to discontinue our Christmas posts for everyone else! Thank you, Menagerie

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75 Responses to The Third Sunday Of Advent, Gaudete Sunday

  1. kinthenorthwest says:

    TY Menagerie–Do you believe that you have the True Spirit of Christmas.
    May the Spirit of Christmas be always in your heart and our beautiful Treepers.

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  2. CorwinAmber says:

    I love this version

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  3. margarite1 says:

    Went to a Gala on December 1st (very dressy), have been listening to Christmas music, watching those sappy Hallmark movies, watched Christmas Vacation last night (every year I can’t resist) went to my niece’s Christmas dance recital last weekend…but tonight I went to a Christmas concert here in Portland and when they sang Mary Did You Know….that was the moment I choked up and really felt like it’s Christmas.

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  4. Sunshine says:

    Just magnificent words, beautiful.
    I cannot express how happy I am to have discovered this website.
    Thank You.

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  5. georgiafl says:

    This one…….always brings tears and an appreciation for what our LORD faced.

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    • New Nonna to be Again!!! says:

      O, Georgia, thank you. Beautiful. Humbles us, doesn’t it?

      Thank you so much for these posts, menagerie. We value them dearly.

      May I suggest before you stop posting, should others not appreciate your requests for respecting these posts, that you ban the offender(s) instead.

      Thank you these are just wonderful and heart warming.

      God bless us, every one. Thank You, God! Thank You, Jesus!

      Thank you for your YES, Blessed Mother. ❤️

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  6. 300 says:

    Been a rough year for the 300 household, but the tide is turning and no one is kickin dirt on my casket yet. I pray every day for my salvation, for our nation and it’s leaders, our military personnel and my family and friends. Merry Christmas everybody

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    • LafnH20 says:

      A Very Merry Christmas to you and your family!!
      I pray, the best, the Very Best…. is yet to come!!

      Merry Christmas to everyone in the Treehouse family!!

      And the most Heart felt THANK YOU… To Sundance and his family!

      YOU… Are simply AMAZING!!

      In my opinion, Your fellow Citizens owe you a debt of gratitude, which cannot be repaid!!

      May the Lord, Bless you and keep you.

      Merry Christmas, Starfish Boy!!!


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    • Blue Ridge Mts Va. says:

      From Andre Rieu’s “Live From Radio City Music Hall” in New York City 2004, with the Johann Strauss Orchestra and the Harlem Gospel Choir.

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  7. imkittymyers says:

    I used to take my young grandson to Mass. Typical of a kid, he hated it and wanted to leave right after taking communion. He figured out if we sat up front we could leave sooner. His parents finally gave him the option of not going, so, of course, he hasn’t been in years. I’ve been praying ever since that he’d return to the Church. He’s 16 now. Last week he called me and asked if he could go to Christmas Eve Mass with me! I’m not holding my breath he’ll continue to go, but it’s a first step and I’ll keep praying. Talk about Christmas miracles…!

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    • dave says:

      Excellent. Good luck.

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    • margarite1 says:

      Early training! How important it was and he will always love you for it – especially when he’s older.


      • AM says:

        This isn’t “early training”. This is a serious new beginning that she can take advantage of…but she may have to put work into it.


    • CountryclassVulgarian says:

      Just keep right on praying for him. God is merciful.

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      • AM says:

        But also do..pray always, but when kids leave the faith for lack of knowledge, that’s what God expects us to do. He expect us to work, too and not transmit the faith directly into their heads and hearts.

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    • AM says:

      And if you have the chance..ask if he has any questions you can answer! Keep praying, but darn it, we need to talk to these kids, too. Being nice and nice some more and even more nice while never saying anything (not even about your prayers) is not how to evangelize.

      Nothing about Catholicism is self evident and I guarantee he’s not had proper education. Yet there are answers for everything. If he asks you something you don’t know, get back to him! Find it out for yourself. Absolutely nothing in Catholicism requires you just to believe – there is evidence (not in an experimental scientific sense, but in a way most people understand) for every part of Catholic teaching.

      If he thinks the Mass you go to is dopey for whatever reason, offer to take him to Latin Mass, even if you’ve never been. Guaranteed it will look and feel like the seriousness he’s probably never experienced.

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    • New Nonna to be Again!!! says:

      Kitty, congratulations! God is so good, ALL the time!!

      I understand your feelings. You are not alone in your heartache over children or grandchildren who’ve taken a step or more back from practicing their faith. I’m sure EVERY believing and practicing Christian has at least 1 story they could share and one more heartbreaking than the next.

      I pray and continue to pray. We’ve been told to pray without ceasing, knock to have it opened, and that faith is a gift from God.

      I look at the example of St. Monica who prayed for her irreverent son, who later became such a holy man he was named a DOCTOR the Church. I believe I need to witness my faith and not hide my light under a bushel, but not everyone is comfortable talking about their faith to others who seemingly have no use for it. So, like St. Monica, I pray and pray and continue to pray.

      I once heard: We cannot do God’s work and He will NOT do ours. Mine I see to pray and live my faith as an example. As another Saint (Francis) said: Preach the Gospel always, and when necessary use words.

      God bless your grandson and every baptized child of God. May they all realize who they really are: A loved son or daughter of The King of Kings!

      I pray every unbaptized person seeks the Lord, God and Savior And is blessed with faith.

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      • AM says:

        “I believe I need to witness my faith and not hide my light under a bushel, but not everyone is comfortable talking about their faith to others who seemingly have no use for it. So, like St. Monica, I pray and pray and continue to pray.”

        Pray always…but stepping out of comfort zones is a must. For every one Catholic gained, we’re losing 6. Too much praying, not enough doing or talking. If God literally throws the opportunity to talk to someone friendly into your lap, do not let it escape without at least cheerful – “I’m here for questions or whatever it is you want to talk about in regard to God and Christ.”

        St. Augustine, for better or worse, had a Mother who was almost comical in her nagging of her son to enter into the Church. There may have been a delay, but in the end, she had saint for a son.

        “As another Saint (Francis) said: Preach the Gospel always, and when necessary use words.”

        He didn’t actually say this – it’s unknown. Unfortunately, I’m developing a sort of a twitchy reaction to it in this day and age. The other name for Christ is The Logos or The Word. Yes, talk. The Gospel could be diffused by warm fuzzy feelings on planet Earth, it would be everywhere by now. People will make mistakes, but it’s so much better to have errored on the side of opening discussion than just hoping someone sees what you see.

        “We cannot do God’s work and He will NOT do ours. Mine I see to pray and live my faith as an example. ”

        Do you know your faith? Knowing your faith, mostly definitely, an age of apostasy and doubt is your job, too. God offers us a world where our actions matter. Of course, it begins with prayer and example. That’s step 1. Step 2 is actually physically preaching the faith.

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  8. Donna in Oregon says:

    Matthew 11:28-30 King James Version (KJV)

    28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
    29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.
    30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

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  9. penny munday says:

    Rejoice! Rejoice! Emmanuel shall come to thee, O Israel!

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  10. Oldschool says:

    Praise be to God for all His blessings, especially for those, like Menagerie, who spread the Word, share the Spirit and shed the light. May we all be with God. Thank you menagerie.

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  11. Conservative_302 says:

    Every time I read something from the bible, I am reminded how great the Lord is, and I take comfort in his teachings. These words remind me to be kind and grateful. Our time on this planet is short. Spreading peace and goodwill is a good way to spend it; for, everyone Is struggling with something.

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  12. Minnie says:

    For God so loved the world, He gave His one and only Son, so many that all who believe in Him will not perish but have eternal life”
    (John 3:16)

    Thank God, thank you, Jesus 🙏

    May the the love and the joy of our Lord, Jesus Christ, bring you peace ❤️

    Wishing all a beautiful, peaceful Sunday.

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    • Cuppa Covfefe says:

      Here is a beautiful setting of “A Hymn of the Nativity” by Kenneth Leighton, for solo Soprano and SATB Chorus. We sang this (many years ago) at USC and I’ve been hunting for it ever since on YouTube.

      Leighton brings out the contradiction of Jesus lowering Himself to our level in order to Save us. Summer in Winter, Day in Night, Heaven in Earth, GOD in man. GREAT little one.

      Far beyond our comprehension, and far beyond what we deserve. By Grace alone…

      A Happy and Blessed Christmas to all!

      A Hymn of the Nativity – Kenneth Leighton
      Performed by The City of London Choir.

      We saw Thee in Thy balmy nest, Young Dawn of our eternal day! We saw Thine eyes break from The East And chase the trembling shades away. We saw Thee; and we blessed the sight, We saw Thee by Thine own sweet light.

      I saw the obsequious seraphims Their rosy fleece of fire bestow. For well they now can spare their wings, Since heaven itself lies here below. Well done, said I: but are you sure Your down, so warm, will pass for pure?

      No, no, your King’s not yet to seek Where to repose His royal head. See, see, how soon His new bloomed cheek Twixt mother’s breasts is gone to bed. Sweet choice, said we! no way but so: Not to lie cold, yet sleep in snow.

      Welcome, to our wond’ring sight! Eternity shut in a span. Summer in winter, day in night, Heaven in earth, and God in man. Great little One! Whose glorious birth Lifts earth to heaven, stoops heaven to earth.

      To Thee, meek Majesty! soft King Of simple graces and sweet loves. Each of us his lamb will bring, Each his pair of silver doves; Till burnt at last in fire of Thy fair eyes, Ourselves become our own best sacrifice.

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  13. Betty Cook says:

    I really appreciate your content here. It aligns me in a chaotic world. Never stop the Christian content.

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  14. God Bless you, Sundance, and everyone posting here at the Conservative Treehouse. May he continue to watch over us all as we travel across the globe to visit with friends and family. I pray that those who already have found Jesus continue to be strong in their faith and that those who have no faith find it in this coming year.

    I may not post much on this site but reading it each day is a blessing to me and I am glad to be reminded to renew my own faith in Jesus my Savior by the candle burning on the main page. I am thankful for the many blessings the Lord has bestowed upon me and the strength with which he has filled me to face the loss of my father this year.

    In the immortal words of Charles Dickens through Tiny Tim: God Bless us, Every One.

    Merry Christmas!

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  15. Lou Foxwell says:

    My heart is heavy with the broken lives surrounding me. Yet I know there is healing for those who ask. For all those who see through a glass darkly, be patient in God for you shall see Him face to face.

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    • Tonawanda says:

      Some days the suffering seems unbearable. But God knows our suffering and offers unconditional Love. It is the Love of Jesus which is sustaining.

      TY Lou Foxwell.

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    • highdezertgator says:

      1 Corinthians 13:12 – 13
      12 Now we see but a dim reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known. 13 And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love; but the greatest of these is love.

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  16. straightstreet says:

    Hallelujah! Our Saviour is born! \0/

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  17. Matt W says:

    Read to my children every Christmas Eve before dinner.
    And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid. 10And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. 11For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. 12And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. 13And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying,

    14Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

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    • Bendix says:

      I remember as a small child, the Christmas story resonating with me even more than it does now.
      I want to get back to that, my childish understanding.
      The thought of the difference between then and now brings tears to my eyes.
      It is really helping me this Christmas to see I’m not alone.
      You are doing your children so much good.
      It’s something you can’t buy.

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  18. Tonawanda says:

    I have often heard people say Christmas is the most important day in the Christian calendar. Others say it is Easter. But in truth it is Good Friday, the Day when Jesus reconciled us with God.

    God came down from Heaven and shared our human suffering in an act of unconditional Love and Grace.

    My favorite carol is the Holly and the Ivy. This version is less than three minutes and shows the lyrics.

    In the carol the joy of Jesus’ birth is beautifully described in terms relating to His Crucifixion: the tree, the thorns, the gall, the blood.

    And so in a strange and magnificent way with the beautiful imagery of celebrating Christmas morn (the rising of the sun, the running of the deer, the playing of the merry harp, the singing of the choir) the suffering of Jesus for US is foreshadowed and we realize that His birth is a Loving Gift destined to become a Greater Gift:

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    • phattcat says:

      I heard about this baby boy
      Who comes to earth to bring us joy
      And I just want to sing of this song to you
      It goes like this
      The fourth, the fifth
      The minor fall, the major lift
      With every breath I’m singing, “Hallelujah”

      Hallelujah, Hallelujah
      Hallelujah, Hallelujah

      A couple came to Bethlehem
      Expecting child, they searched the inn
      To find a place for your were coming soon
      There was no room for them to stay
      So in a manger filled with hay
      God’s only son was born, oh Hallelujah

      Hallelujah, Hallelujah
      Hallelujah, Hallelujah

      The shepherds left their flocks by night
      To see this baby wrapped in light
      A host of angels led them all to you
      It was just as the angels
      You’ll find him in a manger bed
      And there you’ll meet your Savior, Hallelujah

      Hallelujah, Hallelujah
      Hallelujah, Hallelujah

      A star shown bright out in the east
      To bethlehem, the wise-man three
      Came many miles a journey long for you
      Into the place at which you were
      Their frankincense, gold, and myrrh
      They came to you and cried out, “Hallelujah”

      Hallelujah, Hallelujah
      Hallelujah, Hallelujah

      I know you came to rescue me
      This baby boy would grow to be
      A man who’d one day die for me and you
      Our sins will drive the nails in you
      That rugged cross, was my cross, too
      And every breath you drew was “Hallelujah”

      Hallelujah, Hallelujah
      Hallelujah, Hallelujah
      Hallelujah, Hallelujah
      Hallelujah, Hallelujah
      Hallelujah, Hallelujah
      Hallelujah, Hallelujah
      Hallelujah, Hallelujah
      Hallelujah, Hallelujah

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    • Shark24 says:

      Watching this from the other side of the world in Sharialand and it makes me long for home (in a good way). What beautiful youth with such a talented lead singer. God bless them and phattcat for posting. As for me, I’ll be meeting the lovely and gracious Mrs. Shark24 in Rome in three days and plan on spending Xmas eve and day in Vatican Square so my blessings are many…….

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  19. Plain Jane says:

    So worth a repeat at this time.

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    • Shark24 says:

      Ok, you got me thinking. As I posted above my wife and I are meeting in Rome in 4 days for Xmas but going to Florence then Assisi afterward. I think a stop at Loreto on the way to Florence is in the cards now. Thanks, happy Gaudete Sunday and God bless.


      • Plain Jane says:

        So glad for you Shark24. I am now asking God that you have a blessed trip to Italy. God bless you and your family.

        Last night someone posted a seemingly prophetic interview of PT from 1980, I sent the link to my sister. She replied that it seemed prophetic, so I sought out, from my files, the above video to refresh her memory of it. I then decided to post this here.

        Am now wondering if I was urged to post this just for you. 🙂


        • shark24 says:

          Am always happy to accept God’s graces from whatever source it comes from. Will post from Rome/Italy and let ya know how things go. Thanks!


  20. Well, hope it is ok to post one more favorite song, Joseph’s Song by Michael Card. So beautiful and Joseph is so ignored…most of the time.

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  21. Phaedrus says:

    Test everything. Retain the good.


  22. Jedi9 says:

    Thanks. I found inspiration in these words.


  23. Bendix says:

    This used to be the time when you would start seeing Christmas decorations going up.
    Yes it was, nobody believes me, and I’m not a centenarian.

    I want to share something that happened to me when I was in the fourth grade.
    Christmas was an exciting time for schoolchildren then, and not primarily because of Santa and presents. Fourth graders are dubious of Santa if they don’t already disbelieve.
    No, it was the Christmas tree in the school lobby, the parties, the school concert after dark (!) and even the snow.
    This particular Christmas season, our teacher one day took out her bible, and read the Christmas story to us. She told us she could get into trouble for doing so, but she felt it was her duty to make sure all of us knew the story.
    You could have heard a pin drop in that classroom. It was a very solemn moment.
    We were only fourth graders, but we understood the importance of what had just occurred.

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  24. 51merc says:

    I was privileged to grow up in a home that celebrated Advent. What wonderful memories it brings of the anticipation I had of Christmas and the birth of our Savior. Such a wonderful tradition to help us focus on the true meaning of Christmas. Thank you for sharing this.


  25. CiscoKid says:

    I very much enjoy sharing the different holiday traditions of our various faiths.
    I’ve learned so much here.
    Only thing missing is a roaring fireplace and some well broken in armchairs.


  26. OUkid75 says:

    Thank you, Father, for knowing exactly what we need this Christmas.
    We need a Wonderful Counselor, for we so often lose our way, and don’t know which path to take. So you gave us Jesus, who is the way, the truth, and the life. Following Him, we are always on the right road.
    We need a Mighty God, for we feel so powerless on our own to handle the challenges, struggles and frustrations of each day.
    So you gave us Jesus, who has overcome the world and empowers us to be overcomers, too.
    We need an Everlasting Father, for we often feel isolated and alone. We long to be part of a loving family.
    So you gave us Jesus, who assures us that if we know Him, we have known the Father, and that God wants to lovingly draw us into his arms where we can enjoy an eternal life in his home.
    We need a Prince of Peace, for we are bombarded every day with stress, divisions, and conflict,
    So you gave us Jesus, who provides a peace that passes understanding so that, regardless of circumstance, we are anchored solidly on Him.
    Thank you for calling us your beloved children and lavishing on us each day your wisdom, strength, love, and peace — everything we need this Christmas and throughout the coming year.

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    • piper567 says:

      walther…thanks for this especially fine contribution.
      I am partial to the dirge like seriousness of this melody…and it complements the “…consider well…” lyric.
      grateful thanks…I had not heard this.

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  27. GaryT ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ🇺🇸 says:

    And the angel said unto them, “Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.”


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