President Trump Leads American Family Taxes and Business Discussion…

Earlier today President Trump hosted American families for a discussion about taxes, small business growth and challenges.

[Transcript] – 2:12 P.M. EST – THE PRESIDENT: Well, thank you very much. We have four great families — middle class. I guess at a certain point, you’re going to be making so much money you don’t really — not going to know what to do with it, perhaps — I hope — Brian.

But we have four terrific families. Some of them have had difficulty. Taxes are too high. Frankly, their healthcare is terrible. The healthcare plan is terrible — Obamacare. And that will be next. We’re a long way toward getting rid of that and getting something very good and very much more affordable — very big problem.

But for the taxes: They want to see tax cuts. They want to see jobs. They want to have choice. You know, in education we talk about choice. Well, we want choice in jobs also. So you can look for five jobs or six jobs, not just take one because that’s all you could get. And that’s happening more and more.

We have companies moving back into our country. We’re doing fantastic — look at the stock market. Hit another all-time high. I think I heard today was 81 times — I was saying 60, yesterday — it’s 81 times since the election that we hit a record on the stock market. So we’re very proud of that. And that’s because of enthusiasm. Enthusiasm levels for business and for the economy are the highest they’ve been.

So I just want to thank all of you for being here. You’re in the Oval Office, and someday you might be President, you never know. (Laughter.) That’s a good-looking President. (Laughter.)

But it’s an honor to have you all, and thank you very much. And if you’d like to say something, perhaps we’ll start with you.

MR. STEORTS: Sure. First, Mr. President, I just want to say it’s an honor to be here for our family and I. We come from a — you know, we’re a small military family. I spent 15 years in the military, and I launched the company two years ago. And we’re a veteran-owned, operated company — veteran company.

And, you know, anything that’s less complex, with lower rates — I can’t tell you what page 391 of a 500-page tax document says. But what I can tell you is, those funds we can reinvest into our people and into our company, which will enable our mission to continue to hire veterans and to continue to manufacture in America. So that’s greatly beneficial to us.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, thank you, Brian. That’s very nice. I appreciate it. That’s really good.

Well, we’re going to get the rates down much lower, and many things are happening. But we’re getting those rates way down, way down.

And that’s for companies also. We’re the highest-taxed industrialized country in the world. Of the major countries, we’re the highest taxed, period. And we’re bringing that rate down from 35 percent — which is the highest — down to 20 percent — which is among the lower. It’s not the lowest, but it’s among the lower.

And we’ll compete much better with China, where they have a 15-percent rate, and with other countries. We’re going to compete much better and it’s going to mean a lot more jobs. And a lot of companies are pouring in already, just on the thought of it.

So we’re in conference right now, and — all Republican votes. And we’re going to do a — I call it the “massive tax cut.” But it really is tax cuts and tax reforms. Because part of it is simplification, as you said.

MR. STEORTS: Thank you. And I wanted to offer you this. We make everything — like, at the time when I launched the company, we couldn’t find a wooden American flag made in America. We could only find one from China, and that upset me.

THE PRESIDENT: It upsets me too.

MR. STEORTS: So I started woodworking the next day. And when I retired, I launched the company Flags of Valor. And this is made from all of our combat veterans right down the road here in Ashburn, Virginia. And we want to present this to you.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you. Thank you very much. Let me see that. Wow, that’s beautiful. Thank you. I know where I’m going to put that. (Laughter.) Thank you very much.

Would you like to say something?

MR. BEARDSLEY: Yeah, Mr. President, thank you very much again. And Merry Christmas, by the way. Thanks for having the families come here. Coming out here to talk about tax reform means a lot to us. I’m a veteran also — a Green Beret with over 22 years of military service — a family man, and a small-business owner. We’re in textiles, and we celebrate the stories that made this country the greatest country in the world. We love America.

It means a lot to us in seeing the reform. The resurgence in the economy will allow those companies to onshore their business. Like Ryan said, too many things are done offshore.

So having that tax reform, putting the energy back in the consumer is where it belongs. The American enterprise, or the entrepreneur — those are the ones who built this country. And everything that you do to make taxes easier for us informs and strengthens the rest of America. And we’re proud to be part of that this morning.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, thank you very much. That’s really well-stated. We’re also working on trade deals. We’ve had people sitting in this position that have made some of the worst deals I’ve ever seen in trade. And we’re going to be fixing them. We are fixing them. We’re negotiating many of them right now. But we’re fixing them, and they’ll be much more fair to the United States because the United States has not been treated well with our trade deals. We have some very, very bad deals. They’re good for everyone but us. And that’s changing rapidly, and I know you see that too. Well, you see that with the enthusiasm, you see that with the jobs coming back. So we’re getting it all fixed.

Thank you very much.

MR. BEARDSLEY: Thank you, Mr. President.



MS. UNRUH: Thank you so much for allowing our families to come and share our thoughts with you today. I’m from North Dakota. I’m a state senator there, and I just wanted to let you know, North Dakotans are known for being hard workers.


MS. UNRUH: And we don’t want a handout, we just want relief. We want tax relief. And that is what this plan will give us. Between the state and local tax deduction elimination, we’ve — I work very hard as state senator to make sure that our tax burden at the local level is a low one. And so that will level the playing field. We’re really excited about that.

I also am a coal miner — a proud one. I’m an environmental manager for North American Coal. And we are really excited about the corporate-tax reduction. It will allow us to invest more of our company’s dollars in domestic energy production, something that we think is very valuable.

Also, the House version of the bill includes an immediate reduction of the renewable wind energy production tax credit. That’s also something important to us. The production tax credit has destroyed the energy market, especially in the Midwest. We don’t have a lot of electricity produced from natural gas in North Dakota. So wind production has really eroded our state tax base and replaced coal production when it comes to electricity production.

So we’re excited about that provision in the House as well. And we’re also very thankful for all the regulatory reform we’ve seen come from your office. We would hope there’s more, and look forward to working with you on that. And I think regulatory reform, coupled with tax reform, is exactly what we need to help make America great again.

And, on that note, we have some caps that we’ve been passing around — (laughter) — and I’d be happy if you would take one.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. I still — we’ve done that. If you look at what’s happened in West Virginia and so many different places, we’re sending clean coal. We’re sending it out to different places — China. A lot of coal ordered in China right now. So a lot of things are changing, and they’re changing very rapidly.

And West Virginia, actually — different from your state, but your state is doing very well — but West Virginia was the second largest increase, percentage-wise, in the country, after Texas on GDP. And, you know, people say, wow, how did that happen? But they’re starting to do well in West Virginia, and it’s a great state. And they’re having a lot of problems. And now, think of that, percentage-wise, the second biggest bump.

That’s pretty good in this nation. You wouldn’t have believed it, but they’re doing great. We’re very proud of West Virginia. So, good, thank you very much. That’s a very interesting hat. (Laughter.)

MR. WILLIAMS: Mr. President, thank you so much for being here. We bring you greetings from the great state of Indiana where you took one of our finest —

THE PRESIDENT: That’s true. That’s true.

MR. WILLIAMS: We appreciate that. I work in technology for a tech firm, and we’ve seen so many jobs that have left and went overseas, and we’ve seen some of the best talent in the world that’s left.

So this tax reform is a huge win for our company. It’s significant. It’s going to allow us once again to get that top-tier talent; keep them here in the United States working, number one. And number two, we’re going to be able to give them, you know, the ability to be able to take that hard-earned income and reinvest it right back into our economy — it’s here to make America great again. So we thank you so much for that opportunity.

THE PRESIDENT: That is so good. Thank you. It’s a great state. It’s a great, great state too. We appreciate it.

Well, thank you all very much. We appreciate it. And these are great families that are doing well and now they’re doing much better, and maybe much better than ever before. A lot of changes have taken place over the last 10 months, and we’re very happy to have all of you here.

But seeing what we’ve been able to do for the country in a short period of time — because this is nothing compared to what it will be over a period of years. It’s all happening, and it’s happening a lot faster than anybody projected.

Thank you very much. Thank you.


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70 Responses to President Trump Leads American Family Taxes and Business Discussion…

  1. lastinillinois says:

    “….you’re going to be making so much money you’re not going to know what to do with it….”


    get ’em, Mr Pres.!

    the Left can’t keep up, he’s got ’em spinning like whirling dervishes.

    the Left thought they could put him in a box and keep him preoccupied with “Russia, Russia, Russia”, but he remains tireless and continues his/OUR agenda – GO Mr. President!

    Liked by 21 people

  2. FofBW says:

    Wonderful to hear from real families. I am going to buy one of those wooden American Flags for sure!

    Liked by 16 people

  3. wheatietoo says:

    Cute kids…that little boy in the bow tie is adorable.
    Despite fidgeting a bit, those kids were more well-behaved than the press weasels.

    It’s good to see the President having families there, to talk about how this Tax Bill will help them.
    This was a great idea.

    Liked by 17 people

    • fleporeblog says:

      Absolutely a great idea! Many of the Generation Z kids in the Oval Office today are very young. Thankfully they will have the video recording to remember a once in a lifetime opportunity. They will be able to share it with their kids and grandkids. The day they met the BEST President ever. They will talk about how he Made America Great Again! Trumpism will be passed down through generations to come!

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Bob Thoms says:

    Ok. Not my style, but I gotta say it………this is cute !

    Dang, P Trump is one of the hardest working guys I know. How in the heck does he do it?

    Stay strong P Trump; you are in our prayers !

    Liked by 7 people

  5. trapper says:

    America needs 8 million new manufacturing jobs to replace the 8 million manufacturing jobs we lost since 1979, and 51,000 new manufacturing plants to replace the 51,000 manufacturing plants we lost since 1998, and we need them as fast as we can get them.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Steven says:

      How many manufacturing plants has Trump brought back already? There’s Foxcomm, some car companies (forgot which), and a few more. That’s 50,490 more to go! MAGA!


  6. Just ordered my Veteran made flag!! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
    MAGA!! USA!! USA!! USA!! CHOO CHOO!!πŸš‚πŸš‚πŸš‚

    Liked by 3 people

    • FofBW says:

      I hope they get swamped with orders and have to double their staff.

      Liked by 7 people

      • Amen, Brother, Amen!!! Twitter Treeps, Tweet SDs link and inform peeps that it will showcase a Veteran Co with an AWESOME idea for a present at Christmas to our Country andthis Veteran, his family and Combat Veteran employees…

        ….Me thinks our gracious-military- people-loving President knew this would help his business….and I feel blessed to help!

        Liked by 6 people

      • I just checked my email check this out!!!!!!!! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’–πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

        “Our normal delivery time is 1-2 weeks but due to the overwhelming response to our recent national media exposure, this time frame will be delayed and may extend to 8-10 weeks.”

        “YAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Happy to wait even if it takes a year!!!

        Liked by 10 people

    • lastinillinois says:

      what, no “pew pew”?

      Liked by 1 person

      • lastinillinois says:

        I think this calls for a “pew pew”

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, dang!! Ready??? :


        PewπŸ”«PewπŸ”« ChooπŸš‚ ChooπŸš‚!! MAGA BABY!!!

        Liked by 8 people

  7. Elizabeth Carter says:

    President Trump keeps the Leftists occupied with Twitter Birds and they are always 5 steps behind because they are so distracted.
    President Trump makes draining the swamp as much fun as it could possibly be. So much of it is just drudgery and exhausting, but then he makes me giggle in the middle of it and it all seems not only worth the effort but fun also.

    Liked by 4 people

  8. Carrie2 says:

    He talks to the PEOPLE for input along with making great connections with them. That is a real leader we have and want to keep!

    Liked by 9 people

  9. woodstuff says:

    Our president says “thank you” to the pressitudes after most events.

    I would say something different.

    Liked by 5 people

    • CoffeeBreak says:

      I, too, would say something different. Prolly, like “there’s the door, now beat feet”. πŸ˜‰

      Liked by 2 people

    • thinkthinkthink says:

      When he says “Thank you” to the press it actually feels more like he is saying, “Ok, we are done here, good-bye.”


    • olderwiser21 says:

      Yes – since when did it become “ok” to shout rudely at the President of the United States trying to get your stupid “gotcha” question answered???? He has the patience of a saint because I honestly would have them all barred from attending these types of events until they acquired some manners. Incredibly despicable. Then they wonder why normal Americans can’t stand them.


  10. adagio54 says:

    What did the β€œinteresting” cap say?


    • treehouseron says:


      Liked by 5 people

      • listingstarboard says:

        I thought the State Senator from North Dakota was incredibly articulate –wow she should be in the administration!!! All of the entrepreneurs who spoke were wonderful–wow so refreshing to see good hearted, hardworking, America loving people instead of Antifa freaks and liberal basement dwelling misfits.

        Liked by 4 people

        • olderwiser21 says:

          Agreed – They were all very, very impressive – articulate – knew their stuff – spoke convincingly and coherently – no name calling, no cursing, just a really intelligent group overall. Loved this!


  11. Summer says:

    Obama never invited hard-working American families into the WH, let alone in the Oval Office. Only Muslims, Commies, crooks and rappers.

    Liked by 12 people

  12. Sayit2016 says:

    I love the way President Trump interacts with everyone …there is an ease about him and the people see that and feel it too…. There is no doubt who this President works for and on behalf of… THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Thank you Mr. President !

    Liked by 10 people

    • Founding Fathers Fan says:

      More American People need to work for Our President and start voting out incumbent RINOs from office. An average of 83% of registered republicans don’t even bother to vote in republican primaries. β€œPoliticians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason.” Mark Twain

      Liked by 6 people

  13. georgiafl says:

    Is that Mrs. Unruh – Kendall Unruh – the Never Trumper who held up the Republican Convention and tried to steal the Nomination from Donald Trump?!?


  14. treehouseron says:

    Pro Tip from First Lady Melania:

    Make the couches match the wall paper.


  15. Rip Tide says:

    Praise God for PDJT!!
    This made my day after hard workday…way to go Mr. President! I would run through a wall for you.

    Liked by 3 people

  16. quintrillion says:

    I was just thinking about all the forward planning that goes into his incredible daily accomplishments. The details and arrangements that go into these meetings yet everything is always so calm and relaxed like people just showed up. What a great staff he must have to pull this all together day after day. Amazing to follow. Thank you Sundance for takings us to all things MAGA.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Bendix says:

      I was just making my post, and then I saw yours, and tvollraths.
      We are all having the same same positive feelings from this, it seems.
      God bless America, and God bless President Trump.

      Liked by 1 person

  17. tvollrath66 says:

    I dont know why but this really touched my heart. Beautiful families with our very loving president at Christmas time.

    Liked by 2 people

  18. Bendix says:

    Whose absolutely brilliant idea was this?
    Those beautiful families.
    When the Schumers, Warrens, and Kimmels start attacking in defense of their pwecious Obamacare, they won’t be attacking just President Trump; they will be taking a stand against intelligent, moral, hardworking Americans of the middle class.
    You know, the ones they pretend to care about, as they make their own way into the 1%.
    Somebody deserves a promotion for arranging this.
    And at Christmas, too.
    I would put those families on my Christmas cards.

    Liked by 3 people

  19. georgiafl says:

    Our President and our First Lady, Vice President and Second Lady love America and the American people! We are so blessed.

    This week, Melania Trump and Karen Pence are going back to Texas to check on the hurricane Harvey victims.

    These are two fine kind-hearted caring ladies!

    Liked by 3 people

  20. dbethd says:

    President Donald J. Trump meets with American business owners and their families | December 5, 2017 (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)


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