U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley Discusses Israel and North Korea Strategy…

The decision by President Trump to announce recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was obviously a long planned strategy.   The U.S. State Department via Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley were seamlessly aligned with the White House on the initiative.  Ambassador Haley discusses the move below:

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38 Responses to U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley Discusses Israel and North Korea Strategy…

  1. MAGA Happy Boy says:

    I was very impressed with Nikki’s responses to questioning, but she offered NO insights/higher-order shaping of the conversation. Rex is doing a great job reigning in the apparatchiks of the USDOS.

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    • mikep says:

      When PDJT first appointed her to this post, I thought, “OH NO what is he doing” Ambassador Haley has been a pleasant surprise.

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      • MAGA Happy Boy says:

        Thank you, Mikep!

        I agree that Nikki has exceeded expectations, and our country deserves no less.

        As you look at her portfolio, Nikki is ideally suited to deal with what I suggest are a bunch of self-serving high school potentates enjoined into a congress that gives them much greater standing than they could ever individually realize.

        Nikki is our “Cream of the Crap” in this piss-poor venue, and easily the most insightful middle finger of PDJT’s expressed disdain for the UN. If you want to put an institution into a perpetual spin cycle, this is what we have done. I am awaiting the eventual availability of the current UN real-estate for tax-paying revenues as they piss-off to Belgium. To inappropriately quote Charlie Sheen…… “Winning!”

        PS – if you want more entertainment, wait ’till Barry Soertero finishes his world-wide empathy tour leading into his proclamation as lord-god of the UN and earth.

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        • H. Jorgan says:

          We have the (end of the Aleutians rat island naval base) to transfer all of the UN folk (please). If instead they need be removed from the USA we have the Thule AFB, The most wonderful place to observe the so called CAGW.

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          • Carrie2 says:

            H. Jorgan, definitely remove the UN from our NY soil and frankly let them work in the ME where they tend to help and agree to help while kicking us. We have removed some money support, but frankly we need to take all of our money back for better purposes. However, it is to be noted that America has gained a few good points from the UN and probably because they are afraid of being kicked out of our country and who else in the world would have them? I don’t many want them on their soil but that is their dilemma and not ours.


        • Awaiting President Trump’s next tweet:

          “Barry never learned to listen. Never will.”

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      • ej says:

        In addition, she is getting a taste of how things are being done correctly, so she may have promise for future roles.

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      • doug says:

        Our Lt. Governor was an early Trump supporter. Trump cleared the path for him to become Governor. The fact that Haley has worked out as UN Ambassador is a bonus. Trump probably recognized she is competent and a team player – so low risk, high reward potential for the appointment.

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    • Ditch Mitch says:

      Happy Boy, I have been impressed with Nikki also. Maybe her position is not “to shape” the conversation, but to carry out PDJT’s policies. Or maybe Nikki is a Trump disciple in training and has not had enough time in to understand PDJT’s policies.

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      • Bendix says:

        Nikki may be on a tight leash. If she manages not to show it, that speaks well of her.
        He certainly does not need an even slightly insecure cannon in that position.
        I love it, she puts such a sweet face on his policies, and there is nothing they can do about it.

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        • Ditch Mitch says:

          Bendix, good point; however, In her speech at the UN Nikki appeared to state PDJT’s position with some skepticism. In this latest interview I believe Nikki has gone beyond skepticism and believes in PDJT’s policies.

          As always question everything”.

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        • Yes, I loved her answer to a media snowflakes question about being worried about the ME reaction to Pres. Trump’s decision to have our Israeli embassy in Jerusalem. paraphrasing: “Whai, No, we don’t want to see mayhem and Veyelence,” but if that’s what it takes, then Bring It!
          [Sorry for the bad transliteration into her darling Southern accent.]


    • Ditch Mitch says:

      Listened to the interview a second time and I am very impressed. Martha as expected baited Nikki a number of times and Nikki didn’t bite.

      Nikki sounds more like PDJT than ever. “Reality Check, Jerusalem is the capital of Israel…common sense”. President has courage is doing the right thing…showing leadership”. “Decision by the President for the American people.”

      As usual the classic bait question about TRex/Mattis disagreeing with the President. President decides and he showed courage.

      Earlier I said that Nikki is a Trump disciple in training. If so Nikki is nearing the end of the training course. She will graduate when she says President Trump. I only heard her say his name once before at her UN speech. Bravo Nikki!

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      • Agreed Mitch, Haley slapped this Fox stooge politely when it was needed. The enemedia keeps trying to paint the Trump administration as choatic, but Ambassador Haley did great. Stupid pointed questions were handled deftly as the interviewer framed herself as the perfect ‘dumb blonde’.

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  2. Rex says:

    Mrs. Rubio sounding like a credible Trump disciple?
    More MAGA?

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    • WSB says:

      Perfect! They fell for it. Now, we can properly declare them a terrorist organization, and pull every piece of crap out our government and expell all! CAIR, Ellison, who as of tonight may have had a senate seat coming to him, and any of Barry’s friends!

      Aloha!!!!! Merry Christmas!

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    • mikep says:

      Trying to like this post but sorry I don’t have wordpress or a google account. Consider it liked 🙂

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    • Trent Telenko says:

      This is a Pres Trump plan coming together.

      A large number of CIA and other Deep State operatives derive budget, status and influence by being patrons to the Muslim Brotherhood.

      The Muslim Brotherhood declaring war against the USA over Jerusalem not only cuts their Deep State patrons off from budget, status and influence. It places them under the Patriot act anti-terrorism microscope with regard their financial dealings with the Muslim Brotherhood.

      Given that the Patrons of the Muslim Brotherhood are either Dems or #NeverTrump. The table has been set for a mass purge by Pres Trump.

      This is why Sen DiFi squawked over the Jerusalem announcement.

      It’s also why we see the Senate “Big Dog that didn’t bark in the night.”

      The most dangerous place to be in DC is between McCain and a TV Camera…yet McCain has said squat on the Jerusalem announcement.

      There are lots of implications in that silence.

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    • joeknuckles, It is their war on G-d.


    • Bendix says:

      Just think, we almost had one of their number in the White House, at the president’s right hand.
      Now she is home having to take care of her own child.
      Oh the ignominy.


  3. Curry Worsham says:

    Our President rescued her from the swamp.

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    • abstain says:

      He did. Nikki Haley gave Ron Paul a fair hearing early on, but she was getting pretty swampy before our President rescued her.

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      • Bendix says:

        Kind of like when he gave that fatso beauty queen a second chance to slim down and fulfill the terms of her contract.
        Except Nikki is making good use of her opportunity to redeem herself.


  4. H. Jorgan says:

    How so very well planned and executed! I credit all high military brass in the P45 staff!


    • jeans2nd says:

      Oh gee wiz, Mr. Jordan. Why on earth can you not credit President Donald J. Trump? Do you really think an undisciplined boob could have become so incredibly successful on his very own?

      The incredibly disciplined and insightful President Donald J. Trump did this with the help of his staff, who chose to follow orders.
      A great talent like President Donald J. Trump takes people like Nikki Haley, recognizes and nurtures their strengths, and allows them to shine.

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      • Michael says:

        I shouldn’t be by now but I still am amazed at those who have accomplished little or nothing in their consumption of oxygen yet feel themselves qualified to judge Donald Trump somehow inferior.


  5. A2 says:

    I am on the same page with Ambassador Haley and SoS Tillerson. I posted on the other threads on HK and Israel. Folks you are getting a truthful and balanced assessment, not hogwash under other administrations.

    That is in itself testimony that you elected a winner, and a man, as the ancient Chinese say, who ‘understands good horses’.

    They make me proud.

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  6. jindfw says:

    Apologies in advance, but our UN Ambassador is very easy on the eyes.

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  7. Another Ian says:

    Where was the umbradge at this?

    “Russia recognizes west Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated in a surprise announcement on Thursday, obtained exclusively by The Jerusalem Post. ”

    Dated 6th April 2017


    And this

    “In May, the Czech Parliament voted and recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
    (Source Lubos Motl’s blog, The Reference Frame).”

    Both from http://joannenova.com.au/2017/12/midweek-unthreaded/#comment-

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  8. “What You Need to Know About North Korea”
    at > GlobalResearch.CA
    genocide of millions of civilians

    “Armageddon, Devastating Consequences of Second Korean War”
    at > Strategic-culture.org
    54,246 US service casualties,
    NORKS have +5,000 biological artillery shells in range of Seoul


  9. Larry Bucar says:

    I wish I had her teeth

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  10. GSR says:

    There are few people I despise more than our Indian neocon.


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