Going Lower – Alabama Democrats Play Race Card Against Roy Moore…

Identity politics driven to new lows in the Alabama Senate race. According to an Alabama Voter the democrats have decided to play the race-card against Roy Moore with a racially driven mailer:

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169 Responses to Going Lower – Alabama Democrats Play Race Card Against Roy Moore…

  1. If it wasn’t for the ‘race card’ and freebies for the non-achievers the Democrats would not have a party platform. They now rely on the rules for radicals to subvert any attempt to govern and to make them accountable. They offer no solutions for problems facing our society but do obstruct solutions provided at every opportunity. They no longer have political party leadership but rather a group of radicals that have assumed control of what used to be a political party to make their efforts to destroy our republic seem to be ‘politics’. as usual.

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  2. jmclever says:

    Really?! That’s hilarious given the fact that a black senator just resigned over far worse accusations and a black congresswoman had been convicted and sentenced for fraud!

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